Benghazi Committee Democrats Bust Republicans On Lie About Hillary Clinton Emails

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings And House Democrats Discuss Accuse GOP Of Obstructing The Legislative Process

The Democratic members of the House’s Benghazi Select Committee have caught Republicans in a lie about Hillary Clinton’s emails.

In a letter, the Democrats on the Benghazi committee wrote:

We urge you to withdraw the ill-considered subpoena—whose issuance to a cooperating witness served only to highlight the increasingly partisan nature of the Committee’s focus — and to immediately publish the Secretary’s emails in their entirety, as she has requested. Allowing these emails to be made public will help clear up any misperceptions and will also help return the Committee to its original purpose, investigating the tragic events in Benghazi, rather than allowing it to become a surrogate for the Republican National Committee.

Issuing this subpoena unilaterally with no deliberation by Committee Members, leaking information about the subpoena before informing Democratic Members, and providing inaccurate information at a press conference all contribute to a perception that this Committee is now targeting Secretary Clinton for political reasons rather than to clarify any remaining facts relating to the attacks in Benghazi.

The Democrats pointed out that Republicans already knew that Clinton used a private email account. The Republicans are inaccurately claiming that documents have been withheld, but former Sec. of State Clinton via the State Department has already turned over 55,000 pages of emails to the Benghazi committee.

During a press conference committee chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) claimed that Clinton used multiple personal email accounts, when the fact is that she used just one. Republicans are desperately trying to inflate this story so that it becomes an issue during the 2016 election. The Benghazi committee is a sham. A more accurate name for this political sideshow would be The Committee to Dig Up Dirt on Hillary Clinton.

The Benghazi Select Committee was already a waste of time. The claims that Republicans are investigating were debunked years ago. Democrats aren’t playing defense on this bogus story. They are knocking down Republican lies before they can get off of the ground. Republicans are already lying in order to inflate the story. Benghazi has been a bust for Republicans, and Hillary Clinton’s email account can’t revive their bogus conspiracy.

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  1. It’s clear to see why the Republicans are going after Hillary right now with every slimy concoted “scandal” they can conjure up. To punch holes in her sail, as she no doubt will trounce ANY cornpone Republican candidate who emerges from the barrel of clowns they have on the market. This is not going to stop…..they will dig, dig and dig. Not finding anything that will stick, they will, I am certain resort to making $#it up, innuendoes will be cast about hoping to stir up the gullible and Hillary haters (yes they are out there). The Benghazi schtick is old, and has been put to bed already. But like vultures the Republican “strategists” will continue to pick at the rotten carcass hoping to get some dried up sinew with which to dangle in front of the pitch fork, frothing at the mouth hordes. Hillary, like Obama will weather the storm. The Republican dirt machine will sputter and become irrelevant. And Republicans will again be flummoxed by the Democrats. Hillary WINS. her year…

  2. Representative Trey Gowdy is incorrectly labeled R-OK, when it is SC that inflicted him on the country. [WINK]

  3. The Democrats on the committee should subpoena former Congressman Darrell Issa and have him review, point by point, his committee’s final Benghazi report. One would think he is the most expert witness on Benghazi Witch Hunting.

  4. I think only the chairman has subpoena power.

    Gowdy needs to so back to appearing on Forensic Files as his career

  5. I’m glad to see the Democrats pushing back for a change. So many times in the past the Republicans were allowed to run roughshod over witnesses and lie to their evil hearts’ content. Good for you Democrats…good to see you again.

  6. This what happens when one party (GOP) has no interest in governing, nor believes in government, and has no interest in making life better for all Americans.

    They create phony scandals and promote fear. The current Republican Party in Congress is definitely “the do nothing party”. All they would like too do is have U.S. troops on the ground in as many countries as possible.

    I have never seen a party show such disrespect for a sitting president or the office he holds.

  7. yeah, and he wasn’t much good at that, either..i didn’t think it was possible to find a rightwingnut farther out than Darrell issa..(who I covered for his whole career until I retired..), but gowdy is proving me wrong..

