Obama Patriotism Poll Is An Indictment Of Republican Hatred of President and Country



A YouGov poll on President Obama’s patriotism accidentally revealed how deeply Republicans hate President Obama and remain angry at the country that elected him twice.

The YouGov poll found that by a margin of 47%-35,% respondents believed that President Obama loves America. Seventeen percent took the Scott Walker position of not being sure. Men (46%-37%) and women (49%-34%) believed that the president loved America. People in all age groups, with the exception of those over age 65, responded that Obama loves America. Fifty percent of respondents at all income levels responded that the president loves his country.


The reason this poll found that less than 50% of Americans believe that Obama loves America was Republicans. Only 11% of Republicans responded that this president loves his country. Sixty-nine percent of Republicans were of the opinion that this president does not love America. The areas of lowest belief in the president’s patriotism read like a demographic profile of the Republican Party. White people (41%-42%), those over age 65 (39%-47%), and those living in the Midwest (41%-33%) were the areas where the belief that this president does not love his country was the strongest.

This is another poll whose results were shaped by the unified Republican hatred and opposition to all things Obama. The poll was a more accurate measure of how Republican opposition to the president weighs down the results of any poll related to this president. The YouGov is a less a measure of feelings about Obama’s patriotism and more of a yardstick for the pathological level of Obama hatred that has gripped the right.

I wish some pollster would replace the response of don’t know with don’t care. It would be interesting to see how many people really care about frivolous debates on whether on the president loves his country. The question itself was based on a years old Republican claim that Obama doesn’t love America. The question itself is leading and unfair because there is isn’t a debate in this country over the president’s patriotism.

There is an attack by his critics on the president’s patriotism, but that isn’t the same as a factual debate on an issue. The YouGov poll did successfully measure the degree of hatred that Republicans continue to hold towards Obama. The poll is also a useful measurement of bitter Republicans remain about the fact that the rest of the country twice elected Barack Obama to be their president.

The YouGov is a great measure of political polarization, and how brainwashed Republicans are by their Obama hate. What it doesn’t tell us is if anyone truly gives a damn about Obama’s patriotism.

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  1. I would suggest you correct this clear mistake in the article. The data shows the contrary to the following paragraph:

    “White people (41%-42%), those over age 65 (39%-47%), and those living in the Midwest (41%-33%) were the areas where the belief that this president love his country was the strongest”

  2. I am not surprise. Just go back to the thread where PoliticusUSA said the media doesn’t highlight the Presidents accomplishments but instead revel in the bovine excrement that the American Taliban talking points are all about.

    Another thing even though their racist behavior has a lot to do with it I think all those traitors on the right don’t think any Democrat is patriotic.

    We better wake up and start fighting them on their level, to hell if their feelings get hurt because we are being mean. When they say they don’t know if the President is an American go one step further.

    I don’t know if you Walker, Jindal, Bush or any of you chickenshit excuse of a human being is a pedophile.

    I don’t know if you are but prove it

  3. If all you listened to is the 24/7 hate fest from Fauxnews and right wing hate radio, you would be led to believe that Obama was the devil.
    A controlled message by moneyed interest over a controlled media outlet equals PROPAGANDA… Make Google your friend and listen to a multitude of opinions and compare and contrast , I want to say um CRITICAL THINKING…. It can make a big difference! Don’t be a sheep , we all know where that leads, right?

  4. President Obama loves America and all Americans, while Ronald Reagan hated America and especially handicapped Americans. Reagan sent little letters to the handicapped when they worked 9 months for $50 a month saying your “disability has ceased” (thanks for your phony miracles, Gipper!).

  5. Those over 65 who rely on the programs that repubs want to destroy, yet they vote repub can only mean one thing. They are racists pure and simple. Who would vote for those who want to take away money that you need to live on? I will never understand these old farts.

  6. DD — I believe those old farts don’t think that anything the Repubs want to do will actually affect THEM. They live under the same illusions as those who believe that wealth will trickle down to them from the very rich. It’s all tied up in the American dream these folks have been taught since entering kindergarten lo those many years ago. Without royalty, the American dream takes two routes: either “I can grow up to be President” OR “I can become as rich as the Rockefellers”. Same with so-called “American exceptionalism” (my country is bigger and better than any others and therefore should lead the world) and making sure that the flag outside their house shows everyone how patriotic they are. Oh, and let’s not forget about their religion (God bless my America — everyone else be damned). They cannot (more than they “refuse to”) see that the Repubs could not care less about them. That just isn’t in their DNA.

