Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein Slams Netanyahu’s Arrogant Statements


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Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) provided a sign that Netanyahu’s speech to Congress has backfired as the normally hawkish senator called out the Israeli Prime Minister’s arrogant statements on CNN.



Transcript via CNN:

BASH: Let me just ask you one more question about the Israeli prime minister’s speech.

You are a Jewish-American. You are — and a Democratic senator, so you have a lot of different sort of personal constituencies, if you will. When Netanyahu says he’s coming to speak, he says he speaks for all Jews. Does he speak for you?

FEINSTEIN: No, he doesn’t speak for me on this. He doesn’t at all speak for me on this.

BASH: So, does that bother you when he says he speaks for all Jews?

FEINSTEIN: Yes. I think it’s a rather arrogant statement.

I think the Jewish community is like any other community. There are different points of view. So, I — I think that arrogance does not befit Israel, candidly. I think Israel is a nation that needs to be protected, that needs to stand free, that hopefully can work constructively with Palestinians to have a side-by-side state, and to put an end to the bitterness that has plagued this whole area.

BASH: Do you think, by speaking to Congress two weeks before his election, that is a sign of arrogance?

FEINSTEIN: Well, I think it is certainly a sign of a political move.

Now, whether this political move can be effective or not, I don’t know. But it’s not helpful. And it’s not helpful to attack our president. He is our president. And this brings the country together.

Boehner and the House Republicans have sabotaged their own plan to use Netanyahu to humiliate President Obama by dragging the Homeland Security funding crisis into another week. It is impossible to take Netanyahu’s congressional allies seriously when they are playing political games with the Department of Homeland Security.

The Homeland Security crisis is already overshadowing Netanyahu’s visit to the United States. Sen. Feinstein was correct. Netanyahu’s claim that he speaks for all Jews represents the height of arrogance. It was also a shameless political ploy to create the impression that anyone who doesn’t support Netanyahu’s speech hates Israel.

Netanyahu is only the Prime Minister of Israel. He does not speak for all Jews. He is just an elected official, who is trying pull a cheap political stunt in United States in order to win an election back home.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s visit isn’t going over like the conservatives thought it would. Instead of embarrassing the president, Netanyahu has become a back page story as the real headline is that Republicans continue to jeopardize U.S, national security by playing partisan games and risking a shutdown of Homeland Security.

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  1. I’m glad Senator Feinstein is saying this but I’m really unhappy my state Senator feels that she needs to attend this pathetic show courtesy of John Boehner…

    she and the rest of the California delegation should all boycott…

  2. IF you complain and still attend, your complaint is null and void-you can’t feel he’s that disrespectful to the President if you’re still going to attend…

  3. Netanyahu is bomb happy, he will start wwwlll.

    He’s an arrogant sob. No wonder President Obama and he don’t get along. Obama believes in diplomacy first, not bombs and starting wars.

  4. I wrote to my congressman John Yarmuth. I politely asked that he not attend. I heard back from him very quickly, saying he would not. Congressman Yarmuth is a Jewish American, but he stands with the president and his countrymen first. Thats patriotism. The two senators from Ky., McConnell and Paul, welcome this intrusion and disrespect of our government and our president. Actions speak louder than words.

  5. Yahoo has been trying to get us to pay and fight a war for him ever since he had Romney wrapped around his finger in ’12 and Mccain in ’08. I believe Yahoo and Bush/Cheney expect to make megabucks off a new war(defense contracts). Does he have stock in Halliburton? War hawks stick together.

  6. John what’s his geek is one stupid personified jackass. He has no scruples. Not even toward Johnny Walker, his best friend.[wink]

  7. not sure about Boxer.. her email was non-committal when when she replied to mine…

    I’ve emailed Swalwell twice.. the first response was that he was going… never got a 2nd response…

  8. Netanyahu is every bit as qualified to speak for Jews as President Obama or Senator Feinstein are qualified to speak for Americans.I might suggest that the military record of he and his family shows a greater personal commitment to his state and people than either our President or the the distinguished Senator have ever exhibited for America.

  9. I believe there are over 30 dems who won’t attend but will watch it elsewhere. It also sounds like there will be no empty seats as there are more people who want in to see netanyahu than they have seats. That’s what I read anyway.

  10. ‘Scuse. One of these things is not like the other. “Jews” are not a nationality. He may be said to speak for Israelis. He does not speak for citizens of other nations, regardless of *religious affiliations*.

  11. He doesn’t even speak for all Israelis.Netanyahu’s trip has produced a backlash among those who worry about the consequence: plunging traditionally close relations between U.S. and Israeli leaders to an unprecedented low point.

  12. Well, IMO, Dianne Feinstein got this one right. Too bad my Senator Ben Cardin “respects” Netanyahu and will definitely go listen to him. Of course, Cardin isn’t his real name. He changed it. [WINK]

  13. “BiBi” Netanyahu is a BULLY just like the RW in The United States of America. I’m sure his speech will be very manipulative making him come across respectful. Let’s not forget his true intentions of disrespecting our president of the United States and trying to interject his foreign-policy into ours. After this, let’s see if Israel supports him and his tactics. If so……well, that will be telling!

