Americans Rally Around The President As Obama Approval Jumps 5 Points Thanks To Netanyahu


Since Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu arrived in the U.S., President Obama’s approval rating has increased by 5 points in the Gallup poll.

From February 26-28, President Obama’s approval rating was 44% in the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll. The president’s disapproval rating was 51%. Once Netanyahu’s arrived in the United States, President Obama’s approval rating jumped to 49%, and his disapproval rating fell to 47%.

There were signs that the Republican handling of the Netanyahu invitation was not playing well with many Americans. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released yesterday found that by a margin of 48%-30%, registered voters said that John Boehner should have talked to President Obama before inviting Netanyahu.

A February 17, CNN poll found overwhelming opposition to the way that Speaker Boehner handled the invitation. Sixty-three percent of respondents felt that it was a bad move for Boehner to invite Netanyahu without giving Obama a head’s up, and only 52% of Republicans supported Boehner not notifying Obama first before inviting Netanyahu.

The Netanyahu speech has not worked out the way that Republicans had hoped it would. Speaker Boehner invited Netanyahu as a power play that was designed to get congressional Republicans back on track after a disastrous first few months in the majority. It appears that the speech has done the exact opposite.

Instead of making Obama look weak, the Republican behavior has helped to solidify some support behind the president. Bringing in the leader of a foreign country, even one with such broad support as Israel, to attack the President Of The United States doesn’t appear to sit well with many Americans.

The intensity of the Republican dislike of this president will always hold down his poll numbers, but the last thing that Republicans expected when they invited Netanyahu to speak is that his presence in the U.S. would boost the president’s popularity.

The Netanyahu speech is quickly becoming another Republican attempt to humiliate this president that is blowing up in their faces.

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  1. Shhhhh… Don’t tell anyone but Boehner’s plans have backfired more often than Elmer Fudd’s shotgun.

  2. I keep trying to keep up – last I read, Gallup had him at 49% approval. So wouldn’t it be 54% now? Is the fix in on Gallup polls?

  3. I hope that Israel rejects Netanyahu and retires him in two weeks. Then this stunt will be an epic fail in two countries.

  4. This just shows you that the GOP are consistent in their stupidity. That’s what happens when you bite off your nose to spite your evil face.

  5. Now that Netanyahu has spoken Americans
    will see how weak Obama really is. Watch his approval rating dive back to where it belongs.

  6. Israel has to throw this war monger out; who’s bombs is he going to use on Iran; bitting the hand that feeds it is never good in dogs and well supported allies; the republicans are now learning the national anthem of israel as they were learning the russian one when they were saying they wold rather have criminal leader of Russia as their leader than our President . Never thought I would see this day; the republican parties platform is one of the most traitorous in the history of mankind; on it’s own country.

  7. I’ve been looking at RW posts on my Facebook news feed and they are all going on about how President Obama spit in Netanyahu’s face, and is a Muslim that hates Israel, and hates America. These people have truly become unhinged, I never thought I had the capacity to hate anyone, but these modern day Republicans are making me realize that I could.

    I wish all the right-wing idiots would just fall off the face of the Earth. I can’t stand the SOBs and their hatred.

  8. Israel is playing America for a sucker. and winning.

    Break relations, now. At least divert their ‘aid’ $$$$$ to Detroit.

  9. Not all of Israel, Netanyahu is not Israel, he is an extreme right-wing warmonger who, like our right-wing neocons, was elected by some real idiots. Netanyahu is no more Israel than Ted Cruz is America. They are idiots elected by idiots and if all of this is not enough to get Democrats, moderates and independents off their a**es and to the voting booth, nothing will.

  10. Netanyahu pulled this same script in 2002! Iraq that time, Iran this time. Every year Iran was suppose to produce and didn’t. Who is so weak for buying the old BS? His followers! Why should we do the dirty work for Israel. Paying them their yearly 3 billion is enough. What a bunch of takers! Netanyahu insults this country but is in line to grap his check before the damn ink is dry!

  11. Yes, President Obama has consistently at the same or better approval numbers than Reagan in the same point in their presidencies.
    Must drive you ‘baggers crazy(er).

  12. Dream on, my friend. Just because you hate our President, doesn’t mean he isn’t way smarter than you are. We were smart enough to elect him…TWICE.

