Democrats No Longer Trust MSNBC As Their Favorite News Network


A new Quinnipiac University poll of network trust found that Democrats no longer trust MSNBC. CNN is the most trusted network among Democrats by a margin of 32%-14%.

The poll found:

In the comparison chart, FOX News is definitely the Republican choice as 58 percent of GOP voters say they trust FOX the most, while 13 percent turn to CNN, with 7 percent each for NBC and CBS, 5 percent for ABC and 2 percent for MSNBC.

Only 3 percent of Democrats trust FOX the most, with 32 percent for CNN, 15 percent for NBC, 14 percent each for CBS and MSNBC and 8 percent for ABC.

The level of Democratic mistrust of MSNBC is surprising on the surface, but there has long been a complaint among some MSNBC viewers that the network has developed a taste for Obama bashing. MSNBC boss Phil Griffin’s great “wonk” experiment of building programming around wonkish hosts has been a total bust that pushed viewers away from the network who favor the sort of hard-hitting red meat programming offered up by the likes of former centerpiece Keith Olbermann.

Studies have shown that Democrats and liberals are more likely to split their news network preference than conservatives and Republicans. Fox News will always finish in the top slot as the number one most trusted network for as long as they have no conservative competition. For Republicans, it is Fox News and nothing else. If Democrats could unify around a network, in the same way, that Republicans do, Fox News would not win these most trusted network polls.

The results of this poll demonstrate that MSNBC has a lot of work to do if they want to win back Democratic viewers. One of the main reasons for MSNBC’s ratings struggles is that their target audience (Democrats) no longer trusts them. These feelings are understandable after Democrats who may have been MSNBC viewers have seen their favorite hosts abruptly fired or moved around on the schedule with little rhyme or reason.

MSNBC isn’t in trouble because liberal media has failed. MSNBC is struggling because it has lost the trust of its viewers. If MSNBC is ever going to rise again, management needs to win back the trust of viewers who feel like they have been burned too many times in the past.

73 Replies to “Democrats No Longer Trust MSNBC As Their Favorite News Network”

  1. I just watched Andrea Mitchell spend an hour bashing Hilary Clinton and the email non-scandal. How much time did she spend on the 47 Republican Senators who have, at best,violated the Logan act or, at worst, have committed sedition? NONE; nary a mention.

  2. Why would anyone trust a network with Morning Joe broadcasting for three hours M-F? Did Joe mention he served in Congress?

  3. I’m watching less MSNBC these days. The only show I watch on MSNBC is The Cycle. I am disappointed of the fact that MSNBC wants to go right wing on their viewers. They will lose. More viewers are turning away from MSNBC every day.

  4. I gotta say that after the midterms I just got really fed up with the endless political forecast and (Bill Maher on HBO) inviting right wing nut cases to run their mouths. I just dont want to hear canned hype and spin from either side.

  5. Just watched the same Mitchell condescending B.S.!I saw trouble looming when Mr. Bashir got the boot! It appears that, once again, the Dems have formed it’s circular firing squad! [WINK]

  6. I refuse to watch the fox comedy zone. It is a joke as is the Republican congress and senate Fox represents.

    I refuse to watch Jo S. continue to butt in when Mika tries to talk. Jo is the as rude if not ruder than any Republican’
    She will just sit there and let him take over her conversation. What is the matter with MSNBC that you cannot get rid of the one person that has chased all your viewers away and blame it on the others that have respect for each other..Jo S. is a stupid rude person. He needs to go.

  7. Even The Cycle seems to be a knockoff of FOX. The panel has no expertise or experience in any subject they discuss.

  8. Phillatio Griffin Can Flush His Network Down The Drain All He Wants – I Watch FSTV and TYT Networks

  9. Believing a Quinnipiac poll is like relying on a Rasmussen poll. They call the same right wing counties.

  10. I never minded the rightwing loonies on msnbc. But for about the last 6 months, no host ever calls them out. And now that most of them are leading the charge, I switch them off immediately. This past week with the Hillary bashing was my breaking point. There is an audience for liberal news but not with most of these moderators.

  11. Actually I do not trust any of the cable news channels. MSNBC has Mitchell, Matthews, and Morning Joe which are a nonstarter for me. None of these people ever ask the hard questions.

  12. When I hear the talking heads on MSNBC, inclusive of Maddow, habitually say that Andrea Mitchell and Chris Matthews are the ‘experts’ – I want to puke.

