Twisted By Obama Hate, Republicans Threaten To Overthrow Boehner If Clean DHS Bill Passes


A group of House Republicans hate President Obama so much that there is a very real possibility that they overthrow John Boehner if he allows a vote on the Senate passed clean funding bill for Homeland Security.

Politico reported, “Boehner’s allies are concerned after Friday’s setback that his critics inside the Republican Conference may try to oust him as speaker if — as expected — he puts a long-term DHS funding bill on the House floor next week. While Boehner shrugs off such speculation, close friends believe such a move is a real possibility.”

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi signaled to her House Democrats that Speaker Boehner cut a deal with her to allow a clean vote on the Senate passed Homeland Security bill next week, “Your vote tonight will assure that we will vote for full funding next week. Thank you for your leadership.”

Boehner’s spokesman, Michael Steel, denied that his boss made a deal with Democrats, “We did not make any such ‘deal’ or promise.”

There obviously was a deal made. Here is how the process is expected to play out. Senate Democrats are going to block the move to form a conference committee that would combine the House and Senate passed bills. Without a conference committee, House Republicans can’t reinsert their language overturning President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. Speaker Boehner’s only remaining move will be to bring the Senate’s clean Homeland Security funding bill to the floor for a vote. Democrats will join with Boehner’s supporters in passing the clean funding bill.

If all goes as expected, conservatives will be demanding that Boehner be removed from the speakership. In other words, a group of House Republicans hate President Obama so much that they are willing to jeopardize Homeland Security in an attempt to defeat him. They would deem Boehner’s clean funding of Homeland Security to be a fireable offense, and would seek to remove Boehner from his position as the leader of the House Republicans.

House Democrats have likely agreed not speak publicly about the deal, but it is clear that this situation is going to end with the Senate’s bill that funds DHS through September being passed, but because he didn’t sufficiently jeopardize national security, John Boehner might find himself out of a job.

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  1. the more strident and radical the rw facsists get. the better. the more they tear at the fabric of this country the better. i am positive by 2016 there will such a meltdown in the usa, over so many issues, that there will be upheaval like this world has never seen. we are seeing the cracks of the dam now, its only time before the whole thing crumbles…. starting in june when scotus kills the aca… this playing footsie with the regressive rw low info plastic jesus haters, is old, and untenable. i look forward to seeing you and our new sds [yes, sds] in the streets soon…

  2. If he has the votes to pass a clean bill, he likely has the votes to stay in place, however icky that may be. I am not at all wanting the chaos that would come by replacing this dim actor with a zealot. Our nation needs to be at least MINIMALLY functional. Chaos is the province of the naïve or indifferent, and most people would be seriously impacted with an extremist in charge of the House. Boehner’s destructive enough.

  3. Let the door slam your treasonous, self-serving, lying, unpatriotic, weak, pathetic, behind on the way out!! Every move Boehner has made was to preserve his SOTH position, not what was best for we the people! He deserves anything they throw at him, and then some!

  4. In January I suggested that House Democrats be the ones to push Louie Gohmert (R-TX) over the edge and give him the needed votes to be elected House Speaker it would have been the end of the Republican Caucus.

  5. If Boehner had any balls he would tell these extremists to pound sand, and remove them from their committee assignments. They are a minority who in reality have no power.

  6. This is your new Republican party, the new hate group of the 21st century. That whole “facism coming to America wrapped in a flag, carrying a bible” thing?? This is them.

  7. The teathugs can bluster all they want, but a vote AGAINST homeland security won’t sit well with their rabid base. If they want to continue their political career, they need to think that through.

    Oops, that would require thinking. Never mind…

  8. First of all, passing a clean DHS is for THE COUNTRY, not for the President.

    Secondly, these people are not fit to hold office. Threatening overthrow for revenge shows how sick these people are.

    They are not holding positions to better the country, like they take an oath to do. They are holding these positions for obstruction. I can’t believe this is even legal.

  9. If Boehner allows a vote on a clean bill the Democrats will all vote to pass it along with the few Boehner loyalists probably assuring passage. The tea party crazies will be livid.

  10. The entire House, all 538 members, must vote for Speaker of the House. Traditionally, Democrats vote for a Democratic Speaker and Republicans vote for a Republican Speaker…but that’s not a rule.

    Democrats, if they cut a deal with Boehner (and get that in writing) that he’ll bring bills to the floor for a vote – like comprehensive immigration reform as passed by the Senate, and a clean DHS-funding bill that will fund the agency to the end of this fiscal year (through September), for example – and if he pledges to stop filibustering bills (using the unofficial Haster-rule), I’m certain Democrats would support Boehner as Speaker of the House since the alternative is WORSE.

    But we’ll see how good of a Statesmen Boehner can be in the coming weeks. He certainly has nothing to fear from the Neo-Confederates posing as Republicans in the House with strong Democratic backing.

    But is he smart enough to make use of that opportunity? Time will tell…

  11. Exactly! The Neo-Confederates (now referred to as Teabaggers) in the House number 60-70. They shouldn’t be dictating national policy the House, but it’s Boehner who is allowing them to do so.

    Democrats will happily support him IF he acts like the Speaker of the ENTIRE House, rather than that tiny minority.

    Let’s see if he has the spine to do it.

