Conservatives Go Gaga For Bibi As They Trip Over Themselves Praising Netanyahu’s Speech



Immediately after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech before Congress, Republicans and conservatives made sure to deliver overwhelming praise, especially considering the controversy behind the address. Nearly 60 Democratic members of Congress decided to boycott Netanyahu’s speech on the grounds that Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) sidestepped President Obama in inviting the leader of another country to address Washington lawmakers.

Speaker Boehner and Netanyahu seemingly conspired to have this speech be a way to pressure Democrats and President Obama regarding a potential nuclear deal with Iran while also helping Netanyahu’s political campaign in Israel. In Boehner’s mind, this was going to be an ace up his sleeve to show that he and Republicans now have the real power in Washington and Bibi’s speech would properly humiliate President Obama, especially when it comes to his foreign policy decisions. Boehner saw this as a way of using a foreign leader to attack POTUS on purely partisan terms, painting Republicans as the true guardians of Israel while making Obama appear not to care about the national security of Israelis.

Overall, the plan ended up backfiring. Dozens of high-profile Democrats ended up skipping the speech, and Netanyahu made sure to commend President Obama during his address, scuttling Boehner’s visions of a high-profile international ally storming Washington and slamming our nation’s leader. However, while Bibi stayed away from partisan attacks, he did provide neo-cons with plenty of red meat to chew on by using apocalyptic language in describing any deal that would allow Iran access to nuclear materials.

Due to the scare tactics Netanyahu used throughout the speech, describing potential World War III situations that could occur if Iran isn’t completely crushed economically and militarily, a number of conservative politicians and right-wing pundits took to social media immediately following the speech to heap praise upon Bibi.



Now, mind you, these are all people who consider themselves ‘patriots’ and lovers of America first and foremost, all going out of their way to embrace the leader of another country while simultaneously trashing the President of the United States. Of course, this is nothing new for most of those listed, but it still reeks of putrid hypocrisy when you see those who claim to put America first always tripping over themselves to find a foreign leader they admire far more than their own. (Can anyone say Vladimir Putin?)

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  1. My sister, who heard it on NPR, said it was an excellent speech…in an abominable cause, and every time my raucous little rooster crowed in the background, she yelled,”Shut up, Bibi!”

  2. Now,I am waiting for the consequences for this unpatriotic orange slime felonist to pay his dues for ignoring our constitutional laws of the land & no law describes John Boehner as the God of our Constitution nor dismantler of it! The Logan Act is not an exception for this POS!

  3. Are these the same baggers, idiots and unpatriotic assholes who think Sarah Palin gives great speeches?

  4. ..educate Obama Neville Chamberlain MY ASS you twit!! And by the way Sean you coward! Neville Chamberlain was TEN times the man you will ever be!! And of course they love Bibibrain!!! He’s a Conservative Warmongering Lying Hack also! They feel comfortable with that kind of idiocy and arrogance. To close, I would love to put my fist right through Sean Hannity’s head and pull out that noodle of a spine of his through his big fat mouth!!!

  5. Those same Americuns would have fawned and heaped praise on PUTIN if they had the nerve to invite HIM! The Obama haters always love any opposing leader’s point of view over our leader. Why is that? Don’t answer…we know why. But I think Putin would have “fingered” them off—calling them a bunch of f-king hypocrites, back stabbing un-loyal partisans.

  6. Bibi says he will stand up to the US, that should warm the cockles of our hearts, as long as he means it and does not hold out his hand for US aid’ look what we can accomplish with that money every year.

  7. Hopeless, lying, treacherous hacks. Bibi butt kissing losers. I watched and waited for a better plan, but as I expected it was the same old BS…theatrics for Bibi’s election campaign. Boehner should be called out for this. But they hate our President so much they can’t see the truth. Shame on all of you worthless Republicans and your lame hero worship of a liar like Netanyahu. Thank God Obama is President. These warmongering fools are brainless thugs swimming in their pool of delusion.

  8. Paul Waldman at the Washington Post makes a similar observation regarding the utter incoherence of Netanyahu’s “strategy”:

    So where would that leave things? Netanyahu argues that if the U.S. walked away, Iran would eventually capitulate on everything; the “better deal” he imagined is one in which Iran does everything short of dismantling its government. He had nothing to say about why this might happen if we weren’t negotiating, other than that we should “keep up the pressure.” That’s his alternative: Do nothing, and instead of just going ahead and developing nuclear weapons, Iran will see the light and completely reverse everything it’s been doing.
    To call that position “absurd” is too kind. You don’t have to be some kind of foreign policy whiz to grasp that there’s something weird about arguing that 1) Iran is a nation run by genocidal maniacs; 2) they want nuclear weapons so they can annihilate Israel; and 3) the best way to stop this is to abandon negotiations to limit their nuclear program and just wait to see what they do. But that’s the position Netanyahu and his supporters in the Republican Party are now committed to.

