Netanyahu Speech Flops As Democratic Senators Withdraw Their Support For Iran Bill


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress continues to backfire, as key Democratic senators have withdrawn their support for a Senate bill that would have reviewed any nuclear agreement with Iran.

The Washington Post reported:

If Hill Republicans thought Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Tuesday address would build broad support for having Congress review any nuclear deal with Iran, they thought wrong.

By the end of the day Tuesday, key Democratic senators had pulled their support for just such a bill after Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced he was fast-tracking the legislation, bringing it to the Senate floor for debate as soon as next week, short-circuiting committee deliberations that Democrats say are necessary to perfect it.

Sen. Bob Menendez announced on the Senate floor last night that he was pulling his support for the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act. Menendez said, “There is no emergency, this deal – if there is one – won’t be concluded until almost summer. Let’s do this the right way. I know I cannot object to the Rule 14 process under the rules, but I say to my colleagues, if this is the process then I will have no choice but to use my voice and vote against any motion to proceed to the bill.”

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) who was a co-sponsor of the bill said, “As a co-sponsor of this important bipartisan bill, I believe the effort by the Republican leadership to force the bill to the floor prior to full committee consideration is contrary to the important interests at stake. Premature action also disrespects the ongoing work to build a broad coalition of colleagues in support of this bill. Congress should weigh in on any Iranian nuclear deal that impacts the statutory sanctions we’ve enacted. But we need to demonstrate that our review will be thoughtful and deliberate rather than rushed and partisan.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to use Netanyahu’s speech as a means to doublecross two important Democratic supporters of the bill. McConnell tried to turn a piece of legislation that would have called for a Senate review of any agreement into a partisan attack on the president, so Democrats are withdrawing their support for the bill.

Speaker of the House John Boehner and Majority Leader McConnell thought that Netanyahu’s speech would be a powerful political weapon. The reality is that the speech has unified Democrats, boosted President Obama’s approval rating, and turned out to be politically worthless.

The Netanyahu speech was a flop, as Senate Democrats remain firmly in control of the congressional agenda.

100 Replies to “Netanyahu Speech Flops As Democratic Senators Withdraw Their Support For Iran Bill”

  1. Was there ever such a group of ignorant, arrogant, and downright evil legislators as this GOP? Not to mention they should all be hauled out of chambers and into court explaining why their actions are not sedition and grounds for termination.

  2. At January’s State of the Union speech, the gop sat on their hands and frowned with their ugly faces for Obama. For Netanyahu yesterday, they acted like a bunch of swooning school girls. What a disgusting bunch.

  3. Explain how it is anymore “seditious” to allow a foreign leader to speak before Congress than Executive orders overriding laws without benefit of Congressional approval that one has sworn by oath to execute. You know, that branch that was given the task of creating the laws as per the Constitution of the United States of America? The President only has been given the Constitutional power to execute the laws, not to make or change them unilaterally.

  4. The President hasn’t overridden any laws. He can exercise permissible discretion with regard to how they are implemented. Get with the program.

  5. That probably was Menendez’ intention all along to make his approval or disapproval appear much more dramatic and important than it really is.

    Gosh, I hope it turns out well for Obama and Iran doesn’t decide to nuke anyone in 10 years ’cause that’s the same deal the UN gave to Saddam and look how that turned out for Iraq…except this time we KNOW for sure that Iran undoubtedly has the machinery and hardware to create a nice little arsenal of nuclear bombs.

  6. Why would Iran nuke anyone? What country that has nukes ever use them? Hopefully you weren’t asleep in summer school when that question came up

  7. Ever heard of prosecutorial discretion by the Executive, Bev? Over 100 legal experts acknowledge that prosecutorial discretion by the Executive is grounded in the Constitution.

    Maybe you self-proclaimed lovers of the U.S. Constitution should actually READ it and read it with a modicum of comprehension.

  8. Us. We’re the only country that has nukes that has ever used them. I guess Bev was home schooled and didn’t read that in her history books.

  9. Nothing the GOP has done over the past six years has worked. They never learn and keep plowing along as if the country and the world are in alignment with them, when they are not. When are they ever going to leave fantastic and join us in the real world?

