House Republicans Are Already Trying To Block The New Net Neutrality Rules


House Republicans are trying to block the new net neutrality rules passed by the FCC, and are turning a victory for the open internet into an Obama conspiracy theory.

In a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, the Republicans threatened to block the new net neutrality rules:

We are also troubled by the manner in which the ‘Open Internet’ rules were formulated. On November 10, 2014, President Obama urged the FCC to impose Title II regulations on the Internet. Shortly thereafter, you began making statements in support of a Title II approach. Certainly, the timing of your support for Title II following the President’s recommendation calls into question the degree, if not the existence, of the FCC’s independence from the White House.


We will not stand by idly as the White House, using the FCC, attempts to advance rules that imperil the future of the Internet. We plan to support and urge our colleagues to pass a Congressional Review Act resolution disapproving the “Open Internet” rules. Not only will such a resolution nullify the ‘Open Internet’ rules, the resolution will prevent the FCC from relying on Title II for any future net neutrality rules unless Congress explicitly instructs the FCC to take such action.

The practical problem is that any resolution that the House passes will have to clear the Senate, and would be vetoed by President Obama. House Republicans are on a quite a destructive roll. They are in the process of shutting down Homeland Security unless John Boehner decides to cave and pass a clean funding bill. The House has no chance of overturning President Obama’s immigration executive orders, and they face roughly the same odds on blocking the FCC’s new net neutrality rules.

The House majority has become a pit of anti-Obama conspiracy theories, and the Republicans from the House Judiciary Committee are already hard at work trying to turn the FCC’s action into an Obama takeover of the internet. The fact that Republicans are advocating the exact opposite of an open internet should not be lost on anyone. The attempt to convert net neutrality into “Obamanet” is straight out the same playbook that labeled the Affordable Care Act an Obama takeover of healthcare, and the auto bailout as “Obama Motors.”

Republicans are doing what they do best. They are trying to take the democracy out of the internet and sell it to corporations. The internet is a relatively pure form of free market principles. Their effort to block net neutrality demonstrates that instead of liberty House Republicans are most interested in selling freedom to corporate oligarchs.

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  1. Republicans keep proving they only are interested in doing things that benefit corporations, while ignoring the needs of the people.

  2. The only thing republicans have demonstrated so far is how impotent they are. They think they hold all the power and all the cards yet they are out maneuvered at every point. Too bad so sad for these anti-American traitors.

  3. Serious question. All you people who enjoyed your internet and stayed home and not voting are you proud of yourself for not being in the system? Idiots you get the government you choose not to participate in

  4. Well, they sure aren’t interested in the Constitution; beyond the apparent desire to contradict the First Amendment by allowing corporations do determine which sites and content are acceptable, the following:
    ” the resolution will prevent the FCC from relying on Title II for any future net neutrality rules unless Congress explicitly instructs the FCC to take such action.” is, much like recent pipeline bills, directly in conflict with the fact that Congress is a legislative body, i.e. it passes laws but has no judicial power to either enforce laws nor to either implicitly or explicitly instruct any other body. Yet again, Rep’s disregarding the law and the Constitution, relying upon the ignorance of others to allow them to serve their true masters (hint: it aint the American People)…

  5. Ask any republican congressperson what nn means, I bet not a single one could tell you anything other than the false fox talking points or that Obama wants it to take over the world. They have not a clue.

  6. The GOP demonstrates all the traits of a personality disorder; narcissism, antisocial behavior, and lack of impulse control.


  7. DJ, glad you said that, but do you really think the ones who didn’t get off their butts to vote, and got us into this insanity of GOP control, are even aware of any of this crap they are pulling???

    I hope people wake up by 2016, somehow I think reality TV is their reality.

  8. These people don’t care about anyone except the corporate assholes that pull their puppet strings, Im so sick of their, my way or the highway mindset, its gotten so bad Bohner thinks he’s the President, he really needs mental help, along with all the rest of the mentally unresponsive repigs. In time their talking points will only make since to lawn chairs.

  9. We knew Republicans would block Net Neutrality since they are servants to the corporations who would charge us more depending on how much money we have. Fk them.

  10. the evil supported by the stupid; oligarchy supporters supported by the gullible and the haters throw in not really liking being led by a smarter than them black man.

  11. These Republicans sound just like the ads put on tv by the phone/cable companies. They make net neutrality sound like what they actually would do without net neutrality. Republicans are good at accusing others of doing what they are in fact doing. It’s called projection. They scream they want government out of their lives while legislating what a woman can do with her body. The people of Washington DC overwhelmingly voted to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana and Republicans in the House want to jail the Mayor. It’s called hypocrisy.

