Boehner’s Pathetic House Can Only Pass A One Week Funding Bill For Homeland Security

In a display of failed Republican leadership, John Boehner and House Republicans could only pass a one week funding bill for Homeland Security.

The House was only able to pass a one-week spending bill by suspending the rules and relying on Democrats to deliver the votes to prevent another disaster. The final vote was 357-60. Fifty-five Republicans and five Democrats voted against the bill.

Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) urged Democrats to support the one-week bill:

Thank you for your cooperation on the vote earlier today. Our unity was a strong statement that the Department of Homeland Security must be fully funded.

We are asking you once again to help advance passage of the Senate passed, long-term funding of DHS by voting in favor of a 7-day patch that will be on suspension in the House tonight.

Your vote tonight will assure that we will vote for full funding next week.

The fact that Boehner had to rely once again on Democrats to get anything done is evidence that Republicans are completely incompetent and incapable of governing. The only reason Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats swooped in was that Boehner caved and agreed to a full funding vote next week.

The debacle in the House was a crisis that was manufactured by Republicans that they couldn’t get themselves out of. Instead of a confrontation with President Obama, House Republicans shot themselves in the feet. Earlier today, Boehner failed to pass a three week funding bill, and without Democrats, his one-week bill also would have failed.

The humiliations just keep coming for the pathetic John Boehner.

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  1. Yeah, “we got that mandate thing back in November and we are going to govern”. Truly the party of no and stupid. This group of mouth breathers probably has a hard time finding a bathroom.

  2. I kinda, sorta feel sorry for Boehner. Unlike Mitch McConnell, Boehner has to deal with diehard, staunch Neo-Confederates who have NO intention of governing and every intention on destroying “Big Gubmit”.

    It’s time Boehner wise up and turn to Democrats for help. He’s not going to get it from the Neo-Confederates in his caucus, that’s clear.

  3. As a true Liberal, I will no longer vote for Democrats.

    They are just closet Republicans.

  4. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this pathetic little man and his band of miscreants! This is ridiculous!

  5. “Boehner caved and agreed to a full funding vote next week”

    I hope that’s true. Michael Steele is saying it’s not.

  6. Oh, he probably did agree to it, and then will say he didn’t, wiping a faux tear from his eye and blaming Democrats and Obama for not abiding by the will of the people who elected this motley crew in November. Hey, John, the PEOPLE pay your hefty salary. How about you work for us instead of the Kochs, TransCanada, and ISIL?

  7. Was watching Rachel Maddow and before the votes were completed that rumor was put out there. Pelosi is not stupid, and she made an announcement regarding the deal in order to get her people to go along with it, I believe anticipating a double cross. Boehner should be careful.

    Also, I saw a small post on TPM that Obama has agreed to meet with Netanyahu in return for him putting pressure on Congress to pass DHS. I hope this is not true. This move would only serve to help Boehner save face, which he certainly does not deserve.

    I understand the Democrats always caving to save the country but just once I would like them to stand their ground and stick it to the Republicans! Currently we are winning both of these conflicts why give up now?

  8. What the hell Are you talking about. You cannot be for real. Republican troll pretending to be a libral perhaps? Seriously defend your claim, because it is rediculous.

  9. I highly doubt President Obama would meet with Netanyahu in order to assure DHS funding, the funding has nothing to do with the nut job who hates the dems and Obama. Isreal hasn’t even joined the colalition to fight Isis, if I’ve read the list correctly.

    Obama doesn’t need netanyahu for anything right now. It’s Netanyahu who needs our President and our country’s backing, and he’s going about it in the wrong way.

  10. We have really good, affordable health care because they are not ‘both the same’.

    We have Dodd-Frank protections that stop ‘too big to fail’ and allow nationalization of failing banks because they are not ‘both the same’.

    We have foreign policy that puts defense into the hands of those being attacked without appropriating their land – because they are not ‘both the same’.

    We have a DOJ that puts civil rights front and center because they are not’both the same’.

    You are a troll. If you’re PUB, then you’re also one who likes ideology not facts which makes you the same – as the teabaggers. Go away with your sophomoric idiocy.

