John Boehner Bails On Reality: Blames Obama For All Republican Failures


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Speaker Boehner delivered an absurdly delusional appearance on CBS’s Face The Nation where he blamed President Obama for all of his own failures as a leader.



Speaker Boehner was immediately asked about his broken promise that there would be no more manufactured crisis if Republicans won control of Congress. He answered by blaming President Obama for everything.

Boehner said, “Well, because the president took actions with regard to immigration that were far beyond what the law allows him to do. You have to remember, John that the president said twenty-two times, twenty-two that he couldn’t do what he eventually did. I made it clear that we were going to do everything we could to block the president’s executive overreach, and that’s the basis of the problem that we’re trying to deal with, and uh, Senate refused, uh, to pass their own bill. Senator McConnell tried for almost a month to get the Senate to act, but four times the Senate Democrats blocked the ability to even debate the bill.”

Later, Boehner was asked if he could lead the House. He answered, “I think so. I think so Remember what caused this. We have a President Of The United States overreaching, and that’s not just on immigration. You know, thirty-eight times he made unilateral changes to Obamacare. Many of these, I believe far beyond his constitutional authority to do so. So the frustration in the country, represented through the frustration of our members has people scared to death that the president is running the country right off the cliff.”

Speaker Boehner’s position is to completely ignore reality by blaming President Obama for everything. It was John Boehner who came up with the plan to trying to use Homeland Security funding to force the president to overturn his own executive orders. It was Boehner who caved to the radicals in the House Republican caucus by moving forward with the plan even after he was told by Senate Republicans that it was a bad idea.

The best way to understand the depth of John Boehner’s troubles is to realize that he played the blame Obama card. Boehner didn’t try to confront the president. He didn’t announce any plan to win the Homeland Security funding dispute. The Speaker of the House put his tail between his legs and blamed the President Of The United States for the mess that he has gotten himself into.

Boehner’s best hope for survival is that House Republicans stop focusing on him by shifting their attention to the president. John Boehner has completely abandoned reality, and his hoping to save his own skin by blaming President Obama.

The Speaker’s performance on Face The Nation looked the last gasp of a man whose grip on the gavel is loosening by the day.

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  1. He just keeps repeating the same debunked excuses as if it might magically become true that its all Obama’s fault. Hes wishing really, really hard.

  2. Next he will blame the President for his alcoholism. He is so obviously a drunkard that it speaks volumes for his party that he is their leader. It would be laughable if it were not so disgustingly obvious that the gop are not capable of being “leaders” There is not one contender on their side who can match President Obama in the intelligence department. This fact is glaringly obvious to anyone with two brain cells. The closest they had was Huntsman, but he was too SANE for their taste.

  3. Does anyone else see that this is coming from an advocate for the so-called “take personal responsibility for your own failures” crowd?

    Or is that rule exclusively for Democrats and Liberals, and Republicans, Conservatives, and Neo-Confederates are exempt because they’re “privileged”?

  4. Message to Boener and the rest of the clown squad.

    If you think the President has overstepped his bounds of constitutional authority – impeach him.

    Don’t want to hear the crap – that you don’t have the votes – you voted to repeal the ACA 55 times.

    It starts in the house – either do it or STFU and go to work. This democracy was built on compromise – you did not win the Presidency TWICE – President Obama did. You can’t gerrymander a presidential election – that’s why you can’t win. So you are using tactics throughout the several states to limit voting – par for the course.

    This former Republican realizes the BS that ya’ll spout for just what it is – crying that the country isn’t like ya’ll – wake up it isn’t and all your crying will not change that basic fact.

  5. Boehner said, “Well, because the president took actions with regard to immigration that were far beyond what the law allows him to do. You have to remember, John that the president said twenty-two times, twenty-two that he couldn’t do what he eventually did.

    I am still waiting for a Republican or one of their mouth pieces or any media person to prove that statement. If I recall, PBO has said he cannot change the LAW. And he is NOT doing that.

