Hillary Email Scandal Evaporates As Democrat Reveals The Contents Of Clinton Emails

adam schiff clinton emails

Rep. Adam Schiff dealt a death blow to the Clinton email scandal by going on CNN and revealing that members of the Benghazi committee have already read the Clinton emails and they contain nothing.


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said, “We knew as of last summer that the Secretary used a private email account. This is not something new. We knew also that she was cooperating. She was giving us everything that we asked for. Nothing changed except for the pressure on the Republican members of the committee this week became too great for them to resist from the Stop Hillary PAC people and the RNC people, so they issued a subpoena for records that we already have. Now, the Secretary has called for those records to be made public. Why isn’t the chairman doing that? Why aren’t we doing that? The reason is we’ve read them. There’s nothing in them. My colleague says well, how do we know we have them all? The reality is that if this secretary or anyone else emailed a stand down order as this mythical claim exists out there, there would be several people on the receiving end of that email. There would be people at the Pentagon, people in the field who would have to receive that order. None of that. There is no evidence of that.”

Rep. Schiff brought up a great point. If there were anything in the emails, Republicans would have quickly made the emails public in order to build and prolong the story. The fact that former Sec. Clinton has called for the emails to be released, but Republicans refuse to make them public, speaks volumes about what this “scandal” is really about. The subpoena for documents that they already had in their possession is straight out of the Republican Benghazi playbook.

Every Secretary of State over the last nearly 20 years has used private email. There is no scandal here. There is no smoke. The is no fire. It’s just Republicans trying to create a scandal because they are terrified of Hillary Clinton. Clinton and the Democrats are doing the right thing by demanding that the emails be made public. If there is anything damaging in her emails, let’s see it.

Why are Republicans afraid to show the American people what is in the emails? Eventually, the emails will be made public, and everyone will be able to see that there is nothing in them. If Republicans had something, they would be using it. The fact that they are trying to heighten the conspiracy while revealing no evidence demonstrates that the Clinton emails are another desperate Republican fantasy.

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  1. Hillary has won in ’16. I cant wait to watch her inauguration with gop heads exploding all over the place.

  2. The GOP stinks of desperation. They know their entire candidate slate is a bunch of losers and nutbags who could never be elected. They’ve had to put up with a black man telling them what to do for eight years and they can’t stand the idea of a woman doing the same thing.

  3. So, it’s pretty much a whole bowl of jack squat.

    OK. It’s over now. Move along… nothing to see here.

  4. I don’t know how many times I have to say it by the reporter from your NYT said it was about Benghazi. No news, nothing new but we are about to leave Obama derangement into Hillary derangement.

    Buckle up because we going into the idiot zone

  5. No, the scandal has not “evaporated”. Not at all, it was discussed on all the other Sunday shows and will most likely be discussed next Sunday. Rabid dogs holding on to something with their teeth do not give up easily.

  6. The scandal has evaporated with the findings of the GOP-led investigation.

    The POLITICS have not. There is a major difference.

    Issuing a subpoena for something they already have is an utterly irresponsible waste of taxpayer dollars. The GOP should have to pay from campaign funds since that’s what this is all about.

  7. please let Hil be the Democrat nominee. She is so lovely and likeable, relatable. The masses will love her. Her numerous scandals are just a vast right wing scandal. Lol

  8. I think the Republicans need to run on how thy would run the country instead of manufacturing scandals where they do not exist. Perhaps I will start the rumor that all Republican candidates were made in China. This makes just as much sense.

  9. They should have seen this coming. They try to make scandals where there are no scandals. Hilary isn’t a newbie, she knows how to play the game and how D.C. works

  10. You are assuming repubs have anything else to run on. They don’t so this is not going away anytime soon.

  11. “Liberal” media is piling on also. All let little comments slip in about all the Clinton scandals and how Bill and Hillary have always ignored the norm and operated in secrecy. Chuck Todd was pretty snarky this morning. MSNBC was leading every show with it. Do they not realize we already know there is no there, there?

  12. Congressional Republicans would’ve been voted out of any positions of power in a true democracy. They’d be dissected and then ridiculed for their hypocrisy by a true fourth estate.

    Only in this country are they still voted for, thanks in large part to a non-existent fourth estate.

  13. And Just like what happened on January 20, 2009 when the republicans tried to vow to make Obama a 1 term president.

    the GOP will ultimately fail at that. bECAUSE AS Long as the Republicans try to hurt Women, Latino’s and African Americans. those voter blocks will lean republican like they already are.