  13. We are straight-up standing right in the middle of a burgeoning war in Iraq and Syria; our precious Air Force, Army Advisors, and grunt soldiers are all risking their own lives trying to clean up the Republican-spawned mess in the Middle East…….and the Republican Party fails to vote to go to War, wants us to LOSE, as always. The GOP is praying for America to LOSE against ISIS…lose to Al Qaeda…lose the struggle to make IRAN into a half-respectful world player. We push Iran to reduce its support of terrorism around the world, push it down to a level similar to Saudi Arabia, the nation that is “passed off” to Americans as an “ally” of America, despite their daily be-headings, their sadistic and inhumane treatment of women, gays, and non-Muslims. We foolishly treat Saudi Arabian Royalty like our Masters. We pretend Iran is the “REAL bad guy.” Sunni Muslims are eating the Middle East alive, and Saudi Arabia is funding it all, while pretending to “play nice” with America. SAD…

  14. Now that Netanyahu has giving his reelection speech to the republicans in OUR congress not his, charge Bohner with violating the Logan act or did he really violate the logan act ? No one ever follows through with charges, this guy is not fit to be a member of congress.

  15. Hahahaha!!!
    That was a joke, right?
    No, really, it was meant to be one of those
    “cross this line you die!”
    “cross THIS line you die!”
    Kinda jokes, right?

  16. You don’t seem to have the ability to determine when one is strong/weak, so since I’ve actually studied foreign policy, let me ‘splain it to you. When conducting U.S. foreign policy one is strong when one refuses to permit another nation’s leader to determine what the U.S. will/won’t do. Conversely, one is not only weak, but unpatriotic, imo, when one freely cedes one’s nation’s foreign policy to a foreign leader. Pres. Obama is far from weak on this and other issues. By standing up for what he thinks is best for the U.S. in dealing with Iran in the face of vicious opposition from GOP/TPers, AIPAC, and Bibi, he is demonstrating strength. It takes a strong person to resist caving when faced with such rabid, lying opponents. If the shoe were on the other foot and Pres. Obama was meddling in Israeli foreign affairs, Bibi would be livid, and rightly so. America is a sovereign nation We have the right to do what is in our best interest. In FP, this is called self-determination.

  17. I predict a very high fund raising month for the DNC! We the people are pissed. Bully BiBi go home….how dare you!

  18. The is kind of hard to believe for I work on a military base and I see hundreds of people is a day. NOT ONE of them agreed with our presidents behavior towards Israel.

  19. Two observations:

    1. Boehner is praying Bibi wins in two weeks because if he loses his election Boehner will really have egg all over his face.

    2. Boehner got what he could out of the speech. He had to fold in the DHS funding game, and get the support of Democrats to send the President a clean bill. No surprise he’d do it today, so at least he can hope Bibi will get the headline and his capitulation will show up below the fold.

  20. Boehner deserves to be charged with TREASON and blackballed from congress! At the very least charge him with violation of the Logan act! The GOP would screamed bloody murder if the Dems had pulled this under Bush!

  21. Now that Congressional Republicans have back-stabbed their own country by siding with a rabid warmonger like Bibi Netanyahu, a man who can’t wait to use American troops to wage an armed conflict against Iran, it’s pretty damn clear that allowing another Republican anywhere near the powers of the U.S. presidency would prove disastrous….

  22. NOT ONE of them agreed with our presidents behavior towards Israel.

    Did you ask everyone there or are you just ass/u/me-ing they all agree with you?

  23. You your people and those Republican can continue to try but you will never ever bring OUR President down, you will never break him, you would never make us disrespect him,you would never make us turn against him,we will always be loyal to him, we will ALWAYS have his back stand for what he stands for fight for what he fights for remember that you dull creature.

  24. What behavior would that be? He’s given more aid to Israel than any President before him. He’s had numerous UN resolutions against Israel vetoed in the Security Council. So again, what behavior do you or ANY ONE of them disagree with? Just because President Obama does not agree with Mr. Netanyahu’s policies, does not make him anti Israel. In fact, settling the Israeli/Palestinian dispute would be to Israel’s advantage as far as safety in the region is concerned. It is Mr. Netanyahu and hardliners on the Palestinian side who keep derailing peace.

  25. President Obama has an artificially low approval rating. I saw an analysis that shows an overwhelming conservative disapproval compared to past Democratic presidents. Were the approval from republicans equivalent to president Clinton and Carter president Obama would see his approval in the mid 50’s.

