Bernie Sanders Tears Into House Republicans For Passing One Week DHS Funding Bill


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has some pointed words for House Republicans. Sanders told them that it was time to stop playing political games. and found it incomprehensible that the House is refusing to properly fund Homeland Security.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders (I-VT) said:

At a time when ISIS is a growing terrorist threat to the United States and countries around the world, it is incomprehensible that the Republican House of Representatives refuses to follow what the Senate did and fund the Department of Homeland Security for the entire fiscal year. Enough is enough.

On behalf of the more than 2,500 Homeland Security workers in Vermont and their co-workers around the country, I hope the House will stop playing political games and fully fund this important department.

The one week funding bill is an embarrassment that Republicans should be ashamed of. Friday’s fiasco in the House provided clear evidence that Republicans can’t govern. When left on their own, House Republicans can only agree on extremist legislation that will never become law.

It is way past time for the House majority to stop playing partisan politics. The insistence on the language the overturns President Obama’s executive orders on immigration is a direct pander to their Republican base. House Republicans have placed partisan politics ahead of national security, and it is not an exaggeration to suggest, as Sen. Sanders did, that House Republicans are sending a clear message to those who want to attack the United States.

By messing with Homeland Security funding, Republicans are embarrassing their country at home and abroad. They are also playing a dangerous game that could invite another attack on the United States. Sen. Sanders is as liberal as they get in the United States Senate, and he understands the importance of Homeland Security.

What Sen. Sanders statement highlights is the fact that Homeland Security isn’t a liberal or a conservative issue. It isn’t a political football, or a hostage that can be ransomed in order to achieve partisan objectives.

The funding of Homeland Security is a basic measurement of the House Republicans’ ability to govern. It’s a test that the Republicans are spectacularly failing.

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  1. I really have to wonder how much we need this DHS. I have seen numerous TV shows where DHS agents are busy busting Internet pornographers and kicking in doors in residential neighborhoods while serving drug warrants. These DHS people are free to define homeland security anyway they want to. Your local neighborhood crack dealer: no no, a threat to homeland security. Apparently, these DHS agents don’t have enough real HS work to do, like uncovering and neutralizing terrorists, so they apply themselves to doing routine police work, like serving drug warrants on mom and pop pot grows. I think we all got along well enough without them before they got here. Who knows what threat to HS they will come up with next? Perhaps they will arbitrarily label YOU as a threat to HS with whatever reason they choose to come up with. I say that the DHS is severely overrated and perhaps we would not miss them if they got defunded and went away.
    Hmmmmmm! Now who could that be pounding on my door this late …

  2. ‘I have seen numerous TV shows’

    You realize that most of what DHS does is done in secret, right? There’s a good reason for that you know so we don’t reveal our cards to the terrorists, especially ISIS terrorists (the ones who burn people alive for their religion compared to domestic terrorists) what DHS does.

    However, if the Republicans do not pass a DHS funding bill and all those people you don’t like are laid off or have to work for no money, they have let the terrorists know it’s open season on Americans. And that’s the Republicans fault.

    They can mention executive action and immigration but if they would have done their damn jobs on governing on this issue, Obama would not have had to pull the executive action card.

    What’s your alternative? Eliminate the DHS? Believe me, if something happens because DHS wasn’t funded, Republicans will be blamed but that will be the least of America’s problems.

  3. I’m not a fan of DHS. It was a very bad idea, and is a piece of Cheney’s legacy. It should be dismantled. However for the time being we are stuck with it, and it is a vital part of our national security. House republicans are endangering the nation, and would welcome an attack here at home just so they can try to pin it on Obama. If there is an attack because of the House republicans then they should all be charged as accomplices.

  4. Mr.Sanders, its no use sir….you can chastise all you want….it falls on deaf ears…..the GOP and speaker “bonehead” will not listen, they so are so enraged with the president, they cant even think right….its a mess, and I hope he doesn’t survive, he is the cancer in all this deadlock…and he needs to removed so that there can be movement again….but then again, who would be the next speaker, they are all boneheads on the republican side!

  5. My daughter moved to the States and married a young guy there. A couple of years ago, she applied for and received her “green card”. DHS was vital in ensuring she was who she said she was, didn’t pose a threat to anyone and had no history as a felon amongst other things.

    Without DHS, the overtaxed INS would be stretched beyond it’s limits and it’s entirely possible some miscreant could slither through the cracks.

    If DHS isn’t funded, the slack has to be picked up somewhere in an already strained system. If the GOP keep playing political games, they may as well send engraved invitations for another terrorist attack.

  6. Every bit of this mess has been calculated to embarrass the President and force him to bow his knee to the Republicans.

    He told them time and time again that he would veto the XL-Pipeline bill. They went ahead ans passed it anyway. He told them time and time again he would veto any bill restricting him from executing his authority on immigration. They attempted to use DHS funding as hostage to stop him. And one cannot ever forget Bibi.

    They seem to forget that he was elected, not once, but TWICE because the people approved of what he was doing.

    Now, he started out with two strikes against him. He was, shudder shudder, a Democrat and worse he was BLACK. I hate to think there are still racists as our leaders, but one can only come to that conclusion, seeing the almost rabid hate for him among the conservatives.

    It is time to stop the BS, quit putting politics above the needs of the people, and start acting like adults instead of 10 year old kids.

  7. So you are saying that we have this massive police agency, functioning in complete secrecy that we can’t afford to get rid of,so we are pretty much stuck with it.
    Totally amazing.It makes you wonder how we were able to get along without it for as long as we did.

  8. The very name – Department of Homeland Security – is offensively Nazi and overbearing. I realize at this point it is necessary to fund so I’m not suggesting otherwise. But taking the Secret Service from the Treasury Department where it functioned effectively for decades and putting it in DHS was been a disaster for the agency.

  9. We need secret police to make us safe? How well has that worked in other countries?

    I find it incredible that people support having our own version of the KGB.

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