    Save those few Crazies that are already in congress and stuff that are republicans that are Women, African AMericans or Latinos. How many of the Women/Latino/African AMerican Voter Block lean GOP these days. and most of those are already Employed by faux News

  14. The Republicans have nothing to offer so they always create smoke screens with phony scandals in-between bringing up the repeal of the ACA for a vote. They are pathetic and desperately afraid of Hillary Clinton.

  15. What “liberal” media? What you are referring to is for-profit media which is owned by a few multinational corporations. The major networks now exist to promote the politics of fear, greed, and divisiveness for the benefit of multinational corporations. These companies have no responsibility to present issues or news in a fair-minded manner.

  16. I seem to always miss my congressman Adam Schiff on CNN.
    Obviously he was on mid-morning eastern time which is a bit too early pacific time where his constituants are, like ME.

  17. The tea bag/repubs will “milk” this until Madame President takes the oath of office and we have a new democratic congress.

    They love to WASTE taxpayer $$$ over nothing all the while boasting about being “fiscally responsible”.

  18. Issa keeps trying, and each and evertime he opens his mouth, he looks more incompetent. Chasing his own tail has aged him. I can’t wait to see how big of a fool Gowdy will make of himself.

  19. Every Secretary of State over the last nearly 20 years has used private email. There is no scandal here. There is no smoke. The is no fire. It’s just Republicans trying to create a scandal because they are terrified of Hillary Clinton. Clinton and the Democrats are doing the right thing by demanding that the emails be made public. If there is anything damaging in her emails, let’s see it.

  20. Exactly! By definition, an email consists of a sender and receiver(s). None of her (or anybody’s) emails can ever be totally private!
    But then again, this is the MO of the Republicans and their propaganda arms (Fox, Limbaugh etc.) Always positing the “there COULD be something illegal, and if there is,we’ll find it” — based on nothing, nil, zero. The unfortunate thing is that the media in all their uselessness always run with the “there could be”, and then never bother to correct themselves by saying “there wasn’t”.

  21. This entire article is a joke, and shows the complete lack of understanding of technology by the author (or purposeful omission?). The email servers and the emails stored on them were OWNED by Hilarys team. They created their own domain. They hosted servers at HER home and HER property. They set up the entire separate private email infrastructure so they could control any emails going in and out of it. Are you Dems really that naive, desperate, and stupid enough to believe these “revealed emails” are everything? By now they’ve be scrubbed, polished, deleted, and wiped from existence. This was the WHOLE REASON they set it up in the first place, so no one could find the truth. What they did was even more full proof than using gmail or yahoo. Only they control the emails and what is given to the public. Please do some basic reading up on this before lock stepping to Dem land.

  22. Lol. And you obviously don’t work in technology. This isn’t conspiracy, it’s fact. Here’s some facts from the AP…

    “The development on Capitol Hill came the same day The Associated Press reported the existence of a personal email server traced back to the Chappaqua, New York, home of Clinton. The unusual practice of a Cabinet-level official running her own email server would have given Clinton – who is expected to run for president in the 2016 campaign – significant control over limiting access to her message archives.”


    “The department would be in the position of accepting Clinton’s assurances she was surrendering everything required that was in her control”

    So basically they have to trust her and her people. That’s not science fiction, but basic IT email server management. If you knew anything about technology you might have a clue what this means.

    Now you can go back playing Angry Birds.

  23. http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/6-questions-for-clinton-on-e-mail-controversy/2015/03/08/38f325e6-c5b2-11e4-b2a1-bed1aaea2816_story.html


    Really it’s not that hard to find the truth. Just google “Hilary private email server at her home” and you’ll get all the answers you need. Even laymen (well with the exception of the few on here who are mocking instead of actually being honest) can understand what she and her team did and the reasons for it.

  24. Female could be the future, and that’s fine. But if Hilary is your role model for the female future than I guess secrecy, deception, and pursuit of power are what your vision of the future is for women, and that’s pretty sad. Find a better role model.

  25. Ghostwind, It’s not just lock step in dem land, the repubs are doing it too. So piling on Hillary seems disingenuous

    What do you say about Romney and Huckabee destroying computers and hardrives from their administrations upon leaving? What do you say about all the repubs using private email accounts?

  26. “Full proof?”

    Please learn the language if you’re going to use it to attack people. It’s really depressing to read comments like yours, and it certainly detracts from the point you are trying to make.

