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Security Tosses Out Protesters As Marco Rubio Gets Loudly Heckled During Speech

In typical Republican fashion, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) couldn’t handle the truth so he had security remove protesters during a speech in his hometown.

Here is a clip of immigration protesters heckling Sen. Rubio in Miami:

The Washington Post reported some details:

At least eight young people interrupted Rubio just as he began speaking about how the United States is a country of freedom and opportunity.

“What about my parents?” shouted one of the protesters, prompting others to join in.

As they began shouting, Rubio told the hometown crowd that he’s among a few national political figures to be regularly heckled “by both sides of the immigration debate.”

Rubio originally gambled that he would win the Republican nomination in 2016 by supporting comprehensive immigration reform. Support for the Florida Senator crashed in the early Republican polls, so he changed his position

, “I continue to believe our system needs to be reformed and I’ve learned in the last year that because of such an incredible distrust of the federal government no matter who’s in charge, the only way you’re going to be able to deal with this issue is by first securing the border and ensuring that illegal immigration is under control.”

Republicans better get used to this kind of treatment if they plan on continuing their opposition to President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. Obama’s executive action showed immigration reform supporters who they need to be protesting. The mainstream media is trying to link the heckling to Rubio’s potential 2016 run for president, but the story is bigger than one man and his possible presidential campaign.


Immigration reform opponents in the Republican Party are shooting themselves in the feet by catering to bigots who disguise their opposition to immigration reform as concerns about “border security.” Marco Rubio is going to have trouble holding on to his Senate seat next year, much less winning the Republican presidential nomination. Republican opposition to immigration reform is wildly unpopular, and the spineless pandering Marco Rubio’s of the Republican Party are going to have a lot more problems than a few hecklers if they continue to maintain such an empty headed and hard hearted position.


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  • "As they began shouting, Rubio told the hometown crowd that he’s among a few national political figures to be regularly heckled “by both sides of the immigration debate.”

    That's what has been called a flip flopper, Senator.

  • Well you know if you weren't on a prescreened list of friendlies and received an invitation to attend then you can't attend a republican bund hall meeting.

  • It's disgraceful when a national figure is ashamed of his heritage to the extent that he would deny others that which he has taken advantage of.

        • Those were some real dumb f*cks that were tossed.. Sort of like Timmy... You pink POS. Serve your country or shut up you unpatriotic ass. Repug keyboard bullies... Grow up, get a life.

        • To be clear about this piece we do not see, or hear Rubio telling security to remove the heckler, Mr. Easley just says that in the first line. I am sure someone from Rubio's staff said it though.

          Much like the two videos of hecklers being removed, one in handcuffs, from an Obama rally. We do not hear Obama say it, but it is sure someone from his staff said it.

          Now you are butthurt because once again I show you truth you can not dispute?

        • Brent, I fully agree with you, all 3 of those people were some Those were some real dumb f*cks that were tossed.

          Sort of like Timmy… You pink POS.- I am glad that you think that, simply because we have different views.

          Serve your country or shut up you unpatriotic ass.- Serve I did my friend. 2 deployments, 6 friends lost. I HAVE DONE MY TIME!!! and now I watch as the cities we tried to protect are overran and doused in blood. I did my time my friend.

          Repug keyboard bullies… Grow up, get a life.- Funny you would call me a bully and tell me to grow up after a triad of name calling like a young child.

    • I would think if he was ever going to have anyone throw out, it would have been that moron Wilson at the State of The Union. I believe that heckler was a US congressman.

      • That was pretty shameful, wasn't it? I mean, a U.S. Congressman heckling the president in their House?? What kind of host does that?

        But...I haven't heard anything about Wilson lately. Did the IRS or FBI pay that little man a visit after the fawning media spotlight was taken off of him? I wonder.

        You'd think he'd been so successful at fundraising after that disrespectful outburst that he'd be on cable television 24/7 as the hero of the Neo-Confederates. But he's been pretty quiet since.

        • Wilson is presently gearing up to run against Mark Kirk to get back in. We haven't heard the last from this POS.

    • He's never done that! He has never disrespected a heckler and you're an outright liar because you hate to admit its YOUR GOP PARTY THAT'S ONE BIG DISRESPECTFUL PARTY that respects NO ONE and have done everything to be sure NOTHING GETS DONE for AMERICA! You should be embarrassed to even admit being a RWnut. PBO responded to all his hecklers very decently and diplomcatically unlike any of the RW thugs who shut you up. While your litte dunce sarah always screams the same bloviating BS "PBO wants us to sit down and shut up." Not one sign of that. OUT AND OUT LIE! But boy if you look at the REPUBS! 75% are for immigration but GOP still says NO! WHOSE THE LIARS AND RACIST OBSTRUCTIONISTS? Repubs ARE no doubt about it. THEY DO NOT LISTEN TO WHAT THE PEOPLE SAY they listen ONLY TO KOCH BROS BIDDING.

  • I think people are getting pretty fed up with THEM just not caring at ALL about the people of this Country nor the Country itself. I give her credit for standing up for what is right. So much..I wish I would have been there!

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