Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Wants To Eliminate Reporting Requirements For Campus Rapes (Corrected)

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Tucked away in Republican Governor Scott Walker’s proposed budget, is a clause that has nothing to do with campus funding. Yes, the proposed budget cuts 30 million dollars from the public university system. But beyond the Governor’s war on education, he is also intensifying the war on women, by proposing the elimination of rape reporting requirements on campus.

The text of the section that would eliminate rape reporting requirements reads as follows:


Governor: Delete the requirement that the Board direct each institution and college campus to incorporate oral and written or electronic information on sexual assault in its orientation program for newly entering students and to supply all students enrolled in the institution or college campus with the same information in either printed or electronic form. Delete the requirement that the Board of Regents submit an annual report to the legislature regarding the methods used to comply with the above requirement.

Delete the requirement that any person employed at an institution who witnesses a sexual assault on campus or receives a report from a student enrolled in the institution that the student has been sexually assaulted report the assault to the dean of students.

Delete the requirement that each institution report annually to the Department of Justice (DOJ) statistics on sexual assaults and on sexual assaults committed by acquaintances of the victims that occurred on the campus of that institution in the previous years, and that DOJ include those statistics in appropriate crime reports.

This measure would eliminate the requirement that universities must report the number of sexual assault that occurred on campus to the Department of Justice (DOJ), during the reporting year. That alone is controversial. However, the more shocking change is that Walker’s proposal would also end the requirement that university employees who witness a sexual assault on campus, must report it to the Dean of Students. Walker apparently thinks its okay for university employees to remain silent about sexual assaults on campus.

Over the last couple of election cycles the Republican Party has battled the perception that they are waging a “War on Women”. Whether the issue is equal pay for equal work, reproductive choice, domestic violence, or insensitivity towards rape victims, the GOP has struggled to shed the image that they are anti-woman.

Scott Walker however appears to be waging the war anew. Apparently he relishes wielding power to oppress the people of Wisconsin as some kind of stepping stone to the White House. Perhaps his reasoning is if he cripples enough unions, and ignores enough rapes, maybe he will win the undying loyalty of the meanest primary voters in the GOP. If he can prove his misogynistic mettle with enough fervor, maybe it will inspire those Republicans who can’t stand Hillary Clinton to line up in his camp.

Who knows what Walker is actually thinking, with this ill-conceived proposal. What is clear however, is that one of the leading Republican candidates for President, has proposed a budget which says that campus rape isn’t such a big deal that a witness should actually have to report it to the Dean of Students.

Editor’s UPDATE: The Daily Beast and Jezebel have each correct, and in the case of The Daily Beast retracted their original story.

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  1. Republicans love running state deficits.
    **Wisconsin – $2.2 billion budget deficit**
    New Jersey – $7.25 billion deficit
    Pennsylvania – $1 billion deficit
    Kansas – $1 billion deficit
    Wisconsin – $2.2 billion budget deficit
    Arizona – $1.5 billion deficit
    Alaska – $3.5 billion deficit
    Alabama – $950 million deficit
    Louisiana – $1.6 billion deficit
    Alabama – $700 million deficit
    Michigan – $454 million deficit
    North Carolina – $445 million deficit
    Oklahoma – $600 million deficit

    Democrats love running a surplus
    California $4.2 billion surplus
    Minnesota $1 billion surplus

  2. The article says that we don’t know what he is thinking about…

    Dude, this kind of crap Walker is putting into the budget is the kind of crap that no sane human would even think about. It’s basically legalizing rape on college campuses in the state of Wisconsin.

    I don’t care if he wants to garner the love and constant BJ’s from the psychopaths that make up the right wing, this language he put into the budget is freaking disgusting and if there are any decent human beings in Wisconsin, they should fight this tooth and got-damn nail!

  3. the California surplus has been reported on a lot… its a true surplus so far but the thing that keeps getting left out of the reporting or is glossed over is that we actually voted FOR a tax increase…

    while it was mostly on incomes $250K and above.. it was an increase and it went a long way in closing the debt and running a surplus and discredits Republicans insisting that raising taxes on the wealthy is just a drop in the bucket and not worth it…

    sorta runs in the face of the red state dumbasses doing the yellow pee trickle down theory of tax cuts provide jobs and turn on the spigot of money flowing into the states that’ve done it…

  4. These republican governors can hide a lot of their wrongdoings and scary agendas for a few years, but once they go national, they sure do stink. Dems are going to have to save the country once again because they are trying to destroy it. Their hatred for America knows no bounds.

  5. If women needs more proof that these evil GOP politicians don’t give a damn about them, all they need is listen to this clown. He goes around pretending to be important with the Koch bros money in his pocket, when in reality he’s not even the slime you scrape off your shoes. So Koch bros. can put this weirdo back in their pocket, because he’s as far as he’s going to get. He’ll never be president. Ever!!!!

  6. What the hell is Walker afraid of when it comes to reporting rape? Does he have something to hide? Who is he protecting? Certainly not women!

  7. Let him be a rape victim for a day and see if he still thinks it shouldn’t be reported.

    I know this is a crass comment, but Geez Louise..this is total NEANDERTHAL MODE.

