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Republicans, Not President Obama, Are Anti-Semitic and Un-American

For the past six years, since President Obama has been in the White House, Republicans, teabaggers, and their conservative variants have accused the President of the United States of being un-American. In fact, Willard Romney’s campaign made a special point of repeating that the President needs to “learn to be American” nearly as much as conservatives have questioned lately whether the President is loyal to and “loves America.” Republicans and conservatives also claim loudly and often that the President of the United States is not loyal to and does not love Israel;  which is curious when their claim to conservative purity  is that they are real Americans.  In fact, the latest accusation is that the President is now anti-Semitic; probably because he committed the mortal sin of not recognizing the man Republicans swore their fealty to, Benjamin Netanyahu, as Commander in Chief, Secretary of War, president of Congress, and god’s choice to set America’s war and foreign policy in the Middle East.

Republicans have revealed a lot about themselves since Speaker of the House John A. Boehner, an alleged loyal American, violated the Logan Act to sabotage America and the United Nation’s efforts to reach a diplomatic solution to the so-called Iranian nuclear issue. Because the President of the United States was not impressed that the Speaker of the House violated a 216 year-old federal law, or has not stepped aside to let a foreigner set American war policy, conservatives claim Obama is an anti-Semite. This is a stunning claim, particularly because Republicans, tea partiers, and so-called Christians are raging anti-Semites of the highest order.

According to the facts, an anti-Semite is any person who hates and is the enemy of any peoples from the Middle East including all manner of Arabs and Hebrews (Jews). This assertion is not in question or up for debate; it is a historical fact. Since Republicans, and Christians particularly, hate Arabs following the teaching of Islam (the majority of the Middle East) they are by any stretch of the imagination inherently raging anti-Semites. It is not a term reserved for devotees of the Jewish religion. That is another point Republicans fail to comprehend; Jew is not a nationality. It is an adherent of the Jewish religion.  Israel is a nation created by America when they partitioned off Palestinian land to Jewish immigrants as a homeland; something Israel will not allow Palestinians to have.

Republicans and their various sub-groups are also inherently un-American not just because they have attempted to destroy the economy, Americans’ jobs, or the nation’s democratic process; but because their first allegiance is to a foreign nation and its warmonger prime minister. In fact, Speaker of the House Boehner violated Logan Act by “secretly communicating with a foreign nation’s agent (Netanyahu) to empower him to sabotage America” and other nation’s diplomatic negotiations with Iran. Republicans and neo-cons lust to send more Americans to fight and die in the Middle East primarily to enrich the oil industry and the military industrial complex. Conservatives love their anti-Semitic wars, and it is noteworthy that during fanatic Ben  Carson’s speech to CPAC, when he criticized President Obama for not acquiescing to Netanyahu’s demand for an American war with Iran, his condemnation of the President’s diplomatic efforts was the most enthusiastically received of his entire speech.

As an aside, it was reported that yesterday marked the longest period in a decade, 80 days, since there was an American combat death. Likely it is too long for Republicans who are counting on a foreigner to convince Congress to give Israel permission to start America’s war with Iran they have panted over for over a decade. The only reason Boehner called on Netanyahu to address Congress is to lobby for war with Iran by passing the Kirk-Menendez Iran war authorization. The legislation requires America to fight Iran when Israel decides to bomb Iran and Republicans and some Democrats are anxious for Netanyahu to start America’s next Middle East war; this time with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

America’s real Secretary of State, John Kerry, recently told Congress that warmonger Netanyahu’s support for Bush’s war to destroy Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein showed his judgment could not be trusted. Remember, Netanyahu helped war criminal Bush convince the U.S. Congress just twelve years ago to authorize war with Iraq if “diplomatic efforts to eliminate its weapons of mass destruction failed.” Netanyahu lied then and there were no weapons of mass destruction. The bill Netanyahu is lobbying for specifically sabotages America’s “diplomatic efforts” to eliminate Iran’s ‘alleged’ goal of building a weapon of mass destruction.

The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad contradicts Netanyahu’s claim about Iran’s nuclear capability, but so did many Americans in the run up to the Iraq invasion; when they want war in the Middle East, Republicans go-to authority is warmonger Benjamin Netanyahu and he is happy to deliver the goods.

Now Republicans have brought the warmonger back again to claim like he has for well over a decade that  Iran is  just a month away from having a nuclear device to start the next American war in the Middle East. It obviously worked so well with Bush and Iraq that with some of the same Israeli loyalists, anti-Semites, and un-American Republicans in Congress, the arrogant Israeli prime minister likely believes America’s attack on Iran is within his grasp.

Now, this absurd lie that President Obama does not support Israel is beyond comprehension. Obama has given Israel more of American taxpayer dollars, and security, than any Republican president; all the while  the GOP cries that ‘America is too broke’ to repair its pathetically decrepit infrastructure, take care of its Iraq and Afghanistan war Veterans, or fund its own government agencies.  President Obama was also supportive in his silence as Israel brutalized and murdered innocent Palestinian civilians because some criminals kidnapped and killed two Israelis. However, one has to give Obama a pass because he also has been silent over George W. Bush’s massacre of over 655,000 innocent Iraqi civilians as of 2006 after Saudi criminals killed Americans on 9/11. At least Obama does not hold Israel to a double standard where killing innocent civilians is concerned. Although one certainly regards allowing Israel to have a nuclear arsenal and not Iran is the definition of double standard and no, that is not anti-Semitic it is honest-to-dog truth.

This entire Netanyahu ploy is not about Iran acquiring a nuclear device; it is about Israel and Republicans wanting another Middle East war to control the region. If it was about nuclear weapons, where is Netanyahu’s outrage and why is he not lobbying for an America war with Pakistan? There are many theories for why Israel, and most Republicans want a war with Iran, and one that is reasonable is Noam Chomsky’s claim that a nuclear armed Iran is a deterrent to Israeli and American imperialism and dominance in the Middle East. However, theories aside, America cannot allow a foreign nation to dictate its foreign policy any more than un-American Speaker John Boehner should allow a foreigner to lobby for legislation to derail America’s attempts at diplomacy; attempts that reveal it is Republicans who are anti-Semitic and more importantly, inherently un-American.


Audio engineer and instructor for SAE. Writes op/ed commentary supporting Secular Humanist causes, and exposing suppression of women, the poor, and minorities. An advocate for freedom of religion and particularly, freedom of NO religion. Born in the South, raised in the Mid-West and California for a well-rounded view of America; it doesn't look good. Former minister, lifelong musician, Mahayana Zen-Buddhist.

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