  10. Is it just me or does the congress’ GOP vs Dems remind anyone else of “Revenge of the Nerds”, brains vs bullies?

  11. Tell us Bev, when was the last time Iran was the aggressor in a war? When was the last time Iran invaded another country?

    Now tell me when was the last time Israel was the aggressor in a war?

    You are not a student of history or current events are you.

  12. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, “On August 6, 1945, during World War II (1939-45), an American B-29 bomber dropped the world’s first deployed atomic bomb over the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The explosion wiped out 90 percent of the city and immediately killed 80,000 people; tens of thousands more would later die of radiation exposure. Three days later, a second B-29 dropped another A-bomb on Nagasaki, killing an estimated 40,000 people. ” (

  13. It constantly amazes me how disconected from history (even quite recent history) you RWNJ’s are, Bev. Look into the concept of PRECEDENT as it applies to Obama’s EO on immigration. How does your tiny, hateful little mind justify your patheticd attempt to imply criminality in an action taken by Obama which is exactly the same as those taken by many of his predecessors?

  14. I can sum up your sad little display of paranoia with four little words (repeated twice):


    Pathetic sheep-person.

  15. Bev,
    Be sure to live in continual fear because clearly you’ve got nothing else to do. Try to contribute to society instead of spreading fear. We need fewer Bevs, more Baracks.

  16. …you don’t need to look far…..look at the Reagan Amnesty. THAT was an executive order prior to congress approving an immigrations reform bill. President Obama had been waiting for congress to pass the immigration bill that was on their hands for two years already. As the executive branch of government, the president has every constitutional right and power to issue executive orders that either congress will follow through with their versions of bills, not just execute laws that the legislative branch of government has passed.
    While there is no specific provision in the Constitution that permits e.o., there is a “grant of executive power” given in Article II of the Constitution.

    Presidents have used that language, along with their constitutional powers as commander and chief over the nation’s military, to issue executive orders—whether it be to change domestic policy or go to war. And they are legally binding— [wink]

  17. They attacked and were at war with Iraq for decades. They attacked our Embassy in Tehran and held 50 Americans hostage for over 400 days. They were responsible for the bombings of our embassies in Tanzania and Kenya where 300 people dies and countless wounded. And they support Hezbollah which attacks Israel yearly. And Iran has stated openly that they want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. What more do you need to do you need?

    I won’t go into what most reasonable liberals would consider egregious human rights violations like subjugation of women, gays and the execution of same and journalists for who dare to speak out.

  18. You are stupid. Iraq invaded Iran
    Iran-Iraq War. Started by Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein in September 1980,

    Ai Qaeda was responsible for the African bombings. The bombings were carried out by members and associates of Usama Bin Ladin’s organization, known by the Arabic word “al-Qaeda”, literally, “the base”).

    Israel has invaded Lebanon to fight Hezbollah which Israel got their asses kicked 2006 War Called a ‘Failure’ for Israel

    You really did fail summer school because no one can be this ignorant

  19. I don’t live in perpetual fear of Iran or terrorist regimes. I live in perpetual fear of what will happen if and when Israel decides that they no longer want to live in perpetual fear and under constant attack. Do you really think placating the mullahs in Iran or ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, or Boko Haram et al. when they directly and openly threaten another country with annihilation and outright murder innocent women and children will work? That they will somehow just go away?

  20. And a hundred other experts who will say just the opposite. Wow, isn’t it great that we have a Judicial branch of our government to work through these problems…

  21. djchefron you hit the nail on the head. It seems these people can tell you all about Dancing with the stars,the British royal family,or the latest flash in the pan You tube video. But current events. They give you a look like WTF is that.

  22. Bev,

    I want to thank you for your comments. When the rest of the world makes fun of Americans because so many people, like you, have no clue about what is really going on in the world, they tend to say, “No way. It’s impossible anyone is that ignorant.”

    Again, thanks.

  23. We have always made accommodation for refugees or those who could make a case that they would be harmed or killed if they had to return. Cubans are one groups in particular that illustrate this. Any Cuban who could reach our shores was allowed refugee status.