  7. MOST of the old farts over 65 probably are of the mind that says “I’ve always voted republican no matter who it is or what they say. Always will”. And I, who am over 70, say they are demented enough not to be able to be discerning. So they will go vote republican and not know anything at all about what is happening to our country. I will vote, too, and NEVER, EVER for a republican. I vote DEM. Maybe that’s why I am smarter that most of those old farts! All of them, really.

  8. Some say “Bobby” Jindal takes his pleasure with goats. Now, I’m not saying it’s true, but the rumor *is* out there…

  9. I love my President because our President loves us and our Country. It shows in every decision he makes. Whether THEY like it or not!

  10. The blind hatred of this President is disgraceful and sad. He has done more for this country and they will ever appreciate.

  11. The extremists on the right seem to forget President Obama has 2 lovely daughters that live in this country. Do they really think he wants to hurt the country where his children live? He is a fantastic Dad and I believe he, like my own Dad, wants the best future I can have. I kinda think the gotp’s dont care what happens to their families based on their actions to pollute, degrade women,promote continuous war, pander to billionaires. Obama saved the USA. Thank you Sir.

  12. When the GOP claim that others hate this country, they’re employing the worst form of hypocrisy and a psychiatric ploy known as “projection”….

    It’s just one piece of proof of one of their 10 Tenets: insanity

  13. Let them be haters. It does not erase the fact that President Obama has been deemed the most admired man in the world some 7 times.

    Haters are the ones losing out, their hatred is overtaking them.

  14. Well…..it’s all about controlling the message that gets to the people. Corporate America, THE KOCH’s and others like them, are trying and succeeding to brainwash America just like a communist country. They are breaking up unions because they distribute facts about politians to their workers, a big voting block. The Ryan budget takes Railroad workers pensions away. And the sheep continue to follow!

  15. Every time I read one of the right wing lies/insults about President Obama or any democrat and look further at the right wing comments I’m stunned at the level of ignorance and unfounded hatred toward him. 99% of the comments have nothing of substance to say, have no facts to back up the hate and are just downright mean, racist and/or illiterate. I’m sad and frustrated that there are so many ignorant people in our beautiful country. The tea party/Koch group is trying to run our country into the ground with their lying propaganda. Wake up, people!!!

  16. I agree with you, maple, but please don’t lump all senior citizens together. I’m 63 and am astounded at how so many of those “baby boomers” and “flower children/hippies” from my generation have moved to the right. So much of it, in my humble opinion, has to do with their move to evangelical religion. I don’t know if they are afraid of dying, have had messed up lives and jumped on the “save me” bandwagon or what, but it is very disheartening. There are still many of us over 60 who are very liberal, thinking, progressives.

  17. Mary – I am a mere 68 with a graduate degree in Psychology and a proud atheist. I am proud to say that I have never voted for a Republican.

    I never imagined our country would turn into a right wing theocracy. I never imagined our Congress would devote their agenda to destroying a presidency.

    I am so proud of our President, his integrity and the balls he has shown to these overtly racist demagogues.

  18. Deb I agree, where are the ‘flower children, the Hippies, and the Non Conformists of the late 60’s and early 70’s, if someone was against the Viet Nam war how are they eager to send the kids to war now for oil/resources or religion or land.

  19. The poll reflects what Americans think of the President. It’s ugly, but deserved. Looking at the poll, the “Black” section still respects him, yet sees a higher unemployment rate and more racial strife under his administration. Some ignorance on their part or the media’s part.

  20. The inbred racist yahoos on the Right Wing wagon train can’t bring themselves to appreciate the President of the United States who happens to be a black person. Pure and simple. And they can forget about saying: ” It’s his policies”—BULL S#!T !!!!!! If it were we would have been hearing a reasonable discourse and logical assumptions. But it is NOT about “Policies”— It’s his race they are not comfortable with. Plain and Simple.
    America’s blight: Racists

  21. I believe they keep voting for them because they swallow the lie fed to them that anyone can become part of the 1% and the Rep’s are the party that will serve them best when they “finally get there”, so they think they are shoring up their future, rather than voting for the party that will take away their birthright… It’s a lie, but its one that suits the Reps’ agenda. Keep ’em stupid, keep ’em optimistic and keep ’em fearful – the holy Republican Trinity

  22. Well said Thomas, you hit the nail on the head. These cretins don’t even know what a policy is. They make their own rules of life.

