Bill O’Reilly Bombshell: 6 Former Colleagues Say O’Reilly Lied About War Coverage

o'reilly lied about war coverage

CNN’s Reliable Sources has blown apart Bill O’Reilly’s claim that he was a war correspondent by interviewing six former CBS colleagues who say that O’Reilly is lying about his time as a war correspondent.

CNN played a clip of O’Reilly claiming that he rescued an injured photographer in the Falklands “war zone:”

Host Brian Stelter said:

So O’Reilly there is describing a riot that happened in Buenos Aires right after Argentina surrendered to the British. Here is CNN’s footage from that night. It was hairy. It was scary. We can find no evidence that anyone from CBS was injured. We’ve been trying all weekend. To the contrary, six other people who were there working for CBS say they are unaware of any injuries. They also say they’re unaware of any civilians being killed in the riot. And O’Reilly has repeatedly claimed over the years that people were killed there. None of these people, none of them agree with O’Reilly’s depiction of it as a combat situation or a war zone.

Some of them remarked to us yesterday and this morning that the event in Ferguson recently were actually more serious and more severe.

Now, Jim Forrest, who worked with O’Reilly as a sound engineer on the day of this riot, told me, “There were certainly no dead people. Had there been dead people, they would have sent more camera crews.” Unfortunately, some of the other staffers we talked are requesting anonymity because they still work in the industry, or because they don’t want to be criticized by Bill O’Reilly.

Stelter brought in former CBS correspondent Eric Engberg, who was in Buenos Aires with O’Reilly. When asked if O’Reilly is lying, Engberg said, “Well, I think what is doing is trying to build it up into a more frightening and deadly situation than what it was. It wasn’t a combat situation by any sense of the word that I know. There were no people killed. He said that he saw troops fire into the crowd. I never saw that, and I don’t know anybody who did, and I was there on the scene. What’s interesting is not only did I not hear any shots, I didn’t see any ambulances. I didn’t see any tanks. I didn’t see any armored cars. All of the things that you would have expected to see had people been shot.”

Bill O’Reilly and Fox News have refused to comment on the new allegations.

However, they did try to get Engberg to go on O’Reilly’s Fox News show. He refused because he didn’t want to get into an argument with O’Reilly on his turf about what he saw that night. Engberg added that he was simply stating the facts, and he’s not going to argue about it.

There are now a half a dozen journalists and personnel from CBS who were working O’Reilly on the ground in Buenos Aires who dispute his claims.

The evidence suggests that Bill O’Reilly is lying. Brian Williams got suspended for six months without pay for doing the same thing that O’Reilly did. Both men exaggerated events to make them appear to be more dangerous. The difference is that NBC News is interested in journalism. Fox News isn’t.

The next step in Fox News’s defense of O’Reilly will likely be to call him a commentator, not a journalist, but O’Reilly tries to sell himself as a journalist on a nightly basis on Fox News. A large veterans group is calling for O’Reilly to be taken off the air. The media is afraid of Fox News and O’Reilly, but the hypocrisy must stop.

Brian Williams was suspended and taken off of the air. Fox News must do the same to Bill O’Reilly.

52 Replies to “Bill O’Reilly Bombshell: 6 Former Colleagues Say O’Reilly Lied About War Coverage”

  1. COME ON “Billie Boy”, Lets Start Being Honest Now! It’s Time To Come Forward With Stories That Are True And Not Made Up By You! Take One Step At A Time And Come Out With The Truth! WE KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. What more evidence do you need to prove he’s been lying out of his ass?!?

    To me, this is the smoking gun. Yes, I know Fox News will never punish their cash cow, but this and the incident with Brian Williams should serve as a reminder to those with aspirations to become a journalist: The truth is your strongest weapon.

  3. A real war hero, Bill, would at this point do the honorable thing and fall on his sword. (I have several, I could lend you one.)

  4. O’Reilly will continue to lie in his defense of his “faux-exploits”. Bet on it. And he will probably get twisted up in his bogus “recollection” of things, once the heat from the Media (Except FOX, of course)
    keeps probing into: (a)FALKLANDS GATE
    O’Reilly is on a threadmill now with this Brian Williams like LIE (Embellishment. Will he suffer the same fate? Hmmmmm we shall see.

  5. Please!! If the idiot is suspended by fox then the Cubs will win the World series. Aint going to happen

  6. No integrity, no balls, no patriotism. A real journalist Bill would fess up to their lies but you don’t know how to tell the truth so you’re stuck. The schadenfreude smells especially sweet today.

  7. Were there people who lost their lives due to the army that day or not? This should be easy enough to prove.

    Also, who is the camera guy who O’Reilly rescued? That story should be easy to verify also.

