Democrats Win As Senate Passes Clean Homeland Security Bill 68-31



Senate Republicans caved gave Democrats and President Obama what they wanted by passing a clean Homeland Security funding bill, 68-31.

The Senate passed an amendment that removed the provisions that blocked President Obama’s immigration executive orders from the House bill. In other words, the Senate has done its job, but the chaos and confusion in the House make it less than certain that a shutdown of Homeland Security has been avoided. Speaker of the House John Boehner is not going to bring the Senate bill up for a vote. Instead, Boehner is going to attempt to pass a three-week continuing resolution to temporarily fund Homeland Security.


The large margin of passage of the amendment made it clear that Senate Republicans want no part of this fight. Conservatives are outraged at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and are in full Ronald Reagan quotation mode over his cave.

Senate Democrats have proven themselves to be a strong and powerful minority. Republicans have not been able to split the Democrats, and it has been Harry Reid’s side of the aisle that has been setting the agenda in the Senate. Republican Sen. Richard Shelby complained to Politico that Sen. Reid is controlling the agenda, “He is controlling the agenda, and he probably will control the agenda if we don’t change the rules.”

The rule change that Sen. Shelby wants is for the filibuster to be gutted so that only 51 votes are required to advance and pass legislation. Harry Reid wouldn’t make this change when he was Majority Leader, and Mitch McConnell has shown zero interest in getting rid of all filibusters during his brief time in charge.

Democrats are controlling the agenda through effective use of their minority powers. The difference is that Democrats aren’t obstructing for the purpose of obstruction. Democrats disagree with the legislation that is being offered. When Republicans come to the middle, they will have more Democratic support. If they continue to insist on trying to pass dead on arrival House legislation, Senate Democrats will remain united in opposition.

16 Replies to “Democrats Win As Senate Passes Clean Homeland Security Bill 68-31”

  1. Headline “Democrats Win As Senate Passes Clean Homeland Security Bill 68-31”

    Should read: “Country Wins …”

    Stop the dividing and conquering please … we are all in the same boat and on the same team!!! Team USA!!!

  2. Now the crazies in House will vote it down. Our government is so broken. I don’t know how we will survive the next 2 years.

  3. This is not a win.

    The House won’t even take a vote.

    They are voting on a 3 week extension and then leaving town.

    The Dems will have to pass it .

  4. It’s not the Senate, but the House that is the problem. Boehner shoulda been born a chicken! He’s afraid to do the right thing for the country and kowtow to the RWNJ’S! His hair should be all white by now, the no good /)(!

  5. I don’t care if the corporate media calls it obstruction and when they do I wish one democratic Senator would stand before the cameras and say “Our goal is to make him a one term Senate leader”

  6. Chris, yes in a world where Republicans acted like Americans I would agree about we as one nation the way it was meant. HOWEVER in a nation of Republican hate, willful lying and propaganda against unity, we must see this as a victory FOR America AGAINST the Republicans/Conservatives. They do not believe or support E Pluribus Unum! They DEMAND support and submission to One Nation under a Corporate God!..Mammon!

  7. Passing a 3 week extension of the DHS is not a win, but a mirage and smokescreen. The only reason that this was passed to continue DHS funding was cry baby Boehner said ” With Benjamin Netanyahu coming to speak to half of Congress is so that they are able to have tons of security” for his arrival.

  8. Hmmm . . . I wonder if the 3 week extension will be a clean bill or will it have some ugly turd attached to it like all his other bills they need to pass. Maybe Keystone XL instead of immigration this time?

  9. Boehner and Mcconnell need to be replaced..
    Those cowardly old men have no reason to be remaining in office… They are a bunch of backstabbing traitors… They are Democrats who infiltrated the Republican party… The Republicans in the House and senate needs to throw them out..

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