  23. “I don’t know if you Walker, Jindal, Bush or any of you chickenshit excuse of a human being is a pedophile.”

    One thing we know for sure is that the Clinton and Kerry State Department has them.

  24. Honestly, as a “rightwing repuke nutjob” I could not care less how patriotic he is, or how much he loves this country. I have no doubts he does love the country, but he would love it more if it went in a different more socialist direction.

    I’m just happy that Michelle finally is proud of her country also.

  25. You still haven’t name them bagger and BTW are you proud John Mcinsane is not proud of his country? Racist hypocrite

  26. I’m almost 64 and as progressive as anyone. I protested the Vietnam war by getting off my duff and marched on the ROTC armory on the U of M campus. I see the ignorant seniors make outrageous statements about the President and the “gubment” how “they” want to “make” us do something like eat healthy. I always ask them two questions 1) Who is “they” and 2) where did you hear that. Inevitably they tell me it was Faux news. This is the ultimate downfall of this country – letting the dumb tell the dumber all the bad things that “THEY” want to do to US ‘murikans’. God help us all.

  27. Feb 25 2015
    Daniel Rosen was arrested by a county detective about noon at his Washington, D.C. home after he allegedly sought to arrange sex with a minor.

    Jun 11, 2013
    The U.S. ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, is suspected of soliciting prostitutes and possibly minors.
    Unfortunately this investigation was called off because of State Department managers creating the appearance of giving “undue influence and favoritism”. Weird since Gutman was a “big spender” for raising $500,000 the Obama campaign in 2008.

  28. Deb. I have found the same things – unfounded accusations, debunked lies, racism, hatred, stunningly closed minded people, denial, projection, ignorance, lack of insight, lack of empathy and a strange tendency to post in all capitals.

  29. I can’t believe its come down to a poll about whether or not our president is patriotic/loves America. Pres. Obama seems to be the only president subjected to this crazy scrutiny! Were there any insane polls like this when GWB was destroying this nation dragging our military through war based on lies??? Such a freakin’ double-standard. I’m thoroughly disgusted.

  30. You are strong President Obama, STRONG!! Republicans have created much harm to America by the death they have caused to their citizens, foreign citizens, and financial turmoil that caused a recession and near depression through GOP GREED. This is the TRUTH, THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH!!!! Republicans are a disgrace and their GOP Politicians are using their billionaire campaign donors to try and manipulate people who are not studying the issues.



    October 27, 2011 at 4:36pm


  32. You’re one of the reasons why Republicans are trying to kill education in this country. You’re too smart to fall for their (pretty transparent) lies and propaganda, and you’re too smart for their financial interests.

  33. Those inbred neo-confederate racists are in the minority – and they know it.

    In another YouGov poll, President Obama is the most admired man in the United States and Hillary Clinton is the most admired woman in these United States.

    President Obama is the second most admired man in THE WORLD (behind Bill Gates), and Hillary Clinton is third as the most admired woman in THE WORLD (behind Angelina Jolie and Malala Yousafzai).

    Read the froth-mouthing comments of the Neo-Confederates under this poll:

    And yes, you’ll find my comments there, too. ;-)

  34. which is just fine for you at every chance they can but claim racism and hatred at the thought that somebody can disagree with Obama or other liberals. I’m a Republican because I believe in working hard, less taxes, and less government period. I believe in the second amendment because at any point someone can break into my house and hurt my family or your family and you should have just as much a right to defend your families. History has shown gun control does not help; i.e. Chicago now and Germany in the 1940s. It may seem like ancient history but it was only 70 some years ago that 5-6 million white jews were exterminated for political reasons. People are still living that went through that but nobody who owned or was a slave is living today in this country. The party that freed the slaves was the Republican party Abe Lincoln. This is a free country and the more control any government has the less free it becomes. The lesser of two evils to me is the Republican party. I get up every…

  35. I get up every morning at 5 am and am lucky to get home by 6pm and want nothing more than to spend time with my family when I get home. I wish the people in this country cared for each other no matter the race or income bracket or age. Unfortunately for you and I this doesn’t fit the “Divide and conquer” narrative. Hopefully some day we will all be proud to live in America and be one. That’s my dream.

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