Richard Mack, Founder of CSPOA Wants You to Pay His Health Care Bills

Richard Mack

Remember Richard Mack, the guy who defended welfare rancher Cliven Bundy? He’s also the founder of The Constitutonal Sherrifs and Peace Officers Assocation. Now he is uninsured, has a stack of healthcare bills and wants you to pay them.

He was one of those “sovereign citizens” who claimed that making healthcare affordable and accessible is tyranny. He didn’t merely oppose Obamacare, Mack was an active opponent.

Back in the day, he took to his website to preach the merits of state’s taking the Nancy Reagan approach to Obamacare. Just say no.

The States do not have to take or support or pay for Obamacare or anything else from Washington DC. The States are not subject to federal direction,

Well, Mack had a heart attack in January. Here’s a shocker. He doesn’t have health insurance and can’t pay the mounting stack of bills for his treatment and on going recovery. According to Talking Points Memo, Mack’s wife fell ill last year and she is also uninsured.

Mack’s son explains that his father is self-employed so he doesn’t have health insurance. and therefore he is “desperate for our assistance.” Of course, that was reality for millions of Americans who didn’t have employer based health insurance and couldn’t afford to buy it as individuals. People with pre-existing conditions faced the same realities before Obamacare.

However, unlike Mack, millions of Americans chose to take personal responsibility and get insurance an option that was made possible because of Obamacare.

Critics like Mack whined about the tyranny that comes with having access to affordable healthcare when it is desperately needed without leaving in fear of bankruptcy. They yelled “personal responsibility”, no free lunches and, of course, they talked about death panels.

Of course, the Macks are big believers in personal responsibility. They believe in people pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps. Live within your means and if you can’t get another job.That’s why Richard Mack is asking you to pay their medical bills via gofund. He explains the fact that recovery from a heart attack takes time and money, along with the problems that come with being physically unable to work.

Since it appears that recovery will take a good deal of time with associated expenses, I struggle to not feel stress – both the stress of thinking about huge hospital and other medical bills as well as regular living expenses while I am unable to work — and also the stress of not being able to accomplish what I am so passionate about doing for others.

Of course, he and his ilk were deaf on these realities during the Obamacare debate. In their world, Obamacare was just about government over-reach and lazy people wanting “free stuff.”

Now that Mack is living the reality that millions of Americans know all to well. He is “desperate for our assistance.” The reality is he is living a nightmare by choice, that other people were forced to live before Obamacare.

In the end, Richard Mack is a case study in the realities that made Obamcare necessary. It means people who believe in personal responsibility can do the responsibility and buy health insurance they can afford, instead of begging others to do it for them.

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  1. As much as I hate the idea of letting another human being suffer, this guy should.

    He and his family had months to sign up for health care under the act. All that whining, bitching and moaning over it didn’t help you, did it?

    Now you expect someone like me to help cover your costs? No… after the crap you’ve pulled, you deserve to suffer. It’s called karma.

  2. The sad thing is even after going through all this is that I bet he will still be against the ACA. As the old saying goes “You reap what you sow” I hope the bill collectors make his life a living hell. Then maybe this moron will wake up and smell the coffee.

  3. “Richard Mack is a case study in the realities that made Obamcare necessary. ”

    this story and the hundreds that must be out there need to be exposed to prove to the “unbelievers” that the ACA can protect you.

  4. So the 100 year flood comes and a guy is sitting on his roof, a boat comes by and says, “get in I’ll take you to safety. The tea Party Funduhmentalcase said, “I’m good, Jeebus will provide, don’t need nothing.
    The water is rising and another boat comes by , same deal. The GOP Funduhmentalcase said, “I’m good, Jeebus etc. The water is getting him wet on the apex of his roof ,a third boat appears, the first responder says , “Bet your glad to see me, last call get in. Nope, says the GOP Funduhmentalcase Jeebus will Take care of all my needs.
    Well he died, drowned, duh, as he appeared for judgment, he had the gumption to ask, “Jeebus ,why didn’t you save me ? I’m a good GOP christian, hate everyone, especially blacks, browns and poor, why? GOP Jeebus looked at the idiot and said, “I sent three boats.”

