Sen. Elizabeth Warren Obliterates Scott Walker With Just One Sentence


Sen. Elizabeth Warren needed just one sentence to lay waste to the hopes of the union buster turned Republican Great White Hope for 2016 Scott Walker.

At CPAC, Gov. Scott Walker compared 100,000 teachers and firefighters who were protesting his busting of public sector unions in Wisconsin to ISIS, “We need have someone who leads and ultimately will send a message that not only will we protect American soil, but…freedom-loving people anywhere else in the world. We need that confidence. If I can take on a hundred thousand protesters, I can do the same across the world.”

Sen. Warren (D-MA) used a few choice words to destroy the wannabe 2016 Republican nominee:

The attempt to boost his foreign policy credibility by comparing teachers and firefighters to terrorists has backfired on Gov. Walker. Scott Walker has quickly taken off his pretend moderate mask to reveal his real extremism. Sen. Warren brought up a great point. If Walker considers hard working Americans who protect our communities and educate our kids the enemy, what does that say about the people who he calls his friends?

Scott Walker is going to regret that remark to CPAC because as Warren demonstrated it is an easy line to use against him. Walker’s statement also opens the door to more scrutiny of his positions and who is backing him. Gov. Walker (R-WI) is a favorite of the Koch brothers, and he would not have survived the recall mounted against him if it weren’t for a flood of billionaire dark money into his state.

Walker’s claim to fame is his attack on unions. He can’t run on his terrible economic record in Wisconsin. The governor has already demonstrated that he is a foreign policy buffoon. All Walker has worked for him is his union busting. The comparison of peaceful protesters and public servants to ISIS may play well at CPAC, but it would make Walker unelectable in a general election.

The ease with which Warren laid out Walker indicates that Democrats would have a field day if he became the Republican nominee. Elizabeth Warren perfectly delivered the message by wiping the floor with Scott Walker in 140 characters or less.

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  1. The sad fact is that Republican primary voters want visions of blood, teeth, and hair on the cement, and Walker gives it to them.

  2. Snotty Walker was just so caught up by the applause and adulation, he didn’t realize he had shit in church.

  3. He’ll probably do what the rest of them do; Claim he didn’t say it(even if it is on video), or he’ll say that he was “taken out of context by the Liberal media.”

  4. It is frightening to think that someone so ignorant and seemingly DIM WITTED as Scott Walker could be President of the United States. He could wreck our economy – Get US into Devastating Purposeless Wars – Lose an Entire American City to Disaster through Inaction and make the Whole World think we are Dangerously Insane – Like W did.

  5. Again, Wisconsin, what were you thinking? Unfortunately, we have some of that same dimwitted thinking going on here in Arizona but I blame it on the heat.

  6. He could choose Liz Cheney as his running mate. Stupid and bat shit scary crazy, round two.
    Republicans would vote for this!

  7. Gotta love Senator Warren.
    Snotty Walker (thanks Francie) is a pandering idiotic jerk who is not ready for prime time. For him to compare protesters and union members to ISIS was a huge mistake and will not be forgotten.

  8. Correction. It doesn’t say much about white people who think they are sticking it to the others end up being on the wrong end of the bottom bunk

  9. I hope that I can see Elizabeth as American President in the near future. She represents what America stands for.

    I often wonder why this ignorant Walker looks so sleepy always and mumbles whenever asked spontaneous questions.

    He looks like almost Zombie, and his brain seems to be hijacked by some kind of aliens.

    I guess Republicans want someone whom they can control completely this time. Someone without his own brain.

    This ignorant even walks like a zombie.

  10. Do you think Walker will go to school to obtain his diploma before he runs seriously.
    He is so dumb, they sure were not fooled by him in the UK.