    If there are 2 morons in the industry — it’s those 2. They’re DINOS — pretending to be Dems for their salaries. Neither research issues. They’re fed their info and much of it is wrong info they habitually spew.

    I still remember Matthews getting so excited about Palin that I expected to hear on numerous occasions that he had to change his underwear during the commercials.

    The best 3 hr lineup was Ed, Keith & Rachel.

    As of recently, I no longer watch Lawrence O’Donnell. His overspeak & tantrum treatment to Jennifer Granholm re Hillary — was disgusting. Sounded like he was taping his resume for Hour 3 of Morning Joe as a ‘Joe Wannabee’.

  13. Since NBC was purchased by Comcast, it’s becoming more dummed down. I’ll still be watching Rachel and Al Jazeera/PBS for REAL news.
    Can we resurrect Walter Cronkite or Harry Reasoner?

  14. I don’t 100% trust any of them. Allegedly MSNBC is leaning right. Where is the audience coming from, seeing as FN has that market cornered?

  15. MSNBC is infuriating to watch now. They bash Democrats more than FOX at times. Chuck Todd turned into a Democrat Candidate knee capper this last election season. Morning Joe is basically Scarbourough bashing the President and Dems with nods from Alan Colmes clones. The shows are now mostly one issue hosts – the illegal alien show with Diaz, the black issues shows Hall,Wagner, Sharpton and Perry, the labor show with Shultz. For analysis I hear that on Bloomberg, smart advocacy from both sides instead of yelling over each other or Circle Jerk TV which is what we have now. What a loss of potential at MSNBC.

  16. I used to watch CNN about 15 years ago before they got dummed down and now they’re now better than Faux Nooze.
    Television itself has gotten dummed down to appease the simpletons.

  17. When will Mitchell et al report truth of Jebba the Hut’s emails? Never

    Jeb’s emails where cherry picked and only 10% were released even though Jeb’s spewing as if he released all.

    I don’t recall the talking heads going after or even reporting that Romney and Huckabee and most certainly others – as it is a habitual habit — That they had all the harddrives ‘destroyed’ containing their record as Governors. These records were emails, etc. which should have been provided when they were running for President.

    This was destruction of property paid for by the taxpayers and had to be replaced.

    What did we hear — CRICKETS.

  18. Swallow your pride MSNBC.
    Bring back Keith Olberman and put him against the Clown O’Reiley, Put Rachel against Greta,
    Chris Matthews against Hannity.

    Invite Republicans and Teabag nutcases on the air and put them down. Every time a Republican or Teabag nutcase declines, make sure that is told and told often how the Republicans and Teabag nutcases are afraid of the intellectual challenge.

    Turn everyone loose and encourage that they go confront their Fox opponents.Be in-your-face CONFRONTATIONAL!

    Can Joe Scarborough.

    Are all these that difficult?

  19. I used to watch msnbc the most, now I switch to cnn more and more. I’m not liking the 2 hr Thomas Roberts show at all. And the music they’re using leading to commercials is very irritating.

    I never watch morning joe, andrea mitchell gets on my nerves, but I still like the cycle, alex wit, ed schultz, rachel maddow, also steve kornacki.

    I can’t believe any dems watch fox news.

  20. I used to watch MSNBC all the time. Now I just watch Rachel. They have turned their backs on liberals in this country. They are now becoming a conservative station. And they wonder why they are losing viewers. If they decided to stick with the liberal commentators, their station would be ranked much higher.

  21. I used to believe in the Wolf but he’s gone too far to the right. I was shocked to see how negatively CNN presented Obama just before the elections; it was a hatchet job led by the Wolf. “Obama is lacking leadership and is admitting to confusion concerning the key issues; ISIS and Ebola.” As it turned out, after vicious attacks from the right, Obama handled Ebola virtually to perfection while receiving no apologies from the idiots who attempted to spread fear and panic. His refusal to send ground troops into an unwinnable battle and his leadership to push the local Arab nations to do their job is also proof of his wisdom. Meanwhile, corporate America is preparing to take control of our lives including our news media. Rachel Maddow, watch your back.

  22. I too watched Andrea Mitchell at lunchtime, big mistake, she could not get off the Hilary email stuff, she was like a dog with a bone, I only watch Chris Hayes and
    Rachel, I like Lawrence, but usually fall asleep by that time. I long for Bashir, Olbermann and some good dems. BBC is pretty good in the mornings, and then Al Jazeera.

