Republicans Are Paying For Making a Deal With Koch Devils


Republicans were so certain that if they allowed the Koch brothers to buy them control of Congress, no matter how extreme their new allies were, they would show Americans what it means to govern Republican style. Thus far they have failed miserably due to ceding control of the party to Koch-funded extremists who are more than willing to endanger the homeland and the American people to prove they hate President Obama.

There has been no dearth of commentary on the ineptitude of House Speaker John Boehner’s attempt to lead House Republicans, but it is important to note that Boehner himself continues to incite the extremist wing to jeopardize the safety of the homeland. One has to wonder if Republican leaders in both the House and Senate regret making a deal with the devil (Kochs) to gain control of Congress, and although there are some Republicans complaining they are squandering a golden opportunity to show Americans they can govern, there does not appear to be any sane conclusion to a dangerous situation.

This latest manufactured crisis is due to xenophobic conservative opposition to President Obama’s immigration action in November. It is apparent that they are more than willing to let funding for Homeland Security lapse to demonstrate their rejection of the President, or as Republican Representative Walter B. Jones of North Carolina said, to “show that the Constitution still matters.” If Jones was not an imbecile, he would understand that primary duty of Congress according to the Constitution is “to lay and collect taxes to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the American people.” Withholding funding for Homeland Security is in no universe “showing that the Constitution still matters.”

This crisis has nothing to do with the Constitution and everything to do with continuing Republican opposition to anything an African American President does that was constitutional and legal when white Republicans did it; and Boehner is just as guilty as the anti-immigration maniacs in his caucus. Maniacs, by the way, serving due to the Koch brothers heavy spending to buy  the epitome of dysfunction; a Republican majority in Congress.

This most recent Republican dysfunction began long before this week. It started the day the President issued his executive order on immigration enforcement and was solidified in December when Boehner’s teabagger caucus set themselves up to fail by funding the government for a year except for Homeland Security. The plan, advertised by Ted Cruz shortly after Obama’s immigration order, entailed funding DHS for only two months and then holding funding hostage for the rest of the year unless the President’s immigration actions were abolished.

Boehner cannot possibly blame the extremists in his caucus for the House’s dangerous actions. From the moment the President announced his immigration enforcement order, Republicans did exactly what they naturally do with Boehner leading the pack of fools; claim it is overreach, unconstitutional, and illegal. In fact, despite the humiliation of only funding Homeland Security for seven days, Boehner went on television and blamed the President for “unconstitutional overreach” that prevented his caucus from protecting Americans homeland security for more than a week. Whether Boehner will admit it or not, he knows the President’s actions were not unconstitutional or overreaching according to the Roberts’ Supreme Court.

When the conservative Supreme Court struck down Arizona’s immigration law, two of the Court’s Republican justices disagreed with Boehner’s assertion that Obama is overreaching. Still, the extremists are willing to shut down the DHS over their claim the President acted illegally issuing his immigration enforcement order. It is possible the Koch-funded extremists are unaware that the President’s actions are identical to those both conservative demigod Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush took without Republican outrage. When the Roberts’ Court struck down most of the provisions of Arizona’s controversial immigration law, SB 1070, Justice Anthony was joined by fellow Republican Chief Justice John Roberts in writing for the majority opinion citing the President’s “broad prosecutorial discretion” in deciding enforcement of immigration laws.  Kennedy wrote language into the Arizona decision laying out the breadth of the executive branch’s discretion that Boehner knows full well is within the President’s purview as head of the Executive Branch.

As Justice Kennedy wrote for the conservative majority; “A principal feature of the immigration removal system is the ‘broad discretion’ exercised by immigration officials. Federal officials, as an initial matter, must decide whether it makes sense to pursue removal at all.” It is precisely what Obama did, and  in 1987, it was exactly what Reagan did in issuing an executive order granting relief from deportation to minor children of parents benefitting from the 1986 “sweeping amnesty” immigration legislation; even though the legislation did not apply to immigrants’ children.  Within three years, another Republican president, George H.W. Bush, granted precisely the same relief to approximately 1.5 million “family members living with an immigrant who were in the U.S. before passage of the 1986 law.”

Obviously, many Republicans are aware that not funding Homeland Security over executive action Republican presidents enacted is an ill-advised action. Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) lamented that “We should have never fought this battle. In my view, in the long run, if you are blessed with the majority, you are blessed with the power to govern. If you’re going to govern, you have to act responsibly.”

