Alaska GOP Rep Don Young Wisecracks That Wolves Can Solve Homeless Problem


During a House Natural Resources Committee hearing, Alaska Representative Don Young (R), suggested that wolves could cure the homeless problem in some congressional districts. Congressman Young uttered the bizarre remark during an exchange with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell. Chastising members of Congress who support protecting wolves, Young lashed out:

How many of you have got wolves in your district? None. None. Not one. They haven’t got a damn wolf in their whole district. I’d like to introduce them in your district. If I introduced them in your district, you wouldn’t have a homeless problem anymore.

The sharp-tongued Congressman has a history of making offensive comments. His contempt for the homeless is not disguised at all by his toxic remark. In addition, his cavalier comment, also reveals his misguided understanding of wolves as well. Wolves rarely attack humans. Although there are an estimated 60,000 to 70,000 wolves in North America, there has only been one documented human fatality from a wild wolf attack in the United States, and another one in Canada.

Furthermore, Congressman Young’s caustic remark ignores the fact that homelessness is a more serious problem in his district than in most congressional district. He is not in any position to call out other members of Congress, when his own backyard has a major homeless problem. In 2013, Alaska ranked 8th out of the 50 states, in per capita homeless rate, making it one of the nation’s leaders in that unfortunate category. Apparently, wolves are not the solution. Nor is Don Young, who has served 42 years as Alaska’s Representative, without tackling the problem of homelessness in his state.

Representative Young’s cruel joke exposes his hideous mindset. The Alaska Representative hints that he believes the way to eradicate homelessness is by turning wolves loose in areas where the homeless congregate. Perhaps he hasn’t considered building affordable housing as a better alternative. The Republican lawmaker implies that eradicating the homeless is a “solution” to the problem. Paradoxically, when he is not advocating introducing wolves into the district’s of his political enemies to feast upon the homeless, he wants them eradicated as well.

While Young’s comments were meant in jest, they unmask his true feelings about wildlife and human life alike. Young lacks empathy, common sense, and perspective. Alaska voters should demand better of their representatives, but after rewarding Congressman Young for his monstrous behavior, 22 elections in a row, its hard to imagine they ever will.

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  1. I currently live in Alaska and I can tell you that Don Young is an embarrassment. The ONLY reason this nutcase – and he is a nucase – continues to get re-elected is that the Dem opponents have no money to campaign. For the 2014 ad, only a few radio ads came from the Democratic candidate – Forrest Dunbar – and he is the right man for the job. He just needs some cash to campaign effectively as the congressional district is the entire state of Alaska.

  2. I wonder how these type of people would feel if other people would say the same thing about them. The homeless problem for the most part has been caused by the major outsourcing of jobs that TP/GOP legislation has supported for years. These people are the life casualties. Far to many of the older ones end up dead.
    SO this jerk’s answer is to kill them all faster. The whole TP/GOP are enemies of all average Americans. They are not crazy they are nowadays coming out admitting that they want all that disagree with them to die. Wake up people the TP/GOP is waging war and the rest of America is in denial big time.

  3. …and, come Sunday morning
    he’ll be on bended knee
    before the Christian Cross
    praising a Loving God
    and a Redemptive Christ.

    God’s child, he is.

  4. A lot of homeless are Veterans. Would you Mr. Want to send them to war and deny them benefits and then sic wolves on us?

    Sick POS and Alaska should be ashamed but then again this is where the grifter from Wasilla is from

  5. Homeless folks are the type of people who would probably feed a scrap of food to a hungry wolf or pack of wolves if they had it. Probably make friends with the wolf. Let Rep Young come round and mess with them then!

  6. If you’re in trouble, or hurt or need – go to the poor people. They’re the only ones that’ll help – the only ones.
    -John Steinbeck

  7. What makes you think he was wisecracking and not totally serious? What in his previous inappropriate remarks is not consistent with this asinine comment?

  8. Palin is seriously trying to get her daughter, the mother of several illigitimate babies, to be recognized as a political force. The daughter who cannot pronounce words with more than two syllables who can be heard on that brawl tape using the F word in every sentence. Nancy French, a so-called Christian writer, writes a blog, pretending to be Bristol Palin. In the blog, nicknamed Brancy, she expounds on all things political. $arah keeps promoting it, telling anyone who responds to her blog, to go to her daughter’s blog. The grift must continue, so no Palin has to get a REAL job. They must see another reality show in their future also, too.

  9. Alaska Senator is no different than the rest of the Republicans, he’s just stupid enough to say it out loud. They all think like him, especially with people of color. Look at the Selma 50th Anniversay March, NO Republicans are joining this historical Tradgedy

  10. Com’ on, is anyone really shocked or deeply disturbed by his comment??? this is the modern GOP!! hell, the first requirement for being a republican is, you need to be a sociopath!! SERIOUSLY!! todays republicans are typically psychopaths!! thats why they can’t control their behavior in public! and watch how our republican TROLLS who frequent this site will excuse or whitewash young’s filthy comment!! WATCH!! and they ALWAYS start their babbling with some delusions about the “LIBERAL MEDIA”!! being the problem!! WTF!! will SOMEONE, ANYONE tell ME, where is this “LIBERAL MEDIA” AT??? at sure isn’t here in michigan!!!!

  11. Give Representative Young A Break!?!
    (42 Years of Observing Outsiders Politically Influencing his own home state turf-He isn’t young fart anymore.)

    So, occasionally he can’t control his emotions when someone is messing with his home State… with ex:(Aerospace Physics Scientists-Climate Change. EPA, President placing protective measures on the valued environmental issues on oil/gas lands and off shore areas off Alaska that he sees as hurting his allegiance to ALEC, Koch Brothers, Big Oil and Big Military Industry Interests)

    His credibility with his political party to be placed in a leadership position is ZERO despite his seniority… so in reality he is “Representative Zero Old Fart” with nothing to add but disgust with his own self image that he created with his own doing!!!

    He needs to do what is best for Alaska… RESIGN!!!

  12. I’m generally a nice person and don’t wish people harm. OTOH I wouldn’t particularly mind if Don Young lost all his resources and friends and found himself living on the street in Anchorage. Or maybe somewhere further out where there are wolves and bears. What goes around comes around.

  13. Just another College educated idiot. Got an abundance of them in DC. Maybe the answer to that is homelessness!!

  14. I doubt if that cranky old bastard will be in any church at any time. And, yes, he is an embarrassment to Alaskans who have a conscience.

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