Minority White Christians’ Religious War On the Constitution

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There is a gross misconception among incredibly ignorant Americans that this nation was founded on the tenets of the Christian bible and is therefore a Christian nation. It is this willful lack of information about the nation’s founding that, in large part, is why Americans are not the smartest people on the planet. Maybe they believe that because white Christians make up the majority of the population, the Founding Fathers were wrong in creating America as a secular nation. However, according to a new study, white Christians who believe they own the right to control politics and culture in America are “losing their majority status” across the country and not just in left-leaning states.

According to data from the American Values Atlas and the Public Religion Research Institute that gathers information on political opinions, values, and religion; white Christians are now a minority in 19 states. Stunningly including “traditionally conservative states.” Still, that has not stopped an avalanche of religious right fanatics serving in legislatures and state courts from pushing theocratic edicts on the people and rejecting the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land and it is getting worse.

The Alabama Supreme Court finally revealed this week what it regards as the supreme law of the land when it put an end to same-sex marriages (again) despite a federal court ruling that the state’s ban was patently unconstitutional. When the Alabama Baptist Citizens Action Program demanded that the Alabama Supreme Court put a halt to same-sex unions in the state, despite a federal court order, the Court duly obeyed. Obviously, the Constitution’s 14th Amendment does not apply in Alabama; especially if it conflicts with a verse in the Old Testament where god says he thinks gays are an abomination; not that they cannot marry, just that they are an abomination.

Like every other religious right fanatic ignorant that the Constitution is the law of the land, Chief Justice Roy Moore said, “I can’t explain why more than 20 other states have bowed down to unlawful federal authority; but Alabama is not one of them. A federal judge has no authority in the face of a state court’s opinion on the same matter.” It was an interesting use of the religious term “bow down,” but put more aptly, 20 other states understand and adhere to the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause as law of the land; not the bible.

In West Virginia this week, religious fanatics voted to override Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s veto of yet another unconstitutional 20-week abortion ban because something about bible and fetal pain. Fetal pain at 20 weeks is an impossibility according to all known medical and biological science simply because the nervous system is not present or developed. However, in the religious fanatics’ bible v. science war, the bible prevails. However, in the Christian bible that fundamentalists claim is the supreme law of the land, the immutable word of god says there is no living being, or a person, until a fetus breathes air. Both times Governor Tomblin vetoed the legislation, he rightly cited that the legislation “unconstitutionally restrict access to abortion and will not survive a court challenge.” However, like Alabama, West Virginia’s Christian legislature rejects the Constitution and clings to Catholic Humanae Vitae ideology; something that is not in their precious Christian bible.

What is even more telling about the ideological fanaticism of the evangelical legislature’s actions, is that abortion clinics in West Virginia already do not perform procedures past 20 weeks of pregnancy;  the very small number of women who have had to have abortions after 20 weeks were typically facing emergency life-threatening pregnancy situations in hospitals; not abortion clinics or women’s family planning facilities. The president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, Nancy Northup, said, “With this action today, the politicians behind this law have revealed how far they are willing to go to advance their ideological agenda at the expense of women’s rights, lives, and safety. They should be ashamed.” They are theocrats and being so means they feel no shame.

Likely, West Virginia residents are ashamed of the theocratic legislature as well. According to polling conducted last year the theocratic legislation was quite unpopular with voters who did not want the evangelical fanatics posing as lawmakers to spend more time focusing on passing more religious abortion restrictions. However, that is the problem with religious fanatics serving as lawmakers; they could not care less what voters want any more than they care about the Constitution as the law of the land; they are soldiers in the war on religion.

In Florida this week, a religious fanatic was apoplectic over a city ordinance requiring his church to adhere to normal safety ordinances protecting church-goers and compared it to the KGB waging a war on religion in the city’s behalf. A code officer found the church and coffee bar lacked a sufficient emergency exit and failed to comply with the federal Americans With Disability Act. The officer said that the church and coffee bar’s landlord, Mission Education International, did have a valid business license for the coffee shop with a tax-exemption as a charitable organization, but the church did not have a freely available use and occupancy certificate.