  11. The end justifies the means.
    That is the single Belief and motto of the plotters of this world conspiracy.
    That is no theory, like the media would like you to believe.
    People should read “the Prince” from Macchiavelli to understand the motivations and what is behind these Zionists, 9/11 and today even behind ISIS they secretly finance (while they keep Obama out of the loop).
    One thing to remember is that the Zionists have always a new trick up their sleeve.
    So don’t blink and enjoy the show while Jeb Bush gets elected next US president.

  12. When you come out and call a person or people stupid, you accomplish nothing but making yourself look intellectually lazy.

  13. The new GOP has such a large contingent of members thgat by all rights should not be in government at all that this is what we get. This is not governance. The GOP has become inpart God’s Own Party and the KKK, the real legislators are now few and afraid to speak out.

  14. The time for him to turn to the Dems for help – if it existed at all- is certainly long past. The man has lied repeatedly to all sides and has no place to turn at this moment. Every time he led the Republicans off a political cliff, he has come back with this imaginary search for “common ground” and for years, the president and the Dems fell for it. Either he is not trustworthy or he cannot deliver on his promises. Either way, he needs to go or things are going to get a whole lot worse before 2016 for the GOP.

  15. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him. He made his own bed of lies, duplicity, nastiness, and disrespect for the President. Now he can and his corporate johns can lie in it together.

  16. “Either way, he needs to go or things are going to get a whole lot worse before 2016 for the GOP. ”

    If that is the case, then by all means let him stay!

  17. Nonsense. That is too crazy to contemplate. It’s ridiculous to think that President Obama would ask a foreigner, much less an enemy like Netanyahu, for help in passing a domestic bill in the US Congress. President Obama does not need DHS to pass. The more the Republicans show their incompetence and small mindedness, the better for Democrats in 2016. It’s the Republicans who need to have DHS pass. They are just trying to stand against hispanics in their buttoned up all white nastiness.

  18. Boehner has allowed his drunken stupid self to be captured by the wild eyes and that is his problem. I’m actually enjoying seeing the Republicans deconstruct before our very eyes.

  19. From your’s and ‘never stop asking question’ comment betrayed your true purpose. To plant seeds of doubt, divisiveness, and fear.
    In the 1930s thur 1940s you was better known as the brownshirts. In the 50s you was know as the McCarthyism group.
    The elections of Pres. Obama stroke angrier, fear, hatred because he tap into a source better known as the ‘forgotten people,’ he gave voice to the voice(less). He threaten your world order. So your job today is to invade all dissenting voices. To destroy all things Obama.
    Your republican party aren’t not in power to govern but to destroy the structure that put a black man in office (twice). A coalition that can destroy your purity party.
    Take this from a liberal, you will fail because we are bigger than any one person or idea. Something you can’t never kill/destroy the spirit of justice/fairness for all.

  20. Were you aware, when you wrote this creepy pastiche, that the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” was an Okhrana forgery?

  21. Taking what you say at face value, perhaps you’re ticked off that the Dem’s wouldn’t vote on the 3-week CR but did support the 1-week CR. Think about it – with Netanyahu due to address Congress next Tuesday, the one-week deadline puts a hell of a lot more pressure on Boehner that a 3-week does.

  22. You are no Liberal, true or otherwise.

    Liberals are intelligent, thoughtful people who work hard to understand politics and embrace the shortcomings of a democracy as well as the political realities of a democracy.

    So I’ll repeat: you are NO Liberal.

  23. Nancy Pelosi = TIGRESS.

    Speaker Pelosi is the most successful Speaker of the House in United States history. She might come across a little timid in front of the cameras, but I’m certain she’s tougher than nails behind closed doors – and she has the track-record to prove it.

    I LOVE Nancy Pelosi, and I hope to see her as Speaker of the House again.

  24. @SallyinMI

    And that’s the reason why Nancy Pelosi immediately came out to the cameras (that were there most likely for Boehner, not any Democrat) and held up that piece of paper wherein Boehner stated that they would vote to fully fund DHS next week until the end of the fiscal year (through September 2015).

    She wanted it on the record even though I’m certain U.S. M$M are not going to expound on that appearance because it might hurt the reputation of Boehner and the Republicans in the House.

