President Obama Obliterates Any Republican Hopes That Keystone XL Will Be Approved

president obama south carolina town hall
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President Obama appeared to crush all Republican hope that Keystone XL will ever be approved while he is president during a town hall in South Carolina.



THE PRESIDENT: Well, for those of you who haven’t been following this, the Keystone pipeline is a proposed pipeline that runs from Canada through the United States down to the Gulf of Mexico. Its proponents argue that it would be creating jobs in the United States. But the truth is it’s Canadian oil that’s then going to go to the world market. It will probably create about a couple thousand construction jobs for a year or two, but only create about 300 permanent jobs.

The reason that a lot of environmentalists are concerned about it is the way that you get the oil out in Canada is an extraordinarily dirty way of extracting oil. And obviously, there are always risks in piping a lot of oil through Nebraska farmland and other parts of the country.

What we’ve done is I vetoed it because the Congress was trying to short-circuit a traditional process that we go through. I haven’t made a final determination on it, but what I’ve said is, is that we’re not going to authorize a pipeline that benefits largely a foreign company if it can’t be shown that it is safe and if it can’t be shown that overall it would not contribute to climate change.

And you might think, well, you know, getting warmer, that’s no big deal — folks in South Carolina, we’re used to dealing with hot weather; we can manage. But understand that when you start having overall global temperatures go up, even if it means more snow in some places, or more rain in some places — it’s not going to be hotter in every single place, but the overall temperature is going up — that starts changing weather patterns across the globe. It starts raising ocean levels. It starts creating more drought and wildfires in some places.

It means that there are entire countries that may suddenly no longer be able to grow crops, which means people go hungry, which then creates conflict. It means diseases that used to be just in tropical places start creeping up, and suddenly we’ve got a whole new set of, say, insect-borne diseases, like malaria, that we thought we had gotten rid of, now they’re suddenly in places like the United States.

We start running out of water. It puts stresses and strains on our infrastructure. Hurricanes become more powerful when the water is warmer, which means a lot of our coastal cities and towns are put at risk.


I just want you to understand, what I just described, it’s not science fiction, it’s not speculation. This is what the science tells us. So we’ve got to worry about it — which is part of the reason why we’ve invested in things like green energy — trying to increase fuel-efficiency standards on cars; trying to make sure that we use more solar and wind power; trying to find new energy sources that burn clean instead of dirty. And everybody here needs to be supportive and thinking about that because you’re the ones who are going to have to live with it.

And I’m very proud of the fact that we’ve doubled the amount of clean energy produced since I’ve been President. We’re increasing fuel-efficiency standards on cars, which will save you, by the way, money at the pump. Don’t think that just because gas prices are low right now — that’s nice, it puts some more money in your pocket, but that’s not going to last. So don’t start going out and saying, oh, I’m going to buy a big gas guzzler now — right? Because the trajectory of the future is that gas — oil is going to get more expensive. It’s going to get harder to extract. We’re going to have to transition overtime to a new economy.

Those do not sound like the remarks of a president who is inclined to approve Keystone XL. In fact every time the president has spoken about Keystone, he states that he has not made a final decision, but he makes the exact argument that opponents of the pipeline use.

It is easy to see that there is virtually no chance that Keystone XL will be approved while Barack Obama is president. The president is not giving Republicans a shred of hope. It is obvious that he doesn’t support the pipeline, and his remarks were a destruction of the Republican hope that Keystone will ever be approved.

In other words, President Obama intends to continue to stand up for clean energy, and Democratic values by opposing the Keystone XL pipeline.

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14 Replies to “President Obama Obliterates Any Republican Hopes That Keystone XL Will Be Approved”

  1. Now, if we could stop the Amazing Exploding Trains that go within two blocks of my house…

    This issue of high volatility oil transport is bigger than just XL.

  2. The Stuck on Stupid Republicans only understand the adverb “NO” when it applies to their “HELL NO’ on everything good for America & we must show them what “NO” means in 2016!

  3. I have been following the keystone pipeline controversy. I never understood why Democrats attacked the President. It saddens me that so many don’t trust him. He has never wavered from his need to put the urgency of climate change in front of the public discussion.

    I am also bothered that Democrats and the Democratic Party don’t constantly remind the media and the public about reforms made my the President and Congress. What we have achieved is nothing short of amazing, especially give the political atmosphere for the last 6 years.

    Shout it out people.

  4. Every debate over XL should include the events of recent history. Just last month, the price of gas dropped so much, oil producers and drillers began laying off workers, capping wells, and cutting back on orders for new pipe. Employers laid off thousands of workers in oil/gas related jobs as a consequence and simply sat idle, until the price rose high enough to ensure those producers’ income streams would match the level to which they had become accustomed. News articles, from oil-patch communities’ local papers that detail the situation, would be the most influential, and most convincing. Highlight facts-on-the-ground, using small-town sourcing, and republicans would be hard-pressed to refute them.

  5. This is the first President we’ve had in a long time who does the right thing for the country. He’s not personally invested in corporate America and shows no interest in laying the groundwork for a high paying job in corporate America when he leaves office. Too many, if not most, politicians are always on the lookout for financial opportunity and that is their focus. This president actually does the right thing for the American people long term without maneuvering for his own long term financial position. We need to play this forward with our choice of the next President.

  6. Doing the right thing for citizens is totally against the gop agenda. The will of the Kochs and other insanely wealthy donors is what has to be done. Bought and paid for takes on a whole new meaning with the present gaggle of gop/tea party fools. Remember Dubya telling a crowd “You are my base, the haves and the have mores” Jeb is politely telling those people not to donate more than one Million $$$$ at a time to any of his fund raisers, to avoid looking as though he is courting the wealthy!! Good luck with that, fat boy.

  7. I can see why the Koch Bros. and the Gop Loathe Obama so much- kinda hard to get a Monopoly on Solar Power.

  8. Obama is all that stands between America and doom. Vote in the 2016 election and lets take back Congress and the White House. We can then do some real good.

  9. Strange how these ‘exploding’ trains started to increase in number ever since Keystone became a household word…

    Perhaps if we enforced safety regulations in the Railroad industry for a change…

    Or check to insure that the Koch Brothers aren’t also investing in terroristic attacks…

  10. Thank you, Mr.President for protecting our environment,shutting out the greed of the Kochs and GOPers who hold stock in CaNadian oil.Why is it that stockholders are permitted to discuss and vote on entities which they own shares in? RECUSE used to be part of our ethical standards.Can’t you,Mr President stop this greed in both Houses?

  11. No one seems to acknowledge that this oil is coming anyway. Its currently shipped by rail and truck. Pipelines are much safer (and ironically, more energy efficient as well). Building Keystone would actually decrease emissions.

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