  23. I look for Rachel to take off anytime. She hasn’t changed the way the rest of the gang has. And Meka, good she’s not related or Joeblow and I would need to have some discussions and a possible attitude adjustment conference. They went from brassy to trashy.

  24. I have always watched Rachel, but here lately Rachel will repeat the same sentence over and over per subject. This gives me the impression she has dummed down for her audience. Her research on all her topics were great, unfortunately her topics has now little to no importance. So I’ll take everyone’s advice and start watching CNN.

  25. MSNBC is hard to watch

    CNN is worse

    Fox is blocked on my tv.

    The new Thomas Roberts show is awful.

    The silly background music they use on all the shows is annoying and has to be muted.

    Also….MSNBC seems to have NO phone number or direct e-mail to voice complaints.

    I get BBC and Al-Jazeera America, so I watch those two most of the time.

    MSNBC needs to change their motto from lean forward to bending backwards.

    Bottom line….they all suck.

  26. They need to bring back Olberman,David Shuster,Cjenk Uger,and the coupe de gras would be to give Jesse Ventura an hour per day.

  27. MSNBC has propelled themselves to Fox Snooze,spot number one & a half and they are unbearable to watch as they keep diggin their hole deeper & deeper Phil should be aware they are headed for demise,while ignoring the people.

  28. MSNBC is under the assumption that FOX Viewers are old and they are hoping on seizing the younger audience of conservatives… almost like how Facebook beat out Murdoch’s MySpace.

    If their plan fails, then they will become a collosal failure. If it works, which I’m sure FOX has the broadcasting advantage and conservative infrastructure, MSNBC might do well. But, I think Murdoch is prepared to do them in.

  29. Ditto!! I don’t watch Ms. Greenspan at all..
    Depending on current events, like today, I would check and see what Maddow, O’Donnell and sometimes ‘The Rev.’ or Ed open segment is about.
    Taking all that transpire this weekend plus, but most importantly, check to see what top democrat senator speak out on the treasonous act of the hillbilly Klan in the senate.
    It’s time for democrats to step-up and come on out of the shadows.
    If they could come out in forces for some dumb-ass emails. They better be ready to tear some a** over this coup d’ etat.

  30. I agree about Roberts. Liked him on his initial show but when he changed timeslot and became a panel member on JoeSnot’s show — he channnnged. If you notice, any of the ones that appear on say Rachel’s show, talk one way but when on JoeSnot’s show — they’re totally different as if to be on the show they have to agree, not be combative with him nor correct him when he spews the crap and talking points — don’t dare be disagreeable i.e. Eugene Robinson, Sam Stein, etc. Others I can’t think of names while posting this.

  31. I hardly ever watch MSNBC anymore. I’ve been watching AlJazeera and find it informative, news driven and it has some great documentaries.

  32. There is a very good reason why conservatives don’t split channels…

    The only even remotely right-leaning news network is FNC. The others all lean liberal.

  33. Ventura — the only thing to do with him is commit him to the nearest institution. The others I agree with along with Martin Bashir.

  34. I watched that and got ill. She kept telling the Ragin Cajun that he was changing the subject when he was simply stating that Bush (Jeb) and Powell did the same thing. He told her that next week it would be something else, and just like Whitewater, “liberal” media would take it and run without fact checking.

  35. Liberals really do not have a source for Real News, I have yet to see a News organization that speaks our language.

  36. The point is that MSNBC is most entertaining (and yes, all cable television news MUST be entertaining now – no one wants the actual facts anymore) when we have a moronic Republican as President (looking at you, W). MSNBC was the opposition news/media channel, now with a Democrat in the White House, there’s not enough interest. The Congress (Both Chambers) is a cesspool of special interests and it has been for nearly 50 years! No one expects crap from the Congress. The Supreme Court was packed by the Republican Presidents and thinks corporations and lobbying organizations are PEOPLE! FFS! The bottom line is that any American with any intelligence and social awareness now FULLY realizes the the OLIGARCHY rules America, just like the Russian oligarchs RULE Russia, corruption is rampant (and unchecked), and capitalism is a failed system. MSNBC is, thus, no longer relavent, and as part of Comcast, is actually part of the PROBLEM.