  9. Here’s the real irony: while Bibi is over here touting the Iranian threat as an existential crisis, 90% of Israelis just shrug their shoulders. The Times of Israel released a poll a few weeks ago on the upcoming Knesset elections. It asked respondents which issue mattered to them most. 48% said economic issues. 19% said relations with the Palestinians. 14% said education. The “existential” threat from Iran came in fourth at 10%.

  10. While Wingnutistan is praising Nut-n-yahoo speech. People who actually live in the real world have a different opinion:
    Stav Shaffir; youngest minister in Israel’s parliament (Knesset):
    The Christian Science Monitor:
    Rep. John Yarmuth: “Bibi pulled out Cheney playbook”:
    Minority ldr. Nancy Pelosi:
    This one sum up my opinion:
    Pres. Obama: “Bibi say nothing new”:

  11. Republicans once again spit on the constitution. The constitution gives the president sole control over foreign affairs. Obama is right to negotiate with Iran. And Iran has a right to develop nuclear energy under international law. Of course since Israel flaunts international law by habit. Bibi now thinks he has a veto on who the us can talk with.

  12. Mr Netanyahu keeps referring to the USA as a friend…but if going behind a “friends” back is the way he treats his friends, perhaps we would be better off without his “friendship”…as for the Republicans who invited him…they did so for their own selfish political reasons…and they will throw Netanyahu under the bus the minute it becomes politically expedient to do so….

  13. I wonder how much they are a pawn for the Israelis and how much they are a pawn for Netanyahu and Likud.

  14. Plain and simple the republican’s need to be removed from any kind of decision making power ; get them out before they get us into wwIII; don’t laugh they are taking us this route by backing this foreign countries war hawk; their love affair with this bully should end ;if Israel re elects him they are asking for the USA to fight their un winnable war.

  15. Given that U.S. military aid to Israel was $2.775 billion in 2010, $3 billion in 2011, $3.07 billion in 2012 (and $3.15 billion per year from 2013-2018) while Israel’s defense budget is around $15 billion, it made us wonder how much Israeli taxpayers contribute and where the other $12 billion non-U.S. aid comes from.

    He also wants our soldiers to help fight and be killed.

    The Iraq liars target Iran
    The same people who lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction to start a war are pushing for war on Iran.

  16. It’s not Obama’s dark skin, but what his dark skin represents that evokes hatred without bounds and limits. President Obama’s power of them and the realization that their status as a privileged class is coming to an end are the real reasons why they disrespect President Obama.

    Hatred is the fuel of fear, and for white conservatives their hatred of president Obama masks the fear attached to the realization that their America is never coming back.

    Conservatism Linked to Lack of Education

    Reagan advisor on Tea Party Republicans ‘they are really rather stupid and not very well read’

  17. Let me ask the question. WHAT do we get for the money we send Israel for military and their “upkeep”? Our best ally in that region. Really? How have they helped us out over there? How come they are not part of the “coalition’ to defeat and degrade ISIS? What do they contribute? Intelligence? Pfffft! How did that help pre Sadam and post Sadam? Where was their vaunted “intelligence” pre-Isis? The Republicans blame Obama for not seeing ISIS coming, because of the vacuum created by, get this….getting our troops OUT of Iraq! So what happened to all the training we gave Iraq? They certainly did not DEFENd their country. But ran and left our hardware for ISIS to take and use AGAINST them! I made some points here….and the biggest one is: What has Israel done for us lately? List and links, please. I am curious. This love fest, buddy-buddy, our BEST friend Israel needs to be PROVED! What bang do we get for our BUCKS! i don’t want the Republican’s list. They make things u…

  18. Bibi at Congress: A Fantasia Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu looked out over the gathered members of Congress today. “You are my harem,” the Israeli leader said, “and I am your sultan. I could pluck any one of you out and bring back to my tent, adorn you in silk, and ask you if you’re grateful that you get the privilege to suck the sultan’s cock. You, there, Senator Tom Cotton, part your lips and smoke the cream pipe of paradise. Darrell Issa, your tongue looks ready to wash the leathery folds of the sultan’s orb sack. Don’t crowd, my concubines. I will bless each of you when my jism geyser is ready to erupt. Each of you will receive the gift of the sultan’s pearls on your faces.” The concubines were joyous, especially because the sultan would be showing that foul Moor who presumed to lead them the proper way to take care of a harem. “The sultan thinks we’re special,” declared the oldest, scabbiest concubine. “I hope he is most pleased with how we pleasure him.” – See more at:

  19. Nobody wants war with Iran. Nobody wants any more sickening genocide from Iran backed armies either. Thanks to Iran there are thousands and thousands of dead Christians, whose blood cries out to God for vengeance. Whole families are tortured and murdered in unspeakable ways. Nobody wants Iran to have nuclear capabilities either. You einstein-like “progressives” talk stupid, kind of like your bath house queen pretender “president” and his Frankenstein “wife”. Iran needs to be under sanctions to keep her poor so she cannot get a nuke bomb. Nobody mentioned here that Iran wants Israel dead and the USA also. You Morons, Ben Netanyahu makes perfect sense. Just let Iran go on building her nuke capabilities, like the Obozo is toying with and see who is drawn into war then, the kind of war nobody but the Iranian schitzos would consider. You’re idiots all of you.

