Scott Walker Bombs On Fox News By Dodging Question About Combating ISIS

Scott Walker Fox News Sunday

Gov. Scott Walker demonstrated that he can’t even handle an interview on Fox News Sunday by dodging a question about whether or not he would send U.S. ground troops to combat ISIS.



WALLACE: All right. Let’s talk about leadership. You’re president of the United States right now.

Would you commit U.S. ground forces to combat ISIS in any way, shape or form?

WALKER: I believe we should not take any action off the table. I don’t want to run into the war. I’ve got a bunch of bracelets on my wrist, these Gold Star families, people who’ve given them to me at the funerals of their sons. And certainly I’m not eager to go do another one of those — those funerals in the future.

But by the same token, I don’t want any of these men or any other men and women like them to have died in vain. I think when we look at that and say there’s radical Islamic terrorism, it’s like a virus, we needed to be prepared to do what it takes to make sure it doesn’t spread.

WALLACE: You say you wouldn’t take anything off the table. That doesn’t quite answer my question.


WALLACE: You’re president today. You talk about leadership.

Would you commit U.S. ground forces, whether it’s a full-scale invasion, whether it’s Special Forces? Would you commit U.S. ground forces to a combat role?

WALKER: For me to do something like that would require a number of things.

Listening to the chain of command, particularly the Joint Chiefs, your national security advisers and others, as to what’s necessary and listening to the people who are actually out in the field is the best way to do that.

But then also bring together a coalition. Certainly, reaffirming our major asset, our major ally in the region, that being Israel, but also our other allies around the world.

We were just with David Cameron, the prime minister of the United Kingdom, a few weeks ago. I think increasingly, the Saudis and the Turks. There is a way we could put together a global coalition to take this on.

Fox News tried to make Scott Walker look good, but it is a nearly impossible task when he constantly dodged their questions. Instead of looking presidential, each of Walker’s national television interviews reveals how unpresidential he is. Gov. Walker is looking more and more like Mitt Romney. He has no clear vision for why he wants to president. His campaign is consisting of some tired platitudes that were worn out by the time Ronald Reagan left office.

Gov. Walker’s tactic of not answering questions should sound familiar to those who followed his gubernatorial campaigns in Wisconsin. Scott Walker is trying to win the Republican nomination by using a lot of buzzwords like leadership, but not answering questions with specifics about what he would do if elected. Walker is trying to hide his agenda, but there are clues in his non-answers. For example, Walker’s use of the line about listening to the chain of command is straight George W. Bush speak.

Scott Walker is beloved by conservatives because he knows how to appeal to them. What remains to be seen is how Walker’s bumbling and dodging will be viewed by the nation as a whole as the 2016 presidential campaign swings into gear. Gov. Walker is more reminiscent of the unholy love child of Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney than a candidate who has a real chance of ever being elected president.

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  1. As long as ‘cranky old white men’ have a lock on the voter participation, guys like this will continue to get voted in and will get a pass on any fool thing they do.

  2. Yes we remember when he went to England for a couple of days, that was enough for the people there to see him for what he is, an idiot.

  3. What I hear: Chain of Command…blah blah blah…Israel…blah blah blah Islamic terrorism.

    Listen, the president is the Commander in Chief. He tells the generals (chain of command) what to do, not the other way around. Israel is not the 51st state, and they shouldn’t tell the president what to do either.

    The correct answer to this question: Congress has the power to declare war. If Congress declares war, as commander in chief, I will do whatever is necessary to win that war. But I will not unilaterally send troops anywhere.

  4. If he starts admonishing Fox about ‘gotcha’ questions, he’ll be officially done. It’s only a matter of time.

  5. Another tea bag kinda, sorta, skirting the actual question, but maybe not, kinda will, but don’t want say for certain, that something needs to be, kinda not don’t but it’s needed.
    He taking word salad lessons from dingbat Palin

    He can’t answer a simple question, he can’t govern a state with $2.2 billion budget deficit, who has made Wisconsin a right work state – it’s really a way to exploit employees – so who the hell thinks he can be president?

  6. He put himself out there. He’s got all the answers if he doesn’t have to come up with them himself. Someone throw this idiot an anchor. He’s in a race to the bottom.

  7. He’s playing AA ball at best and he’s not impressing the major league scouts, but his uncles have a ton of green to spread around so who knows.

  8. I don’t know which is more painful, watching this cretin from now until 2016, or having watched Romney until 2012.

    OMG..I can’t stand to even look at this nitwit.

  9. Mr.Scott: I got that phone call about the launch of the nuclear rocket from N. Korea towards the U.S so I retaliated. How the hell did I know it came from Planet Rock, Texas?

  10. Mr.Scott: I got that phone call about the launch of the nuclear rocket from N. Korea towards the U.S so I retaliated. How the hell did I know the call came from Planet Rock, Texas?