  37. It’s no wonder that Democrats don’t trust them, they have the biggest Koch Brothers suck ass running the morning show everyday. Joe Scarborough can’t go far enough to get his head up the buts of Donald Trump, Rick Perry, Cris Christie, etc…

  38. I totally agree, Mike. She wasn’t like that in the past, but she just repeats and repeats until she finally gets to the point. I feel like I need to “fast forward” for 5 minutes to get to the point. Is that dumbing down for the audience? Or perhaps not enough content to fill 20 minutes (with 40 minutes of commercial time)……

  39. Try One America News. Ignore the commercials and evening talking head programs. Their actual news reminds me of Headline News back in the day- just the facts. It can be repetitive, but at least the spin is reduced.

  40. CNN? Really? They trust CNN? Oh my! Qwitcherbitchin and complain directly to MSNBC. Switch to BBC but for God sakes NOT CNN the conservative news network.

  41. They need to get Oberman back at any cost!!! Plus get that Morning Joe off and gone. Andrea Mitchel and Joe ScarboringO belong at Fox Noise. Also Mika Brezinski is totally worthless~! I will not watch anything on MSNBC until Scarboro is gone. You don’t put Republican Filth on a iberal netwoork, how stupid can they be? I suffered watching Morning Joe and Todd and finally shitcanned the network….good ridence!!!

  42. Used to watch msnbc all the time . It was Keith O. That drew me in but no more. The Hillary bashing feeding frenzy of scandal driven journalism is just disgusting. I might have continued to watch Rachel or Diaz but the I’m done with the rest. Lawerence O and Andrea M are the worst hacks yet. I hope the network collapses under their own hypocrisy before the election and I encourage all democrats to boycott them and NBC . When will we get real fact driven journalism again?

  43. MSNBC is corporate owned just like the rest of them. The pundits are actors. Some are better than others. I watched MSNBC very infrequently prior to the 2014 election. Then they started the non-stop President Obama bashing. They never reported on any of the successes of this administration and it appeared the purpose was to depress turnout. I had enough. If fact, I turned off cable. I feel so liberated. There are so many good sources of information, like this one. I don’t need so-called pundits telling me what to think.

    BTW, CNN is/was FOX Lite as far as I’m concerned. Just how much thorough coverage did the 47 Republican traitors get on cable today?

  44. Like you, I wish Rachel would separate from the pack. She could take Ed Schultz with her. The msnbc grouping would work better when the line-ups change news focus and delivery (beyond set dressing).

  45. Given the emboldened corporate personhood status, why would these Frankensteinians acquiesce to the wants of “real” people? They have the Republican Regressionist zombies captive to do their bidding.

  46. Given the emboldened corporate personhood status, why would these Frankensteinians acquiesce to the wants of “real” people? They have the Republican Regressionist zombies captive to do their bidding.

  47. Charles, news owned by mega-corporate media is not news, as we might like it to be … via watching or listening. Progressive politics is positioned as anti-corporate, pro-people. Regressionist politics is positioned as pro-corporate aka big money and anti-people. Truly, a David v. Goliath set up. But mega-corporate supposes that the young watch TV and the pro-corporate news on it but they don’t. Ummm. So where is the real news?

  48. Well, I have been expecting this ever since Comcast took over. MSNBC has just been going more and more to the right. What do you expect when all media is owned by 5 BIG CORP. There is no liberal media, except for Free Speeech TV which you can only get if you have satellite. Al Gore screwed us when he sold out too. Current used to be halfway decent. Same with the Huffington Post. Its ALL about the money! The scariest part is that the right-wing has also taken over PBS, and are gunning for the internet. The first tool of a facist regime is to control the media. I am so afraid for this country. While the sheep are drugging themselves the fox has taken over the house. Good luck and bless you all!

  49. I wonder how many Americans are switching to Al Jazeera as a viable option on news. Emphasis on Fox and MSNBC is overrated. I switch with ease between Al Jazeera and PBS for real news. Now, we can even watch two or more shows at the same time. As long as Rachel Maddow and Amy Goodman are televised, I do not care about which network chooses to show them.

  50. I don’t even watch any of these networks. Why? Well, I have a hard time thinking that they really care about telling the news and trying not to spin it so that one side gains an advantage.

    Not to mention that in today’s day and age, you can get your news from many sources. In fact, most of the time this site here is my source of news.

    If anything, I trust this site and my local newspaper far more then any network at this moment.