  11. No,what it says is that voter suppression (the lowest since WWII) worked. That News papers who indorsed him said that even though they supported Burke’s platform she couldn’t get any of it passed because the assembly and senate are republican without mentioning the secrecy pledge gerrymandering that will keep it that way for a long time. It says that, yes money can buy elections. To get elected the 1st time he said he would create 250,000 jobs. He didn’t. To win the recall he and the Tea Party published every name that signed the recall petition. Voter intimidation? The last election he again had more money, voter suppression policies worked and mostly no one here reports on all the shady things he does. You know he wants to replace the GAB board with people he chooses and replace the chief justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

  12. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the resemblance between Walker and Rubio? I think they were conjoined at birth at the head. The Walker bald spot is a dead giveaway. That and the fact they don’t have a whole brain between them.

  13. Oh, go ahead and run for President, Ms. Warren.


    Better than no-show Hillary Clinton who has been quiet as a mouse about the crazy republican party.

  14. It is worrying wealthy people and companies could possibly buy a person like this into the Presidency. Every dem and progressive politician in DC and state legislators need to be studying how to speak plainly like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and a few others (too few others).

  15. Well, I’m from Texas and “Oops” Rick Perry was elected way too many times down here too.

    I just refuse to believe the country is this stupid or this hateful.

    Electronic voting machines have got to be looked into and we need paper trail

  16. In my opinion, Scott Walker will end up being the Republican nominee. The powerful koch brothers corporate Enterprise backs him 100% because he is a puppet…..he will do what they say. In return, they will continue to give him perceived power and glory. Together, they will destroy the United States of America unless Dems get their act together.

  17. I remember a TeaParty website saying they would be at the polling places in Milwaukee to check for felons and people who had warrants out and that they would call police and follow these people home.

    It was clear they were targeting black neighborhoods.

  18. He might have to punt on that one. Remeber how she made Ron Johnson look like he swallowed his tongue, with his stupid Bengazi questions? The entertainment value would be epic!

  19. Republicans love running state deficits.
    ***Wisconsin – $2.2 billion budget deficit***
    New Jersey – $7.25 billion deficit
    Pennsylvania – $1.8 billion deficit
    Kansas – $1 billion deficit
    Wisconsin – $2.2 billion budget deficit
    Arizona – $1.5 billion deficit
    Alaska – $3.5 billion deficit
    Alabama – $950 million deficit
    Louisiana – $1.6 billion deficit
    Alabama – $700 million deficit
    Michigan – $454 million deficit
    North Carolina – $445 million deficit
    Oklahoma – $600 million deficit
    Maryland – $1.2 billion deficit

    Democrats love running a surplus
    California $4.2 billion surplus
    Minnesota $1 billion surplus

    ’nuff said…

  20. Hillary is keeping a low profile and watching the repubs eat themselves alive.
    She is center-left and is more electable than Warren at this time.

    I believe Warren is best suited for congress right now where she can create and pass the legislation we need. Then later on go for the presidency.

  21. Lets not forget all the felony actions of mixing his campaign and office staff and coordination of the inside and outside money. He is absolutely corrupt but slippery. His people go to prison, he does not.

  22. Remember how we used to all say we wished Palin would run again, because she’s such easy prey?

    Then you realize, there is that iota of a chance that omg, this blathering idiot could theoretically have her finger where it doesn’t belong someday.

    That’s how I feel about Walker, just for different reasons. He’s not nearly as dumb as Palin, but he is only of mediocre intelligence. He’s a good puppet. So we can wish for him as the GOP candidate, but ….. eek. What if …

  23. Just to clarify something: The rape of the public sector unions was some time ago. Right now and who he was eluding to as ISIS are the private sector unions which the Wisconsin Republicans are fast-tracking legislation as we speak. A total of 6 days from inception to signing into law. The agenda is to make Wisconsin a Right-To-Work state in effect limiting their function by hitting unions in the pocket book as anyone would be required to be allow to join a union and not be forced to pay union dues.
    I know…I was at the rally in Madison today.