The preacher took umbrage at the city and promptly cried there was a war on religion saying, “I think it’s very important that people are not afraid to practice their faith.” Naturally,  the ‘onward Christian soldiers‘ at the evangelical Liberty Counsel joined the religious war and sent a letter to the city demanding that it immediately stop requiring churches to pay for business licenses because they are doing god’s work and in America they get a free ride. However, according to the city manager, Mike Bornstein, the war must obviously be based on some horrible religious misunderstanding because churches are not ever obligated to pay those fees.

Liberty Counsel naturally went on the offensive and claimed the city threatened the landlord with foreclosure and daily $500 fines, but the city’s letter had no mention of those penalties. What the city’s letter did mention was that it was offering any assistance necessary to make sure the certificate would be issued quickly. The letter said, “The application form is simple to complete as your organization has completed one prior for the coffee bar. We also can schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience and apprise you of any improvements that may be required of the space or limitation on the number of occupants allowed.” All of the assistance is naturally free because it is a church and unlike other businesses does not have to pay a fee for anything.

The Florida city, like all of American cities, states, and federal government, does not require churches to pay a business license tax, property tax, income tax, or sales tax because this is America and religion gets free welfare. They are, however, required to obtain a use and occupancy certificate which officials use to ensure they do not pose public safety hazards or break any local, state, or federal laws. But this is 21st Century America and religious organizations, churches, state supreme courts, and theocratic state legislatures are immune from adhering to any local, state, federal, or constitutional laws and they damn sure have a holy book to prove it.

One might think that with a secular Constitution with no mention of Christianity, Jesus Christ, or bible, religious right extremists in the Republican movement would stop pushing theocracy on the people by government fiat; particularly because they are becoming a minority demographic. However, that may be why they are suddenly on a tear to impose their bastardized form of Christianity on the entire nation as well as why they are becoming a minority. Whether it is because they are ignorant of the Constitution as the law of the land, or intent on emulating the Taliban or ISIS is unimportant. They are engaged in a war on the Constitution, democracy, and freedom from religious tyranny and they are not going away.

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  1. All aboard the Palin train for the “Convention Of States” to turn OUR Constitution that she professes to love into something more to her AIP liking.

  2. Near the end of the article stated it correctly. They are becoming a minority and are determined That if they can’t get volunteers, they “legislate volunteers”, in order to grow their ranks! The church can’t see that it is their unwavering, hateful ways, that are driving people away. Jesus wants people who willfully come to him. Not coerced masses! Jesus was not a conservative, by no means. That was what made him famous and hunted. A true Christian would stand up to those whom hate, vilify, mistreat any of God’s creation! Even when they are not of the same faith or of no faith! How do you think you grow a religion? Putting others down? Even if that person is your pastor, minister, priest, whatever, a really good Christian would see the error of the teacher , possibly their possession by an evil spirit and call them out on it. But not yet, they just blindly follow! Woe, for their stupidity!

  3. “Constitutional Christianity” only exists in the demented white elitist bigoted population of uneducated gun totin, unread Bible-thumpin degenerates.

  4. That’s funny because all the historians evidence absolutely points to America being founded on a Judeo-Christian believe. This article is completely false. This is the opinion of the rmuse. Your article completely fails when put on trial.

  5. Good article, Rmuse, but one critique: please don’t call it a “misconception”. It is a carefully thought-out lie designed to promote a pernicious take over of our democracy.

    Call it out!

  6. Horrible, very poorly written article. True, devout Christians are all about the preservation of life and its sanctity. Christian Churches across the country do much more good for their respective communities than any corporation, that’s for darn sure. I have personally witnessed the grass-roots, street-level help, compassion & generosity of many churches in my wonderful city of San Antonio, TX. KNOW THIS: When ISIS and their vast army of butchers set foot on American soil & start taking heads of innocent men, women, children, grandparents, it will be an ARMY of GOD fearing Christians who will fight to the death for your very lives. What will you say then? A simple prayer of thanks will suffice… Think I’m wrong, give it time. Soon enough, the truth will be revealed to all. May GOD have mercy on all of us…

  7. Cornered rats fight the hardest.
    They know Yahweh is going the way of Zeus and Odin. The worship of the Great White Phallus is over.
    400 years is a good run. Thanks for playing.

