President Obama Plans To Quickly Veto Keystone XL Bill

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The Republican passed Keystone XL will hit the president’s desk Tuesday morning. Obama is expected to quickly and quietly veto the bill in order to keep the heat on Republicans as the shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security looms.

The Hill reported:

President Obama is poised to reject GOP-backed legislation approving the Keystone XL pipeline with a swift veto designed to minimize any distraction from a looming shutdown within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Republicans plan to send the bill to Obama’s desk Tuesday morning and intend to flay the president over his promised veto.

But quick action, Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) said, “eliminates any opportunity to take the focus off the bizarre things Republicans are doing on DHS and immigration orders.”

Republicans are going to try to use President Obama veto of Keystone XL to distract from the crisis of their own creation over the funding of Homeland Security, but that strategy is going to fail as the White House is going to issue their veto before Republicans can mount an offensive.

Congressional Republicans are fumbling in the dark while they desperately search for an out to the crisis that John Boehner created when he caved to the angry radicals in his caucus who demanded that the president’s executive action on immigration be stopped.

The president has the Republicans’ number, and he is not about to give them a get of jail free card by sitting on the Keystone XL bill and letting build a story out of nothing. Obama is going to quickly veto the bill. The president will issue a veto statement, and Republicans will be forced to hold a veto override vote that is already guaranteed to fail.

The great Republican Keystone XL offensive has failed, as Democrats have gained solidarity and momentum will battling the bill. The public supports Obama’s course of action, so at the end of the day the sum of the Republican efforts will amount to a vetoed bill and Homeland Security crisis of their own creation.

Republican control of Congress has thus far been an unproductive disaster of self-destruction.

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14 Replies to “President Obama Plans To Quickly Veto Keystone XL Bill”

  1. Watching the GOP flip their shit because they got out manuvered again, will make my year. Checkmate bitches!

  2. Now how about an infrastructure bill for the economy, jobs and safety? Tax reform, refunding social programs like food stamps, Social Security Disability and unemployment compensation? Wait, what am I thinking, these SOBs are Republican.

  3. Thank you Mr. President for doing the right thing for our nation. Hey Rudy, this is what I call “love of country”!

  4. When the American people sat on their hands in last election, I took solace in the fact that we’d see a lame-duck Neo-Confederate-controlled Congress for two years.

    But once again, President Obama is making me SMILE.

    “Republican control of Congress has thus far been an unproductive disaster of self-destruction.”

    Thank you, Mr. President. You’re providing more than I could’ve ever hoped for.

  5. The oil and gas industry gave nearly $250,000 to each of the 62 senators who voted in favor of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline project late last month, according to MapLight, a nonpartisan research organization that tracks the influence of money in politics.
    Does this mean when Pres Obama Veto’s Keystone, these Congress persons D&R have to return their “Voters Money to Canada?”
    Or well they “go directly to Jail?”

  6. Way to go, Mr President! Thank you for doing the right thing for America. There’s proof of who loves America and who doesn’t.

  7. the GOP Koch Congress knew for months that the Keystone- which is neither a jobs bill or infrastructure bill, would be DOA if they passed it… but those worthless republicans passed it anyway. now Obama will keep his word and veto it. the GOP has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars and valuable legislation time on something they knew would never be signed by the president. the republican waste coing fromwashington is unacceptable. for gods sake, they just voted last week to repeal obamacare for the 67th time. that’s outrageous!!! dems and libs and progressives must become more vocal and confront these rightwing clowns with a passion. it is not too early get into the 2016 election mode. best thing everyone can do now is check with your local voting centers and find out everything you will need to do to vote in 2016. get thinking about it now!

  8. “dems and libs and progressives must become more vocal and confront these rightwing clowns with a passion. ”

    They need to be confronted by an angry mob and a guillotine.

  9. fossil fuels will continue to be the main source of energy for our nation for many years to come. Obama vetoed this bill because he owes much to the special interest groups. Why else do you think he did this. now all that oil will go to China via pipeline to the western part of china. I would rather get oil from Canada than the Middle East. most of the oil would have gone to refineries in Texas and Louisiana. Now it will go to chinese refineries. yes some of that oil would be put on the world market, Now it looks like we will be screwed by special interests and obama.

  10. If I built a sewer line that will fail across your backyard would you let me? Don’t answer because then you would have to think

  11. The oil would go to refineries owned by the Koch brothers. Those refineries are located in a special tax zone that gives them a significant tax cut for EXPORTING oil. The oil was never going to benefit the US, anyway. The only thing we would get is the risks.

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