  24. Demo, he would be well coached and prepared. Right now he is just evasive. He needs exposed and a picture painted of him NOW!
    Remember when George W debated Al Gore? Al Gore was/is clearly smarter. They spun it to make Al look like a elitist! Then the SCOTUS decided to hand the presidency to W!
    The RW is playing down education and “smart” people right now, saying smart people lack good common sense. They embrace cerebral challenged folks! You know, the common folk, I’m just like you stick!

  25. The POTUS has been accused of NOT LOVING AMERICA, what about the Koch puppets including SW??????????? .

    They are so fixated on themselves that nothing else matters. SW needs to wonder how the smart people will view him.All those vengeful Wisconsinites will have their chance.

    Can’t wait for the debates,

  26. You know, I want to believe it’s the voting machines, too. It’s just really hard to accept that people are dumb enough to keep electing people who harm them. It’s possible, but damn.

    I don’t trust the voting machines. In MD we don’t get receipts. We’re a blue state that just elected a Republican Governor. I think the fix was in. Why can’t we get receipts like you do from ATM machines? From what I understand these machines can be easily hacked. I also have not read of any state official looking into these machines.

  27. It is disgraceful anyone would vote for this scumbag assclown, corrupt and bought and paid for by the Kochs, et al. Congrats Wisconsin, you have a bunch of idiots voting in your state and I thought it was all Texas and the south, well plus Idaho, Alaska . . .

  28. Scott Walker has taken most of all the tricks progressives have in their tool kit and still remains governor of Wisconsin. In 2015, people know unions are mostly corrupt and kill jobs rather than help keep America moving. The right to work and be free of unions is freedom. The senator, as usual, is a bit mixed up. Everyone does not want to be a clone for the government.

  29. It was a good line. But please stop using words like “obliterates” it weakens your credibility and just makes you look infantile.

  30. Where exactly is the “one sentence” she used? While I agree with her and what the article is saying, it’s misleading unless this “one sentence” is properly highlighted.

  31. As someone who has worked in a state with such “freedoms”, I assure you that it is the “freedom” to be underpaid and treated with contempt.

  32. If you actually read the article then you should have seen the tweet.

    If Scott Walker sees 100,000 teachers & firefighters as his enemies, maybe it’s time we take a closer look at his friends.

  33. oneSTARman:

    But we just finished having a dim witted slack jawed Republican governor for President: his nick name was Shrub. And look where it got us: largest debt in history, almost the entire Middle East as our avowed enemy, consolidation of ISIS…

  34. The clown show that is the Republican Party these days has created such a litany of utter absurdities that there is no where for them to go but deeper and deeper into lunacy. It’s quite amusing – and very easy to defeat when they are in competition with a stable and intelligent opponent rather than competing amongst each other for who can be the most outrageously stupid. The Democratic candidate will clean the floor with whomever they nominate from this lunatic asylum known now as the Republican Party.

  35. @Starman..well there’s GW, maybe Walker is a distant cousin and stupidity runs in the genes. I really can’t see this dummy getting the nomination much less moving into the WH. At least Bush had a personality and knew how to talk to people.

  36. Obliterates? Really? He no longer exists? I am getting really tired of these sensationalist headlines. Even if she made valid points that undermine his position, I’ll guarantee that he still holds that position and will continue to press on with implementing his ideas. What’s wrong with presenting the simple facts as they are? Warren is an intelligent, articulate woman who argues from a populist position. Her opponents are manipulative corporatists who present a plethora of logical fallacies that appeal to those who are less educated, and close-minded. She CANNOT obliterate him or his agenda unless she can speak to their base and persuade them that they are being conned. I hope the editors of this publication will obliterate the sensationalism and give the readers some credit for having brains.

  37. Hillary’s silence is smart. Why draw attention away from republicans that are tripping over each other and shooting themselves in the head? Let them bring home the point that the choice is between an intelligent candidate and a fool. She will have plenty to say when the time is right (ripe), and she will use their own remarks to bury them.

