In An Unprecedented Move Harry Reid Puts The Screws To John Boehner’s Obstruction


reid says boehner must cave

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) took the virtually unprecedented step of nailing John Boehner’s obstruction by announcing that Senate Democrats will not support any deal to fund Homeland Security unless Boehner caves first.

Roll Call reported:


In an extraordinary sequence of events, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell offered Democrats exactly what they have been asking for Tuesday — “clean” full-year funding for the Department of Homeland Security. And Minority Leader Harry Reid said “no” — or at least, “not yet.”

McConnell’s offer of such a bill shorn of provisions blocking President Barack Obama’s recent immigration executive orders — which he said could happen quickly with Democratic cooperation — was put on hold by Reid, who said he was waiting to hear Speaker John A. Boehner agree to pass it through the House first.

“We have to make sure that we get a bill to the president,” Reid said. “Unless Boehner’s in on the deal, it won’t happen.”

In other words, Democrats aren’t going to agree to anything until Boehner makes the House vote on it first. Harry Reid learned for years of broken Boehner promises to know that the Speaker’s word is worthless. (Speaker Boehner promised that Homeland Security wouldn’t shut down, but the nation is just days away from exactly what Boehner said would not happen.) Reid is going make sure that the House Republicans can’t back out of any deal that is made.

Democrats aren’t going to get sucked into the House Republican dysfunction. Boehner needs to pass a clean funding bill for Homeland Security before Senate Democrats will sign on. Speaker Boehner’s office continues to suggest that they will not pass a clean funding bill, but if House Republicans are waiting for Senate Democrats to blink, they are going to be disappointed.

Rep. Boehner has earned every ounce of distrust that Democrats have for him. The message is clear. Senate Democrats aren’t going to give John Boehner any wiggle room. If Homeland Security shuts down, it’s going to be Boehner’s fault.

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  1. If bills are supposed to originate in the house. Then let the house do its job. Pass it there first, to avoid the royal screw in the senate. Oops, are there too many cooks in the house’s kitchen?

  2. Way to go Harry, kick ’em in the balls again. Don’t get sucked into their inbred backwoods family feud. Keep bitch slapping the “leader” around.

  3. Im pretty sure its the Dems in the senate filibustering,…but the liberal media sure wont tell that story. Hey, this guy isnt the Senate majority leader anymore so someone tell him to sit down and STFU.

  4. That’s right Harry, don’t let Boehner off the hook. If D.H.S. funding expires and anything major happens. Boehner and the Republicans will
    take the blame, and rightfully so.

  5. Are you that ignorant this is the security of out nation we are not playing politics..I hate Cheney and all repubs but this is a vital organization.. Maybe the next plane will hit your house, idiot..

  6. The republican willingness to say “no” to everything is evident in the fact that since 2007, they have filibustered about 500 pieces of legislation that would help the middle class. They are opposed to ANY progress.

    And BTW, the media is anything BUT liberal. If it were even centrist, the country would know these facts:Of the $17 trillion debt, $12 trillion is attributable to Reagan, Bush and Bush. The House GOP, through their refusal to increase the debt limit in 2011, (which was increased 17 times under st. ronald of reagan and 7 times under W), resulted in our credit rating being lowered for the first time ever. The GOP government shutdown in October 2011 cost $24 billion? The 50+ votes by the House GOP to repeal the Affordable Care Act cost $55 million. That since 1960, GDP is stronger, Stock Market is higher, spending is lower and more jobs are created under Democratic Administrations than Republican.

  7. That’s it Senator Reid. Keep Mr. Boehner’s feet to the fire. The Republicans and the Koch brothers created this mess and now they have a bunch of radicals who won’t compromise on anything unless it hurts the President or the country in the House Of Representatives. You create the mess, you clean it up. Mr. McConnell is trying to wash his hands of the mess, but Senator Reid is having none of it.

  8. “The speakers word is worthless.” I have tried to remember if I have ever known a sot that could really be relied on…Never known one. McConnell is another whose word is worthless. He did promise to block everything President Obama has tried to do. That and to make the rich richer at the expense of decent Americans is the only oath either of them has kept.
    The term white trash fits most of the the whole greedy party.

  9. Take a chill pill, Carol – first, even if it does shut down temporarily, most of the personnel are considered “vital”, and are required to show up for work, regardless whether their pay is delayed. Second, it never helps the conversation to allow emotions to control your thought process and degenerate into wishing something evil happens to your interlocutor and then to name-calling. With that comment you dismissed yourself as irrelevant to the conversation.

  10. Boehner is an orange Kochturd,hoping for the worst in these United States and he just needs a good flushing.I brand the TeapubliKKKans,homegrown terrorist who are no better than ISIS because they are hellbent on the downfall of this country,simply because a black man won TWICE.

  11. This website shows the ignorance, racist views, and vile vitriol of the left. Dont ever let the facts get in the way of what youre trying to prove, socialists.

  12. I have been stressed out over this “Shut Down” I am traveling to Australia on 6th March, but I needed a return visa because I will be out of the country for more than a year. My appointment for my biometrics was for 2nd March!!This is something that had to be done before I leave the country or I wont be able to get back in, so I needed to get this done in February. To cut a long story short, I contacted my local senator and he arranged for me to just go and get it done. I have now had my biometrics. We live 3 hours away from the nearest Homeland Security. I can relax once again knowing I will be able to re enter the US when I get back.

