Editorial Cartoon: The Scoundrel


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  1. This guy is a pig. I have more respect for the mobsters he put away as a DA in the ’80’s. At least they lived by a moral code.

  2. I never understand what this 911 guy has done for NY and why Right-Wingers praise this 911 guy and Bush for their leadership.

    As far as I know, he was just walking around da city. Nothing else!

    Not this 911 Exploiter, but City Workers to be praised!

  3. How many deferments did Rudy get from the draft board? Did ANYONE in his “America loving” family ever serve in uniform? His father was an enforcer for a loan shark, beat people up with a baseball bat. How very American!! Rudy married his cousin, got an annullment much to her surprise. Went on TV to anounce the seperation from wife #2, surprising her, too. Wife #3 had better be prepared, her turn is coming.

  4. After receiving several deferments as a student, Giuliani applied for an occupational deferment as a law clerk, but his application was rejected. Giuliani appealed their decision, and asked the federal judge he was clerking for to petition the draft board for him. Which the judge did. When his deferment expired in 1970, Giuliani became susceptible to the draft. He received a high number and was never called.

    So several can mean 3 to 4 then another 2 to get out of his duty

  5. Typical Jingoistic crazy. Professes to Love the Flag, America but will NOT serve in the Armed Forces, or when forced to do so (draft) RUNS to another country or seeks a ton of deferments to get out of wearing combat boots for America. But will be the FIRST, Like Rudy to call others who don’t wear a Flag on their lapel: Un-American. Same goes for Cheney, another draft dodger. So Rudy should STFU. And reconsider his opinions of our President, who is certainly doing more for the country than Rudy (911 a verb and a noun) Giuliani.

  6. The same sentiment could be said of almost all conservatives.
    I do enjoy the quotes of Samuel Johnson.
    One of my favorites is;
    “Nature has given women so much power that the law has very wisely given them little”. Samuel Johnson

    That particular quote is way over a hundred years old.
    Not that much has changed.
    Now, tell me again about gender equality………….

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