Obama Annihilates Scott Walker After Governor Signs Wisconsin Right To Work Law

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President Obama released a fiery statement that called out Gov. Scott Walker for weakening the middle-class and after he signed a bill that turned Wisconsin into a right to work state.

In a statement, the president said:

It’s no coincidence that the rise of the middle class in America coincided in large part with the rise of unions – workers who organized together for higher wages, better working conditions, and the benefits and protections that most workers take for granted today. So it’s inexcusable that, over the past several years, just when middle-class families and workers need that kind of security the most, there’s been a sustained, coordinated assault on unions, led by powerful interests and their allies in government.

So I’m deeply disappointed that a new anti-worker law in Wisconsin will weaken, rather than strengthen workers in the new economy. Wisconsin is a state built by labor, with a proud pro-worker past. So even as its governor claims victory over working Americans, I’d encourage him to try and score a victory for working Americans – by taking meaningful action to raise their wages and offer them the security of paid leave. That’s how you give hardworking middle-class families a fair shot in the new economy – not by stripping their rights in the workplace, but by offering them all the tools they need to get ahead.

In typical Walker fashion the governor claimed that his crushing defeat of economic opportunity was a victory for workers, “This legislation puts power back in the hands of Wisconsin workers, by allowing the freedom to choose whether they want to join a union and pay union dues. This also gives Wisconsin one more tool to encourage job creators, like those here at Badger Meter, to continue investing and expanding in our state. Freedom to Work, along with our investments in worker training, and our work to lower the tax burden, will lead to more freedom and prosperity for all of Wisconsin.”

According to a 2011 study from the Economic Policy Institute, workers in right to work states earn less money, “Wages in right-to-work states are 3.2% lower than those in non-RTW states, after controlling for a full complement of individual demographic and socioeconomic variables as well as state macroeconomic indicators. Using the average wage in non-RTW states as the base ($22.11), the average full-time, full-year worker in an RTW state makes about $1,500 less annually than a similar worker in a non-RTW state.”

President Obama directly took on Walker, because the Wisconsin governor is trying to ride a wave of harming workers the whole way to the White House. Scott Walker’s failed economic policies have wrecked the economy in Wisconsin. His signing of the right to work bill is par for the course.

It is rare to see a president take on a governor, but President Obama has become the nation’s primary defender of worker rights. The politics are obvious. The president is standing in for Hillary Clinton by filling the role of the 2016 Democratic opposition until Clinton announces her candidacy. The shadow of 2016 looms large over both Walker’s bill, and Obama’s response.

The president hit Walker hard and made sure that Republican destruction of worker rights does not go unchallenged.

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  1. Well of course the workers in RTW states makes less! That’s the whole idea, for businesses to be able to keep wages low and working conditions regressive. Walker is owned lock, stock & barrel by corporations and Chamber of Commerce.

  2. You tell him President Obama, do something for the workers instead of doing something against them.

    Victory my ass Walker.

  3. WHY is it that only the President has to speak out on this? Of course he has the biggest microphone, but where is the Wisconsin Congressional delegation? Where are the other Democratic party leaders, Senators included? 2016 is fast approaching and no time to sit back. The President’s message needs to the hammered into the minds of the American electorate from now until November 2016.

  4. I totally agree tybandit. The President is leading, showing the way, the dems need to step up too. They bess not make the same mistake of distancing from his message as the did in 2014. Cowards. And we lost seats thanks to them.

  5. Right to work??? More like right to be a slave.. About 12 years ago I almost moved to Wisconsin. As the saying goes “Some of the best moves in life are the ones you don’t make”. It’s a damn shame that moron has taken that state to hell.

  6. This piece of excrement is the best thing the repugs have to offer for president. Wisconsin probably hopes a presidential election will take his attention off of them. By then he will probably taken all their hopes and dreams also.

  7. I really don’t think President Obama has a leg to stand on here. He said in 2011 that he would stand with the public sector union workers in Wisconsin if such legislation came close to being passed. All I can remember in 2011 during the protests, President Obama came to Minnesota for some PR, but on his way back to D.C. he simply flew over Wisconsin, turning his backs on those he promised to help.

