Bernie Sanders Applauds Senate Democrats For Sustaining Obama’s Keystone XL Veto

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Sen. Bernie Sanders applauded the Senate today for sending the message that United States is listening to the scientific community on climate change by sustaining President Obama’s veto of Keystone XL.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders (I-VT) said:

I applaud President Obama for vetoing the Keystone XL legislation and the Senate for sustaining that veto.

The Senate and President Obama have sent an important message that the United States finally is listening to the scientific community and recognizing that global warming poses a real threat to our planet.

At a time when we should be doing everything we can to promote the development of clean sources of energy, it would have been crazy to let a Canadian oil company ship some of the dirtiest oil on the planet across the United States.

Climate change is real, it is caused by human activity and it is already causing devastating problems. Our job now is to aggressively transform our energy system away from fossil fuels and toward energy efficiency and sustainable energy.

Sen. Sanders was correct. The push for Keystone XL defied all logic and common sense. Rejecting Keystone XL is the first step in creating a policy that will lead to real energy independence. Having the opportunity to buy oil from another country is not a strategy for energy independence. The message is clear. Republicans aren’t going to be allowed to get away with ignoring science so that the oil industry can profit.


Bernie Sanders has led the charge to sustain President Obama’s veto. The Keystone XL bill was a waste of time. There was no chance that the president was going to sign the bill into law, or that Republicans would ever be able to muster enough Democratic support to override President Obama’s veto. Senate Republicans spent a month passing a bill that would never become law.

Keystone XL is bad energy policy. It is an even worse jobs bill, and the country is better off because Democrats and Independents like Bernie Sanders sustained President Obama’s veto.

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  1. Thank you Senators for doing the right thing. Now it’s time to get some real jobs bills passed. Our infrastrucure is crumbling and Republicans say we can’t afford to pay for it, yet they are more than willing to back Mr. Netanyahu’s call to go to war against Iran. We can afford that?

  2. forget for a moment environmental ramifications…..

    if the keystone xl were such a good idea, why does it run north south instead of east west? why does it run from one oil producing area to another oil producing area, instead of to an area, like the east coast where there is demand for oil? the exponential growth in oil traffic on the railroads since about 2010 proves this is where the market is, not the gulf coast. could keystone xl be just a way for Canada to export its oil around the world by shipping it to warm water ports, and not the energy bonanza for America that the gop would have us believe? inquiring minds want to know…..

  3. China is hugely invested in Canada’s tar sands and Sinopac, a Chinese state owned company, funded the early work on the pipeline across Canada to their west coast but the Canadians would not allow the pipeline to be built. Canada has experienced devastating leaks to the environment and enormous clean up costs. That’s when the project decided to push its way across the American breadbasket and watershed. Sinopac has huge investments in Canada’s oil sands project as does PetroChina. This oil is sold to China.

  4. The plan for this oil never, was to be sold in this country, only for shipment outside. Mostly China. The rethugs were planning a fast one on this country and it’s people.

  5. the turtle is in favour of states violating federal law? we should all go to dc and smoke a blunt in the capitol while the senate’s in session….lol after all, it’s legal in dc even if not under federal law….

  6. It’s almost as if they’re looking for something more than just exporting Canadian Oil to China.

    Perchance: an opportunity to poison a massive water aquifer, along with some Eminent Domain land grabs ala Railroad Barons.

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