  13. “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. government can’t pay its own bills. … I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”
    — Then-Sen. Barack Obama, floor speech in the Senate, March 16, 2006

  14. Better option: just leave and dont come back.We can replace you with an undocumented illegal who will work for much less than you. Praise Obama.

  15. Boehner has a track record of lying to get his way or throw a monkey-wrench into the mix! harry Reid is right to stay his course!

  16. The GOP has done nothing except create drama and crises during their time in office. They are probably the most unproductive/destructive bunch in history I am willing to bet.

  17. bruceyeager, what is your problem? What a horrible thing to say. Shows what sort of person you really are. I am married to a US Citizen, who served his country in the Vietnam war. I love him dearly, I was just pointing out how much stress the Republicans have caused me and my family. Oh by the way, I am retired, I do not work, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  18. wow. another rightwing degenerate wishing harm to fellow americans because of hatred for others. you people make me sick. I have never seen more anti-american and anti-patriotic behavior in my whole life. you do not belong in America… i just don’t get why you righty clowns wish harm on your fellow citizens. that is really f*cked up.

  19. A socialist wants to redistribute wealth through income distribution. In other words, legalized theft of other peoples money. Free or subsidized health care, and entitlements.

  20. Just because you married a US citizen doesnt prevent you both from leaving. Go. Its not awful to say that our first duty is to the people born here. Take your retirement with you. Nothing worse than a person not born here feeling entitled to our way of life. Take the other 5 million rejects with you too.

  21. Even worse than Reid not bringing bills to a vote during his term as majority leader or not using filibuster to block a bill? Where do you get your information?

  22. I guess youre unaware that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are white. Youre a good example of the racist idiots in the Democratic Party.

  23. Just like your 1% kochsuckers
    Harold Meyerson: The party that truly believes in redistribution
    Which is the more redistributionist of our two parties? In recent decades, as Republicans have devoted themselves with laser-like intensity to redistributing America’s wealth and income upward, the evidence suggests the answer is the GOP.

    The most obvious way that Republicans have robbed from the middle to give to the rich has been the changes they wrought in the tax code — reducing income taxes for the wealthy in the Reagan and George W. Bush tax cuts, and cutting the tax rate on capital gains to less than half the rate on the top income of upper-middle-class employees.

    Again you are a dumbass who don’t even realize he is getting fuked without the Vaseline

  24. I can tell you, Brucie Baby, that nearly all of us would rather live in a Socialistic society rather than in a Fascist environment, which is now getting closer than not. It would be good if you, instead of trolling, do some actual research on the differences between the two. Frankly, we are tired of your pseudo-intelligence. So, knock it off!

  25. You are some piece of sh*t! How DARE you tell anyone to just leave the country! YOU should leave, then. You have not contributed to the good of the country. I am sure of that. Go whine on your own teathuglikkkan sites, you are only a thorn on the stem of the rose, Asshat!

  26. Actually, Socialism is a bit more complex than that, and, like many things, has degrees of subtlety and implementation. In a completely non-socialist society, there would be no public roads, public utilities or law enforcement. So, be careful when you use socialism as a curse; it shows a lack of understanding of the terms you throw out and of the society you live in. Socialism is only in part about wealth distribution.

  27. A bill can start in the Senate – look at Marco Rubio’s 2013 immigration reform bill as an example – however, appropriation bills MUST start and be passed by the House before being sent to the Senate.

    Civics 101.

  28. Just ignore him Christine; I’m pretty sure if he ever came out of his mother’s basement, he’d be shocked to see what day-to-day life is like for actual humans.

    Shame his ancestors didn’t share similar thoughts about those born in the U.S. as having first priority instead of putting them on reservations…

  29. Harry Reid is the real obstructionist

    President Obama and the other liberal pols are always blaming the House for the lack of any significant legislation passing.

    The root cause of Washington’s stalemate is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Democrat-controlled Senate. Harry Reid has blocked bills, silenced senators and limited bipartisan legislation from being produced — and the lockstep liberals in the Senate refuse to stand up to him and stand up for the democratic process and the American people.

    In the past year alone, Senate Democrats proposed 676 amendments but were only permitted to vote on seven. And Senate Republicans proposed 812 amendments but were only allowed to vote on 11. In addition to that, Emperor Reid has blocked votes on 330 House-passed bills that could create jobs, improve our health care system, make our government more efficient, and increase energy production. Harry Reid and his lockstep liberals have caused the gridlock in Washington.

  30. Hallelujah Senator Reid. You are acting as a Democrat should — boldly! Hope this sets a precedent with the Party.

  31. Reading his post in context, it was clear to me that JADF was referring to the Orangeman’s nads, not those of Harry Reid.

  32. Yeah, FAR WORSE than anything any Democrat has ever done in Congress. Unlike the Neo-Confederates in the House, Democrats in both chambers actually believe in governing and strengthening this country.

    And just so you remember…filibustering yet another xenophobic bill from the Neo-confederate traitors in the House in their attempt to usurp this president’s authority (cuz he’s Black) – an authority given to him by the U.S. Constitution – was a GOOD thing.

  33. Spoken like a real Neo-confederate traitor who doesn’t give a shiite about this country.

    Sorry, Brucie, but the majority of Americans would rather see Confederate-flag-luvin’ traitors like you leave this country than hardworking immigrants who have made this country great and prosperous, you numbskull.

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