    Tell me how people crossing our southern borders fits into this category?

  24. And if you check you will find out that Reagan’s Executive order was specific to Chinese students who had petitioned the government to be allowed to stay when their visas ran out. They had legitimate fears for their own safety once forced to return to China.

  25. I am not afraid of Boko Haram or ISIL or whatever CIA created group they make up next week. I am afraid of losing my job and not having the ability to retire.

    Terrorism is just that. If a bunch of idiots put a black flag with arabic writing on it on some hill, I don’t care. If they come over here and start killing people, it won’t be as many as die in gun deaths each year. The only reason these stories are in the news is that GE and other defense companies own the media. War is profitable at GE. Thus, fear is put on the TV.

    What about American jobs?

    What about the retirement savings crisis?

    What about our health care crisis?

    What about our infrastructure crisis?

    What about our severe trade deficits and terrible trade agreements?

    What about our increasing income inequality?

  26. This is actually a reply to Bev. The US Supreme Court has already weighed in on this and agrees the President does have discretionary powers.

  27. And yet you have no problem with Israelis under Netanyahu killing innocent children and non-combatants. You have no problem with them destroying the only power distribution center, killing power to hospitals? Yeah, you’re a real humanitarian.

  28. Many people in Israel are not forgetting how Netanyahu incited hatred of Yitzhak Rabin, the Israeli Prime Minister at the time, and that hatred led to Rabin’s assassination and sabotaged the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

    Netanyahu has made an unholy alliance with the American right wing for over 2 decades.

    Never forget. Never forget what an asshole Bibi really is.

  29. If any Republicans want war , just because Bibi wants one at the expense of the U.S,should join Israel’s army..and volunteer to be in the front lines..

  30. Most Republicans will say they read the constitution ,But most won’t comprehend what they read…99% ?

  31. Come on, Israel and Iran are two small countrys. Iran nukes someone, unless they’re in suicidal mode, which is doubtful except for exremists and terrible-ists, everyone in Iran is not berserk. The consequences would be too great for Iran & the rest of the world China,Russia, ect. Do we really think that Iran would nuke another country? Why would they do such a stupid teaparty-assed move. You can expect Reinse Preibus or George W. to do something that stupid. Let’s get real.

  32. Believe me I am no fan of Bev and her ignorant comments, but personal attacks don’t help. Just one suggestion Bev, google “presidential executive orders” you’ll be amazed how many fewer President Obama has done than his predecessors. He probably would have done even fewer if this congress in the last 6 years had actually done something other than try to repeal the Affordable Care Act 50+ times and “investigate” Benghazi over and over again because they didn’t like the result the last time.

  33. Why give cover to ignorance? If I am not sure about something I do use the google. Just posting misinformation, lies or whatever you want to call them is just wrong
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  34. There is a GOP pattern on nuclear non-proliferation talks with bad guys; it doesn’t work; they want to use it anyway. When GW Bush took office, N. Korea was NOT a nuclear power–because Clinton’s policy of engagement was working. The Bush government was offended by the kowtowing and bribery he perceived in Clinton’s diplomacy with N. Korea. Clinton’s policy of treating the DPRK with respect and some economic favors had kept the DPRK IN the nonproliferation treaty. When Bush took office, he got tough, cutting off aid and talks. In 2003, DPRK withdrew from the treaty; in 2006, they exploded their first bomb. Today they have many. Now the GOP wants to get tougher (than Obama’s crippling economic sanctions) and end talks with Iran. This policy worked not at all with N Korea; why not try it again in Iran? Wasn’t it Einstein who said performing the same action over & over again and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity?

  35. As long as you and other RWNJ’s refuse to read and actually understand the President’s EO, there will be a problem. You ignorantly call it seditious while ignoring the fact that many in Congress stupidly refer to the bill as being amnesty. There is absolutely nothing in the bill regarding amnesty nor did the President do anything illegal despite the continuing cries from the RW of the same.

