The Entire GOP Field for 2016 is as Tainted as a Bucket of Rotten Meat

Ted Cruz value voters summit
If you are looking for a Republican candidate in 2016 who isn’t either bought and paid for by the Kochs, or in thrall to the Religious Right – or both – good luck. Not one of them has your interests at heart. Or for that matter, America.

People for the American Way in a press release yesterday informed us that both Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz will be not just attending but headlining an event in Iowa next week with the Religious Right’s evil mastermind, David Lane.

And remember the supposedly moderate Jeb Bush, the guy whose attempt to tell Republicans at CPAC that it’s not good to be seen as “anti-everything” triggered a walk-out? (For that matter, remember when Bobby Jindal warned the GOP they have to stop being the party of stupid?)

Well, Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council (FRC) says he managed to sink his hooks into Jeb Bush while at CPAC (apparently after the “anti-everything” attempt), and reported Monday that, “the former Florida leader was very willing to listen” (I bet he is!), “especially on issues like religious liberty and same-sex ‘marriage.’ Although social issues may not be his first priority, I sensed he was genuinely interested in learning how to effectively work those themes into his overall messaging.”

And OneNewsNow suggests God has selected Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker:

Sam Rohrer, president of the American Pastors Network, believes Governor Walker could be a very special candidate. “My personal opinion is it may just be that we’re seeing an individual who God has raised up perhaps for this time,” Rohrer tells OneNewsNow.

“He has already stood against a great deal of opposition, and God has kept him standing. He has stood for the right issues. He has stood for the rule of law. He’s stood firmly on the side of biblical, moral issues.”

You know, like comparing teachers to terrorist who behead and burn people alive. You can’t get more biblical than that.

In fact, the entire Republican field for 2016 is as tainted as a bucket of rotten meat. There is not a single one among them prepared to defend American democracy or the United States Constitution.

Take a look at PFAW’s press release:

Cruz, Jindal Headline Event with Extremist David Lane

Likely Presidential contenders Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal will headline the American Renewal Project’s Pastors and Pews event in Iowa next week, according to the Des Moines Register. By leading the event, Cruz and Jindal ally themselves with one of the most inflammatory voices in the Republican Party: David Lane, who founded the American Renewal Project.

“By standing with David Lane, Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal show their extreme anti-gay allegiances and their blatant disregard for the fundamental American value of embracing religious freedom,” said People For the American Way President Michael Keegan. “We deserve to know why Cruz and Jindal would align themselves with David Lane and this event.”

All members of the Republican National Committee (RNC) have been invited to attend the event. RNC chair Reince Priebus also has previously sung the praises of David Lane, and Priebus ignored calls from PFAW and others to cancel the recent RNC trip to Israel that Lane organized.

PFAW’s Right Wing Watch blog has long documented the bigoted statements of David Lane. Here are some of the key examples:

“Homosexuals praying at the Inauguration” of President Obama in 2013 will provoke God’s wrath in the form of “car bombs in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Des Moines, Iowa.” [7/23/13]

“Our long-term strategy must be to place the Bible in Public Schools as the principle [sic] textbook of American education.” [1/29/15]

“America was founded by Christians, as a Christian nation.” [7/17/13]

Republicans who support marriage equality are like politicians who backed slavery in the run-up to the Civil War. [1/29/15]
While “America was a Christian nation” since its founding, now it must choose between being “a Christian nation or a pagan nation.” [7/17/13]

Americans “grovel to the false god of Islam”; “America, a Christian nation in heritage and culture, is being dismantled brick by brick.” [1/29/15]

See more here.

You get the idea these people don’t like America too much, don’t you?

We can probably expect limited media exposure to these events from now on, as a Bobby Jindal speech in Greenville, North Carolina last night, demonstrates. Originally, David Lane’s American Renewal Project, told the media, “News reporters aren’t allowed to attend unless they can agree with the candidate on which quotes to report.”

In other words, he may have said it, but you can’t report it. This is an interesting attempt to retroactively edit the past by an ideology that regularly repurposes the past for its own ends.

This, the local paper, the Greenville News, “declined to do,” they tell us. But “after a version of this story broke online, Twitter lit up and a Jindal aide asked the sponsors to reconsider.”

Social media, at this point, may be Democracy’s last, best hope for survival in this country. But you have to ask yourself, if Jindal wants to be president, why is trying to hide from the media? The Greenville News reports,

The American Renewal Project, Jindal’s host for a dinner at the Embassy Suites hotel, is a California-based, socially conservative organization that says its mission is to return America to its Judeo-Christian roots.

David Lane, its president, told The Greenville News he has little to gain from exposure in the news media. Some reporters, he said, “have agendas” and “don’t even care what the truth is.”

“It’s too bad that’s the way it is, but that’s the way it is,” Lane said.

As for Jindal, reporters can quote him “all they want,” said Shannon Dirmann, an aide to the governor.

This is also interesting – it’s the media that has an agenda, not the guys trying to overthrow American democracy and the Constitution using the Bible and theocracy.

David Lane is right about having little to gain, given exposure of his plans will certainly retard his attempts to destroy the country founded on secular Enlightenment principals.

The 2016 elections will be nothing less than an attempt by Religious conservatives to destroy America and turn it into a 13th century-ish, Islamic State-like apparatus of repression. We have already seen agreement by the Religious Right and the Islamic State on certain theological issues, with the major disagreement between them being what to call God and the set of anti-constitutional religious laws used to hold us all in thrall.

Practically speaking, from where the rest of us stand, it doesn’t matter if we are being repressed by Sharia law or the Law of Moses. Repressed is repressed. I warned you that the 2014 midterms would be a vote between democracy and theocracy. It was, and democracy lost. But in 2016, we are electing not only a congress but a president.

