Obama and Democrats Crush Boehner As House Passes Clean Homeland Security Bill

Barack Obama,  John Boehner
John Boehner was handed a devastating defeat by being forced by Democrats to give President Obama exactly what he wanted. The House passed a clean bill to fund Homeland Security for the rest of the year.

The final vote was 257-167. Seventy-four Republicans voted for the motion, and no Democrats voted against it.

Before the vote, Boehner tried to put a happy face on his crushing defeat. According to Politico, Boehner said, “I am as outraged and frustrated as you at the lawless and unconstitutional actions of this President. I believe this decision – considering where we are – is the right one for this team and the right one for this country. The good news is that the president’s executive action has been stopped, for now. This matter will continue to be litigated in the courts, where we have our best chance of winning this fight.”

Those who follow politics have seen this script play out many times before. House Republicans took the country to the brink of crisis. Boehner and company promise that they won’t yield, but in the end, the Speaker ends up giving President Obama and the Democrats exactly what they wanted.

If Speaker Boehner was trying to bury his latest cave underneath Netanyahu’s speech to Congress today, it didn’t work. House Republicans are the perpetual dogs who are always chasing their tails. The pointless wheel spinning in the House is why the so little legislation gets passed that has the potential to become law. Boehner’s House is so busy pandering and making ideological statements through symbolic votes that they are left with no time to and little interest in governing.

Voters, in mostly red states, gave Republicans control of Congress. What they have seen is the continuation of the same behavior that the Republicans blamed on Harry Reid when Democrats controlled the Senate. It has become painfully obvious even to those in the mainstream press who shy away from criticizing Republicans that the new GOP congressional majority is a dysfunctional embarrassment.

President Obama and the Democrats got exactly what they wanted. Homeland Security has been funded for the rest of the year, and the president’s immigration executive orders remain legislatively untouched.

Democrats are a strong and united party, and it is clear that it is President Obama and liberal Democrats who are firmly setting the agenda for the floundering Republican majority that is being haplessly led by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.

17 Replies to “Obama and Democrats Crush Boehner As House Passes Clean Homeland Security Bill”

  1. Don’t you love how Orangeman passed the fight ‘onto the courts?’ He is the most incompetent boob ever to hold the gavel. He and Preibus are responsible for this Congress…please proceed..you look worse every single day.

  2. they never learn. They are so stupid they can’t help themselves. With each of these little theatrical productions, they prove to more people that they are incapable of governing. Boehner could have done this weeks ago. He should have know what the outcome would be when he tried this latest stunt…same as usual. These self imposed crises and blackmail tactics do not work and everyone is getting a little sick of it all.
    Grow up, do your job and govern for the people of America. You are worse than useless.

  3. The teajhadist must be having a conniption by now. If they replace Boehner, his replacement will be one of their own, probably.

  4. They cant. The teahadists are an insignificant minority. They are nothing more than temper tantrum throwing 3 year olds.

  5. Boehner is trying to be sneaky by doing this on a big news day, hoping it will not be noticed.

    But his house members are well aware. They lost. Poor Boehner will drown his sorrows early today.

  6. If the Tea Party contingent in the House tries to replace, they might end up with Nancy Pelosi.

  7. Amazing how one man of color has made the republicon party completely insane and totally useless.

    President Obama, you’re the man and it’s about time they (republicons) realize it….

  8. Well, the Cheeto Man may be down, but his blustering continues unchecked–reminding Americans how useless he has become to the country overall.

    If the President was really this “lawless tyrant” they would’ve impeached him right out of the gate soon after he got elected President.

    But the fact that he has done nothing of consequence has driven the right-wingers insane to crazy.

    The internet is *exploding* right now with disgruntled and angry right-wing voters who are actually CALLING the GOP “cowards” because they folded their tent and went home–instead of fighting to the bitter end.

    Karma…what a gal.

  9. One of life’s more valuable lessons is to
    never do anything now you might regret later.

  10. Today is one of those days I truly thank God for Pres. Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. They don’t get credit much, but they do get criticize daily. Now Chris Matthew is saying that Netanyahu make Obama’s job harder to sale the Iran deal. F**!in Seriously?
    Because of Netanyahu paranoid psychotic testimony in front of congress in 2002: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpQdg4D78Jc
    It was a performance worthy for oscar. A act he’s been selling for 6 damn years.
    The result:
    200K Iraqis killed
    5K Americans soldiers killed
    1 million injured/suicide
    $6 Trillion in debt
    $39 Billion for Cheney
    ISIS want to kill us
    All P5+1 world leaders shutdown Bibi. But our hillbillies Wing-nuts, was biting at the bits for anything opportunity to undercut this President. Even to go so far to sabotage one of the most important foreign problems that the whole world agree on. No plan on how to stop Iran Nuclear prog.. (cont)

  11. War debt of $6+ trillion from our latest two wars , throw in our War in Vietnam & our War on Drugs started in 1939 and there is our National Debt . Don’t you just love this thinking & Policy Decisions ? When will legitimate thinking come into play again ?

  12. Steve Benen made a list and he checked it twice

    Since the Republican victories in the 2010 midterms, Congress has become dysfunctional on a historic scale. Lawmakers have no meaningful legislative accomplishments since the Democratic majorities of 2010, and tasks that were once simple are now nearly impossible.

    But since January 2011, Congress has excelled in one area: manufacturing avoidable crises. If there’s one thing a GOP majority has guaranteed, it’s that the nation’s legislative branch will careen, over and over again, from one self-imposed crisis to the next.
    Read More

  13. It was important for Congress to pass a clean bill to fund Homeland Security for the entire year. However, I think the press is irresponsible for saying things like “Obama and the Democrats crushed Boehner.” It seems to me that makes it less likely the Republicans and the Democrats will ever set personal grievances aside and work together for the good of the country. Instead, it exacerbates the problem. I consider this poor journalism.

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