GOP Lunacy In Criticizing Obama’s ISIS Strategy At CPAC


It never ceases to amaze how Republicans and conservatives who create obviously epic disasters have all the answers, and mountains of criticism, for President Obama in his effort to clean up their messes. They are still assailing Obama for a deficit Republicans piled up with two unfunded wars and tax cuts for the rich regardless the President’s herculean efforts to save the economy and successfully reduced the deficit they created. Now they are lining up at the annual Aryan-sponsored conservative conclave to accuse the President of all manner of malfeasance in cleaning up and dealing with George W. Bush’s religious crusade in Iraq that engendered the rise of Islamic extremists known as the Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL).

Of course, media whore Sarah Palin added her half-a-pence blaming the President for ISIS because he adhered to George W. Bush’s ‘status of forces‘ agreement and did not violate America’s agreement and leave a residual force of American troops to wage war on Islamic State extremists. Wisconsin’s Scott Walker said he could do a better job waging war on ISIS because he successfully waged war and defeated peaceful protestors in Wisconsin. Those battle-hardened protestors who teach citizens’ children, put out fires at burning homes and businesses, and serve as law enforcement officers keeping Wisconsin resident’s safe. Now, it is Marco Rubio who is accusing the President of allowing ISIS to wreak death and destruction on Syria and Iraq because he is inept and afraid of hurting Iran’s feelings.

While speaking to Sean Hannity, Rubio said the President “lacks a military strategy to confront ISIS for fear of upsetting Iran.” He said, “if we wanted to defeat them militarily, we could do it. But Obama doesn’t want to upset Iran.” That may play well for the racist and theocrat crowd at CPAC, but it is contrary to reality on two fronts. First, the President has confronted ISIS with a strategy Republicans cannot accept; and second, Iran is just as concerned about and invested in defeating ISIS as any nation in the region. This is not a revelation for any conscious human being, but for Rubio and Republicans in general, it is another false talking point to criticize the President, pander to Benjamin Netanyahu, and demonstrate typical conservative incredible ignorance about events in the Middle East; likely it is all of the above.

Rubio said, “In Obama’s mind, this deal with Iran is going to be the Obamacare of the second term, and he doesn’t want them sending military to the region.” However, if Rubio was not an idiot, he would know that Iran has called for assistance from America, and vice versa, to combat ISIS extremists in Syria and Iraq. Iranian leaders have publicly, that’s right, publicly urged America to take a bigger role in fighting ISIS, and President Obama has taken the unprecedented step of communicating with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei suggesting cooperation between America and Iran to combat ISIS extremists. Early in the conflict, Iran and America made sure to keep out of each other’s way during air missions to bomb advancing ISIS extremists.

President Obama and America’s global partners’ have made over 2,500 air strikes on ISIS in Syria and Iraq, and are in the process of training moderate Syrian and Iraqi forces to take the battle directly to ISIS. It is not the military strategy of putting tens-of-thousands of American boots on the ground, but it is a potent strategy all the same. It is a strategy that Iran has adopted, and expanded on, and it is curious why Rubio thinks the President is sitting on his hands so as not to hurt Iran’s feelings or disrupt nuclear negotiations. Rubio’s remarks not only make no sense whatsoever, they are contrary to the facts.

Iran has been, if not a part of ‘America’s global partners,’ a willing party in combatting ISIS; this is in spite of their accurate appraisal that “The United States is the cause of the unrest and problems in Iraq and is the reason for the terrorist operations.” It is a sentiment echoed by Syrian President Assad who warned early in the Iraq War that the unrest and problems now plaguing the region would be the result of America’s invasion and occupation. Still, Iran is assisting America’s effort to clean up the extremist mess America created when it invaded Iraq and sent disaffected Sunnis fleeing extermination into Syria. Not only has Iran launched military strikes against ISIS, it has assisted in propping up the American-created Iraqi government, sent the commander of the Quds Force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps to coordinate and assist in the defense of Baghdad, and helped the country’s Shiite militias stop the ISIS militants’ advances on the Iraqi capital. Iran’s assistance in stopping ISIS belies Rubio’s claim that “Obama doesn’t want Iran sending military to the region.”

