John Boehner Humiliated As House Republicans Defeat His Bill To Keep Homeland Security Open


In a crushing defeat for John Boehner, his own House Republicans defeated the Speaker’s bill, and jeopardized national security by voting against a three week funding bill for Homeland Security.

The final vote was 202-224. Twelve Democrats voted yes, and 51 Republicans voted no.

Twice before the final vote, the House was forced into recess because Boehner was trying to scrounge up the votes to pass his funding bill. Before the vote, Nancy Pelosi told Republicans that they were allowing their hatred of President Obama to jeopardize Homeland Security.

The defeat of Speaker Boehner’s bill has thrown the House into chaos. Boehner had no backup plan, and he could not get the votes to pass his own bill. In a Speakership that has been full of low points, John Boehner just hit rock bottom. The security of the homeland was in jeopardy, and Boehner couldn’t find the votes to keep the department open for three weeks.

Speaker Boehner got no Democratic help on the bill. Earlier in the day, Democratic Leader Pelosi (D-CA) told the media, “It’s a manufactured crisis. The sad part of it is that we’re going down a path which is already blocked. Leader Reid has already said we’re not going to conference. We’re not going to conference. Going to conference at this point on these issues, with immigration and the rest, is really a very bad idea. They know that’s not going to happen. When will they ever learn? Just take the shortest path to get the job done for the American people.”

Boehner’s Republicans never learn. The House bounces from one manufactured crisis to another under Boehner. Because the Speaker has no control over his caucus, Homeland Security is going to shut down.

Today’s vote is one of John Boehner’s biggest humiliations yet.

56 Replies to “John Boehner Humiliated As House Republicans Defeat His Bill To Keep Homeland Security Open”

  1. The Republican talking point of insisting that they’re the only true patriots, the only ones who truly love America is hereby revoked. They’ve put the country at risk over their latest pout.

  2. Bring a clean bill your lord high drunkenness. Stop trying to cater to the crazies they do not represent the real Americans.

  3. When are people going to wake up and realize that these Republicans, who are bought and paid for by their moneyed handlers, will never put DUTY and the GOOD of the AMERICAN PEOPLE above money and political self interest. Their hatred of the President and any American who doesn’t agree with their radical, ultra-conservative, right wing, religious based agenda, supersedes their oath of office, the needs of their constituents and their duty to protect the safety of all Americans. Maybe in 2016 this nation will wake up!

  4. I’d like my California Pelosi back as SOTH when things got DONE.
    Stormy 111th Congress was still the most productive in decades

    The 111th Congress, led by Speaker of the house democrat from California Nancy Pelosi, is one of the most productive in History, next to the 89th that came in with John William McCormack, a democrat from Massachusetts.
    ALL of course in contrast to what we have now, one of THE most unproductive Congress’s in our History with the worst SOTH Boehner.

  5. The inmates are running the insane asylum. Bought off goobers are as dangerous as any other enemy the USA has,

  6. America we need to stop and ask ourselves this…Would Barack Obama be able to get away with anything the Republicans have been able to get away with? Just think if President Obama was blowing kisses to a reporter? especially one asking an important question about Homeland Security and the safety of the american people. Imagine if the President just starting cursing whenever he felt like it. what if he kept putting out offensive tweets or offensive pictures making fun of republicans or if he repeated lies over and over again. Think about it AMERICA there’s no way we would put up with it. This President got chastised for wearing a Tan Suit. The only reason republicans are getting away with all of this Wickedness is because we are letting them.

  7. The drunken jackass cannot even control the jackasses of his own herd of ethically bankrupt cretins.

    If you hate America vote Republican.

  8. This clown can’t do anything right. ALL he ever does is complain about the President. How in the HELL did he make it as far as he has. He couldn’t find his ass with both hands.

  9. Proves they can’t even get a basic bill through to defend the country. But I doubt anyone could lead this group of crazy asses who only want to create chaos and usher in a return to the confederacy.

  10. It’s the same ole my party has more power than your party! Both sides are to blame! Seems like all they care about is “we won, you lost”. I don’t think any of them really think about what is best for America. It’s all about politics and power

  11. Throw the tea party bums out of caucusing with the rethugs. Oh thats right, then Boner won’t be the leader of the house. News flash Johnny, your not in charge now!

  12. Sorry, but you need to look back at what Bill Clinton got away with! Come on, blow jobs in the Oval Office!

  13. He thought it was the Oral Office. If you think he’s the first president to get relief in his office, you’re delusional.

  14. What the hell did President Clintons actions have to do with national security. If you have nothing to contribute to the conversation, then just shut the hell up. Your comment only made sense to you.

  15. Did it jeopardize national security?


    Hatred is the fuel of fear, and for white conservatives their hatred of president Obama masks the fear attached to the realization that their America is never coming back.