  8. “The Republicans are inaccurately claiming that documents have been withheld…” (That is a matter of opinion, not fact. About 99% of this article (and he letter) are opinion, not fact. Clinton could have deleted reams of information and we’ll never know. That’s why there’s this big hubbub about it being a “private server.” There is no way to substantiate either sides claims. I agree this Benghazi thing has been over the top, but let’s not present opinions as facts unless you’re aiming to be known as Faux News Left.

  9. The Hillary Industrial Complex Gets Back to Work Oh, listen, dear, sweet, young, innocent readers, there was a time in a century past when an entire machine was constructed for the sole purpose of degrading and destroying President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary Clinton. It was a monstrous creation, all squeaky pistons and black smoke-belching ducts, leaving toxic waste wherever it was put to use. The machine was magical in that, all of a sudden, media stars were created by merely giving up their human bodies and becoming cogs in it. The surge of power and popularity in people like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly were caused by the machine pumping its foul product through a pipe that went directly up the assholes of conservative commentators and spewed garbage right out of their mouths. Did you know that the only reason that Ann Coulter exists is because of the machine? That Fox “news” came to prominence because it was the machine’s vilest output? And the people, oh, the people, dear children, how they gobbled up the trash left for them by the machine, not enough to bring down President Clinton, but enough to tarnish them in the eyes of a huge number of your parents and uncles and aunts so that the mere mention of a Clinton, now mostly Hillary, would remind them of the taste of the machine’s effluvia and debris and cause them to reflexively roll their eyes in hateful pleasure. – See more at:

  10. I don’t know what’s in MS Clinton’s private emails. I do know 3 things about them though. It’s quite possible that she would include security items in them that are not secure from eavesdropping. You have to assume that her private emails are not as secure as her State Department ones are. She could have also included information on the private ones that she did not want scrutinized on the State Department ones. The Democrats of which I was a lifelong member know for sure that a half dozen agencies are going to examine her private emails & redact anything they feel is (possibly) harmful to her or National Security. It’s another political ploy. Both sides play it. Personally speaking, I will continue to NOT vote for anyone who voted FOR the Patriot Act No one that foolish deserves to hold public office.

  11. Then again it could be a reminder to pick up her dry cleaning. Sheesh whitewater all over again. Look if you don’t like her policies then say so but to repeat the attacks just like they did in the 90’s to the Clintons then you cannot possibly say you are a Democrat and quite frankly no one ask what you are

  12. Spru,

    Great comment. I have to steal:

    ‘lie to their evil hearts’ content’.

    Fits Repigs perfectly.

    Thanks. [WINK]

  13. I work for lawyers and have worked for lawyers all of my 40 years of work.

    These days, most lawyers in small or sole practices have their own personal servers to add protection to confidential files.

    Our IT guy here in NashVegas got a call to Al Gore’s house in Belle Meade. He said Al’s system was just like most of the lawyers he worked with have for security.

    Of course the Clinton’s have a personal home server. I would imagine the Bushes, Carters do as well.

  14. Really, you just cant make this shit up!

    From his community confinement center, Dinesh D’Souza calls Obama, Clinton ‘lawless’

    Speaking live via Skype from San Diego, California, where he is currently serving his eight month sentence in a “community confinement center” along with five years probation for violating campaign finance laws, convicted felon Dinesh D’Souza decried Hillary Clinton’s “lawlessness” to Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg Wednesday night

  15. It’s obvious by now the GOP leadership told Gowdy to keep the Benghazi, smear Hillary, campaign alive. They apparently have no candidate and nothing to slow down the Hillary juggernaut. They will drag this thing out as long as they can and hope desperately for someone or something too appear and win the White House for them. Wellllllllllll, not gonna happen. Have you seen the Republicans up for the next election? C’mon you GOP stooges. Hillary is kicking your butt. There’s not a whole lot you can do about that. Especially now that the fringe crazies have taken over the GOP.

  16. You can smell the GOPs desperation already after the clown show that was CPAC. The best revenge for us Dems would be to bust ass for the next 18 months and get out the vote. Take both houses and the presidency in 2016, make Liz Warren SEC Chair or Attorney General and turn her loose. The GOP will not build its base much more as they have vacuumed up all the nuts and people too proud to admit their party is crazy. But the Dems can grow getting out the youth and the unregistered. So vote straight blue and watch the Koch Brothers choke on spending a billion dollars for nothing.