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said on Friday that “2015 is about us, but there’s nobody to blame but us now. If we can run the place more traditional, like a business, so to speak, I think we flourish. If we self-inflict on the budget, and the appropriations process, and we can’t get the government managed well, then I think we’re in trouble.” Well said, and if this latest debacle is any indication, they are in serious trouble because if the extremists can jeopardize something as crucial as defending the homeland over a presidential action Republicans countenanced since Dwight D. Eisenhower, there is little this Koch Congress will accomplish.

Even a House Republican, John Fleming of Louisiana said Friday that, “Our leadership set the stage for this. Finally at the last hour we hear, ‘O.K., well give us three weeks and we’ll try to fire the base up and get something done.’ Well what have we been doing for the last eight weeks? We’ve not been doing anything.” But you did Representative Fleming, you demonstrated to Americans that the best you had to offer was funding Homeland Security for seven days; not a shining example of devotion to protecting America or governance.

Fleming is not completely wrong, but he is certainly missing an important aspect of what Republicans have been doing for the past eight weeks; coddling the extremists and in great part inciting them to endanger Americans by claiming the President’s immigration action is overreaching, unconstitutional, and patently illegal. And Speaker John Boehner has been as vocal as any of the extremists in the House; including yesterday when he blamed the Republican dysfunction on President Obama’s immigration enforcement directives.

Republicans, including John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, so desperately wanted a majority in their respective Chambers that they embraced whichever fanatics the Koch brothers could fund to victory. The Republican establishment made a deal with the devil by agreeing to take every possible opposition stance against President Obama regardless how beneficial it is to the country. It is worth reiterating, that when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pledged to the Koch brothers that if they bought control of Congress, Republicans would “go after the federal government, all of it.” That is the deal they made with the Koch brothers and John Boehner has dutifully held up his end of the bargain by inciting Koch extremists to hold Homeland Security hostage.

Boehner has no-one to blame but himself. In fact he has taken the lead in antagonizing the extremists to threaten homeland security. Americans should be terrified at what Republicans will impose on the country over the next two years because if they are willing to endanger every man, woman, and child in America over one legal executive action, there is little chance they will fund the government or pay the nation’s debts which is actually exactly what the Koch brothers likely planned all along.

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  1. The deal with the devil actually began in 2010. The Republicans believed at that time, that if they allowed the Tea Party help them regain control of Congress that they could dictate to the TP what they were supposed to do.
    Well, the TP told the establishment Republicans to go pound sand and we now see the results.

  2. De-fund Homeland Security Now !

    Homeland Security was set up by Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens as an Israeli police State occupation army inside America and it’s time to completely de-fund it and destroy it forever.

    Right now there is a quiet battle in Congress over the re-funding of Homeland Security which is set to expire February 27, 2015 and it is time to completely de-fund it, break it up and destroy it forever.


  3. I never thought that I would see the day when Congress would become so dysfunctional as to allow critical national security funding to go unfunded because they have a personal vendetta against a sitting President of the United States.

    Can anyone imagine what would happen if we elected a Hispanic-American or any *other* minority President to the White House?

    These extremists that call themselves “representatives” would have a (cowbell!) meltdown.

    But what they’re doing presently is NOT American at all. Not in the loosest sense of the word.

  4. The Democrats should use their ineptitude come the election cycle. Remind the American public again, and again of their incompetence! I have never seen anything this dysfunctional before in my life. Yet, they want to lead, when they can’t.

  5. ‘Homeland’ security is an oxymoron. America is not a ‘homeland’, except to indigenous peoples. It is a nation of immigrants.

    ‘Homeland’ security is a fascist policing mechanism which adds nothing to actual human safety, but which criminalizes citizens and arms police to subdue and incarcerate protest.

    Dick Cheney. remember dick? And Chertoff? The whole slimy ‘It’s good to be king’ palace coup plotters?

    They designed, built, and bullied DHS into law. It is DHS that funds the black rendition holes in Chicago PD. DHS provides the tanks, arms and munitions our police use to deny us our civil Liberties.

    In an exquisite case of ‘your priorities are not MY priorities’, the GOP has wounded its own stormtroopers. It may be the sole positive accomplishment of these decadent aristocrats.

  6. Boycott all things Koch, including all the politicians they’ve bought and paid for. We, the people, give and can take away their power. The gotp have shown they are unable to lead, all they do is complain and thats not leadership.