  14. I would opt for this strategy, as well.

    It would send a more powerful message of disapproval than not showing up at all, imo.

  15. Benjamin Louis “Ben” Kardonsky. His grandparents were Russian Jewish immigrants.

    Is Senator Cardin even a Democrat?

  16. Here’s the thing that surprises me – Israel is in no position to demand anything. We provide their security and for them to come to the US and disrespect the majority of the American people by disrespecting the person they elected twice to represent them – pisses off a lot of people. You know the people that start asking – why is the tail wagging the dog? Why are we providing security to a country that doesn’t respect us? Why are we giving a country millions a dollars a year that don’t respect us?

  17. The Dems should show up to fill the seats, and then walk out as he approaches the platform. This would make for a good show of solidarity against his speaking. By NOT showing up – it allows the repugs to fill the seats with their people.

  18. Sorry to hear. This is an embarrassment to the country. I hope the Israeli people vote Mr. Netanyahu out. His actions have not been in the best interests of Israel nor has he been a very good friend of the United States.

  19. Why? Why is not attending Netanyahu’s warhawk speech a reason to not vote for someone? Please, elaborate.

  20. Let us not forget Netanyahu was one who pushed Bush into the disastrous war in Iraq,
    how many american lives lost there 4000? and how many trillions of our taxes? How many jews were killed there? How much did the Iraq war cost them? They will fight till the last american is killed. Bolton and some neocons are already talking about regime change in iraq, must have forgotten how well that went the last time with the Shah!
    If the US goes to war we need a draft – for every young male – no exeptions – no draft dodging like Cheney, Romney, Guilliani etc, it is time that those who get us into wars help fight them, our military are tired.
    Lastly – who can forget the USS Liberty?

  21. In an unprecedented move, 200 veterans of the Israeli security services accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday of being a “danger” to Israel.
    The new group, called Commanders for Israel’s Security, warned that Netanyahu was doing irreparable harm to the country’s relationship with Washington, just two days before he is due to address the US Congress.

  22. Sen Boxer has nothing to lose now that she is retiring. It would be a great statement for her if she didn’t attend.

  23. Thanks for the link Dj.
    One quote from this article….” He now needed to create a similar kind of “drama to prove he is a tough military leader” by taking on the White House in place of Iran. Ezrahi said: “The speech is like a diplomatic missile aimed directly at the White House.”


  24. Well Susan, perhaps it would be preferable if you moved to Israel, since you seem to have forgotten who is POTUS.

  25. No, he doesn’t have the right to speak to congress without going thru President Obama.

    Does Netanyahu pay US taxes???

    You’re the STUPID problem with this country.

  26. Oh well, you’ll be drowned out by all the California democrats so who cares about you.

    I stand for Israel NOT butcher Netanyahu who wants a war with Iran.

  27. the way in which you speak about my president of the united states is absolutely disgusting. you sir are no American. you rightwing clowns are now America’s top domestic terrorist threat. I can see why.

  28. George Beeatty if you feel that a military record is the best recommendation for leadership of a sovereign nation I pity you. perpetual war and genocide are not acceptable to most people. But if you are serious, please, enlist as cannon fodder.

  29. Right — Bibi’s so qualified — Just like his Oct 2013 speech where he spewed the BS that Iran would have nukes within 6 months.

    The moron isn’t qualified to flip burgers.

    Amber Alert: George’s rock is looking for him.

  30. This is America. Netanyahu has nothing to say about the United States’ negotiation with Iran. President Obama, as the leader of the free world, is in negotiations with the 5 primary world leaders – Russia, China, Britain, France, and Germany – and Iran to restrict the Iranian nuclear enrichment to nonmilitary grade. It’s really none of Israel’s or Netanyahu’s business. The USA is not going to war with Iran on behalf of Israel. It is not going to happen. We are not paying the trillions of dollars such a war would cost nor are we sending our military to be killed and maimed for Israel. We have our own best interests to look after and a war with Iran is not in America’s best interests.

  31. I asked my two Senators from NY – Schumer and Gillibrand – to boycott the Netanyahu address and they refuse to answer my emails. Schemer for certain is a dual citizen of Israel and I suspect Gillibrand is as well. We need to examine whether we should allow people with an equal sworn allegiance to a foreign country to be in our government. It does not seem appropriate.

  32. As he said Mon morning – his speech hasn’t been given. Yes it has — October 2013 UN speech wherein he said Iran would have nukes in 6 months and held up his ‘Road Runner’ bomb illustration.

    The moron isn’t qualified to flip burgers. Hope the buffoon is thrown out of office. He’s an arrogant, narcissistic, BS spewing, warmongering, unqualified Buffoon who speaks only for the Israeli right wing which is equivalent to the Baggers in the USA.