  17. The problem with the private server is that since 2009 and the National Archives Act, she is not allowed to use a private server. The argument that others in the past used private emails is moot, as it wasn’t the law for them not to. Ms. Clinton was Secretary of State and knew of this law. End of story. Now should there be repercussions for it? Debatable. The fact that she only just recently “turned over all of the emails” is what is suspect. Why were they not turned over to the State Department earlier? There is no way of knowing if the were in fact all turned over. Right or wrong, she has placed herself in a very suspicious position.

  18. “the entire machine was constructed for the sole purpose of degrading and destroying President Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary Clinton”
    Maybe the machine matured against them but it got it’s birth during Jimmy Carter’s administration. Looking back to then it was kinda cute going after Carter for being attacked by a swamp rabbit on a fishing trip, but it has long since quit being cute and now is absurdly dangerous and treasonous under Obama.
    I keep asking where are the Bush people who were screaming the blues about saying anything critical of a President with troops in field. I wish someone would write an article quoting them then compared to now.

  19. I can imagine how happy Gowdy was to hear this revelation about Hillary. He will run with it until the committees final report is issued in October 2016.

  20. If the GOP/TP ever get the White House to their collection, they’ll make sure they keep it even if they have to stomp on people’s rights that they pretend to care about.

  21. Dems.. Rebubs… 2 sides of the same coin being printed by the guys who manipulate both. And obvious to me at least, most of the posters here. Collective society (socialist/communist) or individual rights society (American Constitutional Republic)? Which do you prefer and back?
    Give up your argument about the difference between the dems and repubs, they’re both not working for your best interest.

  22. Yet another Republican pseudo-scandal.

    Must I remind everyone again about a *real* scandal. Must I remind all about that Iran-Contra crime again? Ronald Reagan, with certain officials of his administration (like John Poindexter and Oliver North), sold America’s weapons to America’s enemy, Iran. Why did they do it? To fund building an illegal “army” of terrorists called the Contras, whose main purpose was to rape and murder nuns for the crime of taking the words of Jesus seriously.

    But treason, rape, and murder are trivial when compared with the heinous crime of using e-mail. Tell me about Hillary selling missiles to Iran, tell me about Hillary building a terrorist army that rapes and murders nuns, show me evidence of that, and I will agree with you that Hillary Clinton is as evil as was Ronald Reagan.

  23. Maybe it time to remind Republicans of their Sweetheart Senator from NH,Kelly Ayotte(possible VP candidate) and her FRM Ponzi Scheme, deleting her government emails before she left office to cover up her “Bengazi” the Ponzi FRM investigation, it “really” was never truly solved, just covered up, millions of dollars lost by investors, never to be repaid. Then she was the Favorite NRA sweetheart, who supported a convicted fellon, for the shooting death of Bode Millers, cousin, Liko Kenny,defending himself against Bully Franconia police Officer McKay.(just like Furgerson except Liko was white)
    Skeletons in her closet if you want to open the door!

  24. first thing the rethugs will do is stomp on the Constitution and create their own. Remember Shrub calling it” nothing but a gd piece of paper”?

  25. A billion spent by the Kochs is a drop in the bucket. They can take that with a grin, maybe just a little squished face. But they will survive.

  26. W0ould anyone suppose that picking at this scab for another year and a half up to the 2016 elections is going to really serve anyone’s interest, let alone retain anyone’s interest? But then again they have been banging the Benghazi drum for far lounger than that. I do not see the Benghazi thing exerting any sort of influence in the direction of the GOP’s favor, so this whole thing smacks of a symbolic, ideologically driven faux hysteria designed to distract the public from relevant issues.

  27. IMO Clinton had to use private email in that GOP morons leak everything. Should she have been in talks on a issue, they would have done everything to ‘kill’ them. They’ve been hellbent on taking Obama down since Day 1 and would do everything and anything to do so.

    We know from the many actions of Izza et al — they cherry pick and leak — everything that sounds damaging and out of context.

    As far as I’m concerned, Izza should be in jail for his actions — both past before in elected office and most definitely while in office and heading committee re Benghazi, IRS, etc. He did more to cause trouble than solve issues.

    When Clinton is elected, we’ll hear their agenda will be set Day 1– to impeach her.