    FYI, the word is “foolproof.”

  27. This narrative that it is all a big Republican manufactured story is nonsense. First of all, the New York Times broke the story, and many pundits and politicans left-of-center have decried Clinton for it.

    Second, this is a poorly written article. Yes, I’m sure every Sec. of State uses email, but none have run a private server out of their house so they could filter them. There are many, many emails that simply haven’t been turned over.

    If you’re a liberal who fought for transparency during Nixon, this should horrify you.

  28. A commenter on another thread, who goes by the screen-name, “Looking” thinks the partisan witch-hunt against Hillary Clinton is happening because democrats don’t pay enough attention to the poor, victimized white, and are paying too much attention to those free-loading minorities!

    That is B.S.

    F-off, “Looking.”

  29. Your comment is a joke. This story is a nothing-burger, just like all the other Clinton “scandals.” Hillary Clinton has been going through this crap for over 20 years.

    She’s been accused of everything from corruption to MURDER, and it didn’t destroy her. After all the worse things she’s been accused of, why would you think having a private e-mail account, and private server would finally take her down? Idiot.

    Jeb Bush used a private e-mail account, and a private server. He only released 250,000 private e-mails, out of 3 million. Where are the rest of them? What is he hiding? He probably has lots to hide being a member of the Bush Crime Family.

    Colin Powell also used a private e-mail address. He said all of his e-mails are gone. I bet Colin Powell has a lot to hide being apart of one of the most corrupt, and secretive administrations in history.

    Why don’t get your head out of your a** instead of jumping on another fake GOP/media manufactured Clinton “scand…

  30. One doesn’t have to work in technology. However, there are people who do work in technology, and have given their opinion that it is possible that Hillary Clinton isn’t hiding anything.

    And, you are seriously stupid, if you believe there is some Benghazi smoking-gun. If Hillary Clinton were to have sent a stand-down e-mail, or something, the Pentagon, or somebody would have it, and the republicans would have found it by now, but they haven’t.

    This “scandal” is another GOP conspiracy-theory, with no proof to back it up. They GOPigs have had her e-mails for months, and the committee had already cleared Hillary Clinton of any wrong-doing.

    Why all of a sudden is the GOP claiming there are gaps in her e-mails, after months of going through them, and clearing her of any wrong-doing? Why do they want to subpoena e-mails they already have? Because it’s B.S., and they want to keep this non-story in the news.

    They are desperate, and so are you.

  31. But it will go away, and it won’t make any difference in 2016. The republicans are wasting their time, and so is the “liberal media”:

    ‘Voters Unlikely to Care Much About the Hillary Clinton E-Mail Furor’


    Political scientist, John Sides on Twitter: “In October 2016, no persuadable voter will be thinking about Hillary Clinton’s e-mail account.”

  32. Which democracy? The U.S. is a constitutional republic. One should not comment on things they know nothing about.

  33. @Ghostwind40:

    You’re wasting your time, sweetie:

    ‘Voters Unlikely to Care Much About the Hillary Clinton E-Mail Furor’


    Political scientist, John Sides on Twitter: “In October 2016, no persuadable voter will be thinking about Hillary Clinton’s e-mail account.”

    “Obviously, you don’t work in” political science. Don’t get your hopes up about this “scandal.” You can go back to touching yourself, now. lol.

  34. Rumors, with links, on Twitter indicated the server was offshore. In the British Isles, I believe.

  35. Clinton had a DNS based email address, that does not mean she had a email server in her home folks, your jumping the gun

  36. Just try setting an email server at home using internet from cable TV provider, first you be breaking their TOS, secondly,they block the ports

  37. Your comment is right-on. How can supposedly intelligent people support this behavior in any public official? And how can they put forth the lame argument, “Well, others have used private e-mail accounts.” You know if this was revealed about a conservative official, he/she would not get a pass.

  38. This is all media driven. The bosses are scared because they have no one for 2016. My question is will they spend as much time on the treasonous letter 47 United States senators sent to Iran?

  39. Were you involved in the Whitewater crap too? Don’t talk down to us about computers. You aren’t the only one who knows a thing or two, although you think you are. Actually, you don’t seem to know anything, and you call US stupid…

  40. When Bill Clinton was President, Hillary tried to warn about the “vast right-wing conspiracy” but no one listened, and now it’s upon us at full throttle. We should have listened to her then, because she was right You are just an insignificant little cog in a huge machine.