    These words against Scott Walker are just that. He should have stood behind his promise in 2011 and maybe things would never have gotten to this point.

  8. For the last paragraph, doesn’t anyone care about Joe Biden? You people think that Biden hasn’t done a good job as Vice President that Hillary Clinton is jumping in front of him? Well Joe Biden is our Vice President, and besides I thought we were getting a primary, not a monopoly of Hillary Clinton. I’m sick of these attacks on Joe Biden by Hillary Clinton.

  9. Well, Walker, when there are lower wages, there are fewer taxes collected. And then what? Without revenue, more jobs are lost. More people end up needing government help, or they leave the state. It’s happening here in MI, another Koch Right to Work for peanuts state. But keep prancing around as if you’re some sort of hero. People vote, not corporations, and the Koch Brothers only have one vote each. If you survive the simpler, kinder FOX/GOP clown party next year, and you ARE the nominee, you will have a lot to answer for, and your smug little “I took on 100,000 of my citizens so I can beat ISIS” crap will not cut it. But, please proceed.

  10. The problem with this attitude of theirs is that people who make next to nothing, buy next to nothing. What happens to their enormous corporate profits then? Oh, that’s right, they get welfare from the Republicans; while the individuals who need help to feed their children or keep their house, deserve nothing. Right, yeah: I remember now. Anyone who is poor chooses to be poor, and if they wanted a job, they could have gotten one by now. Seriously? What a wanker. They have already poisoned the entire voting process in Wisconsin, and no one can be elected to governor to take his place, without the Koch brothers backing them. If he becomes president, I have got to find a way out of this country!

  11. Where is Debbie Wasserman Schultz? As DNC head, she has been very silent on a number of issues. I say bring back Howard Dean!

  12. “Wages in right-to-work states are 3.2% lower than those in non-RTW states, after controlling for a full complement of individual demographic and socioeconomic variables as well as state macroeconomic indicators. Using the average wage in non-RTW states as the base ($22.11), the average full-time, full-year worker in an RTW state makes about $1,500 less annually than a similar worker in a non-RTW state.”

    That about sums up the union dues per year doesn’t it??? I’ve worked for union and non union……. I’ll take non union any day. Good job Walker!

  13. Right to Work my Ass; right to screw worker by using greed and shortsightedness of some workers; another nail in the coffin of the middle class.

  14. You are a liar and copied that nonsense from the heritage foundation
    On average, where unions use a fixed structure, dues for industrial unions were $33 a month; for craft unions $31 a month; and for public unions, $23 a month. About 38 percent of industrial and craft unions have variable dues that are related to earnings.

    Delegates at a United Auto Workers convention have voted to raise dues by 25 percent to shore up the union’s finances as membership has dropped off.

    Representatives voted by a show of hands to approve the increase from two hours of pay per month to 2-1/2 hours. It will cost the average longtime auto worker who makes around $28 per hour about $14 more per month.

  15. DEAR RIGHT TO WORKERS,,,,, When you lose your job because some JERK OFF in management is not crazy about the way you look or think ,,,,,, YOU make sure you run to SCOOTER for some REPRESENTATION !!!!!! GOOD LUCK WITH THAT !!!!!

  16. RTW encourages corporations to pay less than livable wages. That means more people qualify for Earned Income Tax Credits meant to help low income families survive. EITC means taxpayers are subsidizing their wages instead of corporations — and corporations LOVE this. Insist that corporations raise the minimum wage and stop letting the people subsidize low wages.

  17. Right to work legislation is a violation of the free market, as are bankruptcy laws, tax subsidizes, tax breaks, limited liability, and corporations. Adam Smith condemned rich people using elected officials to lower or hold wages down. Republicans hate the free market. In a free market unions can create a closed shop in its contract with management. Labor is superior to capital. And customers create jobs. The rich are hoarders, the suffer from the mental illness that enough is never enough.

  18. I’m glad to hear our President standing up for the working middle class. Walker is so anti-labor in this State it’s pathetic. One his first decisions as Governor was to repel The sick pay law voted in by the voters of Wisconsin. But my bigger question is why did the President sign into law the right for Multi-Employer Pension Plans to drastically reduce the pensions to existing retirees of which there are over 10 million in this country.If you don’t believe me ask your representatives who also voted for it. It was buried deep in the last Budget bill signed last December.