  20. Link to these Iranian caused deaths of thousands and thousands of Christians. You wont post one because you are full of shit

  21. You, sir, are like many Americans –woefully uninformed. Christians are a protected class in Iran, with guaranteed, constitutional rights. They are permitted to practice Christianity and establish their own churches. There are thousands of Christians living in Iran who have Iranian citizenship. The main thing Christians in Iran can’t do is proselytize—attempt to convert Muslims into Christians. In fact, there are Christian representatives in the Iranian parliament. Whenever I hear someone talk about the Iranian government killing Christians in Iran, I know the individual doesn’t know sh*t about Iran and Christian life in Iran, and that s/he most likely receive their talking points from other persons who don’t know sh*t about the subject. I have advanced degrees in politics and government and have studied other nations’ governments and practices, and I have found it is often those who haven’t studied anything who tend to talk about things they don’t know.

  22. Republicans made fools of themselves today, which has been their habit of late. They weren’t there for “listening to what Bibi had to say on a matter of importance”, but as propaganda for Bibi’s campaign for ‘re-election.

  23. Jonathan Pollard was a spy for Israel. He stole US secrets and sold them to the Israeli government. Which government then passed some if not all of those secrets to the Soviet Union for the purpose of securing the release of Soviet Refuseniks to emigrate to Israel.
    “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.”

    You quislings on the right should remember that after you wipe bibi’s jizz off your face

  24. @Billy..yeah with friends like Bibi Nutyanhoo, who needs enemies. It boggles the mind that the USA is still stuck on Isreal and supports them despite their spying, their killing of Americans(Liberty ship), their disdain for America. One would think the US Government would tell Israel to go fcuk themselves and stop supporting them with billions of US dollars and arms while American citizens esp. vets are suffering.

  25. Republicans Hate President Obama, more than they love our Country,USA, thats why they did punish and hurt the President, just like a Good Christian should!

  26. Only a republican and their feeble minded supporters could believe that it would be better to walk away from diplomacy.

    Their alternative is either absent or a joke “negotiate better!”. These idiots are intent on subverting our country’s well-being to the political whims of a blow hard leader of a foreign country – who has never been right about anything on Iran. “Negotiate better gosh darn it – that other country’s guy sure talks pretty – fellow mericans let us spill the blood of our children so this guy can stay elected and us too – dipshits like Sean Hannity demand it”.

    Republicans continue to show what they are and what they stand for. The only silver lining is more and more are convinced of what the republicans stand for and their actions harden those who are already know repub stripes to fight harder. I know I will for the rest of my life.

  27. This great reception of Netanyahu….the adoring smiles and faces, the wild applauses, the gushing afterwards……Just says one thing: The message sent was: Obama, we don’t love you—–we love Netanyahu. Let me VOMIT!
    Okay, I’m alright now. But let me say one more thing, clearly, as Netanyahu once said, off the record: “These Americans can be manipulated”. [My take]-Bibi saying: Just act crazy, talk WAR and they will LOVE you, and send you money! Whatever you ask for, they will send! No questions asked. The neo-cons will support you and drown out the moderates. Blah, blah, blah.

  28. I can’t see how these dupes Americans can STILL take the same $#it talk from Netanyahu about Iran’s quest for Nuclear bombs to “wipe Israel off the map”. Really he has been scaring everybody, wh would listen that Iran is : About to develop the Nuclear capability to develop a bomb…..JUST to drop it on Israel. Oooops. Is that the case? Why hasn’t that happened since 1997 when Bibi started his “cry wolf” monologues all over the place…especially in the U.S.? He, like Republicans play the “Scare card”. And in so doing, he gets more Millions for Israel’s Military machine. We give Israel Billions of dollars for their military, and where do they spend it? Back here in the U.S. Who benefits? the Military industrial complex right here in the United States! Ask Cheney. ;)BTW, the F-16’s they buy, are made in the USA. So, the money comes right back here. Ponzi scheme? You go figure? Scandal? Shhhhh. This is Not supposed to be discussed. Israel is our FRIEND. So SHU…

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