Bill O’Reilly’s Story Falls Apart: No CBS Colleagues Will Confirm His War Coverage Lies

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When he isn’t name calling or threatening reporters, behind the scenes Bill O’Reilly tried desperately to find somebody who worked with him at CBS to confirm his war correspondent tales, but no one would go on his show.

O’Reilly tried to unilaterally call a stop to the scandal surrounding his tall tales of fabricated war coverage, but he couldn’t find any former CBS colleagues who supervised or worked with him in Buenos Aires to go on his show. According to TVNewser, O’Reilly tried to get none other than Dan Rather to back him up, “On his show Monday, O’Reilly had hoped to talk with either Dan Rather, then the anchor of the CBS Evening News or with Van Gordon Sauter, then the president of CBS News, or both, about his contributions from Argentina. Both declined. Instead, he interviewed Don Browne, a former NBC News executive, who ran the Miami Bureau at the time of the Falklands War.”

CBS did release the footage that O’Reilly asked for, and it doesn’t confirm his story. A protest is not a war zone. No matter how many times O’Reilly puts this distortion of fact through the “No Spin Zone,” he can’t make it come true.

Bill O’Reilly said last night on his Fox News show that he wants to stop this now. There is any easy way to make this stop. O’Reilly only has to admit that he exaggerated and lied about his past as a “war correspondent.” Instead of following the path that could end the scandal, O’Reilly threatened a reporter from The New York Times.

It is a matter of common sense. If there were deaths, and people being shot as O’Reilly claimed, where’s the proof? There would have to be video or public records. If Bill O’Reilly is telling the truth, his former colleagues at CBS who worked with him should be willing to confirm his claims.

O’Reilly’s own guest, Don Browne, didn’t confirm Bill-O’s claims of a war zone. Browne said, “As the war went badly, there were demonstrations every day. There were tanks in the street. It was a country at war. At first, it was casual. And it became more and more serious. And, as the military were losing badly, the populace began to turn on the military leadership.”

That’s nice, but it doesn’t confirm the existence of a war zone and dead civilians.

All of O’Reilly’s former CBS colleagues that the media has spoken to so far have rejected the Fox News host’s telling of events. Bill O’Reilly is lying, and the easiest way to tell that he is sinking under the weight of this scandal is to see how hard he is trying to make this story go away.

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