  51. I appreciate and agree 100% with the sentiment of your post however it is spelled dumbed down as dumb is the correct word, not dum. Please don’t take offense at my correction, it is just a pet peeve of mine when people use the wrong word which changes the meaning of what they are trying to say. Like the words cite, sight and site. And, the words their, they’re and there. In any case, you are absolutely correct in what you said.

  52. I completely agree with you. I’m getting sick and tired of these people choosing to walk to the right. I’m not interested in hearing a D__M thing from the right wonks on a channel I’m looking to for the truth and a more progressive stand. I’ll leave and not come back.

  53. I agree with a lot of your statement, and like you I don’t watch network news of any kind.

    But you kind of confused me when you said you have a hard time thinking they are not trying to spin the news so one side gets an advantage, and then said you get most of your news from this site. This is an extreme left site, which is right up there with the Blaze on the far right.

    It is important to notice the different sides and how they report information, and then read opposing articles especially of they are far left or right articles, so that you can get all the information.

    Most people here dislike me because I have opinions that differ from their own, but if you look at many right leaning sites you will notice they dislike me there also. Simply because I am not afraid to show them the “evil” democrat side of their argument also.

    Point being, in this age of information you can not just “trust” one source. You have to verify everything.

  54. I was a avid and loyal viewer of MSNBC. I watched to have news items of interest ‘fleshed’out with intelligent analysis. However,it appears the producers of the various shows feel more obliged to “tell” us viewers what is important by highlighting only a few in depth stories and analysis rather than highlighting news national and international news of interest,(eg,today 3/10/15,)most narratives are about H Clinton’s emails…who cares? There are real stories of interest…,i.e. treasonous Senators…Palestinian/Israeli lack of negotiations,Economic issues around the world….etc….I believe the ratings reflect how out of touch the producers are with the viewers and what we believe are important issues. Take a cue from Al Jazeera,and I think your ratings will increase

  55. FSTV is free speech TV. People on there are: Stephanie Miller (our favorite), Bill Press, Thom Hartman, etc. This network is like PBS used to be. There are no commercials and they have good documentaries, too. I used to watch MSNBC all the time, but knew that ComCast would change the network. The only person I watch once in a while is the Rev. Too many right-wingers — Joe Scarborough — 3 hrs!!! (the worst and the way he treats Mica is degrading), Mitchell, Todd, et al.If I wanted to watch right-wing B.S., I’d watch Faux. Really miss Olbermann and Bashir. If MSNBC had the cojones, they could fill a much needed left-wing leaning TV station.

  56. SO glad so many people agree with me that Joe S. is a jerk and NO WAY will I watch him. I used to DVR it and watch it later and zoom on every time Joe opened his mouth. Now that they brought that horrible Nicole on, I don’t even DVR it any more!

  57. You claim that Jeb Bush released only 10% of his emails. How do you know that? That is a rhetorical question because the answer is obvious. You don’t. To state it as a fact is untrue.

    You say you don’t recall the talking heads going after Romney’s and Huckabee’s hard drives that contained their records as governors that you claim should have been provided when they ran for President. But I notice you did not include any mention of Barack Obama’s hard drives for the time he was a U.S. or a State Senator when he ran for President. Why the difference? Or did you assume no one would call you on your omission? Then again, maybe Obama did not have any emails as an Illinois State Senator. It seems as though he did anything while he was there. He voted PRESENT 129 times.

    Actually, this hard drive issue for those other than Hillary is a red herring. Hillary was dealing with national security issues and Federal law. The others were not.

  58. You people watch way too much TV. “News” from TV is anything but news. Call it what it really is propaganda, vetted by the corporate owners, dumbed down to lowest common denominator, to be spoon fed to the medicated masses. They have just divided the sheeple up for their convenience, it is easier to hold the reigns of power if you have an illiterate, or poorly read citizenry that you can dictate the “news” to.

  59. I don’t usually like any of the daytime MSNBC programming. Their weekday primetime hours are rock solid though, and are frankly the best in the business. Chris Hayes is the smartest person in TV news, and its not close. I’d say R.Maddow is easily number 2 in the intellect department, while also being the most gifted presenter in tv news. Although, I do think her typically spot-on and enriching story contextualization has been a noticeably lacking lately. And finally, Lawrence O’donnell is a consistent class-act with terrific perspective. These 3 hours alone are what put MSNBC above the rest. The rest of their programming, however, could use some rehab.

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