One thing become clear in all this: the enemy isn’t in Iraq and Syria. The enemy is here. And they’re coming for us in 2016.

35 Replies to “The Entire GOP Field for 2016 is as Tainted as a Bucket of Rotten Meat”

  1. God has selected Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

    The almighty can take him anytime he wants. I, for one, have no use for Walker here.

    I’m not sure God can pass the voter suppression tactics or the litmus tests that the GOP base places on voters anyway…being the undocumented entity that he (or she) is.


  2. Has Pyush Jindal done anything for his state? It seems to be always at the bottom for everything, jobs, poverty, lack of health care etc.
    Please, no pictures of Cruz in the morning,
    it makes it impossible to eat breakfast, this man is sick, sick sick.
    How did this Cuban/Canadian get educated in the us?

  3. “Sam Rohrer, president of the American Pastors Network, believes Governor Walker could be a very special candidate. “My personal opinion is it may just be that we’re seeing an individual who God has raised up perhaps for this time,” Rohrer tells OneNewsNow.

    “He has already stood against a great deal of opposition, and God has kept him standing. He has stood for the right issues. He has stood for the rule of law. He’s stood firmly on the side of biblical, moral issues.”

    I mean, how f v c K 1 n g stupid can one be, even if one is insane and delusional at the same time??????

  4. The Association Of Rotten Meat has officially asked for a apology for being compared to Conservative politicians.

  5. Affirmative action, perhaps? I’m sure that’s how he got into Harvard. The man is dumber than a board, and no, I don’t care that the GOP thinks he’s MENSA material…the man has no soul. Walker, Jindal, and all the rest…cruel power-hungry greedy Dominionists one and all. Take them, God!

  6. A “bucket of rotten meat” is the perfect repast for the consumers of conservative carrion eaters. They consume with zeal the refuse of the intellect that we on the left dispose of because it does taint everything it touches. The Reich Wing is a disease that must be excised.

  7. They’re all just rotten to the core. It’s sad when conservatism is basically mutated into this monster that just… hates.

    That’s all they have. Hate. No solutions, no problem solving. Just pure undistilled hate.

  8. Great metaphor! Time to retire “the Clown Car” and replace it with “Rotten Bucket o’ Meat”?

  9. He probably cannot explain himself…it’s the knee-jerk reaction of the uninformed wedded to certain ideological talking points. It’s what he is programmed to say in response to unwelcome information

  10. Say what you want, but Rasmussen says otherwise:

    Rasumussen also tends to be one of the more favorable towards Obama’s rating, so calling them skewers is just plain wrong.

    With the new revelation about Clinton’s emails, things are up in the air.

    Just trying to break the circle-jerk here guys. Let’s not pretend that Republicans aren’t a legitimate threat to the Presidency.

  11. Give them a little credit. They care. It’s not just hate. They care very much for their uber rich benefactors, the Kochs. They care very much for the big oil companies. They do care, just not for the poor and middle class, nor for the United States.

  12. You see that’s the problem. You guys simply shrug it off “ah *something-something-something* Fox News”, “ah they’re biased”, “ah and pigs are flying”, without ever facing the reality of it. Republicans may very well win the Presidency in 2016, keep the House, and the Senate. And no matter how much you make fun of them, they will still be in power.

    I remember this site running a legitimate article several months ago (before the election) saying Democrats might actually get more seats in the Senate, and take back the House. Are you crazy? Look at the facts.

    I was hoping this site had gotten better, but apparently the circle-jerking has only worsened.

  13. You baggers might keep the house because of your dirty tricks. You might lose the Senate because of how many seats you have to defend in blue states but there is not a snowballs chance in hell you will win the Presidency. The electoral map is not in your favor and states that are red now will be purple. Its called demographics and you are on the wrong side of them,

  14. Walker too has issues regarding emails during his recall election. Nothing so far has happened because the judge’s Walker appointed in Wisconsin have knocked down everything preventing more thorough investigations. I think once the primaries really kick off, Walker will get hit from his Republican challengers.

  15. This is a great warning of what is happening to us in the US. Come on people use your brain, think and fight against voter suppression. Don’t stay home during elections come out and vote.

    Not voting guarantees that you will get 100% of what you do not want.


    The late President John Adams said in the Treaty of Tripoli said:


    While I am not an atheist, I HATE IT when people try to bring God into everything that “religious people” try to bring into this, that or the other. Keep in mind that John Adams was one of the founders of this country.

    Many of the founders were NOT CHRISTIANS, they were Deists…George Washington was one before he gave in and joined the Episcopal church. Benjamin Franklin was not one either. Look it up, folks, it’s all there.

    Most of my hatred is for people who claim to be Christian but should be in prison for screwing anything and anyone who isn’t them.


  17. But still you want to give our foreign policy over to a Jewish nation. Exactly how does that work?

  18. That whaco thinks that anyone who is not a Christian has no rights in this country and, indeed, if they come to our shores, they should have to convert to a perverse religion (they’re not Christians) or get out.

    What anyone who is an American would want to cozy up to a creep like that is beyond my ability to grasp.

    Both Cruz (he and his father also believe that this is a Xian country) Jindal must believe in that anti-American. Gives me the chills.

    Oh, gee, all we need teach is the bible. WHOSE BIBLE? Regardless of which bible is the fact that to them, technology, science, chemistry, medical education…non of those necessary items should be shit canned and read a four-thousand year-old book.

    As soon as I get through banging my head against the wall I will kiss the first politician who rejects ALL of what those anti-Americans want.

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