  6. Did the interviewer or panel even call him out on blaming the President for everything? I’m assuming no, which is why I never watch the Sunday morning shows anymore.

  7. Pres. Obama had a townhall meeting in FL. with Jose Diaz Balart. PBO was as a the same exact question wth a twist. President answered was direct, “I gave Boehner-a-year-in-half to bring senate comprehensive immigration bill to the floor and he refuse to bring it to the floor.”–pres.-obamas-immigration-town-hall-404561475518

    Question for Face The Nation, Why didn’t you do a follow-up question? PBO remarks were out there. Why didn’t Boehner sat on immigration for 1 1/2 years?

  8. He’s weak. The Tea Party do not fear him, instead he fears the Tea Party. Why he wants to be SOTH is mind boggling! He has failed as a leader because he hasn’t the courage to whip the RWNJ’S in his caucus to follow his lead.

    He is to blame for this epic failure. Him and him alone! Obama is a Democrat, not a Republican. It’s not his job to lead the GOP congress, but Boehners! He’s pathetic!

  9. Republicans are conflating two statements that PBO has made. It’s absolutely true that he stated that he cannot change law. Here’s the kicker: he hasn’t.

    He said: “I just have to continue to say, this notion that somehow I can just change the laws unilaterally is just not true. We are doing everything we can administratively. But the fact of the matter is, there are laws on the books that I have to enforce.”

    Dishonest RWers ignore what he’d said right after:

    “Now, what we can do is to prioritize enforcement,since there are limited enforcement resources, and say we’re not going to go chasing after this young man or anybody else who’s been acting responsibly and would otherwise qualify for legal status,” if laws were changed.

    The president honestly said he cannot change law. But he’s also said that he has “prosecutorial discretion” on how to use limited resources, and he does, as given to him by the U.S. Constitution.

  10. The more I read websites like this the more I am running into former Republicans like myself who not only woke up but we cannot stand the Republican Party today which is nothing but a group of hard right ideologues who demand the US become a Christian country officially and don’t think twice of trashing the Constitution or our State Constitutions. Spent the last 17 years in OK where this nonsense took root sometime ago and now has spread. Sally Kern, the anti gay crusader, calls herself a religious zealot – that is who runs the Party thanks to the spineless GOP leadership like Boehner – religious zealots. When has he ever taken responsibility for anything – always someone else’s fault. Worst Speaker in my lifetime by far – thought Gingrich was bad. Boehner refuses to tell the truth and in the process has harmed the citizens of this country. His legacy and that of his leadership team will not be pretty.

    Senate wrote budget bill for DHS not House – worthless GOP reps.

  11. This is a monster of their own making. Repugs let the t-tards caucus with them, because they know they won’t have a majority otherwise. If you identify with the tp, then run as a tp or independent.
    I would like to see the repugs have a collective stroke, but it’s taking too long.

  12. Hey you drunk MOFO do you blame the President for giving our national security to a foreign nation?

  13. Boehner is a mess. This guy needs to resign and enter detox. Seriously, the guy is self-medicating his way through life. Delusional and totally helpless.

  14. yes mr bonehead – blaming the president for your failure means that the president beat you at your own game – heehee

  15. It’s pretty sad…. If Boehner REALLY believed that all of these actions by Obama were ‘illegal’ or ‘beyond the scope of his Constitutional powers’ he could bring them to court, where the GOP holds a 4-to-5 advantage in the SCOTUS. The fact is he knows darn well that the actions are NOT illegal or unconstitutional, and that SCOTUS would NOT stop those actions.

  16. I bet McConnell wants to bitch slap Bonetard about now. I bet his droopy ass stayed away from all the Sunday shows.

  17. Not the kind you think.

    Sometimes I just come in mid-thread and back away slowly.

    No one here knows what’s really going on?

    Hint: There’s a great divide between the conservative base and many, many, many GOP voters… and GOP leadership. Remember?