  5. maybe Snivlin’ Cliven can slaughter and sell the carcass of one of his steers and donate the money…

    the classic case of personal responsibility… I suppose he can go to the emergency room and the rest of us can bail his ass out…

    remember when the question was asked in one of the Town Hall meetings about the Vet that didn’t have insurance and the response was let him die… I hate being this cynical but… you know… what goes around comes around…

  6. It is a paradox that many of the right-wingers are the people who really need Obama care.
    Many of the loud Tea Party members are the people who really need government support.
    “Poor” “Republicans” are an extreme case of masochism.
    Maybe that is their “God’s” way of eradicating the species.

  7. Here’s an idea for him to pursue: since he likely knows how the whole wingnut-welfare literary scam works, he should shop his tale of woe around to the usual consumers of right-wing hogwash — conservative millionaires with a New York Times’ Bestseller itch. Ask Dick Scaife how much he’d be willing to spend on an in-the-trenches book that detailed the people and tactics used during the standoff. Of course aliases would have to be used, to protect the anonymity of the traitorous scum who pointed weapons at federal agents, but who knows? Perhaps an American Sniper 2, just in time for next Christmas.

  8. Ayn Rand. But a greasy, diseased Rand; all success in life is well-deserved, and all failure, caused by forces beyond his control. Perhaps his heart just couldn’t bear pumping blood to a brain so absurdly hypocritical, and hubristic. If so, I applaud the one organ he possessed with a modicum of self-respect.

  9. Sorry no can do. He should have taken responsibility to provide insurance for himself and his wife. Pretty sure that’s all that “personal responsibility” repugs preach to the less fortunate. All the hate and bile that he spewed about people not deserving healthcare probably contributed to his heart attack. Now it can contribute to bankruptcy.

  10. I am an insurance agent. The implementation of the ACA has been a nightmare. It wreaked havoc on my business and my income.

    It looks like I will be closing my business, and I will have to work for someone. This depresses me.

    I would never advise anyone to go without health insurance. If I did that I would deserve a really horrendous lawsuit.

    He made his bed, and now he will have to lie in it.

  11. Like my grammy always say, “God don’t like ugly.”
    This is a perfect example of cut off your nose to spike your face. His hatre of a Black president that he would rather put his family and himself in so close to danger is just sick.

  12. Unfortunately I do not believe for a moment that this man will see the “poor house”, as too many like him will come to his aid.
    Adalia Woodbury,
    What I find strange is, as I look at the clock in the bottom corner (and having followed politics since I was told; if I am not with him – I am against him) it is 2015, and nothing called “Obamacare” has ever passed Congress. I know everyone using their brain knows “Obamacare” was a creation of the opposition to pose derision. The law that this piece is reporting on has a name {Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act} and an acronym {ACA} that treat it with the respect it deserves. Yet being 2015 “Real Liberal Politics” writings use this derisive title more than once.
    Would you chant for the the opposition?

  13. ANOTHER massively hypocritical bagger. If someone else needs help then they can go F themselves but if they need help… then… well…

    He should be COMPLETELY bankrupted. Take EVERYTHING. Then, and only then, should we help this poor excuse for a person. That is EXACTLY what OTHER people would have suffered before the ACA. Oh, and he should be subject to the whole preexisting conditions problem just like others before the ACA.
    Take that… DICK.

  14. Talk about cutting your nose off! I feel bad when anyone is ill, but this guy had the same opportunity as everyone to get insurance but was too stubborn. I would suggest he take out a loan- a second mortgage or claim bankruptcy. As my grandfather used to say “If you burn a blister, you’re the one who has to sit on it”!

  15. I guess he will lose everything to pay those bills…..Isn’t that what he was proposing for everybody? So I guess now he gets that we don’t think healthcare is a a privilege for a very few, but a right that should be available for all. No freeloaders… and I am not too happy that he thinks we should pay his bills. Alas, he didn’t get covered so as far as I am concerned he is on his own.

  16. The “lazy-fair” free market. It’s not so fair to the lazy like you, eh Mack? Get UP off your butt and get to work. Better yet, put your wife to work, too. If it’s the work that kills either one of you, then the survivor will benefit, right?

    Oh wait, you say that you are broke! Oh well, suffer and die broke then. B’bye, Mack!

  17. Makes no sense to me. If he really retired from LE he should have a sweet package for ret? Asking for thirty-thou on gfm, how many heart attacks cost less than 60,000? Wife ill to boot? I’m not gloating. Why is everyone else takers and freeloaders?