  28. FOX is sharpening their knives for Hillary as we speak. You’ve seen the Nasty talk, the bashing and the disrespect they have unleashed at her once their radar picked up that she is on the horizon as the Democrat’s choice in 2016. It’s called “pre-emptive” Gutter snipes. Warming up the Republican base, entertaining them with their usual NASTY Bull Shiiite. In the hopes that they will sully her character (That’s what they do at FOX, under orders from the Hard core Right wingers who control the opinion makers and the mud slingers: Hannity, O’Reilly, Megan, Fox and Friends, et al). So, get ready for more of this. But guess what? We can push back too. Counter attack with facts, and a writing campaign to ALL the Trash talking Right Wing media types, and the politicians alike, and the trolls who feebly attempt to disgust us with their ignorant posts all over the place.

  29. Don’t forget all the taxpayer dollars they’ve wasted too over the six years since President Obama took office. It’s got to be in the millions, if not billion. All witch hunts. Wasteful spending.

    Republicans are fiscal hypocrites. They are doing nothing positive for this country.

  30. Let’s not forget that Governor Romney destroyed all the computer hardrives from his administration when he left office. How paranoid and underhanded was that? The repubs have no right to cast stones.

  31. It’s always fun to watch the Republican Train Wreck in action.

    Anything and everything they can conjure up in an effort to divert attention from their lack of a qualified candidate for the 2016 elections.

  32. If I recall correctly, Palin never did release all of her emails, and Romney bought and destroyed all the computers containing his.

    And if I am reading this article correctly, that Issa et al want to hold back the emails, while the Democrats want them released.

    Um, right…what’s in them that makes Issa look bad? More Republican fingerprints on Benghazi?

  33. Not only did Romney destroy computers/drives, Huckabee ordered harddrives destroyed on his way out the door leaving the Governor’s office.

    Habit of the ReTHUGlicans.

    More important — It’s escaped MSM as they pounce on Clinton, that statement being spewed by Jebber the Hut that he’s released his emails. Not true. Emails he released were cherry picked & only about 10% were actually released.

    As usual — the stunned talking heads are not interested in truth – purely for the ratings. Included in those talking heads is Lawrence O’Donnell, who needs a Lorenna Bobbitt treatment. On his show I believe the evening story broke or next night, he was disgusting when questioning Jennifer Granholm. I thought I was watching Morning Joe jerking off in that Lawrence overspoke her, got louder to where he was as close to yelling as I’ve seen. He may as well called her a liar & protecting Clinton. Won’t watch he again nor will I donate for any more desks. Phuck him. Credibility tan…

  34. Right or wrong, she has placed herself in a very suspicious position.

    She has done NO such thing. She’s abided by the law and Republicans know it, just as they knew that there was NO there, there regarding BENGHAZI111!

    This is nothing more than the GOP’s tactic of attacking a strong Democrat who will most assuredly beat them as they struggle to find a way into the White House.

    How about the U.S. Media Propaganda machine hold Republicans to account for a change? How about they point out the glaring lack of policies and that their only campaign tactic is to attack Democrats for nuthin’ because, policy-wise, Republicans have got nuthin’?

  35. How about the U.S. Media Propaganda machine hold Republicans to account for a change? How about they point out the glaring lack of policies and that their only campaign tactic is to attack Democrats for nuthin’ because, policy-wise, Republicans have got nuthin’?
    “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” – Upton Sinclair.

  36. The Committee had all the emails concerning Benghazi since last summer! The Repubs subpoenaed something they already had. Now, tell me this isn’t a partisan attack on Clintion.

  37. It never ceases to amaze me that you cool aid drinkers are so stupid. One scandal, okay we can accept, two scandals and we need to think about what she does, but this is like the 10th and you still kiss her ass. Grow up and think for a change.

  38. Please tell us bagger when your own baggers said she did no wrong what scandal is out there? You are one dumb fuck

  39. IMO Clinton had to use private email in that GOP morons leak everything.

    So, with that said, you say it is OK to break the law! Hide things, delete things, etc. These emails belong to US the Tax payers, the ones who paid her salary! She had no legal right to do what she did and I hope she rots in hell for the death of the four Americans in Benghazi!

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