Bill Maher Rips Republicans For Questioning President Obama’s Love Of America


Bill Maher used his New Rules segment to blow apart the Republican myth that President Obama doesn’t love his country in the right way.


Maher said:

Some conservative somewhere has to explain to me why they think Barack Obama doesn’t love America. Because every time I hear him talk about America my reaction is, get a room. He says things like, “In no other country on Earth is my story even possible,” and, “America remains the one indispensable nation.” And yet, 69% of Republicans say he doesn’t love our country, and only 11% say he loves it the right way. But what is the right way? How much should we love our country, and how often? What if we want to love it, but it’s tired and had a long day? And most importantly, should we love it from behind, or is that demeaning?

Now for the last couple of weeks as the oceans died, the debt balloons, and we skid back into Iraq, Republicans have been obsessed with a much bigger issue. Does the president wouve it? It started with America’s mayor Rudy Giuliani who implied that if you criticize America in any way it means you don’t love her, but that’s not how grown ups think about a country. It’s the way thirteen year old girls think about One Direction. Obama loves America. It just doesn’t make him do this, (Picture of a crying John Boehner) because he’s an adult and he knows the difference between his country and his mommy.


There I go loving my country the wrong way with my head instead of my heart, which is how conservatives do it. They love America like those parents who think their kid can never do wrong. When a note comes home from school reporting bad behavior, they go in and yell at the teacher.


When it comes to America, conservatives, they’re a little like blackout drinkers. They remember all the good stuff about the night before, the laughs, the winning at beer pong but no recollection of the bad. The p*ssing in the lobby fountain, the groping of co-workers, wiping out the Indians, which is shame because you can’t turn the page on America’s bad stuff if you won’t print the page to begin with.

Bill Maher indirectly got to the heart of why Republicans claim that President Obama doesn’t love America. Obama not only acknowledges the wrongs in our country. This president tries to right them. On issues as diverse as gay marriage, immigration, equal pay, voting rights, and racism, President Obama has made a difference.

Conservatives by ideology fear and oppose progress. By not admitting a wrong, Republicans never have to improve the country. In their view, America is always perfect because this ideological blind spot feeds into their agenda of government inaction.

Barack Obama loves America so much that he has spent his presidency under constant criticism for trying to make the country a better place for more Americans. When viewed from this perspective it is clear that the question isn’t who loves America, but who is willing do right by all Americans?

In the case of Republicans, blind love is more dangerous than no love at all.

13 Replies to “Bill Maher Rips Republicans For Questioning President Obama’s Love Of America”

  1. Oklahoma’s legislature is looking for a Fox News approved history propaganda book compiled & edited by Bill O’Really.

  2. This from the political party that doesn’t want to fund Homeland Security, which was begun by them! Hatred of our first black President is much stronger than their love of this country and its people

  3. Republicans don’t want to fund Obama’s overreach of immigration. Which btw is locked up in the courts until the next President gets a hold of it. However, they just passed clean legislation through congress just a few days ago, because what difference at this point does it make?

  4. BTW ignorant one the case has been moved to the full circuit court where unlike this racist who didnt even read what the SCOTUS has said on this matter will be overturn.

    Boy the things you know when your dumbass don’t watch fox all day long

  5. Obama’s overreach on immigration? Should we then roll back everything done on immigration dating back to the senile one who believed and implemented full amnesty?

    You are a bigoted dumb phuck, plain and simple. If Obama were named Smith and white you would applauding him while singing his praises.

  6. When I ponder that question and look through my mind’s eyes. I get 2 pictures betweem the 2 parties. 1) Repubs./Dems. at Bibi’s speech in congress vs what taking place in 50 annv. of Selma.
    Dems. is well represented from members fron congress. Repubs. is representer by 1 repub leader McCarthy (house majority ldr.). Here’s house speaker pressing previous appointment:

    Minority ldr:

    “America preaches integration and practices segregation.” Malcolm X

    “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends” Martin L King

    “A nation reveals itself not by the men it produces, but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers.” John F Kennedy

  7. Democrats and Independants don’t want to taxpayer fund republican overeach witch hunts and paying worthless politicians to waste time repealing Obamacare over and over and over. Isn’t that called insanity?

  8. I don’t think America can withstand the Republican’s notion of what constitutes ‘love’, much more.

    To wit- screwing over the working class.

  9. DC – if you’re still on this thread. Logic is such a bad habit of mine. I wish it were contagious.

  10. Here’s some bare bones logic for ya! A- todays GOP, is what it is! a cluster F*** of FACTIONS! it’s wealthy corporate FACTION, it’s insane religious fake, wanna be, christian FACTION, it’s southern FACTION, which is basically it RACIST, “The south will rise again KLAN” These three FACTIONS will destroy america if WE liberals and the unreliable, watered down lukewarm can’t hardly EVER find their BACKBONE “DNC” don’t fight back!! You listening BLUE DOG democrats?!! you listening debbie wasserman schultz?!

  11. The Error in the Senators’ Letter to the Leaders of Iran

    Josh Rogin reports that a “group of 47 Republican senators has written an open letter to Iran’s leaders warning them that any nuclear deal they sign with President Barack Obama’s administration won’t last after Obama leaves office.” Here is the letter. Its premise is that Iran’s leaders “may not fully understand our constitutional system,” and in particular may not understand the nature of the “power to make binding international agreements.” It appears from the letter that the Senators do not understand our constitutional system or the power to make binding agreements.

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