Scandal? Use of Private Email is Pervasive Among 2016 Hopefuls

Scott Walker
“This e-mail scandal with Hillary, you know, everybody’s looking at the wrong thing again. It’s not about breaking the law. Of course she broke the law, but when have they not? They don’t care. Obama breaks the law every day with every executive order that he does. The point of this is, Mrs. Clinton was trying to hide from the official federal record.” – Rush Limbaugh podcast [3/3/15]

Despite American fascism’s best efforts, yet another “Hillary Clinton Scandal” comes and goes, as quickly refuted as concocted, and what does the GOP have to show for it?

This time it was her private emails but who knows what it might be next? Fox News is as creative as any primetime sitcom.

They tried to compare her emails to Nixon of all things, and failed. They misjudged the public’s enthusiasm for more fake scandals relating to Hillary. The beat Benghazi to death, cloned it, then beat it to death again, and thought the public would want still more.

They were wrong.

Democratic Benghazi Committee members quickly revealed that Hillary had already turned over tens of thousands of emails.

Claims that she violated the law were also quickly dashed to pieces. We actually owe it to CNN to set the record straight correcting both The Washington Post and Politico, as Media Matters explains. We should be thankful, I suppose, that there have been no recent missing aircraft to distract CNN.

As Media Matters’ Jeremy Holden concluded yesterday,

It’s a fitting end to the week, as the manufactured scandal has been marked by rushed reporting built around innuendo and reckless speculation from the outset, when The New York Times was forced to immediately issue a clarification to its first report on Clinton’s use of a non-government email.

It is this quickness to rush to judgment where Hillary Clinton is concerned that exposes the abject fear in which conservatives hold her. They know that the election is hers in 2016 should she choose to run. The rest is just playacting they are required to carry out. There is not a Republican alive who can beat her.

Even so, Republicans are busy stroking themselves in very public, unseemly ways. For example, Silvio Canto, Jr. at American Thinker claimed today that,

If Hillary Clinton were a publicly traded stock, its value would have dropped quite a lot in recent weeks. It started with the book tour, the “we were broke when we left the White House” statement, the Foundation and now the emails story.

This is the same Hillary Clinton who just flat-out walloped Tea Party darling Scott Walker, and Chris Christie in his home state.

And as Scott Walker explains that if he can handle unarmed and nonviolent unions he can handle ISIL, Canto claims, “And we have not spoken about her foreign policy yet! I can’t wait to hear how she explains that!”

You have only to review your favorite search engine to see more of the same, not only from the right-wing media but from the mainstream media.

Don’t expect facts to put an end to the madness, however, even though the Associated Press reported that other 2016 presidential hopefuls, including Rick Perry, used private email accounts

Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Bobby Jindal must be added to this list. As must, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel pointed out Thursday, Scott Walker from his days as county exec.

A top aide to Walkerset up a private router in the county executive’s office that was used to trade emails that mixed government and campaign business. Emails released through litigation by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel show Walker routinely used his campaign account — — to discuss county business.

Yeah, about that.

The complete absence of evidence did nothing to bring the Benghazi Hoax to an early and well-deserved death, but if Republicans want to keep pushing the Hillary email “scandal” they should be prepared to answer many questions themselves.

17 Replies to “Scandal? Use of Private Email is Pervasive Among 2016 Hopefuls”

  1. Scott walker has to use a private email. If people saw his emails they might notice what a moron he is.

    Scott Walker: college dropout, professional politician. Enough said.

  2. I think repubs planned this email ‘scandal’, that is why Jeb released his emails before they made this big stink, to make him seem on the up and up before they trashed Hillary.

    It’s all about grabbing the media headlines. Inflict what damage you can. Squeeze as much juice out of the orange, as per gov. Christie.

  3. Well, it is different in Hillary’s case since she is female and DEMOCRATIC. How dare an educated, highly intelligent WOMAN think she could be President? It takes a republican “man” to fill the position, after the disaster (!!) of President Obama. Who does he think HE is, no wars, fighting for the rights of citizens and not the wealthy? If anyone on here is considering donating to Jeb, please only donate one million $$$ at a time, he does not want to appear to be pandering to the wealthy. His brother called the wealthy “my base. The haves and the have mores” That got a good laugh .

  4. Anyone also remember two other egregious private email users? Mitt Robme & Scarha the Pailin. Mittens not only deleted all content off all computers, he took out & destroyed the hard drives, then gave away or sold the shells of those computers.

    Scarha used only private email. She was NOT hacked. The young man, wrongfully sent to jail for “hacking,” merely made an educated guess about her password, which was so simple, even a two year old could have figured out. When finally forced to turn over emails, they were so heavily redacted, it took the Parnell admin almost 4 years to turn some of them over. There were still nuggets of her illegal activity that were gleaned from the few sentences that remained.

  5. Apparently Huckabee did the same thing as Romney.

    The media needs to ask them for an opinion on Hillary’s emails, lol, stat.

  6. A “presidential hopeful” and governors (or former governors) of states are not subject to the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 FISMA). The Secretary of State, as head of a major federal government department, is. A data system set up to store and process government data is required to satisfy the requirements of FISMA and the National Institute for Standards and Technology and the specific department or agency that were issued to implement FISMA.

    There have been no statements by either the Department of State or Ms. Clinton that the system she used for email while Secretary of State were appropriately accredited and certified for storage and processing of government data.

  7. That rule was only implemented in 2014, olong after Hillary was gone, she did nothing illegal. Nice try though.

  8. Walkers problems have dogged him for a while now. That’s why this smoke screen was created.[wink]

  9. The Robber Barons still exist. but, due to corrosion they are rusting away. Any conjured up false facts are constantly being exposed for what they are,,LIES,LIES….dO THEY THINK THAT ALL AMERICANS LIVE IN A VACUUM?

    Their followers are like the LEMMINGS BEING LED INTO THE SEA!

  10. Methinks that the Hillary ‘dead horse’ has been beaten into a fine paste…

    But reality will not prevent Republican Enthusiasm for lost causes.

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