Besides already sending over 2,000 Iranian troops to Iraq to help combat the extremists, Iran has urged the entire world to assist in combatting the ISIS extremists. Early in the rise of ISIS, Iran’s secretary of the Supreme National Security Council said, “The expansion of terrorist elements of ISIS and their violent acts in Iraq was a warning for the region. There is a need for attention and action from governments and the international community.” President Obama has answered the call; partly out of a responsibility to clean up the ISIS disaster America (BUSH) created, and to stop the spread of the “terrorist element” in the region. Rubio, Republicans, and the cretins at CPAC know this is true.

For Rubio, or any incompetent Republican to claim the President has no military strategy against ISIS because he is wary of upsetting Iran is beyond belief, but it is par for the course among Republican no-nothings. It is no secret that the President called on Iranians to help combat ISIS, or that Iran reciprocated in urging America to help combat ISIS; it is after all a George W. Bush creation. Most Americans understand Republicans want American ground forces to battle ISIS in Iraq and Syria nearly as desperately as they want an American invasion force to battle Iran on Benjamin Netanyahu’s behalf. All-out war using American troops is the only Middle East policy Republicans can countenance and support and it is precisely why they have no business having a voice in any Middle East policy.

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  1. So you don’t care about the people being beheaded, the gays being thrown of buildings [Sorry. Someone sent us the same damned boiler plate last night]

  2. So are you talking about your Baptist church on Sunday? Instead of beheadings we execute innocent people. We torture in our own cities with mini GITMOS. You strip women of their rights. Look in your own house before you go holier than thou

  3. [Snipped for vitriol and vulgarity] In your rambling incoherent article, were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought? No. Your most likely, physically repulsive, intellectually retarded, morally reprehensible, vulgar & your writing …

  4. First of all bagger its you’re not your. You are what’s wrong with this country. A uneducated bigot who don’t know shit.

  5. Plan? Oh they have a plan. Force the President with their ballwashers in the media to commit US troops to the battle without using their Constitutional duties of declaring war so if anything goes wrong they place blame on the President. Of course their stock in the MIC goes up that’s icing on the cake

  6. A plan?

    Dude, they couldn’t come with up a plan to catch mice in a cupboard stealing cheese let alone trying to stop ISIS.

  7. Bigot? You call Sarah Palin a whore and I am a bigot? I laugh at “you’re” sophomoric comebacks. Those who pull the race card line, are mentally lazy. You have selfish motives while being disinterested in the facts. You believe without evidence, speak without knowledge & circumvent the issue while crashing into your own words.

  8. I never called her a whore because whores work for their living. Now she is a grifter that get dumbasses like you to support her lifestyle.

  9. I think ISIS took lessons from some in the south in the 1900’s where they frequently burned african americans to death and also hacked their bodies into little pieces, all the time the crowds were cheering and taking bits of bodies for souvenirs.
    All should read the burning of Jesse
    Washington – a good example of what happened in Texas. So please do not call these people christians, they are so evil I want to vomit!

  10. The GOP’S constant “incest” and “inbreeding” habits (in order to maintain their “superior” white race) appear to be having a very negative effect on their rational thought process. They may never “evolve” to a higher state of mind within the Universe. How very sad for them. They are merely “human-beasts” (devoid of souls or compassion) ruled by their “Antichrist” elite 1% masters. In my opinion.

  11. Calm down and take your meds, lady. The rest of here prefer to have an educated and experienced woman in the White House as opposed to an ignorant, immature, unqualified, bigoted, sleazy golddigger. Got it?

  12. the tea bag/repubs have no ideas, no solutions, nothing of relevance, all they can do is critize

    Can anyone name 1 *JUST 1* good thing these children have done for the citizens of the US??

  13. In 1932 WE Americans, voted for progressive agenda and over the next forty years lead America to do marvelous and amazing things:
    WE fought and won a world war,
    WE created Social Security and lifted 75% of seniors out poverty,
    WE built an Interstate Highway system,
    WE created medicare and provided seniors with health insurance after their retirement,
    WE built new modern airports across the country,
    WE had economic expansion and created the middle class, the greatest middle class in history,
    WE built thousands of new schools and expanded education opportunities,
    WE passed laws to end racial discrimination,
    WE implemented the GI Bill and our veterans benefited with homes and education,
    WE rebuilt Europe with the Marshall Plan,
    WE unleashed the power of the atom and developed peaceful uses for this power,
    WE funded the development of new technologies,
    WE funded research of cures, treatment and remission of diseases; polio, tuberculosis, STD’s and heart transpl…