    I think O’Reilly’s huge ego has gotten the better of him.

  8. O’Reilly tells the truth? Check this out:

    “I was in the streets with my camera crews,” O’Reilly recalled, adding that “violence was horrific, as Argentine soldiers fired into the crowds, who were responding with violent acts of their own.”

    “I never said I was on the Falkland Islands, as Corn purports, I said I covered the Falklands War, which I did.”

  9. Hey Bill, how about the time you were covering the moon landing from the moon and your cameraman tripped on a moon rock. You had to grab him to keep him from bouncing off the moon and back into orbit. Remember that one? Boy, you sure were a hero then.

  10. >>> The next step in Fox News’s defense of O’Reilly will likely be to call him a commentator, not a journalist, but O’Reilly tries to sell himself as a journalist on a nightly basis on Fox News.

    That would be the correct step to take. He is NOT a journalist and no, your claim that he sells himself as one is specious. If you didn’t already know that O’Reilly (and Fox pundits in general) are not journalists then I’m more worried about you than I am Fox. I just assume they’ll be dishonest and partisan (that’s their main job from the Boss) so there is no reason for him to resign. It’s also a bad idea to think NBC is in any way equivalent to Fox. It is not. I’m glad NBC has slightly higher standards, especially about their main news anchor which O’Reilly is NOT. He’s an obnoxious guy with an opinion – not a news anchor.

    I understand the distaste for Fox that is your real motivation here but that’s simply not good enough in comparing these apples to those orang…

  11. I should add that the key problem here is the marketing of news and news people that happens on all networks at all levels, including at the affiliates. The reason Brian Williams appears as a GUEST on other talk shows is to market their brand, and him personally, not to disseminate news. There is absolutely no reason for him to do anything but report or at least read the news handed to him. Not that I feel sorry for him but the reason he embellishes his stories to the point of lying is because he’s in the role of entertainer there. It’d be pretty boring for him to say I took the copy off the AP wire and read it as his main function at work.

  12. Get the popcorn out and watch Bill O’Reilly have a conniption fit as more people come out and expose his lies.

  13. Bill was no war journalist, he only pretended to be one. Not unlike Reagan saying he visited a Nazi death camp shortly its liberation. Bill is a typical chickenhawk, he is a hero in his own mind. Not unlike Ted Nugent who carries on that if had gone to Vietnam, rather than crap himself and smear it over his body to evade the draft, he would have gone all Rambo on the Vietcong.

  14. Actually, I was part of a Bill O’Reilly’s film crew covering the Fall of Paris to the Nazis. I remember every detail. The Germans wore grey and he wore blue.

  15. he works at Fox not MSNBC where they pick and choose ” stories and edit teh heck of of them and add a pinch of race hustling

  16. Sorry Gary-

    ONLY English were on the Mayflower, not any Irish (I say this as someone is 1/4 Irish so it is not like I am demeaning the Irish). What Billy Boi most likely fell off of was a stool in the bar at the Alvear Palace Hotel, watching the demonstrations in central BA on the television. (BTW, the APH is quite north of central BA). And if he “rescued” anything, it was most likely his drink!

  17. Your days will soon end at faux Bill O. You can not publicly call for hits on people and get away with it!
    Lying is just the Icing on the cake!

  18. Has anyone else noticed how Bill is morphing into Joe McCarthy before our very eyes; a bully on the run, bullying people to continue his lies.

  19. Out of all the Fox People Bill O an Greta S. was the only two I even watched any more. I think if Bill O has embalished his story on this, he ought to come clean an get it over with! Do I think he should be fired–or laid off——–no! I didn’t think Williams should have been either. I do think Both Owe America an Apology an a promised to be more accurate about their Reporting! I think that Fox/ABC an the rest of them should take notice an make sure everything they report is true an researched for as much Truthfulness as Possible. I think our Media is out of Control an has little to no integrity or Dignity left these days. They need to clean it up an get back to Real Journalism an reporting! Now bash me all you want, guys!

  20. Bill is a pathetic joke as a journalist and a bigger joke as a historian. His Killing Lincoln is a mishmash of poorly understood raw data, clumsy conclusions, poor footnoting. For someone with a university degree in history, I wonder what kind of sloppy history department let him graduate.

  21. Bill vs Bill.

    Lately: I never said I was on the Falkland Islands during that war.


    On his show discussing the Boston Marathon Bombing: I was in a situation one time, in a war zone in Argentina in the Falklands War where my photographer got run down … And the army was chasing us.

    Only thing worst than a lying jounalist are the idiots who see no contradiction here.