  8. Don’t be too sure. Who would have thought he would be voted in 3 times in Wisconsin??

    Right, he bought the elections; who says his daddy K can’t do that for the presidency?

    Americans, we need to be very diligent in voting and getting people off their butts to vote. It is a matter of life and death at this point.

  9. I thought women would turn out for 2014, with all the women’s issues at stake, but they did not! I am bewildered by my fellow sisters and disappointed. We are a strong voting segment, what is going on?

  10. Sigh, for the love of the gods….tell me, mr. walker why is the sexual assault of a woman not equally, or morally , as important to any other reported crime? This is the assault of a human being, it needs to be documented, investigated, evidence collected and justice dispensed.

    the stupidity of some kid’s parents who didn’t teach their sons to respect women.

  11. Walker is condoning rape of women by this statement. This cretin thinks he is really profound and intelligent.

    He is profound, profoundly stupid.

  12. Does he have daughters or sisters? He’s a douche bag, and he is as dumb as he looks.

    What the hell is wrong with Wisconsin??????

  13. Seriously. Scott Walker is just trying to make life easier for all his supporters.

    If all the Rapists are put in Jail, Who is going to vote for Scott Walker?

  14. They never actually did. In the last, even nominally free, election held, his share of the vote was declining. Through the maneuvering and countermaneuvering of Schleicher and Papen, he wound up being appointed to the chancellorship by Hindenburg. Then the Reichstag Fire happened.

  15. This man has no morals or even a conscience. Why would any Government official insert such language in any document? Does he really hate women that much. I have to wonder if his wife is aware of this?

  16. Soon you will be able to add Maryland. We just elected a new Governor and he is Republican. He made a big deal out of the “Rain Tax” (actually it was a run-off fee on businesses, & farms that have chemical waste & it was a less than 1% per $100 home values to mitigate polluted water into our reservoir system), State taxes levied on the top 20%, and the shortfall that each new Governor must address with a new budget. He knew this, since he was part of the last Republican Admin that left a hefty shortfall for the incoming Democrat Admin.

  17. Right wing men want rapes to be permitted because that’s one of the ways they manage to reproduce. Stop rapes, or at least allow the victims to stop the pregnancies, and the right wing men will not be able to force them to have their children, taking their genetics out of the gene pool.


    Sounds like its time to go on a drinking bing in the bars of UW towns where girls hang out! Time to find some BOOTY (whether they like it or not!)

    Thanks scotty — BEAM ME UP!

    I stand with Scott Walker when I urinate into a jar for my pee test and I sit with Scott Walker when I have to take a dump!

  19. I’ve actually sometimes wondered if reporting requirements incentivise covering these things up so they don’t look bad. I’ve also wondered why the campuses are the ones on the hook. Rape is a crime, and as such should be reported to and dealt with by local police.

  20. Actually, UW System asked for these changes itself:

    “The University of Wisconsin requested that Gov. Scott Walker remove a requirement that all 26 campuses report allegations of sexual assaults to the state every year because it already submits similar information to the federal government, a UW spokesman said Friday.

    The proposal to delete the annual reports to the state Department of Justice is among dozens of requirements that would be removed as part of Walker’s plan to decouple the university from most state laws and state oversight. Though the budget proposal came out earlier this month, the sex assault request was explained in a summary released Thursday by the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

    UW System spokesman Alex Hummel said Friday that the university requested the change because information given to the state is duplicative of data required to be reported to the U.S. Department of Education under feder…

  21. WOW, lol does everybody not know this is a LIE?????? Here is an article debunking it right here, http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2015/02/28/another-daily-beast-disaster-scott-walker-rape-hit-implodes/. The daily beast made a similar report, and guess what, they retracted it, and made an article about how he was unfairly attacked. Here is their retraction article, http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2015/02/27/walker-s-ag-and-undergrads-hate-his-sex-assault-cut-the-2016-hopeful-just-made-a-bunch-of-enemies.html. Wow the left is so desperate to get dirt on this guy that they will even LIE TO DO IT…

  22. OK, I suggest you actually read the topic at hand instead of bringing up crap from freaking Breitbart. No one with a clear mind would use anything from that website and you should know that.

    As for Walker himself… there’s no need to dig up dirt because he’s doing it himself for us.

    With that said, please go away. There’s no room here for simple minded monkeys like you.

  23. Don’t like bbart okay try huffpo or dailybeast, the fact is that scott walker proposing to stop campus rape reporting is a blatant lie and you are a dupe.

  24. Ok, so those don’t work for you.
    How about USA Today?


    “U. of Wisconsin asks Walker to remove redundant sexual assault report requirement”

    Does that work, or are they evil right wing liars too?

    The Daily Beast entirely retracted their story, is the Daily Beast now a right wing untrusted site?

    Jezebel has correct, so they’re t5oo far right as well.

    How far left are you? IS there a limit, or is it whatever it takes to keep believing lies about Walker?

  25. Well Das, you’re in trouble now.

    You’ve brought facts, evidence, and properly sourced reporting to a liberal website.

    What were you thinking? They’re not interested in this. And they never will be, you’re probably racist, or sexist, or something just for wanting them to know facts.

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