Good News For MSNBC: Rachel Maddow Has The Most Watched Non-Fox News Show


It has been a rough month for MSNBC, but the network did get one piece of good news. The Rachel Maddow show was the most watched non-Fox show in February.

According to TVNewser’s rankings:

The Five,” “The Kelly File,” “Special Report w/ Bret Baier” and “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” join O’Reilly in the Top 5 cable news programs in both total viewers and the demo. Baier ranks No. 4 in both categories and is the only nightly news program to be ranked in the Top 5.

The highest-rated show in the demo that isn’t on FNC is CNBC’s “Shark Tank,” which lands at No. 8 on he list. CNN’s highest-rated show among the key demo is “Anderson Cooper 360,” coming in at No. 15. The “Rachel Maddow Show” is MSNBC’s top-rated program in the demo, averaging 143K viewers and finishing No. 26. However in total viewers, Maddow ranks No. 15, the highest-rated non-FNC program.

MSNBC is a network in transition. The Lean Forward network is beginning to clean out low rated shows. The rumor has been swirling for months that Rachel Maddow is going to move to 8 PM to replace the failing Chris Hayes experiment. The rankings show why it would be smart for MSNBC to move Maddow up an hour. MSNBC’s two strongest programs in terms of total viewers are Hardball and The Rachel Maddow Show. By putting the two programs together, MSNBC could have something to build a new lineup around.

Maddow still can draw viewers to MSNBC. The problem is that she has been surrounded by poorly viewed shows. When Keith Olbermann occupied the 8 PM slot, viewers hung around for Maddow after watching Olbermann. The problem with the current lineup is that viewers aren’t tuning into Chris Hayes, so viewers turn off MSNBC and don’t come back for Rachel Maddow at 9 PM. There is a place for Chris Hayes on MSNBC, but it isn’t on primetime weeknights.

Fox News is dominant because they retain their audience. Viewers turn on Fox News and watch for hours. The opposite is happening at MSNBC. There isn’t any build up as a lead in for Maddow. There is a liberal audience for cable news. Rachel Maddow’s viewership is still there. MSNBC needs to do a better job of surrounding her with the kind of shows that more of their viewers want to watch.

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  1. Until MSNBC gets rid of Morning Joe it will suffer in ratings and reputation. Joe is the most obnoxious host on teevee.

  2. Daytime is good
    Keep evenings
    Chris Matthews
    Rachael Maddows
    Steve Kornick
    Move Up to Weekends
    He is a good weekend guy

  3. I love Rachel’s show, she thoroughly explains very complicated situations and events in an easy to understand way. Not to mention, shes hilarious.

  4. Why do they give 3 flippin hours to Morning Joe? Luckily it’s 3am – 6am pacific so I don’t watch it.

    Also “Way too early” is way, WAY too early for me @ 2:30am but I like Thomas Roberts.

    IMO Chris Hayes is needed since he appeals to the younger progressives.

    IMO Andrea Michell and Jose Diaz-Balart need to be in primetime, both are excellent journalists.

  5. A once avid MSNBC viewer, I have been slowly weaning myself from the network. Most of their shows are unwatchable. Forget their morning lineup, that’s unbearable. The relevancy of MSNBC is coming in line with their ‘Lock Up’ programming. In other words, it won’t be long before I remove the channel from my FiOS cable box.

  6. Love Maddow and very impressed with Chris Hayes. I think he’s a keeper and hope MSNBC works with him.

    I find Chris Hayes to be genuine, knowledgeable, willing and able to address subjects few will.

    White privilege for one, and loved his reporting on the ground in Ferguson. He was great then, and IMO always good.

    Also, I trust Ed Schultz and Lawrence O’Donnell.

  7. I was getting pretty fed up with Chris Matthews trying to act all “I’m a Republican, I voted for GW Bush”, and repeated pronunciations of (CHEEENEY).
    I think (hope) he has gotten over that phase and keeps drilling down ON BOTH SIDES, and asks the tough questions on BOTH SIDES.
    I also hope he stops interrupting their answers.

  8. I love Rachel, but have to go to bed before she’s on. Fortunately most of the time her show is rebroadcast at 4 AM when I’m getting ready to leave for work. Then I can at least watch half of it.

  9. MSNBC is clearly in the hands of conservative Comcast now.

    After GE sold out to them, there first mission was to get rid of Keith Olbermann.

    Rachel Maddow turned her back on Olbermann – the guy who brought her to the dance – and has thrown the liberal base that was once a huge following of Keith, just enough red meat to keep people hanging on to her nightly monologues.

    She’s done very little reporting on her show of Netanyahu and Boehner’s disrespect of the President or on Bill O’Reilly.

    You call that good reporting or progressive?

    Let Maddow go, guys just like you all should let MSNBC go.

  10. As many have already said, MSNBC must get rid of Morning Joeker and Meeka.

    This pathological couple made me feel sick in the morning and ruined the day completely in the past. I now watch New Day, instead, and feel much better.

    Give the 3-hour spot to the Cycle!

  11. Not all auto racing fans watch Fox non-News! I happen to be a proud, intelligent female Democrat who loves NASCAR, football, hockey and college football, and, of course, Rachel!

  12. bebe, I agree with you. I have been stuck on her for years. I enjoy every one one MSNBC, except Morning JOE. The worst is having to go to prizon!!! I also wish there was more news one the week ends.

  13. I stopped watching MSNBC in the morning about 8 months ago. I find Morning Joe intolerable with Joe acting like an authoritarian parent toward Mika and guests. I remember Bernie Sanders on MJ some time ago trying to present his intelligent concerns. He was rushed and interrupted, and the only point made by the hosts was that if he decided to run for President, they wanted him to announce on MJ. Mika, who is in a position to demonstrate the intelligent contributions and mettle of women in media, dresses like FOX female “journalist” with her short ensembles and spiked heels displayed on a bar stool. She looks like she is going to an afternoon summer wedding or a trendy fluff TV show. I am not being “sexist” at all. I am not saying she should dress like Annie Hall, but her appearance detracts.

  14. Chris Hayes is extremely intelligent and is an excellent interviewer who reacts quickly to the statements of his guests. It often seems he has more thorough current knowledge than the people he interviews. He is not a showman, he is a reputable source of current and historical events.

  15. Please retire Morning Joe’s Joe. Get rid of Joe. He ruins the show. Replace him with Mike Barnicle who would be a great asset. Also, somewhere long the way, PLEASE BRING BACK KEITH OLBERMAN. you would never regret it.

  16. MSNBC will continue to fall in the rating until they get rid of loser shows like steve korunaki, Ronan farrow, and chris Hayes. The rating for these shows are awful. in every time slot Fox News beats all the others combined. Rating mean how much companies will pay for advertizing. MSNBC is in deep trouble.

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