  16. One has to ask; why did 12 Democrats vote for this bill?

    It is quite apparent that even the House Republicans (51 of them) thought this was a stupidly bad bill and voted against it. It seems to me that the votes for this garbage has pretty much solidified. What could be accomplished by keeping DHS open for three miserable weeks? Just so we can go through this BS all over again?

    Boehner may think he is so cute, throwing his kisses. All he does is show he is nothing but a clown and an unintellegent one at that. Yet this is what we have running the House.

    Dog help us.

  17. The entire GOP caucus is a bunch of whinny 2 year olds.

    Hatred is the fuel of fear, and for white conservatives their hatred of president Obama masks the fear attached to the realization that their America is never coming back.

  18. I have read quite a few comments about the SOTH and they are all right. We are not discussing past presidents or speakers, just boehner. In my opinion, boehner is a real arshole. The kisses he made at the reporter was uncalled for. He just made a fool of himself again, and again. Why can’t anyone of them tell the truth. They only want what will benefit them or the gop. There hasn’t been a congress that has passed anything for the people of America in years. By the way, do you know what a Congress is? A bunch of baboons. Look it up in the dictionary. Fits ours perfectly.

  19. Envious because you weren’t invited to give one?

    And you seriously think that THAT compares with the right-wing efforts to grind all the working-class people of this country into poverty???

  20. No, both sides are NOT to blame. One party continually tries to pass legislation which will continue to funnel wealth upward to the already super-rich. The other tries to pass legislation which will benefit the ordinary citizen. What the Democrats are trying to do is to thwart the Republicans’ efforts to enrich themselves and their corporate johns at the expense of the nation’s security and well-being. For you to claim that both parties are to blame merely marks you as someone of lazy intellect who’s angry but doesn’t bother to examine issues critically.

  21. Kevin McCarthy did a terrible job of counting votes. I bet Boehner isn’t blowing any kisses at McCarthy.

  22. Why don’t Boehner do us a favor and go back with Netanyahu when he leaves. He hasn’t done much for this country. Worthless wine-o.

  23. Nite, absolutely right. The interesting thing is, we can see right through them; others not so much.

    Nobody is shocked anymore by what the GOP does or doesn’t do. They are ruthless extremists who want to rule and don’t have the foggiest bit of know-how or intelligence.

  24. Rita, spot on. Congress now works for the Koch syndicate, not we the people.

    Baboons fits appropriately to the T.

  25. Boehner is not humiliated, this guy is numb. He has no feelings, except for his own benefit.

    Humiliated? He is clueless. All that alcohol has numbed his brain cells, or what’s left of them if he ever had any to begin with.

    He is a total flop.

  26. Wrong Karen, very wrong. You cannot even equate the 2 parties.

    The GOP has not one iota of humility.

    The Dems have too much humility.

    Go peddle your delusions elsewhere, because apparently you have not kept up on the news the past 6 years, or either watch Fox. Have a good night.

  27. Where is Boehner? Ive seen Pelosi working like crazy and Tang is nowhere to be found. Halfway thru a fifth?

  28. So from now on we’ll have weekly fights over funding and back-stabbing until 2016 election is over? Bah!ner failed again! Here we go again! Remember this in every election going forward. It is at the local and state level where the greatest political influence and control is exerted! Republican know this. TEA party operatives know this! Old “Southern Democrat” who were members of the KKK or just plain racists, know that! Now you know this! Will you join us in removing the obstructionist TEA/KKK/pseudo-Americans from local, state and national offices? Bah!ner’s ass suck canal water!

  29. Republicans took control at the state levels and redistricted to make it next to impossible to get fair representation in the states.

    We have to start working on the states to split the votes based on actual voting rather than districts.

    But like in my state – when only 10% of the voting age show up at the polls – you get bat shit crazy representing you.

    Apathy has to be combated – voting does make a difference – if it didn’t the Kochs wouldn’t be spending billions of dollars to suppress the vote and get what they want.

    How to do it is the question. With all power ultimately belonging to the people – what are the mechanisms available to the people to insure that politicians work for the people – recall? Referendums?

    Anybody know?

  30. America would be a helluva lot better off if Repubicans could just focus on JOBS … that did NOT have the word BLOW in front of it.

  31. No, the president is to blame for this. By his illegal executive order giving untold numbers of illegal aliens the right to welfare benefits, health care, and jumping into the front of the line in front of those that came to this country legally.

  32. There is no executive order giving “illegals” the right to “welfare” or “benefits”. The only medical care they can receive is in the emergency room. Their native born children are, under the Constitution, quite as “legal” as the rest of us.

  33. He’s shaking like he has the D.T.’s to think that he may have to submit a clean one-year funding bill for DHS – if he does, his Flying Monkeys will rebel and overthrow him. Then who will we have in his place?

  34. The Repulshricans are having engraved invitations welcoming Isis to OUR country. Thanks to Boner and the rest of the do nothings to benefit American safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. What makes you think DHS will protect us? They don’t fight battles. We still have our military there for that.

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