  18. …but, but, but when your “SPECIAL” you don’t have to have personal responsibility; Jeebus takes care of everything for you! Plus, when you’re part of the GOP popular cool white kids club, like Whacky Macky, then, personal responsibility isn’t necessary; everyone else is supposed to carry you because your “special”.

    OK, Let me explain this another way so ya’ll get it; the “popular white guy” with a badge on his cool leather “letter” jacket is supposed get an automatic hall pass to violate whatever boundaries or rules that he wants–he’s SPECIAL!

    Yew people just don’t understand “western-style”…

    (see Will Ferrell in, “You’re Welcome, America!”)

  19. He should pretend to run for office, and start a Pac. $arah Payme makes enough from hers to support her entire family!! Stupid people send money which she pretends to use to promote gop candidates. 5% of it goes to some people, the rest goes for Lauboutins shoes and expensive purses, None of THEM have to work for a living. Oh, also too, they all get medical coverage because Todd is 1/16th Eskimo.

  20. He is a free man, thus, he is free to lose his house, his pickup truck, his savings (if he has any), and his self respect to bill collectors. I hope he enjoys his freedom from government oppression and imposed health care. It will be the freedom of capitalism that is going to take him down. [WINK]

  21. Me too! The irresponsible jackass can pay his own damn medical bills or go bankrupt. He could have had insurance, and to not have it was his own choice. Pay up fella.


  22. Gee, you mean to tell me that a Radical Tea Bag nut case decided to ignore a mandate from that evil “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” to purchase health insurance at a reasonable price from a privately owned business with help that horrible big federal government and now wants me to send him money? All I can say is I wish hospitals could turn away people who chose not to buy insurance unless the can prove the can pay for all the costs of treatment. You want to sit on a limb and saw between you and the tree expect a big surprise. I don’t think we should be expected to donate so these “teabaggers” can refuse to follow the laws of the land.

  23. I loved the joke- 3 boats

    and although I don’t like to see people suffering because they genuinely couldn’t afford health care insurance- this guy makes me shake my head in wonderment at his stupidity. Sorry, guy, but karma has jumped up and slapped you in the face. Take personal responsibility and sell up to pay your bills.

  24. We use the term Obamacare to remind the American Taliban of their failure to overturn a law that helps people not the 1%

  25. If he were truly a responsible person, he would have a huge emergency cash fund and health savings account to be prepared for unexpected medical costs. At least that’s what conservatives think is all anyone needs, isn’t it?

  26. How ironic that his GFM page was practically unheard of until the dirty librul blogs got ahold of the story and it’s going viral. He will probably end up raising more than his goal. You’re welcome, Sheriff. LOL.

  27. RZ,
    When the steel plants closed it was not brought on by a mandate of the government to become more inefficient. They closed because they could not compete in the real world against real competition. The ACA does nothing to create competition or reduce actual medical costs, which is the real problem. With the increase in the medicare and CHIP rolls, and 85% of the people signing up under the ACA reform getting a subsidy the costs of this law will continue to spin out of control, but do nothing to control the real costs of healthcare.

    If he were an illegal alien he would automatically have to be treated under EMTALA (thank you Ronald Reagan). He would not be asked to pay a cent as most are not in Massachusetts. Of course the rest of us pay for that through the not so “free care pool”.


  28. DJ,
    At this point I do not see overturning the law as a reality. I see the reality that the law will fail under its own weight. When you have to subsidize 85% of the people who sign up you have artificially created an imbalance that will have to be paid for somewhere. As the penalties begin to rise for those who have not signed up there will be more and more opposition. As the taxes that have been so conveniently back loaded to sell the law are instituted people will start to suffer the real costs. As states that expanded their Medicaid rolls taking advantage of the expanded Federal subsidy take on the real costs when this subsidy is phased out as is written in the law people who pay the taxes will start to see the real costs of the law. These and many other unintended consequences will doom the law on the longer run. I have spoken to half a dozen doctor friend from GPs to various specialties, not a one of them has anything good to say about the law or its implementation. Just reality…

  29. But taxpayers already subsidize employee health care and last time I look that hasn’t failed so I don’t see your point

  30. The taxpayer subsidy is a tax write off, but the businesses have to create a product and sell it at a price that allows them to have enough profit to tax in the first place. When the government creates a subsidy that it has to pay out it money directly from the taxes of the producing tax payer, nothing productive has been create to offset this, just more government, more costs, more waste, more layers of bureaucracy (businesses handle their own paperwork), and more fraud. The CBO projections have projected that the ACA will worsen the deficit, that is not how it was originally sold, and these projections have been getting worse not better. Ignore the facts at your own peril. Time for me to get back to work so I can pay my taxes. As always thanks for playing.