  36. Every president since Eisenhower has issued similar executive orders on immigration, and EOs even more proactive, and not been subject to the traitorous actions of the GOP. Involving a foreign leader up for reelection in our business without clearing it with the White House (the constitution gives foreign policy management to the president) is more than sedition but you neocons want to rewrite history in your own lying, corrupt image. The Jews want to fight a war with Iran, let them fight it on their own.

  37. Not the Jews. Its the Likud party that wants American blood and treasure to fight for a greater Israel

  38. Oh please! Just stop. I don’t know you, but I am embarrassed for you. Your ignorance has become breathtaking.

  39. Tony, look up the definition of traitor. Yes, it is commonly used in the sense you used, but it has a very specific meaning.

  40. I could be missing something. But Iran does not have nukes. Right? Israel has many nukes. I know – we don’t talk about that. But Iran knows and every country in the ME knows that Israel has nukes. So I am trying to make sense of the RW talking points about Iran and nukes. Should Iran develop a nuke, Israel could lobe one of there nukes in seconds. This is so pointless to me.

    Israel wants a conventional war. Well who has the man/woman power to fight such a war? Is the RW gearing up for the “draft”?

  41. Mr Obama did commit the worst crime of all to a RWNJ. He was Presidentin’ while Black, and they’ll never forgive him for it.

  42. It’s a real dog and pony show. Bibi bangs the war drums and the neocons start marching. It was disgusting to see him at the podium in Congress. Anyone responsible for allowing his warmongering ranting and raving should be fired immediately.

  43. But it’s OK with you that Israel is the only power in the MidEast with nuclear capability? Technology they stole from the USA? In what scenario other than a Hollywood movie is any nation willing to accept Mutually Assured Destruction?

  44. I’ve learned long ago that trying to reason with a winger is pointless and fruitless. Present them with FACTS that disprove their argument, and they simply change the subject. Do they ever admit being wrong? No. Do they ever acknowledge factual information? Never. Like their hero and leader, Rush Limbaugh, they spit out distortions and lies, and refuse to ever concede when they’ve been proven wrong.
    They will NEVER give Obama credit for anything, because all they know is hatred and bitterness.

  45. “I won’t go into what most reasonable liberals would consider egregious human rights violations like subjugation of women, gays and the execution of same and journalists for who dare to speak out”

    Are you talking about Iran or our ally, Saudi Arabia?

  46. Bev – if you have a teenager that is troublesome, you can do two things: 1. Talk, set up some rational consequences that include rewards for good behaviour; or 2. Just keep taking away privileges…until no privileges are left to be taken. Then what? 1. You’re out of cards to play; 2. No matter what the teenager does, no matter how bad, he/she has nothing left to lose…
    What is your preferred course of action at that point? Let him walk all over you? Kill him?

    I should think you’d want to rethink your negotiating principles, before it’s too late.

  47. I have been vacationing on the planet Venus so I missed the “orders overriding laws without benefit of Congressional approval”.

    What laws were these?

    Would they be the same laws that Reagan, George H.W. and George W. overrode when they gave amnesty to immigrants? BTW, no laws were involved.

  48. Not only does it unify Democrats and rally support for the president, but how much of the voting public has it angered? It’s a blatant attempt to undermine the diplomatic efforts the administrations is engaged in, and if I’m not mistaken, Boehner violated the Logan Act in doing what he did.

  49. There is the element of Shi’ite tradition that requires that the earth be “filled with tyranny and violence” before the Twelfth Imam can return. (Peace and blessings be upon him)
    Shi’ites and the mad mullahs believe they can hasten the Twelfth Imam’s return and the consummation of all things by, say, launching a nuclear strike against Tel Aviv or some other infidel, knowing that by doing so they would almost certainly be provoking a retaliatory strike that would subject the Muslims in Iran to more defeat and repression than the Shi’ites had ever previously suffered. It is their belief that this would be enough to bring the Twelfth Imam out of the well where he is said to be hiding.

    Our evil is their good.

    Stop being stupid
    The pain you have inflicted upon me is deep and abiding and I shan’t soon forget it

  50. What will happen if Issa Herzog wins. He’s more liberal than Netanyahu. Will GOP’S call anyone who disagrees with him anti-Israel. Will they fawn all over him and kiss his whatever. It will be the same respect they show the new Pope. They hate anyone who doesn’t tow the corporate line.