  7. First, “I voted Democrat” because I thought they would change the direction this country was going in. But now the Republicans are back in, get rid of all of them, stop them playing with the American peoples lives, both are playing tit for tat while this country’s going to shit. Republicans bully the Democrats and the Democrats back down like little chicken shits.
    All these “sheep” that believe the lies told by Republicans is scary, how many blame Obama for all this mess when in reality it’s both. I wont be voting for either when the election but then again OUR VOTES DON’T COUNT, IT IS ELECTORAL COLLEGES WHO DECIDE. We are in trouble unless we stand up for what is right & not who is Republican or Democrat, they are both full of shit lol. And for the people who are against immigration laws..ok leave it the way it is now,let them stay here, never pay taxes, steal our identities & get the resources meant for us born in this country. Deport all of them and watch what is does to…

  8. I dread the next 2 years and the 2016 election. Who is to say the election for President will not be bought?

    Hopefully, our voting rights will still be intact by 2016. The GOPT did a successful job of gerrymandering and voter suppression for 2014; I am sure they and Koch are honing their twisted skills for 2016. What a mess our country has become, so shameful.

  9. EDITED First,I voted Democrat because I thought they would change the direction this country was going in. But now the Republicans are back in & they are playing with American peoples lives, playing tit for tat while this country’s going to shit. Republicans bully the Democrats and the Democrats back down.
    All these “sheep” that believe the lies told by Republicans & how many blame Obama for all this mess when in reality it’s both. I wont be voting for either cause our votes don’t count “electoral colleges decide. We are in trouble unless we stand up for what is right & not who is Republican or Democrat, most are both full of shit lol. For the people who are against immigration laws, ok leave it the way it is now,let them stay, never pay taxes, steal our identities & get the resources meant for us born in this country or deport all of them and watch what is does to this country’s economy.

  10. With gerrymandering, and voter suppression it is We The People who are paying for the republicans deal with the Koch devils.

  11. John, exactly. I am so fed up. Between the voter suppression tactics of the GOPT and the stupidity of voters who believe the GOP are working for them, I don’t know how our country will ever get back to an even playing field. WE are the ones who should be screaming “Take our country back.”

  12. Gerrymandering Rigged the 2014 Elections for GOP Advantage
    Greg Abbott, Texas AG, Acknowledges GOP Redistricting Decisions Made ‘At The Expense Of The Democrats’
    Myths And Facts About The Koch Brothers
    Nothing really compares to the Koch Brothers’ Political Empire

  13. The Koch Bros. are a safe target, I guarantee there is much nastier oligarchs than them but to even invoke the names is to invite misfortune. (In fact, these rival oligarchs likely fund and encourage attacks on the Kochs.)

  14. Nate, you know what is a misfortune?

    Koch brothers, and calling them a misfortune is being kind.

    They are ripping our country to shreds. Sociopaths.

  15. Would be a good thing, to boycott all Koch products, but have you any idea how many products used in America are products of the Koch industry? It’s nearly impossible to eliminate all their products from being used. At the top of this posting page their is a Koch information page giving all information about the Koch’s GO THEIR..

  16. The Keystone pipeline was promised to Kochs – who dangled the funds for their next campaigns in front of the midterm winners to help them remember how they won and if they want to be re-elected. We haven’t heard the last of this. Look at the map of existing pipelines and see where the largest central line is located…Kansas. Kansans get to pay for Brownback’s arrogant stupidity, Kobach’ voter suppression across the country, Robert’s – our senator who lists his residence in Virginia!, and Yoder who skinny dips in public and sells us out to the banks as soon as he is re-elected. This would be funny if it were a soap opera or a “reality” show —-but it is the sad reality. But it doesn’t have to stay this way…

  17. The Koch brothers are like a cancer. They kill what is good to increase their wealth. Buying politicians is their way to destroying this country. The Keystone pipeline, the withholding of Homeland Security funding, EPA<FDA<IRS and others which benefit Americans, are all Koch tactics. The SCOTUS which permitted dark money to rule our democracy has encouraged Koch takeover. Where does treason begin?

  18. Susan, thanks for the additional background on Kansas. I wholeheartedly agree with your last statement about the narrative doesn’t have to stay as it is. WE are the change!

  19. You do yourselves no favor with many of us by using loathsome Bush era buzzwords like “homeland” throughout your piece.

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