  14. (continued)
    WE passed labor laws that gave us a 40 hour week and vacations,
    WE regulated Wall Street and kept the country from having another great depression and ended our history of boom & bust economies.
    WE passed Cap & Trade and regulatory laws that cleaned our air and water,
    WE even went to the moon.
    WE passed the Family and Medical Leave Act


  15. Conservatism Linked to Lack of Education
    Conservatism as a Mental Illness
    Republican polls have recently exhibited 10 telltale signs of mental illness:
    Denial, Delusion, Hallucination, Disordered Thinking, Anger, Anti-social Behavior, Sexual Preoccupation, Grandiosity, General Oddness, Paranoia

  16. The Republican Strategy of Stupidity

    How the GOP Slowly Went Insane
    There are smart, honest conservatives at the ready to help govern practically and sincerely, but they are drowned out by the guttural scream of craven utopians raging against reality. This moment in American political life is insane. That a group of narrow-minded zealots could push us to the brink of economic ruin, that they maintain a base of support in their frenzied, quixotic, incompetent gambit, that there is an apparatus that exists to defend this kind of nonsense.

  17. they’re plan is to blame President Obama for not doing his job, err for overreach, err not doing what they want him to do, err start a war, err they don’t have a ‘effin clue!!!!

  18. You know how those tea bag “women” get when they haven’t tea bagged their male owner in awhile [WINK]

  19. Here’s “rising star” and Republican idea of someone who can “speak millennial,” 22- year- old South Dakota broadcaster Tomi Lahren (a.k.a. Badlands Barbie) at CPAC today:

    I want to remind you, let’s look at the top three Democrats for 2016. You’ve got Hillary, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden? Old, rich, white, and if the pantsuit fits, male too?
    Yeah, that’ll go down well with everyone that’s not at CPAC.

  20. “In 1932 WE Americans”
    I really hope your not implying that conservatives are not Americans.

    But regardless most of the things you posted came from a time when we had a functional government. When there was no shame in reaching across the aisle. See the pattern, when we work together and compromise we can do great things. When one side or the other is not willing to budge, well you see what we get.
    Wasn’t it Franklin who said ” A house divided cannot stand.”?

  21. It is always much easier to criticize someone when the criticizer is not the one with the responsibilities of the criticized!

    The TP/GOP is totally out of everything that is American, eying only that which they see with their blinded eyes.

    These anti-Americans are a danger, threat and a menace to American society and to the United States of America!

  22. I second that dj. This eejit didn’t even read the entire article and if she did, she fails miserably at reading comprehension. I guess she doesn’t like the fact that the author blamed her idol, Bush for the creation of ISIS when he and his goons invaded Iraq on a lie.
    Their amurrica created this mess in the ME and it’s time they accepted responsibility for their actions.

  23. A plan? They couldn’t find their arse in the dark much less the toilet paper.
    Like Bush/Cheney they don’t need no dam plan, just send young American men and women(boots on the ground) in to do their fighting and killing for them and be dammed to the consequences.

  24. It is ugly and unjust.
    Your reaction to their terrorism is exactly what they want. They are apocalyptic, and want to incite warfare.
    Do you want to abandon subtle complex diplomacy and simply start tossing bombs, spending massive amounts of money on a war effort, sacrifice even more US military lives, and take the huge dice roll of war (it can never be predicted what course a war will take or what the consequences will be), just to sate your feelings of fear?

  25. Interesting how the house of No and Austerity is always the first to jump up and spend another few $$$$$$$$$$$Trillion to start another full scale, boots on the ground assault of carpet bombing a borderless adversary?

    Wackomole Conservative style, just like when they allowed Saddam a get out of Iraq free card leaving the Obama admin to dig out of the hole he burrowed into.

    The Loosers of the Tea Party’s #1 concern is w avoiding/averting/dodging/cheating their tax responsibility waiting for the next Conservative Repatriation and 3rd world order right here in Amerika as they dress funny and fund misinformation and buy politicians and lobbyists.

    Of course they will take any disruption and disfunktion in addition to their original goal of Greed over Humanity. Conservatives are allowed their own opinions but not their own facts.

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