America Is a Liberal Nation: Poll Finds Huge Support For Tax Hike On The Wealthy


America continues to move to the left as President Obama’s proposal to increase capital gains taxes on the wealthy was supported by a 56%-14% margin in a new AP/GfK poll.

The poll found:

According to the poll, 68 percent of those questioned said wealthy households pay too little in federal taxes; only 11 percent said the wealthy pay too much.

Also, 60 percent said middle-class households pay too much in federal taxes while 7 percent said they paid too little.


Obama laid out a series of tax proposals as part of his 2016 budget released this month. Few are likely to win approval in the Republican-controlled Congress. But if fellow Democrats were to embrace his ideas, they could play a role in the 2016 race.

One proposal would increase capital gains taxes on households making more than $500,000. In the survey, 56 percent favored the proposal while only 16 percent opposed it.

Democrats, at 71 percent, were the most likely to support raising taxes on capital gains. Among Republicans and independents, 46 percent supported it.

On taxes, polling has revealed that the American people side with Democrats, liberals and progressives.

Republicans like Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) continue to claim that raising taxes on the wealthy would harm the economy, “We’re six years into the Obama economic policies, and he’s proposing more of the same, more tax increases that kill investment and jobs, and policies which are hardly aspirational.”

The American people overwhelming disagree with the Republican position of lowering taxes on the wealthy while increasing them for everyone else. What is disguised by the Republican victories in gerrymandered midterm elections decided by deeply polarized electorates is the unpopularity of Republican policies. The Republican triggered Great Recession has shifted the country’s economic thinking to the left.

Democrats have yet to figure out how to break through the partisan polarization to unify all Americans who support their economic policies. As Republicans continue to move to the right, the country is moving to the left. This dynamic more than anything else is the reason Democrats will likely continue to do well in presidential election years.

In poll after poll, the nation’s opinions are revealed to be more liberal than the media and the Republican Party will ever admit.

19 Replies to “America Is a Liberal Nation: Poll Finds Huge Support For Tax Hike On The Wealthy”

  1. “In poll after poll, the nation’s opinions are revealed to be more liberal than the media and the Republican Party will ever admit.”

    Mmmmm Yeah because the Media are the Republicans these days. That still needs to be pointed out over and over.

  2. Now let’s hope that those percentages translate in wins for Democrats in 2016. Because if the job of polls is to push the obstructionist Republicans to do the correct thing and pass legislation in favor of 99% of Americans, it’s D.O.A.

    The ONLY way Republicans will return to governing and working for ALL Americans, is if they lose BIG TIME in 2016 – and not sooner. They prize their posh and powerful positions in the U.S. Gov’t over opinion polls.

    The only polls that matter to them – and what will scare the bejeezus out of them – are the ones on Election Day.

    So, people, VOTE DEMOCRATIC IN 2016.

  3. Republican goal is to harm America,not help America & we ALL must vote these unpatriotic Koch puppets out of our gov’t because this land is our land and was not built for the Koch Bros.
    WE MUST VOTE! IN 2016!

  4. I love the conservative myth of the liberal media…so where is the liberal media?
    Most news media has been dummbed down to the lower intellegance conservative level anyway so it’s useless.

    Democracy Now is about the only liberal program.
    Liberals in Hollywood are pointed to they’re people but they’re not the media.
    (happy to not drive Highland ave thru Hollywood past the Dolby/Kodak theater anymore, especialy last week and this week)

  5. aaaaaaarrrggghhhhh .. americans are going socialist french ! It’s a world crumbling down, history back to the Enlightment ! OMG help us please, marxist evil is back on Earth … [WINK]

  6. I think I have said before, I’m on an island here in western N.C. You could not convince people here that receive social security that it was Dems that did it. Same with medicare. Yet, I’m surrounded with 65-80 year old folks that vote Rethuglican every time. They vote to CUT their OWN throat. I won’t even start on OBAMACARE. Which I and my wife are enrolled in and has already helped us. These Racist Idiots HATE President Obama so much, they don’t even care if it hurts THEM to vote to commit suicide.

  7. Name ONE SINGLE THING the wealthy have contributed to this country?

    Yeah- that’s what I thought.

    Fleece the wealthy.
    Take everything those greedy bastards have.

  8. It will take a grass-roots, boots-on-the-ground all out assault on the Gerrymandered states to oust hard-headed, hardliner TEA/KKK/pseudo-Americans from office! Whom ever runs in 2016 on the Democratic ticket will need a Democratic Congress to fix the damages! It is at the local and state level where the greatest political influence and control is exerted! Republican know this. TEA party operatives know this! Old “Southern Democrat” who were members of the KKK or just plain racists, know that!

  9. Where were these people when we really needed them. like …… last November, when we lost about a dozen Senate seats to the Repugnantcans ?

  10. President Obama has brought this nation back from the worst recession since the Great Depression. It has been quite an accomplishment to grow the market from 5,000 to over 18,000, to grow jobs to replace the 800,000 a month Bush was losing, to cut the debt and the deficit from the monstrous numbers Bush imposed on the taxpayers with his unfunded tax cuts for the wealthy and his two nonsensical and failed wars. This has been an amazing President. He’s going down in history as one of our best.

  11. Not so fast Maggie. We are still at war in the same places. In fact, the new secretary of defense, recently said that he was reevaluating the withdrawal from Afghanistan. We are still messing around in Iraq, with the new ISIS excuse.
    The jobs that are being created, are mainly low-paying, less than full time jobs.
    I voted for Obama (twice), the first time, I swallowed the “hope & change” rhetoric, the second time, was just to oppose Romney.
    Before you canonize Obama, stop swallowing the rhetoric, and find something that he has kept his word about.
    Hell, he even chose Loretta Lynch for AG, who is staunchly opposed to marijuana legalization. This from a president, who does not attempt to hide his previous use of the herb.
    If you think my critique is harsh on Obama, you should hear my opinion of the right-wing jobs.
    We need a true president, not a consumate politician.

  12. IF, and this is a big IF, the rethugs lose in 2016 the change will be immediate. Suddenly, they will care for the people. Care for the under class. BUT, You and I along with many others know full well this change is nothing but a small change, just to gain acceptance. Acceptance by the people they want very much to vote for them. The rethugs are masters at this magical change. This change has never failed them. With each rethug Pres. jobs are lost, rich get richer, we have more wars. What does it take to wake up this sleeping giant that so many have spilled blood for. Since the revolution of 1776. I really believe our founding Fathers would be ashamed of what this country is on the way of becoming.

  13. Thank You all for this breath of fresh air.
    I am so tired of the other news articles ware the republicants rule the day.

  14. I live part-time in Florida, where the “poor” live off the crumbs of the rich,(there is no middle class here)and they appeciate it! I live part-time in Oklahoma, and there the middle class HATE the poor.Everyone complains constantly about voter-fraud,welfare fraud, food stamp fraud, blah blah blah. They respect the 1% because they blindly believe that they themselves will some day be rich.

  15. You’ve fallen for the right-wing bullshit, don’t paint yourself as a liberal…you’re not.
    Yes, we are still battling the wars of the BUSH LIES, who created ISIS and we’re tired of it.

    All those low wage job are the fault of the corporations NOT President Obama.
    The stock market has doubled since 2009, the economy is boomming, however corporate tax incentives (welfare) allowsthe corporations to OUT-SOURCE well paying jobs for cheaper labor in other countries.

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