  41. The rethugs mind is about to explode by the thought of a Women following a Black as Pres. That, is way more then their poor little minds can stand. Believe me Hillary knows full well the thugs will throw any and all things possible, made up or not at her.
    If Hillary withstands the Jugger naught of hate against her, and wins, she will be a worthy Pres. Just as Pre. Obama has been. Because both will have been through the fire created by the rethugs.


    – djchefron

    Don’t worry buddy, I’ve been banned multiple times. As a CS person, who actually knows how servers work (unlike this author apparently), it’s quite easy to get around.

  43. Ghostwinds,

    It is you who has no understanding or knowledge of e-mail or you are lying knowing your fellow baggers aren’t smart enough to think for themselves. Simple, just for you, an email has to have a Sender and a Recipient. If these did contain anything “bad”, whether she deleted them or not is irrelevant, as the recipient’s, who is on a government system still had to receive them, so there is a record of them, & she knows deleting them will not erase them, the recipients email would still contain them. Baby Bush/Rove somehow lost/deleted 5 million emails, with Rove involved, where’s the outrage? Howdy Doody dufus Trey Gowdy has known about this since the summer & has read them, so why bring it up now? You and your ilk hate anyone that has intelligence, why? Because all of them have more knowledge in their little finger than your entire party? Obama, Bill & Hillary Clinton, & who do you have? Paul, Cruz, Jeb, Huckabee, Carson, & the rest of the clown ca…

  44. The law requires her to use store all her official communications on a State Dept. server.

    She didn’t.

    Any questions?

  45. And you were there.. you know what is on her emails. You need to pull it in buddy, your hatred is showing. I know you are not a Tech…lol…Back to the starting line…if you have not read them then you don’t know…NEXT!!!

  46. So why did Hillary need to create her own email server?

    …how was Hillary able to convince State Department employees (and every Government employee receiving her emails) to know that email being sent to them from an unknown Domain address was actually being sent from her?

    Didn’t this compromise National Security protocols by sending Government sensitive communications through a server that was not Government secured. The fact Government emails are redacted proves email information is to remain secure and protected.

  47. Lisa, you’re not paying attention, Hillary registered the clintonemail.com domain to her home and controlled that mail server. Hillary deliberately operated outside the security of the State.gov Government server and security protocols.

  48. Yeah… but you’re kind of omitting the fact that there is NO rule or law which states that the Secretary of State MUST use an official email address. She was WELL within her rights.

    She has broken NO law or rule or tradition… even the bloody Fox News pundits get this.

    So…tell you what. Once you conservatives do whatever you want to do to Hildog to Colin Powell who, incidentally, TRASHED all of HIS private correspondence while HE was secretary of state (he ALSO used private email you see) before you do likewise to Ms. Clinton.

    seriously… y’all need to give up the fear-mongering and the hate already. Pull your head out of your butt… it’s the 21st Century already!

  49. NICE TRY!! You can’t marginalize this story or create a false narrative that it is over. This will be a HUGE problem for Hillary, and it is FAR FROM OVER! Sorry, just SAYING it is over, and using phrases like “death blow” does not make it so!!

  50. Do you have the faintest idea WTF is really going on in the world? How about a seditious Congress openly sabotaging negotiations, for instance? Get a grip on reality.

  51. Most of us who have worked in government IT can tell you that the structure is totally f’d up. Seriously, the hardware got updated, but some of the mail system dates back to ARPANET. (yes, I used that too).

    The committee that investigated the Benghazi mess cross-referenced the CC’s with government emails and vice-versa.

    (Any IT guy knows that, once you have the list access, you can do that cross-reference pretty quick.)

    So, she could have gone into her server and scrubbed out the emails that were sent only between her and non-government employees, skipping anything she may have been CC’d on and anything she may have CC’d to anyone else with a .gov email.

    And what would that leave?

    The whole thing is political BS. A wet dream to keep conservatives from listening to real news and stay in their little screeching bubbles of self-righteousness and hatred of all who don’t agree with them.

  52. Condileeza claims that she never used email. Now that sounds more like BS than anything Hillary has come up with.

    We should demand… demand to see Condi’s email… she must be hiding something.

    Move along… nothing to see here.

  53. Please explain why no one who received any of the evil emails from Sec. Clinton you postulate has come forward with any of them.