  26. Each time we see how smart the president is the rethugs hate him just a bit more, they cannot stand how every dastardly plot fails and are sore losers.
    It amazes me how they hang on every word from Netanjahu, a man who exists because of the money he gets from us, and they treat him like he is the benefactor and we are the recipients.
    Netanyahu is a whore and is bought by the rethugs.

  27. MSNBC recently announed they are shifting their focus of a lean forward network that now looks like a bend backward focus.

    This morning it is the NeoCons on Parade on Mouning Joke.

  28. Thank you. I keep wondering why in the world with all the BS about ISIS no one ever bothers to mention who is backing them? People should just do a little bit of research..even us ordinary people with the pitiful resources we are allowed to use can find out enough. Not all by any means…but enough to look at the facts of what we know is true and use our common sense. Keep it simple look at who is backing ISIS and the part Netanyahu played in the Iraq war. Everything he and the Bush administration said were total lies. And we are supposed to be stupid enough to do it all over again. Then Iraqis were dumping babies out of incubators…according to Lobbyists lies. Now it is one story after another about ISIS from the same liars.

  29. Look at the pollsters. I wish there were some way for ordinary people to dig out who are the bag men feeding the “polls”. We know for sure who controls CNN and NBC/Wall Street Journal. Gallup has been proven to be dishonest years ago. Where there is big profits and some control over people’s minds. We keep seeing the same people over and over.

  30. Americans don’t like little non consequential foreigners coming to our country and tell us what to do. Israel has no voice in these negotiations with Iran. The big boys in the world are dealing with Iran. Netanyahu is not a big boy in the world.

  31. Friends, I urge you to click on the link at DU entitled -Netanyahu, he came, he delivered, he failed.

    It is an editorial about this whole circus and it is so very interesting.

  32. Once again Boehner has tried to humiliate our President and like the rest of his schemes it has BACKFIRED! Boehner is still playing checkers while Obama is playing chess and Obama just said (again) CHECKMATE!

  33. Agree Addison. insults this country, the one that gives them enough money to supply Health care for all their citizens, while the rethugs try very hard to eliminate it here, then expects us, to fight a war for them again…Just how many from Israel fought in Iraq?

  34. Well, all the military families I know that have or have children that fought/fighting in the Iran war do not like the fact that a foreign leader, BiBi is trying to make them return and fight for the same lie! Foreign counties should not have a say so whether our men and women go to war and die! Today’s Republican Party that back foreign leaders over our President are treasonous! They just showed how much they hate our country and our men and women in uniform, treating them like throw always!

  35. I agree. I think a whole, whole lot of people did a huge double take yesterday and did not like what they saw. This was not appropriate and will have huge repercussions.
    I am a life long democrat who always went along with the Israeli connection that we have maintained. I have to say what happened last year with the heavy handed Israeli aggression made me uncomfortable. That was the first time I really was troubled enough to question my unqualified support of Israel.
    The 2nd time was yesterday. I was appalled at Netanyahu’s total disrespect of our President and hence our country. I took it personally and was furious. So even though I still am in support of Israel it is not 100% any longer. I feel a lot of people feel the same. And that should worry Jewish people here and in Israel.

  36. Questions for Prime Minister Netanyahu (and his supporters)

    Question 1: How does Iran survive the consequences of a nuclear attack of any scale on Israel?
    Question 2: There is no question 2.

  37. Well Cheri, if you are a woman you are a traitor to your gender. History will be most unkind to women like you. We are talking about the future of all women in our country. For me, you are a huge problem wanting to drag women back to the 1950s. Please prove me wrong.

  38. I get a real Kick out of the fact that members of the “Tea Party” refer to themselves as “Teabaggers”.
    For those who may not know, a Teabagger is a man that likes to give other men pleasure by sucking their balls. Maybe, the Teabaggers aren’t so Anti-LGBT after all…

  39. CNN and NBC are relatively middle of the road/liberal (reality has a liberal bias, remember). WSJ is definitely conservative. Who, exactly, is controlling them? What kind of bias do you think is in the poll?