  8. This country was not formed on Christianity, the founding fathers were not christians, they were deists. please feel free to do some actual research.

  9. “…When ISIS and their vast army of butchers set foot on American soil…it will be an ARMY of GOD fearing Christians who will fight to the death for your very lives. What will you say then?”

    Here’s what I have to say NOW to your predicting some “army of god” will fight for “your very lives”; it is wrong and you lie. Your so-called “Army of God” is nothing but a mythical cult prediction, an invention of Todd Bentley (you know, the preacher who kicks people in the face with his jackboots to convert them?).
    Christians don’t fight for anyone or anything but themselves; screw all non-believers–it’s in the bible, babe! Isn’t that what the whole “armed-magedeon” is all about? Killing the Jews for Jesus? Extermination of ALL non-believers so Jesus can rule the earth?

    I’ll take my chances arming myself AGAINST your mythical “Army of God” who will destroy anything in their path that isn’t deemed christian enough.

    You’re welcome! I accept your apology

  10. Stay focused. Article clearly states “ignorant minority of white Christians” believe our Constitution was founded on the tenets of the Christian bible. Therefore, we are a Christian nation. (If we continue the syllogism, if our constitution was founded on the Pentateuch would you expect us all to be Jewish?) The operative word here is “ignorant.” Have you never heard of the establishment clause? Do you know what it means? And this has what to do with ISIS?

  11. I don’t think it necessary to prove oneself as narrow minded and bigoted as the faux Christian nutters with scornful posts. There are many good people with religious beliefs that do actual good in the world so simply slamming all Christians (or all Jews or all Muslims) in some all inclusive rant is not helpful. It is religious beliefs driven legislation that is so rancorous and so contrary to the Constitution which must be fought as strenuously as we fight orthodoxy in zionism and orthodoxy in Islam.

  12. Rene:

    You are making a basic mistake in rhetoric: arguing from your limited observations to universal truths.

    What in your storehouse of experience causes you to conclude that an invader such as ISIS wold be able to overpower the combined military forces of the United Stats? Why are you so trustful of the Constitution?

    You think your “Army of God fearing Christians” are sufficient to stave off the fanatical ISIS forces? Are more powerful than the US military and law enforcement forces? You’re delusional; you and your ilk need to be locked up in padded cells.

  13. “Americans are not the smartest people on the planet”

    I take it the author is a foreign national in that case or feels the blind leading the blind is of some use.

  14. Nope. Those of us who were brought up before the education system was privatized and helotized can see how much dumber people have gotten.

  15. Sorry, A.J., but if the Founding Fathers intended the U.S. to be a Christian and/or Biblical nation, there would not be the passages in the Constitution that explicitly state:

    “no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” Article VI


    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” 1st Amendment

    People in the U.S. are allowed to be as religious or irreligious as they wish, and to ascribe motivations to the authors of the Constitution which are not able to be demonstrated within its text is neither accurate nor, truth be told, relevant. John Adams may have loved beef on Sundays; this does not mean that to be a real American, you have to eat beef on Sundays. They wrote a series of laws that were designed to address the broad strokes of society, not impose values on the individual…

  16. I love the way these replies are “moderated”–that is as hilarious and as inappropriate as this article.

    The “moderators” do not have the guts to let true and factual observations in–which are difficult to contradict or impossible to contradict with the application of objective logic.

    I wonder what we would see if reasonable replies are “moderated” in as they should–and only those deemed inappropriate by reason of profanity, or obscenities or otherwise truly offensive, are kept out.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves by promulgating these lies and not allowing a true interaction of thoughts and ideas.

    Write me back and explain yourselves. I challenge you to.

  17. Dear Mr. djchefron (???!)

    Thanks for your nice remarks. I am elated.