  54. He cant he is too busy shooting watermelon to prove Vince Fosters death or he has cardboard cutouts of Benghazi with a captain America doll to prove Stevens could have been saved

  55. Whew, that’s a relief!! I was having difficulty coming up with a reason why this slur could be buried. Once again, we have sidestepped the bear trap that the republicans put out to trap the only people that can save this country.

    So it appears that the committee had the emails already and couldn’t distinguish between private emails and government sanctioned emails. But how do we explain the gaps? Or is that just another bear trap?

  56. That’s not true for Federal employees with their own email systems. The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) requires that private email systems must be set up according to NARA guidelines and “Prevent the unauthorized access, modification, or deletion of declared records, and ensure that appropriate audit trails are in place to track use of the records.” http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2009-10-02/pdf/E9-23613.pdf

  57. Hillary couldn’t leave out emails if she wanted to. In 2009, the private email systems of Federal employees had to meet the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) guidelines. These guidelines required private systems to “Prevent the unauthorized access, modification, or deletion of declared records, and ensure that appropriate audit trails are in place to track use of the records.” http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2009-10-02/pdf/E9-23613.pdf

    If the Oversight Committee had probable cause to believe Hillary hadn’t submitted all her emails, it could subpoena her hard drives and locate the missing emails.

  58. Hillary Clinton’s email scandal keeps getting worse.

    Why is Clinton’s email use controversial?”Very specific guidance has been given to agencies all across the government, which is specifically that employees in the Obama administration should use their official email accounts when they’re conducting official government business,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday.

    Is Clinton the only top-level official to avoid using a government email? No, but In 2009, though — the year Clinton took office — the National Archives and Records Administration said that “agencies that allow employees to send and receive official electronic mail messages using a system not operated by the agency must ensure that Federal records sent or received on such systems are preserved in the appropriate agency recordkeeping system

  59. While it may be hard to remember a time before email, only four former secretaries have held the job during the prominence of electronic communications: Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and Madeleine Albright.
    Albright said she “did not use email while she was in office” from 1997 to 2001.Rice, from 2005 to 2009, was not a habitual emailer , according to multiple reports. As Harf noted in a State Department briefing, “Secretary Rice has repeatedly said that she did not regularly use email,” “She did not use personal email for official communication as secretary.”Powell can’t turn over any documents “I retained none of those e-mails and we are working with the State Department to see if there’s anything else they want to discuss with me about those emails,” he said. Powell said most of his important correspondence would have been archived already, since they were sent to staff who had State Department Accounts.
    ** 20 years really?? FYI Kerry uses a state.gov email!

  60. So. If it were known for months that Hillary had her own email via the Benghazi investigation, then why pray tell would our illustrious president say on national news that he had learned about it at the same time the rest of us were learning about it in the press? Why would he not dismiss it as “old news” which is a recurring response from this White House.

  61. the reason no one believed her “theory” was it was proven pretty quickly that bill did in fact commit perjury. hard to blame a “vast right wing conspiracy” or any conspiracy at all when your own husband’s words are biting you in the backside. but in the immortal words of hillary “what difference does it make.” when the bodies were returned to andrews air force base she was still blaming the video that susan rice had already made a fool of herself on the sunday talk shows days before and had been proven erroneous but “what difference does it make.” why no photos of the situation room that night? we saw photos during the bin laden raid, but “what difference does it make.” it has been said help wouldn’t have been able to get there in time. what i want to know is what genius had the crystal ball that told them how long the attack was going to last but “what difference does it make.” it’s way past time to stop being a democrat or a republican and be an american.

  62. Cam Payne: Here is the problem. Hillary did not comply with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) guidelines. She controls all of her email, and she can decide who sees what.

    Plus, according to Trey Gowdy this morning, the Benghazi Committee does NOT have the power to subpoena her property, i.e., the server.

  63. When it comes to shooting fish in a barrel, Republicans make it too easy for us when they set themselves up.

  64. I don’t like any gov’t official doing anything in private. I think a hole in your argument is that while emails sent to gov’t site will be saved, how do any of us know that all the key players did not receive the e-mails on their private e-mail address. Not too hard to set one up. The only way to get to the truth is to have a bi partisan panel take a look at the server.

  65. Your going to have a very, very long wait. Hirrary Clinton will never, ever be President of this country as long as the inmates aren’t running the asylum.