  31. You hold your breath and wait for that to happen.

    I understand wishful thinking, but you’re full of sh*t, dude. The ACA IS lowering health care bills, and it’s not going to collapse. The numbers you’re repeating came from out of your ass.

    So, you just hold your breath and see how long you can keep that wishful thinking up. How many decades will pass before you accept that the ACA is NOT a failure, and isn’t going away?

    I guess we’ll find out. :)

  32. A most delicious serving of Shadenfreude… I hope the bastard and his stupid wife lose everything they have and become destitute…oh, wait, apparently they already are. HaHaHa Karma is a Bitch!!!

  33. Majority of Tea Baggers, and Don’t Tread On me Flag supporters, collect, medicare, medicaid, social security ,food stamps, food pantry and any and all subsidies they can find, then Critisize , Democrats and President Obama, for all this Free stuff…such hippocrates, makes me want to Puke!!They are the ones with all the tattoos with races raddical signs.

  34. If the ACA was there back when my husband got sick in 08, he could have gone in early when he knew some thing was very wrong inside him. Instead he didn’t tell me an he didn’t complain. He was self employed, an had a spine enjury yrs back that meant it was pre-existing an couldn’t get health care protection. By the time he got bad enough that he was taken by Ambulance from the house an couldn’t move, his Kidney grew full of Cancer to 18 pds inside of him. It was taken out an chemo started but it was stage 4 an no hope he died before he saw the first African/American become President! So those who’s was put on a Real Death Panel inside the United States knew what it was about, an was glad to see the ACA come in.

  35. The amazing thing is this guy is being bailed out by liberals, gays, athiests, etc… every one he hates. Go check out his crowd funding page – it’s pretty amazing.

  36. Dude got himself one of them “Free Market” heart attacks. That takes guts.

    He did indeed get what he paid for – nothing.

  37. Zach,
    The ACA may be lowering the cost of health insurance to the large number of people who are on subsidized plans, but basic economics tells me that when you have more people accessing a product with a currently static number of service providers the is likely to be upward pressure on the end price to the consumer. As for wanting the ACA to fail, I am somewhat ambivalent about that at this point. I will say that my insurance has one up multiple times the rate of inflation the last 3 years with much more out of pocket expenses from the hundreds to the thousands. This is with good health and an excellent plan. Can I attribute this directly to the ACA no, but if the “Cadillac plan” insurance goes into effect and it costs me hundreds to thousands in additional taxes I will know where that came from and feel quite differently. I already pay 50% of my income in taxes, at this point once my kids are through college, I will cut way back on work and enjoy some of the government largesse.

  38. And he’s effectively using a socialist means of getting his bills paid (i.e. societal contribution, or as Marx put it “From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs”). Welcome to Communism, bubba!

  39. bostonbob keep paying those taxes cuz we poor people love buying angus beef steaks preseasoned with ur tax dollars to ram it in ur tea bagger rear end yum yum

  40. Selfishness
    for Richard Mack, ‘constitutional sheriff’ and Obamacare opponent

    Not only did you fight to keep your friends
    and family uninsured, but now you stick
    it to them, asking them to donate tens
    of thousands just for you, now that you’re sick.

    What happened to the principles you said
    you loved, that empathy could not put by,
    in spite of all the folks who now are dead
    and didn’t want, as you don’t want, to die?

    But this is different, isn’t it — you make
    your selfish cry for help because it’s you,
    not someone else, who finds his life at stake;
    you want to live, no matter who you screw.

    And there you have conservatism’s nub:
    they’ll always make the hypocritic plea
    with selfishness to shame Beelzebub
    to help themselves — but won’t help you nd me.

  41. You may want to look more closely at the US steel industry. For a start they didnt upgrade their plants, they took profits and plowed them into other ventures. BUT, foreign governments supported steel dumping in the US, supported selling steel below costs to drive US steel out of business and our government did nothing. Look at current Republicans that defeated an amendment in the Keystone bill that would require all steel used in the pipeline to be mad in the US.

  42. Won’t do any good. If this guy can’t see the cause of his financial woes, he’s not going to get the irony behind it.

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