    I stayed on topic in that I usually include the issue of Palestine.

  33. Uh huh…you don’t even know how to spell or punctuate and yet you want people to see you as a “jewish american.”

    The word Jew is always capitalized as is American.

    I am an American and a Jew; I always put American before Jew because I AM an American. My religion has nothing to do with my Americanism.

    As much as I like Netanyahu, he does not speak for me all the time. However, this is one time where I agree with him 100% Iran does not play by the rules.

  34. Iran does not play by the rules.
    What country has Iran invaded in the last 150 years?
    What territory has Iran occupied that doesn’t belong to them?
    Has Iran attacked sunk and strafe an American naval vessel?
    Has Iran signed the NPT treaty and who has not?

    So what rules would that be?

  35. Does ANYONE give a damn about what Iran thinks about Netanyahu’s speech? I don’t.

    Iran is an international threat to world-wide peace. If it gets the “bomb” it will be too late not just for Israel but the entire world.

    I am an American Jew. America FIRST, I’m also an American Air Force Vet.

    I’m not wild about Netanyahu, but in this case, where we have a great president who is so damned naive about Iran (at least that is the feeling I get)that we need someone to tell the “Wizard of Iran” that he has no clothes.

    I am frighted for the WORLD, not just Israel and Netanyahu doesn’t necessarily speak for me. Under normal circumstances, I would that Bibi stayed home, but these are NOT normal circumstances. All Americans need to hear what Bibi has to say.
    He does not trust any government that says that it wants to “Wipe Israel off the map.” He takes them seriously. President Obama has no real experience with that area of the planet–Netanyahu does.

  36. Netanyahu’s Stunt and the Iran Hawks

    It might seem odd that American hawks would be so enamored of a foreign head of government, but so long as that leader is a hawk and shares the shame inflated views of foreign threats that they do it no longer matters that he is advocating on behalf of the interests of another state…. I’m sure Iran hawks believe Netanyahu speaks for them, since he is going to repeat their exaggerated, false warnings about a non-existent “existential threat” verbatim. –

  37. Listen to yourself. If Iran did get some nukes then what? In your paranoid mind do you actually think they would commit national suicide by even loading a weapon on a missile much less launching one? North Korea who we know is bat shit crazy, have nuclear weapons and still they wont launch

    The problem with people like you want to remain ignorant and instead of listening to the other side automatically close their minds and I am right they are wrong. Here I thought you were rational but you are no better than the end timers and neocons who wants war at any cost but I am quite sure you and yours wont be on the front lines

  38. “Netanyahu is only the Prime Minister of Israel. He does not speak for all Jews.”

    There it is. Therefor not All Jews agree with his point of view towards Iran and his scoffing at the diplomatic stage (negotiations) the Americans are building with Iran to tamper down these Nuclear building fears. Fears that Netanyahu and some Israeli’s are pathologically so afraid of. The bogey man (Iran) is out to get THEM! BS. Iran does not seem to be suicidal to me. By that I mean…they know that IF, IF they had a nuclear bomb and used it on Israel or any other country, that would be the END of them as a country and as a culture…so I don’t think that even the most crazy of the Ayatolahs hold that dream or thought in private. But yes they tease Israel with “wiping them off the face of the earth nonsense” And Israel shakes in their boots, so does some Americans. Be logical. Russia has nuclear bombs….see what they are doing now? Who do you think would use it quicker? Yeah. I thou…

  39. Iran is a better friend to US interests than Israel. At least Iran isn’t publicly humiliating us after we gave them billions of dollars.

    At least Iran is negotiating with us, not kicking us. Germany and Japan used to be our enemies. Time to drop the grudge against Iran.

  40. israel is about the size of New Jersey and 60 percent of that is desert. if Iran drops a few atomic bombs on israel that would end the jewish state. Of course israel is in the fight of her life. iran has allready called for the destruction of Israel many times. The 53 congressman who are boycotting this should feel great shame. The speaker has every right to invite the prime minister to speak. I just hope he can make them understand the grave situation Israel is facing.

  41. If fineswine had any integrity, she would have pointed out to her interviewer that Bebe did not say he spoke for all jews, but that he spoke for all Israelis, whether they agreed with or not.

  42. If you had any integrity, Ray, you wouldn’t just pull arguments out of your posterior. On February 8, 2015, Netanyahu said, during a conference for French-speaking Likud activists:

    “I went to Paris not just as the prime minister of Israel but as a representative of the entire Jewish people … Just as I went to Paris, so I will go anyplace I’m invited … ”

  43. And i believe since have given Israel billions of dollars over the years, has shown that this nation is way to committed to Israel, at the detriment of our own citizens. How about that?

  44. Netanyahu is a dangerous psychopath and ALL the Congressional Benedict Arnolds who attended have proven to be fascist, anti-American TRAITORS and it is time THE PEOPLE treated them as such.

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