  66. What I find missing from this entire conversation is Hillary’s ability to set up and operate top secret accounts in SIPRnet (used for Secret Communcations) and JWICS (used for cosmic, top secret). Surely, as SecState, she would have had full access to these modalities as well as a “bat phone” device for direct telecom with the President and JCS? I am sure we never see a lot of the DoD em traffic (it’s mostly top secret), but an investigation of Hillary needs to include just how she understood and utilized various layers of DoD COM. At this point, my main concern would not be that she is hiding emails on her own server from the public. Rather, from her press conference today, I am led to beleive that she may have intermixed different classifications of email traffic together thus creating what we call “spillage” of C/TS/S COM into the general unsecure Clinton server. Even accidentally, this is very serious (jailable) offense in the DoD world.

  67. BEBE, as in brain?

    What was done was as bad as what Nixon did, only worse since she could have released secret information.. Another reason to deny her to run for office ever again

  68. I don’t understand all these praises for Clinton. I’m not a republican so don’t get the wrong idea, but using a private e-mail account for “any” government business is against the law. They are prosecuting Patraeus for doing just that. Breaking the law is wrong no matter which party you are in.
    We have a bunch of idiots in office on both sides of the aisle. They have forgotten their oaths to defend the Constitution and laws of this country. We need to replace them all, so do we need someone of the same caliber in the White House just because she’s a woman, and her names Clinton?

  69. Comical to read these posts. I am not a Republican, but Hillary is DONE! She fired an ambassador (Scott Gration – Ambassador to Kenya) while head of the state department for …get this…”Using a private e-mail account to conduct business”, a violation of her OWN rules. Good luck getting past the Hypocrisy there!

  70. Laughable. Blame the Republicans for not revealing her emails? If there was nothing in them, then Hillary herself could reveal them or have the Dems on the committee to reveal them.

  71. Ghostwind – you clearly do not work in IT at all. This is seriously irritating to anyone with a basic understanding of infrastructure. here let’s break it down for all the Clinton Conspiracy fans. Hillary writes an email to Bob at the State Department using his state dept email address..Bob@statedept.gov…she hits send….as that email leaves her server it travels across a network of other servers and communication lines..then it hits the servers at statedept.gov and travels across MULTIPLE servers and filters landing in Bobs email inbox – guess what einstein…that email is now saved on government servers..DUH! as is the entire back and forth conversation..so unless everyone at the state dept. was using private email addresses on their own private email servers then guess what—game over.

  72. “Rep. Adam Schiff dealt a death blow to the Clinton email scandal by going on CNN and revealing that members of the Benghazi committee have already read the Clinton emails and they contain nothing.”

    Now THAT was hilarious! (Has anyone checked Drudge Report lately?!)

  73. So what you’re saying, then, is that, historically, Democrats have always welcomed diversity of thought.

    What are your thoughts on Dr. Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter Williams, Dr. Condoleza Rice, Dr. Ben Carson, Lt.Col. Allen West (Ret), Herman Cain, Larry Elder? This is a fine group of Black people, and we all know that Democrats love Blacks. What can you say that will convince me that, even if you disagree with these people’s political views, that you respect them even if you disagree with them?

  74. Joe,
    You are the one who deeply doesn’t email servers and SMTP protocols. Yes you got the basics right, but that’s just email for dummies.

    The real story is how these emails are actually archived. You see they don’t put stored emails in searchable databases so that FOIA requests can be done in seconds versus months. No No thats a dumb idea because then government would be too transparent. No No. They don’t want to make FOIA easy. So far Reuters and 100’s of orgs have made FOIA requests for Hil’s email. Some over three years ago. So duh buddy, the so called self archiving in someone else’s email isn’t really accurate, its really called putting her emails into a haystack of hundreds of other emails, that they just bury. In fact, the reason State asked for her emails is so they can respond now to the lawsuits against them because they are too stoopid and lazy to go look at hundrds of email accounts. That’s not archiving ya dork.


    Only a bagger can call another TP a bagger. Its like if you are white and call a black dude a ni**er. Its wrong and you will go to bagger hell if you keep doing it when you die.

    So here are some words of advice, you can call us bagger-like words like:

    honky, dorkus, fleabag, dumbbell, rover sucker, dickwad,tealover, imbecile, cracker, or even bushie.

    Stop it please or you will pay the consequences of eternity with 3 billion baggers.

  76. Mark oh Mark,

    You have it backwards which isn’t surprising. You needed a mulatto to win the presidency because then you will get all of the non-white vote and all of the liberal boneheads. Now you have to put up a woman, since they are 51% of the electorate. Dude, wake up, you have to stack the deck in order to win anything. When you don’t you get slaughtered as you have in every congressional election. you need more good looking mulattos and hot white chicks. Dumb that ugly bag Hillary and choose Michelle, then you get black and woman.

