Democrats Aren’t Letting Boehner Weasel Out Of The Homeland Security Crisis He Caused


Speaker of the House John Boehner’s (R-OH) bill to fund Homeland Security for three weeks in a shameless attempt to buy time to try to get out of the crisis that Republicans caused, and Democrats aren’t buying it.

The Hill has the details of the Republican plan:

The House will vote Friday on a bill funding the Department of Homeland Security for three weeks in an attempt to avert a shutdown slated for Saturday at the massive agency.

If the bill is approved by the House, the Senate is expected to quickly follow suit — though the upper chamber also plans to move forward with a bill funding Homeland Security through the end of the fiscal year.


GOP lawmakers said a three-week measure buys more time for the federal courts to consider a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Obama’s policies, which would shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. It also gives Republicans a little more time to pursue a longer-term solution on both Homeland Security funding and halting Obama’s immigration actions.

Democratic Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are opposing the bill. Pelosi is actively whipping up opposition to the bill. With House Republicans deeply divided on any clean funding of Homeland Security, it is possible that conservatives join with Democrats to kill Boehner’s bill. If Boehner’s bill dies, and knowing the Speaker’s history of having to pull his own bills it is possible that it will, House Republicans don’t have another plan. In fact, Boehner is planning on allowing the House to leave town for the weekend.

Boehner’s plan to extend funding for three weeks in the hope that a court will block President Obama’s immigration executive actions reeks of desperation. While the nation watches House Republicans put on a clinic on how not to govern, it is important to remember that the crisis over Homeland Security funding was completely avoidable.

Speaker Boehner manufactured the crisis, and Democrats aren’t about to help him get out of the mess that he caused. The odds are that in the three weeks Congress will be right back where it started, and, if they don’t already, the American people should regret handing control of the legislative branch of their government to the Republican Party.

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  1. Jeezus H. Crikey! Just bring a clean DHS funding bill to the floor that would fund the agency for an entire year, already. Democrats will stand with you, Boehner!

    Boehner would have the votes of all Democrats and enough Republicans (Neo-Confederates) to pass it and send it to the Senate and then to the president’s desk.

    Boehner is allowing the xenophobia and racism among his fellow Neo-Confederates in the House to dictate policy, putting this country at risk of danger when all he has to do is bring a bill to the floor that will fund the agency for a single year.

    The Neo-Confedereate Party is showing the world, that when it comes to racism in this country, it’s a cancer they wholeheartedly embrace and defend to the nth degree – country be damned.

  2. I wouldn’t really call it a cave for two reasons.
    One. Nothing has really changed. His drunkenness will still have to bring a clean bill and if he don’t the American Taliban will still get blamed.

    Two. The workers will get paid. Remember bill collectors don’t want to hear about a shutdown. They want their money

  3. Ladies and Gentlemen, “this is why political power should stay in the hands of the smartest people and out of the hands of dumbest loud mouth slowing down the checkout line at Home Depot.”
    *Bill Maher*

  4. The GOP are a disgrace to this country! This is what they wanted, control of both houses, and look at ’em! Boehner created this mess, let his punk, orange, wuss, behind fix it! They have had 1 1/2 years to vote on this, now look where they are at!
    So much for the GOP being the party that protects Americans! I hope the Democrats use this to hurt the GOP during the elections next year.

  5. If only the 2014 democrats had this kind of gumption and party loyalty, they may have brought more voters to the polls.

  6. Of course if Boehner’s bill is shot down, he will stand in front of the cameras with a straight (orange) face and blame it all on the Democrats.

  7. Judge Andrew Hanen is the same judge Orly Taitz used if that tells you anything. Why don’t reporters ask why they are against immigration reform and won’t do anything about it. Instead of doing their job they want the court to do it for them.

  8. Boehner is 3rd in line to become President if GOD FORBID President Obama and Vice President Biden were to die in office. Man, that was hard to even TYPE.
    But rest secure: if Boehner’s dead, we get Orrin Hatch.
    America, THINK.

  9. OK, let’s compromise. Fund it for three weeks and let the courts decide. The President is on solid legal ground in this matter, though I’m sure bought off GOP judges will roll over for them and delay it all the way up to SCOTUS. In return, you tell Bibi Netanyahu to stay home and STFU.

  10. Boehner by this time should be tripling down on his comfort Juice: Johnny Walker, Jack Daniels, Hennesey, and lunch time favorite BUD.
    This is getting to be too much for poor Boehner to face. Slap down after slap down from the Democrats out maneuvering him and his T-bagger run House.

  11. Governing three weeks at a time is unconscionable. The president should just take the $3 billion a year we give Israel and fund DHS until these jerk republicans grow a conscience and a brain.

  12. Whatever happened the the Boehner lawsuit against Obamacare? did he just quietly drop it without telling anyone?

  13. What exactly is a “clean” homeland security bill? One that funds Homeland security’s day to day activities? Why is Obama’s illegal action in the bill? Do you even realize what is happening to your country?

  14. I know your cowardly bagger ass wont answer but what was illegal about the Presidents order that Raygun and bush issued the same order and in your feeble mind hero raygun case was full blown amnesty

  15. Boehner’s actions may not fit the legal term of traitor, but I don’t know of a better word to describe his actions!

  16. Before we sold them off, we had a Civil Service whose job was to stand between Congress and contractors. The moat around our common castle.

    Reagan drained the moat and sold our castle. We now have to rent it back. Because we are told by the GOP that we can’t choose to run our business in-house with Civil Servants.

    Instead, we’re told the people we elect can’t protect our interests over corporate interests.

  17. Let the republicans sink themselves. Governing takes compromise, not hissy fit obstruction. The thing is that since the tea party crap began there has only been one party at the table, democrats. Since the republicans do not have filibuster-proof nor veto-proof majorities (yikes) they do have to come to the table to get anything substantial done and very few of them realize that!

    It is early yet and based on what we have seen so far, I get a feeling that this is only the warmup act for a very crazy show.

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