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Refusing to report on Loofah Lad’s Litany of Lies™ for a 4th week in a row, Friday Fox Follies takes you via satellite to Headly Westerfield to report on his own combat experience:

Thank you, FFF. It was the ’90s. I was a News Writer for Citytv’s BreakfastTelevision [sic] in Toronto. Every morning I would watch the overnight satellite feeds for stories we might schedule. When the genocidal War in Rwanda broke out, that job got harder.

I had to watch every inch of video tape and rate the Rwanda footage: what was mild enough for BT’s audience, which included children; what might be shown on LunchTelevision [sic]; what was graphic, but not too graphic for the dinner hour CityPulse; what could be shown on CityPulse at 11, the most tolerant show of all; and, most importantly, what should never be aired under any circumstances because it was far too graphic for any audience.

I covered the War in Rwanda because I can still close my eyes and see that last category of images. What does Loofah Lad see when he closes his eyes? Money? Or, the War on Christmas?

Back to the studio, where a Friday Fox Follies is already in progress.

Are we back already? Thanks for that in-depth report, Headly. In other breaking Falafel News:


Here’s Every Claim Made Against Bill O’Reilly So Far

Yes, O’Reilly’s Fabrications Are Damaging Fox News

Only 35 Percent Of Americans Still
Think Bill O’Reilly Is Trustworthy

Poll: If O’Reilly Lied, He Or His Network Must Respond

Former O’Reilly Producer Tells The Associated
Press: Hyperbole And Exaggeration
Are “Baked Into” O’Reilly’s Persona

USA Today: Fox News Should “Distance
Itself” From O’Reilly But It Won’t

O’Reilly’s Greatest Hits: 7 Times The
Fox Host Had Trouble With The Truth

Bill O’Reilly lied, says Fox News:
Why that won’t hurt him at Fox

Fox News’ dangerous game: Why conservative
media will regret protecting Bill O’Reilly

The Perils Of Protecting Bill O’Reilly
For Conservatives, It Nullifies Future Media Critiques

Reporters And Lawyers Who Worked On
Murdered Nuns Case Blast O’Reilly’s Tall Tales

MSNBC’s Maddow Ridicules Fox News For Hyping
O’Reilly’s Ratings To Avoid Commenting On Fabrications


Maddow Uses O’Reilly to Demonstrate
Everything That’s Wrong with Cable News

Former Fox News Contributor: O’Reilly
Should Be Held Accountable For Fabrications

As always the Fox “News” viewers get the last word:

Fox Viewers Speak Out: They Must Be
Telling The Truth, Just Look At The Ratings

And, McDonald’s is the best restaurant in the whole wide world.

ISRAEL OVER COUNTRY: Imagine if you will we’re stuck back in the ’90s and President George H.W. Bush is about to launch Operation Desert Storm. Then the Democratic House Leader invites Saddam Hussein to give a speech trashing the president’s foreign policy.

This is not dissimilar to what Fox “News” is defending when Hannity Calls Obama ‘Neville Chamberlain’ And Netanyahu ‘Winston Churchill’ and Fox’s Hannity Show Pitches For Netanyahu’s Re-Election. The knee-jerk defense of Israel would be commendable, were it not for the reality: its continued existence is only important for the End Times.

Proving it’s not about being Fair and Balanced: Fox Interrupts Dems’ Reaction To Netanyahu In Order To Attack Them and Fox’s Ralph Peters: “If Israel Disappeared From The Face Of The Earth Tomorrow, Obama Would Not Shed A Tear.

Even butter-won’t-melt-in-her-mouth Fox’s Dana Perino Claims Obama Has Made It So That Democrats No Longer Support Israel because “Obama Has Pulled The Democrats So Far Left That Now They Don’t Even Support Israel.” Of course, any criticism of Israel is tantamount to being an anti-Semitic, neo-Nazi.

Just ask The Tarantula.

ASKS THE TARANTULA: It was only a single item of many from last week’s Fox Bytes: Fox’s Tantaros Is Just Asking: “Is This White House Anti-Semitic?”  Since then The Fox’s Andrea Tantaros Doubles Down on Charge that Obama Is ‘Anti-Semitic’. Not fully satisfied Andrea Tantaros Triples Down On ‘Just Asking’ If Obama Admin. Is Anti-Semitic. Then Fox’s Tantaros Defends Suggestion That Obama Administration Is Anti-Semitic because “Nobody Has Been Able … To Come Back And Say Why They’re Not.”

After the recent controversy maybe he’s looking to burnish his street cred, but O’Reilly to Andrea Tantaros: Obama Isn’t ‘Anti-Semitic.’ In other news: Hell freezes over.

After the recent controversy maybe he’s looking to burnish his street cred, but Bill O’Reilly: Ferguson Police Obviously ‘Targeting Blacks’ is not the expected Fox Ferguson Fact, which is more along the lines of Ferguson Report Sends Hannity Into A Frenzy of Race-baiting Hypocrisy, which sent Hal from North Bergen into orgasmic bliss.