  77. Hold up the US population is only 320 million so where is this 3 billion of idiots coming from? Again you prove what idiots you are

  78. Me,

    The problem with living in an echo chamber is that you think you are always right. No-one knows for certain how Hil will stack up against this crisis. its really up to her, and just ignoring it, or making excuses that are lame, isn’t going to put her in a good light.

    The election will be decided by the Independents and right now, they are against her. She has plenty of time to fix that but meanwhile the right wing will be doing all they can to slow her down. This is politics. Stop takin everything so personal. She is an ugly bitch, get an upgrade with Biden. LMAO.

  79. Steven Steven,

    First, its not polite to call us baggers as baggers. Only a bagger can call a fellow bagger a bagger. Its like the N word.

    Second. Your not even close to correct. First the Dems were very shrill about the Bush emails, and in fact Hil was the most shrill shrill of all. Now thats calling the Kettle black. So you don’t have an argument there, you just have a poor memory.

    Third, this email problem is very Nixonian and so is Hillary. She was actually fired as a junior attorney on the Watergate committees because she was a liar, and breaking the rules. Again, read your history. It is not flattering. These are Democrats who fired her.

    No,none of this is in the Liberals for Dummies handbook of invectives.

    Enjoy your research.


  80. Sugapea . . . Stop ranting about a woman for president! It really doesn’t matter if the candidates are female, male, black, or white, as long as they have good ethics, they have the knowledge & experience to have the common sense to run this country for the true Americans & want what is best for this country. They need to be loyal to this country & love America. They need to be dependable & Honest. All you seem to care about is that she be female. & that is sad & shows a lack of maturity or a lack of clear thinking. Being a woman myself I don’t care if the next president is male,female, black or white. . all I care about is voting for someone that will do the best job possible & loves America & someone who can get America back up on her feet. Also someone who cares more about Americans & less about the people who want to come here by breaking our laws! If we manage to vote in a person like that & overcome the hatred for each other that Obama …

  81. You people are completely fuck in the head.. When Regan had 18.5 minutes of missing tapes, who went after him? Dembocrats… Hillary herself was on the team going after him and fired for lying.. Now she has done the same if not worse and you think this is OK? WTF… She turned over what she felt was official?? as she has a certified record of lying, and deceit how can she be trusted? How can you account for the 3 months of missing gap emails that she destroyed? Allowing her to decide what was personal and was not is like telling a criminal he can decide what information or evidence is allowed to be used in their trial.. There is absolutely NO difference in the two.. The completely biased media is to blame as well they were all over Nixon for the tapes and yet they are strangely silent in the same issue now. She should be forced to turn over the hard drives for examination if not be charged and persecuted the same as she advocated for Nixon. Same standards must apply

  82. exactly the point. we have no idea what the other emails contained because she didn’t follow the rules.

  83. Interesting comments from “experts” on the right that get their “rules” and IT knowledge from Breitbart’s BigGov website. The fact is simple, Hilaary Clinton followed all of the “rules”. The rules require that Clinton do her own diligence in separating personal and public emails. There is no “arbiter”. However, Hillary DID utilize a legal team to make the distinctions and I’m sure they kept some detailed records of the process. Maybe the super-sleuth Breitbartians should do the obvious? Of course not, it’s much easier to pretend the deletion of private emails is some nefarious plot. Isn’t it amazing how quickly these Teabaggers will embrace Big Government when it involves seizing private property and archiving personal emails in an NSA style database when Hillary is involved?

  84. Oh please. They read the emails she chose to give to them. What a shocker that the ones she chose didn’t incrimminate her. It only came up, what, 30,000 short? She said they were all about yoga. I can’t buy it.
    In a country of millions, isn’t there an honest person who can stand up? Are we really resigned to the choice of a corrupt Dem or a stumbling Gop?
    If Hillary still wins, after the American people have been presented with all her issues (not just emails), then we as a nation deserve to fall, and fall we will. Miserably.

  85. Of course, Clinton only released what she wanted to, and destroyed and withheld the rest. She is a snake, and can’t be trusted. She proved that in Arkansas before she ever went to Washington.

