Democrats Short Circuit Bogus GOP Scandal By Demanding State Dept. Release Clinton Emails


House Democrats who sit on the Benghazi Select Committee has taken the air out of the Republican attempt to turn Benghazi into something by demanding that the State Department make public all Clinton emails related to Benghazi.

In a brief two-paragraph letter to Sec. of State John Kerry, all five Democrats on the Benghazi committee wrote, “Since the Department has already produced approximately 850 pages of these documents to the Select Committee on Benghazi, we request that the Department begin its review for public release with this subset of 850 pages of Benghazi-related documents in order to make them available to the public first without waiting for the full review of all 55,000 pages of documents.”

Democrats are calling the Republican bluff on the Clinton emails. If the Republicans think that there is anything in the 850 pages of emails related to Benghazi, why won’t they release them? If Republicans had any evidence of wrongdoing by former Sec. Clinton, they would have made the information public. Since they won’t release the emails, it is a safe bet that the Republicans have nothing.

By tying the emails to Benghazi, House Republicans are looking for a way to take a scandal that no one cares about outside of Republicans and the chattering Beltway media and inject it into the mainstream. Republicans know that people don’t care about emails, so they are trying to invent a Benghazi “smoking gun.”

The Democrats on the Benghazi Select Committee aren’t going to play along with this ruse. Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), who is the ranking member of the Select Committee, spent years calling out Darrell Issa’s endless stream of lies and mythmaking during his time as the ranking member on the House Oversight committee. Cummings and his fellow Democratic members are stopping the Republicans dead in their tracks.

Democrats are putting the brakes on the Republican attempt to link the Clinton emails to Benghazi. It is put up or shut up time for Republicans. Since they don’t have any evidence to back up their claims, the Clinton emails are looking like another empty path down the Benghazi conspiracy road.

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  1. Why are the American people allowing these 47 Senators even one more second in United States office?They should be recalled and have new elections on each of their seats. To write a letter to another country to warn them that dealing with the executive office of the US is not in their best interests, is complete and utter treason. What the heck were they thinking? they have demonstrated they are INCAPABLE for their seats. Dangerous too.

    I’ve never been so angry politically in my life. This one really takes the cake. I now fear it IS possible for them to go even lower. This is dangerous nonsense and only appeals to those who desire sedition and anarchy.

  2. Issa’s no longer in charge, but the games are still being played. They have to keep the scandals going to keep their base’s attention. If not, somebody might yell squirrel and they’d be distracted and no longer outraged by the BS scandals.

  3. Every litigator, judge, and paralegal knows the game of “paper war,” where immense amounts of documents are subpoenaed and released requiring thousands of hours of billable time for opponents to sift through for “meat.”

    Here the defense claims a large number of documents released but fails to disclose these are the hand-picked, sanitized documents out of the full collection. Total phoney!

    More significant logically: How can the Dept of State possibly access, possess, or release documents on a private server in private property in a basement in Westchester without a search warrant, a raid, and a turf war with the SS Protection Squad, who are already mortified and career-disgraced by being assigned to this cruel and abusive Queen of Mean? Let’s hear her issue a Release and a Demand that the NSA release all the metadata of those emails so that Congress can draft a subpoena with particularity for every email.

    If you live by the Logan Act, you might die by the Logan Act, gra…

  4. 200,000 signatures in a day. From the American people, not a party.

    As a moderate independent with no love of either party, I still respect the three branches of our government. Undermining the authority of our executive in chief on a world stage is unacceptable. It lessens the strength of our future presidents from either party. America first. Parties second. You’ll be shocked at the number of Americans who mirror that from any side of the aisle.

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