  11. Walker is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. “All blow and no go” as my WWII B25 bomber pilot father used to say when referring to a punk like this guy. Wisconsin, you can do better. As far as the presidency, Scotty, you have no shot.

  12. This is all so funny. None of these clowns have any foreign policy experience and have no clue the deapth of details that these decisions take.

    They’re all pretenders. Obama must laugh his ass off listening to them try to bluff their way.

    They try to minimize and bash the tough decisions President Obama is having to make in order to keep this country safe. They have no clue how tough the job is.

    They should just STFU and sit down.

  13. The once proud GOP has become a decadent political cult led by cretins supported by the morall y bankrupt worshipping the all mighty dollar whose high priests are the Koch brothers. Republicans will either destroy the nation or turn it into a social darwinist dystopia.

  14. Ok walker, what happens when your in th eDebate’s an one of the Commantary question is : Will you put Ground troop on the ground to fight ISIS? Your Commander an Chief an you still don’t have a clear answer. Will any of the rest of them have clear answers when asked?

  15. I wonder how many people know that newly elected netanyahu planned to bomb Iran just months after Obama took office. That’s how netanyahu operates. Start a war, dragging other countries into defending one another. Great plan right?

    No wonder President Obama doesn’t care for him. He’s reckless. Obama had to threaten that we’d shoot down their jets if they tried to bomb Iran.

  16. I so agree with you C. They have no idea about the details involved in these decisions. They have no clue how tough the job is on a day to day basis. Do they believe (almost said think) the President is not considering every alternative before “boots on the ground” is even brought into the conversation? Even the announcers act like that is the first thing to consider. So over our troops doing anything but being on home soil.

  17. He recently announced he has a trade mission to Europe (Spain, France and Germany) scheduled for April 12-20. Translation: Getting more “foreign policy experience” on taxpayer dollars.

  18. I don’t know. Does anybody else have a hard time caring. He’s a bit of a wallflower, what’s is name is. What were we talking about again? *wanders off to watch paint dry*

  19. I’m sure he won’t have a clue as to what they may be saying. His first language is bullshit and his second is blowhard. Thats the republican bilingual equivalent.

  20. I want to know where their ideas are, what are their actual plans?

    All I’ve heard from any of the repub presidential hopefuls are talking points and Obama bashing.

  21. He wants to divide the U.S.A. into a rich and poor country. He has used Wisconsin as a testing grounds and he BS enough here to win 3 times in 4 years and now they are seeing it. If he gets elected in 2016 he will have nothing to worry about, cuz after four years he can walk away with $140,000.00 a year for life as retirement plus all that he accumulated while in office and we get a rich and poor country with no middle class. He has no idea on how to deal with the terrorist and some of them countries he said would help, would just as soon as to destroy us.

  22. He sounds more like Sarah Palin. I give him six months and he will be out of the picture. I live in Wisconsin. He is popular here with the low information, ignorant, racist folks here that vote against themselves, but for anyone with half a brain he is an idiot. No one can be elected President this century who has not graduated from college, which is the least of his issues. He is a moron, untrustworthy, and he is greedy. He is a marketing tool for the far right, nothing more. He is vastly uninformed, and not a quick study, and just like Palin, he will fail miserably and be a laughing stock. Unfortunately, he will do a lot of damage to Wisconsinites before he does.

  23. Walker watched “MittLite” Bruce Rauner get elected in Illinois without ever telling us a single action he’d take once in office. It can work. It has worked. I just sure as hell hope it doesn’t work for Walker.

  24. The journalists in all three countries (who are not at all the spineless enablers that the American ones are) will chew him up and spit him out. And the ironic thing is that the Germans will be the most polite of the three!

  25. The United States is at a crossroad. If he continues to refuse to answer questions, the questions WILL BE answered for him through his actions. This is the time to expose ALL these RW teahadists!

  26. He clearly has not been given his packet of Koch approved answers yet, he’ll get back to us when received.

  27. Can you imagine Snotty conversing with heads of foreign countries? Scary! Repug “hero” Putin would probably slap him silly. Or have him shot in the back. I wonder if Rudy is rethinking his “true leader” comments. Probably not, thugs luv thugs.

  28. He forgot that the official answer he’s supposed to give is “I’ll send wave after wave of men to die for you”, then stand up, pull down his pants, and wave his privates in front of the camera.

  29. This man has such a sly look about him – that left eye is semi-closed all the time and he seems to be quacking like a duck – the curly mouth sort of goes up and down – very unpleasant to look at and the words coming out are just garbage !!
    Yes – you are correct I can’t stand him !

  30. What a worthless, Koch bought piece of cr**. Bullying the unions was easy when you have the Koch’s billions and Fox “News” behind you. ISIL is a whole different animal. Walker does a lot of big talking, but when it comes to doing the walking, he takes a pass.

  31. Scott Walker does not hold a bachelor’s degree from any institution.

    Does the governor really believe this nation would put a dropout in the White House?

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