  86. As an Independent I try very hard to listen to all sides of issues. I’ve sat here and read the article and comments. Some it appears choose sides as if in high school and they are supporting their football team. I find it strange and immature. This isn’t about Mrs Clinton having a private email, it is about owning her own server out of the control of our Govt. of which she was employed. Some seem to ignore that some 38,000 new emails were recently release to the committee. Where did they come from?? Jenn Pataki from the State Dept. just came out this week and stated that all emails have not been automatically archived until Feb. of this year. There is so much to this story. I chose to hold my final thoughts until all of the information is revealed. The four men who died deserve that much!

  87. They deserve a little more…like why did the attack occur on *that* date, why did Romney seem to know so much so soon, and who was the private contractor that was supposed to arrange for security.

  88. I am going to issue the standard disclaimer that if Clinton did something real bring it on. But this is a patented pseudo-scandal planted by the Benghazi bullshit squad and I’m not jumping on the bandwagon.
    If somebody wants to do an expose of Clinton’s cozy relationship with Wall Street, her hawkish foreign policy or her penchant for nonsensical bipartisan cant, that’s perfectly fair. In fact, it’s necessary. I think a hardcore investigation into the Clinton Foundation and all its opaque financial dealings is absolutely in bounds. But when they start recycling rightwing Benghazi crapola, referencing Whitewater,talking about her “calculating Machiavellian character” and don’t even have a clue about what it is she’s supposed to have done wrong, just that it doesn’t “pass the smell test”, I’m going to be ornery. This is the Village in all its glory and I’m sad to say that a new generation of Villagers is just as willing to chase the shiny object for the Dark Ops wingnuts as their forebears.

  89. Your IGNORANCE is amazing. SHE and her husband are liars, crooks and arrogant white trash that have done well on the backs of American taxpayers. They are as BAD or WORSE than Obama and his clan. The idea of that bimbo as president is disgusting at best…

  90. Some of these trolls have been banned from sites that began paying closer attention to the misinformation. I’d hear rumors off and on that some of the forums have started cracking down and lo and behold…They’re here.[wink]

  91. You have a point, but not a very good one. Hillary Clinton is allowed by the rule changes to have a private email server; and yes, there could be no incriminating evidence placed on it. The same experts you cite saying that it is possible that there isn’t could also say that with the tools available today, it is very easy to erase a message to the point where it may of well not existed.

    The problem with this scandal is not that she had this server, it is the fact that she vetted her emails (to be more accurate, her staff) before turning it over for archiving. That is against the regulations put into place after the email problems in 2006 where email still wasn’t fully addressed in the archive and retention regulations (making your Powell note moot.) If Clinton was so worried about “dress choices” or “family” matters, it would of just have been as easy to set up a second email server parallel to the first for just private communications with said family as the only members allo…

  92. Oh, wait….. Problem solved because of sender/recipient. So I guess all those spam messages with untracable or “spoofed” sender information is just a figment of people’s imagination. I run an email server for the company I work for, among other things, and I know how easy it is to do especially with direct access to the server and server software. I can send you a email stating that the email came from clinton’s email account though it came from the one I maintain. Extremely simple. As for recipient, it’s a little harder but possible. But then, it is still possible enough that enough questions can and should be asked. After 2006, I still didn’t like the email policies that were implemented after extremely lax rules were revamped into just lax rules. As SoS, Clinton could of had her tech’s implement a sub-set on her server for her official duties as well as private and thus remained in full compliance. Short circut every hint of conspiracy right off the bat.

  93. Just because what he has stated goes over your head in no way makes him insane. Everything he wrote is on point.

  94. Of those on your list, I can say that Allen West is undeserving of anyone’s respect, after hearing the more than malicious things that come out of his mouth. I don’t trust him as far as I can spit.

  95. But what if her emails to those recipients, contained an explicit order to, “Do NOT print this email. Destroy/delete this email and any copies, after reading”?

  96. Then again those emails might be from Zulily, fashion for older and plus size women. Your stock in tin foil has gone up

  97. I was just wondering. If there was an email saying delete/destroy this email and all copies wouldn’t logic dictate that the email given that order would be destroyed?

  98. To the Monitors: Someone is messing with this thread!! The numbers for the Agree/No way votes is REALLY skewed – as are the total numbers on the “I like this article” vote buttons! Methinks that you either have been hacked or there has been a vast right wing conspiracy on this article.

  99. Like her emails, his story has gaps. Like not mentioning the months of gaps in emails, the simple fact that protocol was not followed with regard to security, oversight, etc… It has been apparent from the start before Bill became president that these two have issues with being ethical.

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