After Scott Walker Flubs Easy Questions, Conservative Pundit Claims Walker Is Doing Just Fine

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Neoconservative pundit and Iraq War apologist Bill Kristol appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Monday morning to take part in a panel discussion on a number of issues, including potential GOP Presidential candidate Scott Walker’s recent flubs of easy questions surrounding President Obama’s patriotism and the theory of evolution. According to the Weekly Standard editor, Walker is “doing fine” despite the bad press he’s received. On top of that, Kristol praised the Wisconsin Governor for not playing the “gotcha” question game with reporters.

In the aftermath of Rudy Giuliani’s comments claiming President Obama doesn’t love America, and his subsequent doubling down of said comments, Walker was asked his thoughts on the former New York mayor’s remarks. Walker, who was in attendance when Giuliani made his initial statement about Obama’s patriotism, wouldn’t answer the question directly in multiple interviews. Walker also said that he wasn’t sure Obama is a Christian. Earlier in the month, during a panel discussion in England, Walker stated that he was going to “punt” when asked about his thoughts on evolution.

Conservatives have since made the case that Walker was pushing back against the media’s fixation on ”gotcha” questions that lack relevancy. This was the direction Kristol took on Monday morning as he said he thought Walker was doing a masterful job of turning things around on the mainstream press. Kristol also said he wanted to see poll results(?) to bolster his claim that Walker had handled himself well. Besides doing his best possible spin job on Walker’s missteps with the press, Kristol made sure to present former President George W. Bush as a complete victim of the media and Democrats, as he said Bush was treated far worse by Dems than Obama has been by Republicans or the press.

Apparently, the crap that Kristol was shoveling was too much for even Joe Scarborough, the ultimate Republican honk, to take. As Kristol kept defending Walker’s ineptness at dealing with such easy to answer questions and painting the governor as some kind of hero for higher standards in media, Joe said that was just a bunch of “BS” and he couldn’t imagine that Kristol believed what he was saying. To Joe and the rest of the panel, it doesn’t really matter if the questions were relevant to Walker’s ambitions to be President or Republican ideas for the country. The issue is that these are extremely easy questions to answer, and Walker could have easily just provided a one- or two-word response and moved on from there.

What Walker has proven in the past couple of weeks is that he is far from ready for primetime. He’s too worried about pandering to certain elements of the Republican Party that he can’t even come up with simple answers to common questions that get asked of all candidates. While the most dug-in of conservative activists will complain about the media’s obsession with non-policy questions that are meant to catch a candidate off guard, using that excuse to defend Walker only compares him to Sarah Palin, Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann. Going in that direction for Walker is only going to create an impression of him that he is an anti-intellectual gaffe machine who can only handle the doting right-wing news machine.

Below is the entire segment, courtesy of MSNBC (discussion on Walker starts around the 7-minute mark):

32 Replies to “After Scott Walker Flubs Easy Questions, Conservative Pundit Claims Walker Is Doing Just Fine”

  1. Walker is so afraid of offending the far right crazies who hate Obama that he’s making stupid mistakes. He knows the right answer, he just doesn’t want to bring on their ire.

    Unlike Palin, who didn’t know the answers, thus could not say anything. She knows how to insert the foot in mouth.

  2. Of course he would say that. He’s either abysmally stupid, or mentally ill, or both.

    And does that sickening grin EVER vanish from his face?

  3. I think he just isn’t very smart. He’s showing he cannot think on his feet because these aren’t difficult questions. Just now found out he has switched on abortion. Last year when running against Mary Burke he was pro choice – now he is pro life.
    He is close to wearing out his welcome before he even knocks on the door. A lot of these repug governors cannot pass the smell test when they try to go national.

  4. Blame the dummies in Wisconsin for electing this idiot. The sad part is they don’t even know the damage he is doing to that once great state

  5. Look where he went to tell his lie, Morning Joke! Kristol is perpetually wrong and he’s an habitual liar. He’s trying to cover for Walker’s cowardice. His “tell” is the same as McCain’s. When they lie, they get a cheesy grin on their faces, some call it a sh*t-eating grin.

  6. I don’t necessarily blame the dummies who voted for him, I blame the dummies who just didn’t vote, both during the general elections and the recall!

  7. Hey thanks Libtard w/PDS for showing who you are. Oh yes, Scott Walker not being able to answer questions is because he’s afraid of conservative base you like to call names.

    And Sarah Palin is straight forward, not just answering, but has called EVERYTHING right from Obama’s raising taxes under 250K, Energy, Death Panels, Obamacare disaster, Quantitative Easing to Russia and Ukraine. We see you must be liberal and have a problem with strong principled women and obviously hate conservatives. BuhBye!

  8. And you forgot. He couldn’t even answer a foreign policy question on his FOREIGN trip, where he was trying to overcome appearing weak.

    That didn’t quite work out.

  9. I am not surprised at Billy. It would kill him to admit that a republicant made an outrageous statement about President Obama.

  10. Dumbass the President didn’t raise taxes on people making 250k what he did do was raise taxes on people making 400k which adjusted for inflation was right. But reading your idiocy there is no way in the world you fall into that tax bracket.