    If you do any reflecting / thinking, you would likely come to the conclusion that the nice folks running this site, “moderated out” an important statement which I had made [Snip]
    [I know. That was mean.]


  18. BTW I didn’t see any of your insightful post that your dumbass claim to educate us now would you like to try agian

  19. It looks as though I cannot “reply” to the “dj” participant for some reason. The “reply” button appears to be missing, as it were.

    Can it be that he is the actual “moderator”?

    At any rate, if he would be so kind as to translate the last remark into English, I might be able to comply with the probable request?

    As I said, I made a valid statement earlier that was “moderated out”–and there was nothing wrong with it.
    I could certainly try to write the whole thing out again, if that is what he is asking for. However, I am not certain, as the writing is somewhat garbled and almost indecipherable.

    He appears to be a genteel fellow though.

  20. Where did Jesus say, “You will know my disciples because they love one another and hate everybody else”? [WINK]

  21. Reply buttons appear only a few steps down from the original comment. If you’ve gone beyond that, reply to the last commenter who was replied to.

  22. Aj…you mean All the Conservative alleged historians like Barton? In REALITY our founding fathers were not a bunch of rabid Christians, they were mostly deists not Christian, and NO WHERE are there ANY words or phrases that make this a “Christian nation”.

  23. Make up your mind Rene, are these devout Christians who want to preserve life going to be the Army of God that’s going to kill and die for the rest of us? Kind of a weird requirement to ask the devout to kill in the name of God. Sounds like an ISIL thing………….., naw, can’t be because they’re not ‘Murikans.

  24. Wow Rene! you have not only taken the whole god thing hook line and sinker but you swallowed the entire line right up to the reel. I feel sorry for you and your ilk.

  25. The Treaty of Tripoli. Ratified by Congress and signed November 4, 1796 (by many of the Founding Fathers, no less) states:

    “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion…”

    Soooooo… what’s “all the historians [sic] evidence” that shows the US is a Christian nation again?

  26. The fragmentation of Christianity makes it an easy target. Until the Christians of the United States, and especially the Christian Churches themselves, lay aside theology and come together on values, the influence of Christianity is going to entirely disappear. See Shuster’s book “Where are the Christians: the Unrealized Potential of a Divided Religion.” So much potential being squandered allowing all of Christianity to be trampled.

  27. All of this religious crap from the GOD Fanatics is te biggest bowl of s–t yet. You can profess that the wonderful christiam army is there to crush all evil. If that is true you should be pointing you weapons at each other as you are the only real enemy Americans have. Sooo as you circle the wagons and start aiming at each other the real Americans will be there to cheer you on. By the way some notable Christians: Jim Jones of Jones Town, Adolf Hitler and ninty-percent of his armed forces,The Seven Hundred Club and its on going sessions of lies and corruption,and who can forget those wonderful God fearing Catholic Priests who have destroyed the lives of so many young males.
    Hang in there and research what you hear
    before you believe it.

  28. Hey dj,

    Can you place back up there the section that you “snip”ped on the comment from the 8th of May?

    It is inappropriate, (need I say that?), when you just put up whatever section you “moderate,” and delete that which you cannot handle. Never mind . . . I said as much already. You know already that that is wrong.

    It just shows again, that your site is egregious and should not be trusted or supported. You would not be able to prove me wrong.

    “good bye” to a commenter that has not said anything incorrect? If that is the way you take care of the dissenters–let me know how you expect to prosper.

    I challenge you to “moderate” this “in” and carry on a civil debate about any of the pressing matters that you present on your so-called “website.”


  29. From the 8th of May? Seeing we are still in March can you please tell me in what year did I snipped comment?

  30. dj,

    Well, I meant 8th of March. A mistake there.
    If you check up above a bit, you will see the comment in question.

    Thanks for the particularly important moderating and careful analysis of one’s remarks.

    At any rate, everything else on my remark is correct.
    Does this help?

  31. Can you please post the thread so I can see my remark in context. I have over 10.000 comments and if you call me out at least post said evidence

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