  40. Why do Democrats an some America want to ignore the threat Iran presents to America and Western civilization? Because if you admit there is

    [Didn’t I see an identical screed last night? Get your act together with the rest of the boiler room]

  41. In fairness, I think the problem that some have is that they’re concerned that Iran could give a bomb to a terrorist, who could transport it into Israel and explode it. Iran would then claim innocence. The problem with a claim like that is that it is possible, via bomb residues, to find out where the fissile material came from, so Iran would never be off the hook. And that would lead right back to your question #1.

  42. I have always admired Israel. This latest attempt to start a war and hand it over to the US is insanity. Let Israel fight (and finance) their own battles and we’ll see how much they want to instigate on their own behalf. The GOP should not give the impression that we are 100% behind this warmongering. Obama is the only adult in the room, as usual.

  43. And why would they do that when it could be trace back to them? You do know nukes have a signature that can identify who produced them. If it was that easy Pakistan’s nukes would be loose hell even North Korea’s

  44. It is a shame that John Boehner invited Prime Minister Netanyahu to stand before congress without going first to the White House..Yes, we have a great country, but a few weak people in powerful positions.

  45. Perhaps we should set up the draft – I wonder if all the people that want to send our military to war will be happy to go themselves. I am from a military family, my husband a decorated viet nam vet, I can tell you no-one hates war more than veterans.

  46. Israel has received $20 billion in aid from the USA during Obama years. You would think they would show some appreciation.

  47. A draft from 18 to 35 no exceptions and a war tax of 90% on incomes over a million. I bet there will be no more talk of war

  48. Lets be clear its not Israel. Its the likud party. Now take away the aid and explain the reason why then maybe they wont put in power the war mongers again

  49. It is fascinating to watch the Armchair Warriors of America whose idea of Patriotism is sending someone else to fight in their stead; constantly griping about the lack of fervor towards yet another unnecessary war.

    One would get the notion that Obama Derangement Syndrome has become a Pandemic.

    Thankfully most Teabaggers primary form of birth control are their personalities.

  50. We tried it your way with Bu$h’s unnecessary invasion of Iraq, and all we got for that effort was 2 trillion Chinese borrowed dollars and not one single weapon of mass destruction- not to mention the numerous lives lost.

    It’s too bad that Conservatives never feel the urge to take point on the frontlines of an actual battle.

  51. The only problem displayed right now is the Conservative lust for the blood of innocents. See to the beam in thine own eye hypocrite!

  52. Israel/Nety, doesn’t want to send their troops to war, he only wants the american boys to fight HIS war, Just like in Iraq
    We can’t even use his airfield for our planes.Every country wants our money and our troops,,,shed our blood for what a piece of crap like him.
    Remember, only send Republicans with John McCain and Sen Ayotte. maybe her husband would like to go again.
    NO Democrats allowed on this trip.

  53. President Obama has won the world 6 years of solid peace. He has overturned the negative trend of the economy, and has expanded health care to the poor americans. It is really hard to downgrade these achievements. You have only open the view to Europe and the battle fields in the world to see the positive effects of Obama’s policies! Only with comparison to the previous Republican Presidencies can one admire the achievements of President Obama. And the merits of his policies are more outstanding since he did it with little or no help at all from Europe and the opposition on the home front. Too bad that recognition is slow on coming.

  54. Except for the PPP, polls have been relatively useless for any Democrat. They all skew in favor of Republicans.

    In fact, the once hailed pollster, Quinnipiac, got its rep beaten the heck out of it when a GOP-funded “study” group rented a room at the Quinnipiac University and conducted a tainted poll from there and then claimed it was a Quinnipiac poll – which it wasn’t. It produced pro-Republican results during 2012.

    Republicans and their moneyed masters are corrupt to the core and will use legitimate sources to infiltrate and corrupt – much like they did to our 4th estate and much as they’ve done and continue to do to our gov’t.

  55. I find no direct correlation between Pres. Obama’s approval rating increasing 5 point and the speech from PM Netanyahu. The entire speech was a purely politically motivated move void of any information to be sure, and an insult to the American people. That said, it damages the validity of PoliticusUSA to state a correlation when none was polled. I like PoliticusUSA, but it is sometimes difficult to post your articles as they can appear misleading due to lack of such substantiated facts.

  56. Looks like the Israeli people don’t give a hoot about Obama’s popularity.

    Nice to see a nation of people that vote on who they feel best represents them over the influence of outside countries (Obama) that spend money and hire workers to undermine their sovereignty. [WINK]

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