Senate Democrats Crush 4th Republican Attempt To Overturn Obama Immigration Action


Senate Democrats turned up the heat on Boehner and McConnell by blocking the fourth Senate Republican attempt to overturn President Obama’s immigration actions by attaching it to the Homeland Security funding bill.

Today’s vote was just like the previous three. Republicans voted to move the bill forward, except for Dean Heller of Nevada, while Democrats and Independents stood united in opposition. The final vote was 47-46 in favor, with Mitch McConnell voting no as a procedural move so that he could bring the vote up again later.

Before the vote, Sen. John Barrasso went through the same Republican talking points that they tried to use during the previous three attempts to move the bill forward. The only difference is that Barrasso added the ruling by the Bush appointed partisan judge that blocked President Obama’s executive action on immigration. Republicans tried to shift the focus away from Homeland Security and towards immigration. Barrasso accused Senate Democrats of, “Not understanding why they lost” the midterm election and called on Democrats to, “stop defending the president and the White House.”

Democratic vice chair of the Appropriations Committee Sen,. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) called out Republicans and said, “We should be voting on a clean Homeland Security bill.” She called out Republicans for playing politics while the country faces some of our biggest homeland security challenges right now. Mikulski contrasted the hypocrisy of Republicans asking what is Obama doing to protect America while ignoring the “boots on the ground” in this country who need funding. The Maryland senator urged Republicans to put immigration aside and pass a clean Homeland Security funding bill.

Democrat Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) used the threat of an attack against her home state Mall of America to hammer Republicans for jeopardizing national security over the immigration language in the bill. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) went after Republicans on the point that members of the Coast Guard won’t be paid.

Republican Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND) went with the standard Republican talking point that Democrats are obstructing the bill while he ignored the Democrats’ issues with immigration riders in the bill.

With days to go until Homeland Security shuts down, Senate Republicans have their backs against the wall. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will have to quickly decide whether he will abandon the House Republican suicide mission of trying to overturn President Obama’s executive action immigration by tying it to Homeland Security funding, or if he is finally willing to pass a clean Homeland Security funding bill.

It is clear that the House Republican Homeland Security bill is going nowhere fast. Unless Speaker John Boehner backs down at the last moment and allows a clean vote on Homeland Security funding, it looks like the agency is heading for a shutdown.

Republicans tried to pick a fight with President Obama by tying Homeland Security funding to overturning his immigration actions, and they are losing in a big way. The ball is now in Boehner’s court, and if Homeland Security shuts down, Republicans will be blamed.

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  1. I love that Mitch is getting his feet held to the fire. He wanted to be majority leader, and he sucks deluxe at it. One thing you can bet on though, blame for this won’t land on him personally. This too will run off of him like water off of a turtles back.

  2. Barrasso accused Senate Democrats of, “Not understanding why they lost” the midterm election and called on Democrats to, “stop defending the president and the White House.”

    OK but since when did the Republicans give two turds about who lost the last election. Obama kicked their asses TWICE and they’ve acted like it never happened. So screw that BS.

  3. This is very good news! You don’t give in to bullies and do as they demand and then expect them to respect you. They need to be hit back.

    I hope Spanish news outlets are reporting what’s going on in Congress! The Koch Bros Party – formerly known as the Republican Party – is anti-immigrant, and it’s time they’re called out for the racists they are. And as the traitors they are to the American ideals and principles of our founding fathers.

    Thank you Democratic Senators! Don’t be bullied! The Koch Bros Party want a war, and it’s time you wise up to that fact and fight back for the good of the American people, not just American corporations or only the wealthy and well-connected American people, but ALL American people.

  4. Do these people ever, ever, ever, think about how the citizenry feels when this kind of game is played? And here we are, with ISIS or whatever the hell they’re calling themselves, NAMING, at least one mall, they might attack, and these a _ _ h _ _ es are playing with time and commitment to our protection……all…alll….to get at Obama. F U b _ _ c _ _ s!

  5. Barasso needs to understand why the Democrats lost as well. They lost because of two things. One, most of the races were in red states to begin with. Two, most of those Democrats who lost were running as Republican light instead of on the economic turnaround that occurred under President Obama and the additional Americans who could now get health insurance.

  6. In a very twisted and perverted way, this is hilarious. The Republicans, with control of both the House and Senate, can’t anything done. Thought the “adults” were supposed to be in charge, now.

  7. So, the Republicans do not want any hispanic votes, they do not want any women’s votes, they do not want any working class or union votes, they don’t want any Social Security recipients to vote for them, they don’t want any college students to vote for them, they don’t want any middle class voters, so who do you suppose the Republicans want to vote for them in 2016? The KKK? The 1%ers? The … the … the …

  8. yes another election day is coming 2016 in presdiential when dems always turn out in huge numbers in presidential elections and 2016 gop tp is gonna get there asses whipped

  9. Gerrymandering and illegally stripping the right to vote from people who can not be trusted to vote Republican helped the Republicans a great deal, too.

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