Meanwhile, in Megyn Kelly’s White World of Privilege™, Darren Wilson rates right up there with Jesus and Santa Claus. Two stories that noted Kelly’s visceral reaction as a Fair and Balanced reporter were Megyn Kelly Loses It over Ferguson Report: ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Did Not Happen!’ and Megyn Kelly Uses Ferguson Report To Take A White Rights Victory Lap. That’s instead of a deep exploration of the other DOJ report — Ferguson Police Tainted by Bias, Justice Department Says — which explains why such a perception could take hold in an instant. A case of the exception that proves the rule.

POT MEET KETTLE DEPARTMENT: O’Reilly: MSNBC ‘Collapsing’ Because of Its Constant Lecturing. However, to be fair, with O’Reilly it’s more like hectoring.

POP QUIZ: What was more surprising this week? That Saturday Night Live aired something edgy? Or that Tucker Carlson, the Fox host [said]: Comedy shows should mock ‘transgender bathrooms’, not ISIS. Even Fox’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck Did Not Like SNL’s ‘Insensitive’ ISIS Sketch. While Fox Hosts Outraged By ‘SNL’ Sketch Mocking The Islamic State Mother Jones makes The Case for Making Fun of ISIS. Too soon? Or too funny? Watch:

We report. You decry.

While former-carny Brad Stine is a hard act to follow, when Fox “News” found The Donald, it discovered a true comedian with less greasy hair. Furthermore, using Trump allows Fox “News” to outsource smears and save money: they needed a satellite feed for The Stine. Trump literally phones his segment in. But, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t take his comedy seriously because he gets off at least one belly laugh per segment. This week’s gem:

Donald Trump: My Superior Negotiating
Skills Would Help ‘Solve The ISIS Problem’

Now, that’s comedy!

Back when Elisabeth Hasselbanana went missing from the Curvy Couch for a period last year, this reporter suggested it might have fallen under the all-encompassing rubric of women’s problems. I started suggesting the exact same reason this week when fans of The Five started asking the musical question Where Is The Five’s Bob Beckel?

Mystery solved! Or is it? Buried in The Five’s Bob Beckel Tells Fans Where He’s Been was this little nugget:

Following a statement from Fox to Mediaite that said he has been out recovering from back surgery, Beckel confirmed that story on Twitter:

With no other official word from Beckel or the network, we are inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt. Though, as we reported earlier, sources at Fox have indicated the explanation is not quite as simple as everyone is making it out to be. We will report more on this ongoing mystery as it develops.

I’m sticking with women’s problems.

Headly Westerfield is battle-tested war correspondent who operates the Not Now Silly Newsroom.

15 Replies to “Friday Fox Follies – Loofah, Lies And Videotape”

  1. Cant find the link right now but I read that the liar ratings have gone up. Now maybe its just people who slow down to see the car wreak I don’t know but like I always say, Americans are stupid

  2. This alternative universe they all live in reminds one of the Charles Manson Family; only more dangerous.

  3. Positing oneself against Israel’s savagery is not anti-Semitism. It’s a sign of human decency, something quite obviously lacking in Republicans and Fox News.

  4. The Rapture is coming, the rapture is coming. Prepare for the Rapture – support Israel even when their leaders do something in-human because it is all part of the end of times. Spread the word, the Rapture is coming.[WINK]

  5. In Rolling Stone, Jeb Lund wrote a must-read piece called “Go Ahead and Call Bill O’Reilly What He Is: A Pathological Liar”:

    “O’Reilly isn’t a newsman, he’s a blue-eyed cirrhotic cyst erupting acid onto the brass rail at the Now I’ll Tell You What the REAL Problem Is Pub. He’s the guy who sits next to you and brags about how he’d kick the hell out of any thugs daring to bring violence into his neighborhood, stumbles off his barstool, goes outside, reflexively crosses the street to avoid two black kids on the sidewalk two blocks up, then drives home drunk. He’s the guy who picks a fight with you if you correct him, then refuses to throw down because he ‘was Gold Gloves in college and doesn’t want to end you, man,’ then backs away toward his driveway while trying to make eye contact with anyone he thinks is a friend and saying, ‘ feel sorry for him! I have a pool in my backyard…

  6. NBC chooses to punish Brian Williams after he’s caught in a couple of lies.

    POX chooses to ignore Bill O’Reilly’s legion of lies.

    “Ye shall know them by their fruits”.
    Matthew 7:16

  7. It appears that all this paluva about O’Reilly is merely the Democratic reaction to Brian Williams getting taken down for being a liar. So one has to wonder how honest Democrats are too. Further, dear Americans, you are so besotted with your left and right wing politics that you totally miss the fact that both parties are merely the left and right arm of the exact same beast. America is going down fast, thanks to the false paradigm which is surely destroying america from within.

  8. Dear Maggie, anyone who is remotely honest and properly informed will know that Israel is not the root of the problems in the Middle East, but the fascist ideology that drives muslims to wage jihad with the aim for world domination.

    You would also understand that Israel, being capable of defending its country and protecting its people from the perpetual islamic jihad, is a good and healthy thing.

    Would that Syria, Iraq and Nigeria, Somalia and Kenya and Central African Republic could also defend against the constant muslim attacks.

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