  12. I Agree 100%. North Carolina has 800,000 more Democrats than GOP and a GOP majority in the state legislature. In NC it is not about voting rights it is about voting! When you don’t vote in NC you get people like Tillis that want restaurant workers not to be regulated to wash their hands, poorly paid teachers, and gerrymandered districts that look like spaghetti.

  13. How net neutrality proponents beat Comcast and the GOP

    he battle over net neutrality has been going on since before Columbia professor Tim Wu coined the term in 2003. But it didn’t reach the national zeitgeist until June 1, 2014.

    That’s the night that John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight hit its stride, and net neutrality broke into the public consciousness — went viral, even. Oliver’s pointed explainer on net neutrality and call to arms has been viewed more than eight million times, it prompted a flood of four million almost entirely pro–net neutrality comments to the Federal Communications Commission, and it’s so good it’s worth watching again
    Read More

  14. these republicans are the most country hating imbeciles and they say Obama doesn’t love his country – really – I think the republicans are the ones that are the “country haters”. they are just not happy about anything good for the people. they want to undo anything good for us. I cannot bear to hear anymore negativity from these republicans. I hope they lose everything come 2016.

  15. Fascism is the melding of corporate and state interests, corporations become the de facto state. Is there any doubt that the GOP is really a fascist party? Or that electing Koch water carrier Scott Walker would turn the US into 1935 Italy? You better vote people. We are only a Republican president away from absolute disaster.

  16. It’s as clear as crystal that Neo-Confederate fascists in the House (and that includes ALL so-called Republicans) have only ONE goal in mind: dismantle and destroy the United States of America.

    Democrats need to hammer this home and play on the patriotism that the Neo-Confederate Party, in order to control the masses, has instilled within the American voter.

    Now the Democrats can use this patriotism against the Neo-Confederates and campaign just as they do: demonize the Neo-Confederates and tell people that the reason why they’ve done NOTHING in the House is because they want to destroy America, dismantle the U.S. Constitution, and replace it with a Federal corporate charter written by the Koch Bros’ ALEC.

    And although it might seem like hyperbole to politically astute people like us, just considering the Neo-Confederates’ legislative history would be more than enough to underscore that premise and make it a winning tactic.

  17. The Latino community aren’t. In fact, they appear to have been one-issue voters – comprehensive immigration reform.

    They stayed home in 2014 because President Obama didn’t sign the DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents) on Labor Day as he had promised (begged to postpone by Democrats in the Senate who were running for re-election – and still lost BIG TIME).

    I can understand that. If my father were undocumented and I am an American Citizen by birth, I’d be in a world of pain seeing ICE come for my father to deport him. One’s entire world would be a nightmare. So I can understand why Latinos and Asians stayed home in 2014 as a message to the Democratic Party to stop being so risk-averse.

  18. It boggles my mind that the GOP would so obviously promote something which hurts the middle and working classes. But what is even more mind-blowing is that the Democrats aren’t using every goddam medium at their disposal to make it known.
    The biggest problem isn’t that not enough Democrats vote, but that the DNC doesn’t give them enough reason to. The GOP are expert at fear-mongering. And fear (whether real or imagined) gets folks out to the polls, sad as that may be. Please, Democrats, take some lessons from them!

  19. Republican voters don’t elect Republican politicians. Republican politicians are elected by Democratic voters who stay home on election day.

  20. And Democratic social policies that are keeping those ingrates alive, their children in schools, their elderly in health care and a steady income (SS), and at work.

    So of course they vote Republican!

  21. The right has shown Obama nothing but disrespect since the moment he took office. Their hatred of the man who occupies the Oval Office has become so common place that it is now newsworthy when a Republican doesn’t disrespect Obama. What a sad state of affairs. Obama came into office under the mistaken belief that at even if his opponents disagreed with him, they would still show respect for the office that he holds.
    The reality is that Republicans were not just angry that they lost the presidential election. After the economy collapsed, this was expected. No, the right hates President Obama for a different reason. Obama represents something that Carter, Clinton, LBJ, JFK, Truman, and FDR never did. Obama represents a threat to their power as white men.Every time his conservative foes see President Obama, they are reminded that our nation is changing. When they see the black man occupying the White House they are confronted by their loss of power.

  22. (continued)
    The White Republicans feel entitled to the presidency. It is their unfailing belief in their own superiority that is the basis behind their obsession with criticizing Obama as incompetent at every turn. If they can only make America belief that the black president is incompetent then they can be restored to their god given position of lord and master over us all.

    It’s not Obama’s dark skin, but what his dark skin represents that evokes hatred without bounds and limits. President Obama’s power of them and the realization that their status as a privileged class is coming to an end are the real reasons why they disrespect President Obama.

    Hatred is the fuel of fear, and for white conservatives their hatred of president Obama masks the fear attached to the realization that their America is never coming back.

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