    But we’ve seen it, and it’s in black and white – on letterhead paper, too!

  25. He has no idea how to deal with the Teabaggers who ran as Repubs. They are a different breed and cannot be reasoned with. I listened to one of them interviewed on NPR the other day, who absolutely INSISTED that Obama’s Executive Order re immigration was unconstitutional — because he BELIEVED that it was. Legal experts and their well-researched opinions aside, he BELIEVED the Order was unconstitutional. (Yes, he believed because he wanted to, just like the religious fundies.)

    So these are the totally uncompromising neanderthals that Boehner has to deal with. Of course, that doesn’t explain the few genuine Repubs who do believe in government and in compromise with the Dems to get things done. When that doesn’t happen, then Boehner is fully to blame.

  26. I don’t understand, why for 1 week? I have not read every article in depth about this; however, if they wouldn’t do it for 3 weeks, why yes to 1 week? Anyone?

  27. Boehner’s job is not to govern. Their main focus is to disrupt, block and dismantle any structure of democratic government. And in the process destroy any accomplishments of this president while trying to belittle, marginalize him in the eyes of the people and the world.
    This one reason all republican run state want to change the history books and curriculum in public school system or privatize our school system. It’s harder to control what’s taught in public system.
    Boehner isn’t a leader, he’s opportunist to the highest bidder and that make him dangerous. He don’t make a move without the boys in the back room. You will see over this weekend media will be throwing all kinds of shad for Boehner. Their real problem is Pres. Obama, they tried to sterotype him, with faked scandals (personnel & public). But Obama comes back swinging and his counter-punches are deadly.

  28. Bottom line they wanted their weekend off. Threats coming in like crazy but you know they need their precious do nothing time off. If they didn’t extend this they were going to have to work on it.

  29. Liberals have been at the forefront of human rights for three hundred years. They fought and created not only the United States, but the western world. Liberals died for the rule of law while traditional conservatives sided with absolute monarchy. The modern republican party is fascistd, compare the 14 points of facism to what modern republicans advocate. The Dems are the omly viable electable alternative to the vile Greed Over People Party.

  30. Liberal have done:
    WE fought and won a world war,
    WE created Social Security and lifted 75% of seniors out poverty,
    WE built an Interstate Highway system,
    WE created medicare and provided seniors with health insurance after their retirement,
    WE built new modern airports across the country,
    WE had economic expansion and created the middle class, the greatest middle class in history,
    WE built thousands of new schools and expanded education opportunities,
    WE passed laws to end racial discrimination,
    WE implemented the GI Bill and our veterans benefited with homes and education,
    WE rebuilt Europe with the Marshall Plan,
    WE unleashed the power of the atom and developed peaceful uses for this power,
    WE funded the development of new technologies,
    WE funded research of cures, treatment and remission of diseases; polio, tuberculosis, STD’s and heart transplants.

  31. WE passed labor laws that gave us a 40 hour week and vacations,
    WE regulated Wall Street and kept the country from having another great depression and ended our history of boom & bust economies.
    WE passed Cap & Trade and regulatory laws that cleaned our air and water,
    WE even went to the moon.
    WE passed the Family and Medical Leave Act

    You’re NOT liberal, stop saying you are

  32. a true liberal wouldn’t start a comment with “As a true liberal…”

    We don’t need to mention that, since it’s a given to those that know.

    I may disagree with a few things, but I’d never stop voting democrat.

  33. This country will not elect another Bush as president.

    It also sounds like you need to brush up on Machiavelli.

  34. Since they’re planning to have a vote on the bigger bill next week, it gives the Democrats time to get votes for the big bill.

    Not to mention that you have that huge (in the minds of the Republicans) speech by Bibi coming up on Tuesday. One other person already mentioned this, but it puts them in a huge bind: Do they sacrifice the Tea Bags and get the big bill passed or do they cave in to their undying hatred of America and the President himself and let DHS go broke?

  35. Since Mr. Boehner invited Netanyahu, I could only assume that the cost for his security is coming out of the speakers pay. No? Who will pay the hotel, food, police, DHS staff? At Mr. Boehner’s invite.

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