  12. The republicans brought this on themselves. Wanting to win, wanting to be in charge, was more important than governing. I would like to see the rethugs implode, (their well on their way) but someone needs to get control of these shit for brains lunatics. Stop pandering to the tp, throw them out of your caucus. If they want to be considered teathugs, let them form a third party or run as independents. Scrape the crap of Gomert, Cruz, King, etc., off the bottom of the the trashcan in both houses.

  13. I think the Washington press should interview Boehner as he’s exiting his local watering hole. There’s a story for you…or it may lead to one.

  14. First, Micheal Steele is a liar. On Rachel Maddow show she cut into her interview, for breaking Pelosi news brief to tell her members to vote for the short CR bill and she read and quoted directly from the letter (which she held up for the press).
    Second, Pelosi don’t trust Boner, that why she got it in writing. And I agree with ICH, if Boner smart he’ll take a winning path. But he (Boner) haven’t exhibit itelligent smarts, enlight of present events (Nut-n-yahoo).
    Thirdly, IMO this short term CR bill situation is Boner to win or lose. Watch media throw Boner some serious shade. Boner wanted to be speaker (leader) he need to show some spine.
    Only thing we don’t know how many Koch, Adelson are in control (thanks to 5 judge majority in the SCOTUS).
    Netanyahu will be in D.C. Tues. and this DHS/immigration fight is not going away. Add Iran talks and Obama is not backing down on his position.

  15. Actually, if he has the votes to pass a clean bill it’s with the entire House. Boehner gets to keep his speakership with only the votes of his conference (Republicans). He won’t if he cooperates with the Democrats. Cooperation is the essence of our democracy. The extreme right wing of his party apparently does not understand that. They see any cooperation with “the other side” as a betrayal. Not smart at al.

  16. Brandon Bell:

    Boehner gets to keep his speakership with only the votes of his conference (Republicans). He won’t if he cooperates with the Democrats.

    That’s what I’m saying. If he cooperates with Democrats in order to govern, and the Neo-Confederates posing as Republicans want to overthrow him for it, he can turn to Democrats to vote for him to continue to be Speaker.

    I’m certain a large segment of his Republican caucus who aren’t eager to see this country destroyed, will stand with him, and together with Democrats (IF they get a good deal – on paper – from him) will support him over a Neo-Confederate like Gohmert, for example.

    Democrats still want to govern. They will cut deals in order to do so.

  17. Let them oust boehner and put a new one in. Doesn’t Goober Gohmert want to be Speaker? Pelosi would play him like a violin!

  18. Gohmert as Speaker??? OMG! No one would ever get a word in. He’s too prone to shoot sh*t out of his stupid mouth! But, I’ll admit, this is getting interesting, as well as dangerous!

  19. Boehner looks like he is drinking again.
    They were so proud when they gained all those seats in congress and were boasting that they knew how to govern, two months in and they are a disaster, heaven help the country if they don’t med their ways.

  20. Yeah, right, the Dem’s all vote for Gohmert – that would be like taking rat poison to kill a tapeworm…..

  21. The struggle today is between the rule of law vs the rule of billionaires through their lackeys. Liberals vs the degenerate disciples of Ayn Ranf and Milton Friedman.

  22. That would be priceless to see him stumbling out of one of his haunts, slurring his words, and probably flip the bird to the reporter!

  23. Actually, there are only 435 members of the House of Representatives. The 538 number you mention is the total number of electoral votes available in a presidential election, which is the sum of the 435 House reps, 100 senators and the 3 electoral votes given to the District of Columbia.

  24. I have not sympathy or empathy for John Boehner. I think he is just as craven as the rest of the teabaggers in Congress.

  25. Well, Boehner made his bed following the directions of these anti-Americans since 2010 and now he must lie in it!

  26. Boehner will be remembered as the worst, most irresponsible Speaker of the least effective and most anti-American racist House of “Representatives” in American history.

  27. Be careful what you wish for. NoBoner and the few sane RethugliCons embraced these crackpots who know nothing about Government, the Constitution etc., and are now paying the price. These crackpots know they are safe in their district as their supporters are as ignorant and anti American as they are and so have no worries or cares if America fails. They are too dumb to wonder what will take Government’s place, anarchy?

  28. I know, VanMan. I saw my mistake too late and tried to correct it using the Edit button, and although the correction has registered, it hasn’t appeared.

  29. That’s a very tall order, brad, since the majority of districts have been so deeply gerrymandered that the only way we’ll win back the House is if:
    1) Democrats redistrict NOW a la Tom Delay,(and they can do so now); or
    2) we make sure we get out the vote in 2020 and win over Governorships as well as State legislatures since they’re tasked with redistricting and 2020 is a census year.

    Be prepared for the U.S. M$M to up the ante of negative reporting against Democrats come 2020 just as they had in 2010 in order to turn American voters away from voting so that Republicans can retain power in States and gerrymander even more.

    The only positive thing here is, 2020 is a presidential election year, too, and turnout is traditionally higher during presidential election years.

  30. bottom line boehner will stay as speaker, cuz all house members have to vote for speaker not just gop tp, if a coup does start to oust beohner nancy pelosi will simply get enough dems to cross over to vote for beohener to save boehner so thus my prediction idiot teathugs will fail to oust boehner there losers anyway, boehner will remain speaker

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