  51. Well of course, it’s because he is so much more intelligent than they are. He is playing chess and the GOP are always playing old maid!!

  52. Sometimes it is enlightening to read Haaretz, they are not as thrilled with Netanyahu as the rethugs are.

  53. And let them fight this war with their own money, not ours! The Jewish people get universal medical, while the rethugs refuse to give the same for our people. They fight to kill any bill for this. Over 50 votes against the ACA (Obama care). Billions are given to the Jewish nation every year. This money could well be spent here, bridges, schools, roads, care for the poor, jobs. All we get in return is BIBI coming here to convince us we, should go to war. Insulting our Pres. and our people.

  54. Heard Netanyahu and McCain have combined to create a catchy new Christmas tune— something about “bomb bomb Iran” and “War on Earth”— these absolute dead heads have zero to live for—

  55. It would be nice, Bev, if you all were to actually comprehend the Constitution instead of attempting to rewrite it to comport with the tea party’s theocratic worldview:

    About that Tea Party Constitutional Convention you all are attempting to get off the ground:

    I’d say both your understanding and purported reverence for the U.S. Constitution are bogus (and that’s putting it mildly).

  56. Kinda slow on the information highway. Suggest you study Executive Orders and how they work. Congress has done NOTHING but obstruct and LIE for SIX YEARS.

    Executive Orders are LEGAL. Sedition and Treason, not legal, study time!

  57. Iran will always be in American Jewish’s cross hairs. All this makes is a temperory deal with Iran. Wait when the Republilickings take office 2016. Bomb Bomb Iran.
    News media is putting lipstick on a pig’s BIBI’s face

  58. They lowered the deficit by forcing the Dems and Obama to budget set-offs. See that sequestration worked!

  59. Oh, I get it now, this site is just the liberal equivalent of I though because you were “liberals” that you would were more open-minded to discuss rather than resort to personal attacks. But sadly, you are no better or more intelligent, but you do you have the same extreme lack of civility. Good job, guys. You are just like them!

  60. Netanyahu will win the election because he’s right. I applaud him and every word that came from his lips.

  61. Then move to Israel. Iran used to be an ally. CIA tried to overthrow their government. now we’re not friends. Israel is Iago.

  62. If he told you to to jump into the Red Sea with an anchor chained to you would you applaud that also?

  63. These guys never learn, eventually the GOOD GUY wins……. they will never beat Obama, they aren’t smart enough!

  64. Boehner said previous to Obama’s Executive order that they were NOT going to address that and Obama gave him plenty of time to do something. Matter of fact: Name any actions that the GOP has done that have not been to dismantle anything Obama has done or to help the American People and not just the ultra rich/wall street! This last bill not to close the DHS was the first one in a LONG time that was “Clean” and did not strike down a benefit for the middle class! Obama has every right to use executive order as did all of the other other presidents! Especially when this Congress is so dysfunctional!

  65. It is a shame because I do not for an instant believe that the president has the foggiest idea of what it to have a country the size of New Jersey surrounded by enemies on all sides. Netanyahu doesn’t speak for me, but I do understand the seeming paranoia he has.

    Suppose we were a tiny nation surrounded by enemies who wish you were dead and who wants to kill all of the Jewish people around the world no matter who they are.

    Keep in mind that what Obama is planning on doing is taking the Iranians AT THEIR WORTHLESS WORD! He thinks that every country goes by our morals and our concept of playing by the rules. The Iranians have no such ethics.

    Although they are not Arabs, they are ethnically Persian, they are Muslims and Muslims are permitted to lie when it is beneficial to them. That is NOT to say that all Muslims are liars, but when it comes to their leaders especially, hell YES they can lie when it suits their purposes.

  66. Oh, forgot to mention that I too thought it was wrong for Boehner to invite Mr. Netanyahu to speak. That is not his place.

    IF the president had invited him, that would have been appropriate, but BOEHNER?

  67. And please tell me my Likudnite why should we believe what he is saying when his own intelligence said he is full of bullshit?

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