  22. He was probably like quite a few of the high school students I taught U.S. history, world history, civics, economics, sociology, psychology, and other subjects to—he learned just enough to pass tests and immediately forgot almost everything else he was supposed to have learned. My students used to tell me, “Hurry up and pass out the test before I forget the material!”

  23. Fox “News” being honest? That only happens by accident. Unfortunately, the MSM and cable news in particular are no longer interested in journalism, they never call out the falsehoods made by their guests, and in some cases repeat them as if they are fact. News these days is nothing more than chasing sensationalism for ratings.

  24. I never could stand watching Bill O’. The huge ego takes up too much of the “show”. If someone has a differing opinion, he shouts them down and starts belittling them. Not something I want to watch. The word is bully and now the hens are coming home to roost in his house of cards. Karma.

  25. You guys must remember that we’re talking about a network that went to the Supreme Court and argued that lying was a protected 1st Amendment right under freedom of speech and WON.

    Integrity, honesty are all foreign concepts in the world of Entertainment News.

    Hopefully it will shave a few points off of Fox news popularity with the uninformed, reactionary right wing.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  26. It’ll never happen but I do appreciate your ability to see O’Reilly did wrong. Most FOX fans are so lost to their ideological hatred of the left and the so-called “liberal media” they can’t even grasp the fact that Bill is lying.

    P.S. We don’t attack commenters for voicing a different opinion. We only rail against hate, vitirol, and violence.

  27. Well, we’re not going to get back to “real journalism” if you’re going to support journalists who actively lie to us. O’Reilly and Williams should be summarily fired. When people cannot trust the veracity of those reporting the news then we are no longer living in a free country.

  28. About time. His entire career has been conducted in a cesspool. Little prima donna had to pay millions to quiet one of his producers. Just read some of the complaint. What a sick low life. Sounds like women should totally steer clear. I can’t wait to see another epic meltdown. Someone needs to start digging on Hannity. You gotta know that blowhard has a lot in his closet.

  29. No, that was only a Florida DCA that said that. I don’t think the specific issue of whether a network has a right to use the public airwaves/common carrier to deliberately lie has been litigated at the Supreme Court level.

  30. Didn’t FOX hire discredited NY Times reporter Judith Miller and convicted congressional liar Oliver North?

    Miller’s journalistically flawed coverage of nonexistent WMDs helped sell Bush’s public case for war in Iraq; now she’s a FOX News contributor;

    Oliver North was convicted of lying his ass off to Congress about Iran-Contra; Ollie’s now host of (what else?) “War Stories”

    Your job is safe, Bill.

    FOX is not NBC.

    Never mind that in no spin war zones
    O’Reilly has never been a factor.

  31. I am mystified that “news” has morphed in to “entertainment “It has completely changed over the years ,the sad part is one can no longer really rely on the honesty of new programs matter where you get them , have we the American people turned into stupid cow’s that will blindly believe anything that is fed to them in the guise of news ?? I am sick of news readers and reporters making themselves part of the story ,I watch bbc world news they read the news no side show. Maybe its time to drop the carny act in t.v. news and just let us make our own conclusion .

  32. Hillary Clinton “ran with our heads down, dodging sniper fire”, shown to be a massive lie, and she gets a pass from the Libs. A Presidential candidate vs a news commentator. Massive Hypocrisy anyone ?

  33. Everybody knows Bill O’ is nothing but a bull $hitting bully. Why should there be any question as to whether or not he lies? Most likely he doesn’t know the difference between what actually happened and what he imagined happened.

    Fox News should be viewed not as a news source, but as an ongoing situation comedy show, much like The Big Bang Theory (TBBT). Fox News has as much to do with news as TBBT has to do with modern physics and science.

  34. Reality Check TIME!! bill o’reilly knows full well that he has a GET OUT OF JAIL CARD!! see bill has two big things in his favor, he a mouth piece for racist corporate america, the GOP and conservative media which owns 9 out of 10 media outlets!! and because bill is a john birch society puppet! BTW for the republicans who LOVE flocking here, tell us, how can the media be LIBERAL when you own 90% of the microphone???

  35. Because he’s a great man! He told me so!
    And he personally covered the airborne landings at Valley Forge when General Lee crushed the Vikings and stopped the Germans from crossing the Alps!

    You just have to know how to report things in the “Fox News” style.

  36. I have been an avid viewer of Bill O’Reilly – I remember him on TV before he went to FOX; Because one other network fired Brian Williams is not a reason to fire O’Reilly; I am very disappointed about the veteran’s group who are supposedly calling for him to be fired – this is very disappointing because Bill had done so much for our Veterans. LOVE & GOD BLESS & GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  37. Come on people…Bombshell? 6 people with a different account of happenings with NO PROOF to back up anything they say? Hope none of you people are on a jury where you have to look at facts along with hearsay!

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