  18. So what exactly are you saying? They’re going to eat their own, or are they saving them for Chris Christie?

  19. I’m saying that plenty of GOP Reps. and Senators support Obama’s executive amnesty policy. And like many other GOP and Dem politicians, Boehner is not being genuine. But of course they always hope we never notice.

  20. In reality, the GOP is effectively a wrecking crew. It is all they know how to do. Wrecking government is NOT governing. They are political nihilists.

  21. Reply to Charlie:
    Thats absurd. The senate voted on a pathway to citizenship, not for amnesty. It was bipartisan but it was never brought to a vote in the house. House republicans were to chicken shit for it to come to a vote. And if your talking amnesty, your living in the wrong decade. That was saint Ronnie Retard.

  22. Oh, it’s far from absurd.
    Anyone who has been closely following GOP politics and is truly paying attention knows that the GOP has wanted to pass “immigration reform” since their postmortem after the election of 2012. Boehner and McConnell have been quite vocal for years now in saying they intended to pass amnesty just as soon as they could find a way to do it. They couldn’t pass legislation (their first choice) without alienating millions of their voters, so this will have to do. (They want the issue gone for 2016.) It was never the GOP’s intention to halt amnesty, (and it IS amnesty) and that was made pretty clear when they carved out DHS from the CRomnibus.
    It’s a show of opposition to appease their voters, but there is very little doubt that they will fully fund DHS and punt to the courts.

  23. McConnell wasn’t vocal on it in Kentucky when he was running for re-election. Your right about one thing though, he would have went the way of Eric Cantor. He would of had his ass booted to the curb, but those were the seeds he sowed. It wasn’t their plan to halt amnesty? Repubs never wanted amnesty, much less a path to citizenship. You haven’t cited any proof because you have none.

  24. Repubs never wanted amnesty, much less a path to citizenship. You haven’t cited any proof because you have none.
    It doesn’t matter to me if you believe me Francie.
    You have a right to your own opinion and to remain as ignorant as you want. Just remember there’s always someone ready to take advantage of our lack of awareness. (Usually for profit.)
    The limits of your own knowledge are not the limits of reality.

  25. Yes John “Whine-O” with DT’s at every Regress-ligan congressional attempts…

    Poor…Poor Pitiful Whine-O Boehner!!!

    Not One Political Accomplishment from President Obamas’ first day of Presidency!?!

  26. Every member of congress who attends netenyahu’s speach is putting israeli interests above usa interests, they are traitors to the USA.

  27. Way to blame President Obama for everything that the Republicans are responsible for. He really should take the blame for at least some of his shortcomings.

  28. Dan I agree. The Repubs and their squawking started off being a comedy show- now it is just plain boring and tedious. As my dear departed mother used to say ” Shit or get off the pot”.

  29. They say if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth. Now even Mr. Beohnor, who knows the truth, is beginning to believe those lies. The GOPs blame the president is the problem just doesn’t work for them any more. Fund DHS and pass the immigration bill. You fix both problems, end of debate. Yes the President said 22 times it was not within his power to change the law, so he didn’t, only set priorities which is the Presidents job as stated in the Constitution.

  30. The GOP has now spent six-plus years blaming this President for everything.

    “The dog ate my homework.” “The dog knocked over the table.” “The dog broke the window.” Sounds rather like a small child, doesn’t it?

  31. Boehner can’t help himself, he is in over his head and struggles with responses to questions because he has to remember the GOP buzz word for the day and the correct tea party answers.

  32. C’mon, Mr. Boehner. Just say fare-thee-well and get on with your “life”. Stop messing up ours.

  33. You got the House and you got the Senate and still crying, and you still you still blaming the President. Clowns running the country.

  34. Mr. Boehner:
    You won the majority in the house and senate under the promise that you would put a stop to Obama’s over reach and you would stop this amnesty for illegal aliens both of which you did not do. To me that makes you a liar and a fraud. I demand that you be recalled and fired!!!!! You do not deserve to be the majority leader of anything!!!!

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