  11. Scott Walker won’t answer “gotcha” questions, as his scripted responses are restricted to “Koch-a” questions.

    (He’s got a Koch and a smile …)

  12. Oopsie, C, a peebot took the bait! Tell us, ImALindaToo, since when has Palin ever been straight forward answering anything? Her questions are pre-fed to her or she doesn’t answer, period. We all saw what she did in Iowa…word salad WTH when left to her own understanding.

    Death panels? Obamacare a disaster? Energy expert? {WINK}

    She’s not strong and principled. She a coward and a bully out for $$ and attention. Kristol knows he made a huge mistake in judgement, as does McCain.

    She’s not running for anything, darlin,’ but keep sending her your nickels and dimes. Her fading SarahPAC personal slush fund depends on you and those like you.

  13. QE with Russia?!? Russia’s economy has been tanking with each sanction imposed on them. “Death panels” has been debunked for 3 or 4 years now. My God, do yourself a favor and get out of that alternate universe known as the right wing noise and hate machine. You’re being lied to, used, duped and laughed at by the very people you vote for and listen to.

  14. Yep, Kristol is one of the earliest fools to fall for Caribou Barbie. He thought Palin was the greatest! This dope is such a great judge of character.

  15. YEP! when ever her slush fund runs low.. she is out making remarks, “she believes to be smart” trolling for more nickles and dimes to take to the bank, All the while thinking to her self..SUCKERS!!!!

  16. Kristol is an ass! How dare he complain and say that we should be able to say whatever we like about the President, no matter what position you hold. When Bush was in office, if anyone said anything against the war or his policies, the RW’ers immediately screamed that they were being unpatriotic. Fox pundits said it was treasonous to speak against the President during a time of war but that sure as hell changed when President Obama was elected. They can all go straight to hell!

  17. While I’m sure my opinion will be flamed in some circles, I believe that Walker’s lack of education is definitely a negative for him and is going to show in his abilities. His past is riddled with many questions regarding possible criminal activities from which he’s been protected, likely by the Koch brothers while those who worked with him fall by the wayside. I expect our President and Commander in Chief to be well-educated and with a minimum of a Master’s Degree. The President should be exceptional, as it’s not a job for an average person. Scott Walker does not fit that criteria by any means. While there will never be a legal requirement regarding education for our President, a college drop-out does not belong in the White House IMHO.

  18. Were you born stupid or did you get that way through practice? Let’s see the economy is better, less than 6& gas is under 2.00 in alot of places and people are flocking to Obamacare. Also Putin, the tea party’s great white hope is floundering with the sanctions we placed on his country. Only the dimmest bulbs of the right are still fans of halfterm/halfwit Governor of Alaska aka sarah palin.

  19. scott walker must be doing something right. he has been elected and reflected by the Wisconsin voters. he has survived a recall where the opposition had spent tens of millions of dollars on trying to recall him. he has remained popular with the voters of Wisconsin. he has lowered the tax rate in Wisconsin for all citizens.For people who say the people of Wisconsin are stupid ,Wisconsin voted for Obama twice for president. Wisconsin is no red state. call me all the negative comments you wish. the fact is everything I have said is true.

  20. He has not lowered the tax rate for all citizens
    Governor Walker’s Tax Shift Plan Would Raise Taxes for Most – See more at:
    You should read it if you can read and BTW hows that 2 billion deficit working out?

    Wisconsin state budget shortfall projected at nearly $1.8 billion

    But I see your point on getting elected as long as ignorant people like you keep voting for the kochsuckers

  21. Conservative pudnut thinks not knowing things is just fine as that is the goal of the Libertarian Conservative John Bircher Kochs they want the population ignorant and accepting of their oligarchy; Just for the record ignorance is not bliss when it allows our democracy to be destroyed.

  22. The reality is, if he had come out and said he believes in evolution, he would have alienated many of his core supporters; if he denied it, he would have appeared either uneducated or ignorant to those who accept evolution. Not an enviable question to be asked as a conservative politician. His wishy-washy response just made him look out of his depth.

    As for Sarah Palin being straight forward, the jury will have to be out on that one; I don’t think she’s clever enough to not be direct and what she perceives to be honest

    Obama’s raising taxes under 250K? Nope.
    Energy? If you’re meaning the solar project, yeah, it’s actually more profitable than anyone expected
    Death Panels? Seriously?
    Obamacare disaster? Um, riiight.. Quantitative Easing to Russia and Ukraine? You know that this involves a bank attempting to stimulate an economy, not a country, right? It is not a governmental practice, but one which takes place in the finance industry…

    Stop drinking the Fox Kool-A…

  23. Walker breaks out in national GOP race
    PPP’s newest national Republican poll finds a clear leader in the race for the first time: Scott Walker is at 25% to 18% for Ben Carson, 17% for Jeb Bush, and 10% for Mike Huckabee. Rounding out the field of contenders are Chris Christie and Ted Cruz at 5%, Rand Paul at 4%, and Rick Perry and Marco Rubio at 3%.

    Walker has more than doubled his support since his 11% standing on our January national poll, and Carson has moved up 3 points. Bush, Huckabee, Paul, and Perry have largely stayed in place while Cruz has dropped 4 points and Christie has dropped 2 points.

    Walker is climbing fast in the polling because of his appeal to the most conservative elements of the Republican electorate. Among ‘very conservative’ voters he leads with 37% to 19% for Carson, 12% for Bush, and 11% for Huckabee. Bush has a similarly large lead over Walker with moderates at 34/12…

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