  19. The problem is that the Republicans are conspiring with plutocrats, especially the Koch Brothers, to transform this country into a Dickensian hellhole where the nonrich are more or less slaves, all while refusing to understand that a money-based economy will fail miserably if only a select, elect few have the privilege of getting access to money.

  20. Because people who are even remotely pro-labor are not invited to comment on any main stream media outlet, be it cable, broadcast or print.

    The vast majority of the MSM is controlled by conservatives.

  21. One thing that is missed by these anti union politicians is that even though workers who choose not to join the union and “pay union dues” benefit from the work done by unions for the workers and their members, they don’t benefit from union activity outside of the workplace. Unions can have training seminars and training courses paid for by the union only for union members giving union members advantages over nonunion workers. There are safety and technology training among others that the union can promote for its members along with educational support and financing that unions could and should provide members. By doing so, unions can advocate on behalf of their members when bargaining contracts. Companies would look at union members for their advanced qualifications over nonunion employees. It would become a choice for individual workers. Do they want to pay for this training on their own to maintain a competitive edge or join a union and have such training provided for them?

  22. As a Wisconsinite, I am definitely offended by this statement. Direct it to “those who voted him,” not “the people of Wisconsin.” There are definitely those of us who know Wanker Walker as a moron and voted for a different governor, thank you very much. While I am definitely ashamed of the many counties up north having turned red during voting just last year (I was born and raised up north, and have come to love how this state was able to uphold its land conservations before the Idiot Governor of the current time took over), I am just as angry that there are those who chose not to vote and are now crying over what the Moron is doing t our state.

  23. So the fact checker states they make $1200 less, well, if the union worker is paying $1.25/hr plus $25 month, that works out to $2,000 and some change, so who is making more, the facts are the days of the fat boys in washington getting fat are about over.

  24. UAW contracts(Chrysler, Ford, GM)set union dues at 2-1/2 hours of pay a month. If you’re earning $24 an hour, that’s $60 a month. That adds up to $720 a year. Seems like a bargain to me.

  25. First WI casualty of Right to Work, Major company moving to Minnesota

    Hoffman Construction, a major road building and mining company is abandoning Wisconsin because of the Right to Work legislation just passed.
    According to Duluth News Tribune “Hoffman said Monday night that the reason is twofold: he believes the right-to-work law will ultimately cost his company money, and he sees Minnesota’s proposal to increase transportation funding as offering greater business opportunities.”
    Some companies realize that union work is an advantage to companies. Working together on problems, joint safety committees, agreeing on other items like seniority, vacation, health care can only make a company stronger.

  26. There are several great points being made but the lack of skills (spelling and speaking in full sentences) are making this conversation appear “less than educated”. *democrats , *republicans, *best or *had better. At least show your ability to communicate ideas effectively by taking the time to show you are willing to WORK for Union wages. It simply looks lazy.

  27. Their silence rings loud and clear! A person can only remain silent for so long before he is judged. And judgement day is nearing !

  28. My best hope is that in the long run these right to work laws only serve to strenghten union representation. The union movement needs to strategize and stick together over the coming years because unfortunately more states will pass RTW.

  29. “The president is standing in until Hillary Clinton announces her candidacy.”

    THAT is what I am afraid of. Hillary, one of Wall Street’s best friends.

  30. Walker is a douche… No, sorry… I didn’t mean that. What i really meant to say is Walker is a FIZZY douche. [WINK]

  31. After regrettably moving to Florida after growing up in Wisconsin, I kept hearing the term ‘right to work’ at the employment center. When asking what that meant they didn’t seem to really know. I researched the term and the only thing I could find was that at the end of WW1 Italian men returning home were killing themselves because their were no jobs and the rich owned everything. The implementation of ‘right to work’ was a communist concept. I’m moving to North Carolina asap.

  32. I stand corrected, North Carolina is a right to work state. I believe protected civil rights should not be weakened by the concept. What can be done to protect people and their pursuit of a good life? The only thing that I know of is the union. Being pushed and shoved around by management with no protection is the opposite of that.

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