  38. From your witty remarks here, it is apparent that you are a practicing Baptist either in the role of Baptist Preacher or Deacon.

    Are you an Armenian or Calvinist in your views?

  39. They might slice & dice him, but they’re not cannibalistic are they? After all, even they would get indigestion with one of today’s Republicans.

  40. “Scott Walker, just another Kochsucker.”

    I’m sure that you are feeling ‘oh so clever’ for this comment, but the reality is that you are merely another ignorant liberal demonstrating your complete disregard for the dignity of another human being that you happen to disagree with.

    And since it takes mental acuity and effort (I typed slowly there for you) in order to actually write a factual reply supporting your view, it is easier to resort to juvenile name calling as you demonstrated to us all.


  41. And you can state this with impunity, as the Republicans have demonstrated their complete regard for the dignity of President Obama.

  42. That is your opinion. I work in a free state too, and that is not the case. Ask anyone in the south that wants to work. Right to work brings better jobs. The Detroit model is not that popular these days.

  43. So you believe that workers should be slaves and what ever the big boss gives them they should be grateful?


  45. I was just going to say that Dubya did all that stuff already. Walker would just be round two of the embarrassing debacle that was the Bush administration. (And at least Bush somehow managed to graduate from college, which is something Walker has yet to achieve.)

  46. Without all the gerrymandering of districts and voter suppression, I am confident Scott Walker would have lost the recall election. I highly doubt 40% of state employees voted to keep this piece of garbage, much less the majority of Wisconsin.

  47. I’ve never seen so many people pat themselves on the back over the twisting and spinning of somebody’s words. Walker won elections and a recall election because he has done well for the people of Wisconsin. The unions of today need to be busted up. Workers DO need to be able to have a buffer and they DO need to communicate with their employers but unions have gone from being for employees and morphed into being for themselves: amassing political power and money sucked out of the workers. Unions need to reinvent themselves and go back to being for workers. Walker is smart and strong. He stands his ground and gets things done that benefit this state. Twist his words as you will and make up fairy tales but his actions speak volumes for him and the people of Wisconsin see him for all the good he has done and know that he cares about them. I’m an Independent who has seen him in action, especially with WVH Veterans off camera as NO OTHER sitting WI Governor has ever done.

  48. 100,000 out of 10’s of millions? Not much of a threat here. Unions a dead, dead, dead. Right to work should not bother you if you think Unions have any power and are what the American workers want.

  49. They dislike Elizabeth Warren because she outsmarts them every day and all day. Finally they have to put down the booze/drugs and start to work. I am not sure they will last. Seems like Warren has plenty of Energy.

    ABOUT SCOTT WALKER… is he related to the same George Walker Bush??? Is he from the same Walker family, is he related to the Bush family???? Please someone let me know.

  50. You guys keep basking the Koch Brothers, but say nothing of the billions the Soros family has spent on putting Democrats in office an ensuring Democratic policies are prevalent. The Soros family has heavily subsidized DNC backed candidates and policies for years.

  51. I notice Walker does not plan on putting police unions out of business….And that union is the most corrupt of them all…Tells ya who his friends are…

  52. Perhaps instead of referring to Scooter as a “Kochsucker” we should more appropriately refer to him as a WHORE. His campaign financiers say jump & Scooter asks how high. Every campaign promise he has ever made has been a lie, he flip-flops when the big money boys say it’s time to change his mind. He is destroying Wisconsin one issue at a time. Now that he has busted unions, I would bet he next strikes at women’s rights. Scooter is a lying, drifting slippery snake. Trust him at your own peril.

  53. Hard to take Senator Liz Warren seriously, this is the same person who lives in a $5.4M mansion, claimed ‘Native American’ status to score a Harvard gig paying $350,000 to teach one class, and now lectures us that ‘the system is rigged to benefit the rich.’!?

  54. Evidently you haven’t been paying attention and just spouting bullshit that they want you to hear. But there is a cure for that its called reading

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