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Conservative Radio Host Wants Democrats Skipping Netanyahu Speech Hanged

We are all regretting John Beohner’s chosen path, as Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., put it, ” orchestrat[ing] a tawdry and high-handed stunt that has embarrassed not only Israel but the Congress itself” – the disgraceful spectacle of a foreign leader attacking the American president in the halls of Congress at the invitation of that Congress.

We are shame-faced and angry, but we are also celebrating those few brave Democrats who will not attend Netanyahu’s address to Congress today – oh wait, that’s 23, no, it’s 42…oh! Make that 52, no, 53! Every time I read about their numbers swelling, I feel pride in these patriots who oppose our own Speaker’s attempt to defy and humiliate the President of the United States.

But even though most Americans stand with the president against this unprincipled attack, somebody else wants to punish those brave men and women for standing up for the integrity and honor of President Obama in the face of Speaker Boehner’s attempt to stab him in the back.

World Net Daily columnist and radio host Andrea Shea King not only wants these patriotic Democrats to lose their jobs, but to be hanged. Right Wing Watch discovered that she said on her radio show last month that she wants to see them not only lose their jobs in the next election, but to hang them:

“Listen, I would like to think that these guys could pay with their lives, hanging from a noose in front of the U.S. Capitol building.”

“Because what they are doing is they are putting their own interests above that of America, and to me that is criminal. CRIMINAL.”

She gives special attention to black members of Congress who are standing up to Boehner (of course she does):

“And guess what? Most of those members who are opting out of attending the speech are members of the Congressional Black Caucus? And their districts are all dumb clucks. Because the dumb clucks wouldn’t be electing these people if they knew better.”

If what she says sounds like this is coming out of the mouth of a certain Alaska Republican, even the inflection of her voice sounds like Sarah Palin.

“How do people like this get to represent us in Congress?” she asked. “Because there are stupid people out there in those congressional districts who are so ignorant it’s dangerous – ”

Is she…? Yes, she is. Black people aren’t very smart, she as much as said. Not as smart as white people like her, at least, who vote for white people:

“Stupid. Stupid people. Our lives are on the line and all they can think of is skin color. You know — all of us are gonna turn black if we end up in a cage on fire. Stupid people.”

Oh wait…black people voting for a black man is voting skin color, but white people voting for white people is not?

Whoa….somebody has a bad case of DARVO – Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender.

Like Republicans, I’m not a doctor, but I think this woman needs to take a Xanax (alprazolam). Xanax won’t make her a better person, but it will help with the symptoms of anxiety over a completely imaginary offense.

Sure, like any medication, Xanax has side effects, including agitation, hostility, hallucinations, and memory problems, but she seems already to be suffering from these, so she probably won’t eve notice.

I was particularly amused by her thinking that if Democrats don’t join in the public humiliation of the President of the United States that we are all going to end up being burned alive in cages by ISIL.

I have to question her reasoning abilities. Netanyahu wants to attack Iran, not ISIL. How is attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities going to stop ISIL, which isn’t operating in Iran at all?

Care to explain that to me? No, of course not. That would require actual cognitive abilities, something apparently not handed out by God when she got in line. I can only imagine it must have something to do with how Al Qaeda could be attacked through Iraq, where they also were not.

When John Boehner says,

“This is an important message at an important time, and the Prime Minister is the perfect person to deliver it.”

Remember, he is talking about inviting a foreign leader to attack our president in our capital. And King wants to hang people who disagree with him.

Yes, Republican reasoning is bizarre. Somebody needs to explain to King that this is not how Democracy works. You don’t get to hang the people who disagree with you. People with whom, no matter how much you might differ, were elected to the offices they hold.

The sad part is, people like this can be as ignorant as they want. She’s trying to work Republicans into a lather and all that takes is getting people unreasonably angry. The less thought the better. And from the evidence, absolutely ZERO thought went into this hateful and despicable diatribe.

As National Security Adviser Susan Rice said Monday,”soundbites won’t stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.” They also won’t burn people in a cage, Whatever people who frequent World Net Daily and conservative radio might tell you.

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