Hillary Clinton Uses Email Press Conference To Annihilate Republicans Over Iran Letter

hillary clinton republican senators iran letter

Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton turned the tables on Republicans by using the press conference about her emails to obliterate the 47 Republican senators who tried to undermine President Obama with their letter to Iran.

Clinton said:

I want to comment on a matter in the news today regarding Iran. The president and his team are in the midst of intense negotiations. Their goal is a diplomatic solution that would close off Iran’s pathways to a nuclear bomb and give us unprecedented access and insight into Iran’s nuclear program.

Now, reasonable people can disagree about what exactly it will take to accomplish this objective, and we all must judge any final agreement on its merits.

But the recent letter from Republican senators was out of step with the best traditions of American leadership. And one has to ask, what was the purpose of this letter?

There appear to be two logical answers. Either these senators were trying to be helpful to the Iranians or harmful to the commander- in-chief in the midst of high-stakes international diplomacy. Either answer does discredit to the letters’ signatories.

Now, I would be pleased to talk more about this impor

Former Sec. Clinton came out and immediately turned an event where the media tried to put her on the defensive into a platform where she called out Senate Republicans on their potentially illegal letter to a foreign government.

Clinton’s logic was flawless. There are only two potential reasons for the Republican letter. Either the Republicans were trying to help a regime that they claim to hate, or they were actively trying to undermine the President Of The United States.

The email obsessed Beltway media will likely ignore what Clinton did in her press conference, but her statement was a significant warning shot to Republicans who are thinking about making 2016 a campaign about foreign policy.

If Republicans think that they can beat Hillary Clinton on foreign policy, they are flirting with disaster. Clinton masterfully led the American people to the conclusion that Republicans are either siding with a country that sponsors terrorism, or they are working against their Commander In Chief.

Clinton’s answers in terms of the email flap were what was expected. The State Department will make all of her work emails public, and the American people will be able to read them for themselves. The long-term issue that will have a greater impact on 2016 is the foolish Republican decision to challenge Hillary Clinton on foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton looks ready to run, and her performance at the press conference gave Republicans plenty to worry about.

74 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Uses Email Press Conference To Annihilate Republicans Over Iran Letter”

  1. “The vast majority of my emails went to government employees” at government email addresses, so they were immediately logged in the system and stored. Third, she said, after she left office, the State Department asked former secretaries for their emails. She did so, providing the 55,000 pages of emails that have been so widely cited. “At the end, I chose not to keep my private personal emails,” such as emails about yoga, vacations, and her daughter’s wedding. “No one wants their personal emails made public, and I think most people understand that and respect that privacy.”

    Fourth, she “took the unprecedented step” of asking that all her work-related emails be made public.

  2. I want to know what is going on with the media, we have 47 traitor senators who are working against the pres and the country and all I have heard on the media is Clinton’s emails. No one can tell me that this is not a right wing owned media.

  3. Hillary will be a formidable presidential camdidate.

    Hillary : TakeYourPickOf”em

    There isn’t a one of those JeeeZusss-bleating
    Bebe-blowing dirtbags
    whom she could not annihilate.

  4. The Republicans have shown repeatedly they can’t or don’t want to govern (preferring anarchy) and now these senators have said publicly they prefer not to have a treaty which would avoid war (preferring war).

    And the public voted for them why? To do what?

  5. MSNBC is still questioning Hillary’s emails. It will not end because the commentators and pundits do not understand and are not interested in the real issues which face the country.

  6. Its the black guy fault for kicking their asses in two elections. Plus he is smarter, better than all of the neo confederates put together and we cant have that because Scarlett might go to the other side

  7. These 47 need to be tried and thrown in jail for treason.
    Hopefully Hillary will win the next election, and she won’t put up with their atrocities. They are playing with fire when they attack Hillary. She is just plain tooooo smart for them.

  8. Hillary was always the brains of the Clinton outfit; she was a self-made millionaire before moving into politics. Good luck, Republicans, this lady is smarter than the GOP’s combined brain trust…

  9. Thank you Hillary you along with one Iran’s Foreign Minister had to school these 47 on our Constitution, Laws and International Law. There is an Act against this – The Sedition Act 1798 (Treason, sedition mean disloyalty or treachery to one’s country or its government. Treason is any attempt to overthrow the government or impair the well-being of… Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.) SECTION II of the Act – 1. Definition of offence:
    To write, print, utter or publish, or cause it to be done, or assist in it, any false, scandalous, and malicious writing against the government of the United States, or either House of Congress, or the President, with intent to defame, or bring either into contempt or disrepute, or to excite against either the hatred of the people of the United States, or to stir up sedition, or to excite unlawful combinations against the government, or to resist it, or to aid or encourage hostile designs of foreign nations. …

  10. Oh good lord please both of you , you just hit the nail right on the head. Even from the opposing side I say you speak truth.
    I am so absolutely sick and tired of my party getting tea bagged. And taking them nuts with a smile. Most of us rebups, the average guy that is, aint that bad really. All the people I work with are GOP. And all of us truly disagree with their goings on and think Boehner is a cry baby wuss.
    Sorry about so wordy just wanted to say I agree with you.

  11. Completely off topic but….
    Can some one enlighten me as to why there is a sports page here? Just think its weird to be on a politics web site with a sports page.

    As a Reds fan I say thank you.

  12. I wish she would’ve given this press conference a few days ago. That said, I don’t think it matters much. If you were going to vote for Hillary, you’re still going to vote for her. If you weren’t, you’re still not.

    This is a “scandal” only to the GOP and the media.

  13. With all the rats in DC, I think it was wise of Hilary to keep her own server and domain. With all the places she traveled, putting her life in danger, would you want RW extremists to have access to your every move?
    Remember Joe Wilson and Valerie Plane during the Bush/Cheney era? Cheney’s cronies did not like the fact Joe Wilson debunked their claim about Saddam Hussein and WMD. So, they outed his wife Valerie Plame as a CIA operative. Scary stuff in the wrong hands when you know many ARE out to get you!!!!!!!!

  14. Hillary just squeezed the last of the air that the republicans breathe. she has more balls than all of them together. go Hillary – you rock !

  15. By requesting that all the emails on the private server be made public, she also took away the conservatives uproar about classified information being present in them. She has now said that there was NO classified discussions in those e-mails. The conservative lies have been proven false again.

  16. The trouble is with those in the media, if they would really report the real news and realize the majority of the people don’t care about the emails they would quit reporting it. They are looking for loop holes just like the republicans where there are none, even when people point it out to them. Some on MSNBC is getting to be as bad as FOXx news as and that is bad. It is like they don’t want to hear the truth or they just keep pushing and pushing for more and more of nothing. Like the money thing, so who always know who give money to and organizations when they are in need in a hurry for it. Companies do it all the time, does it mean they are looking for something from her or what about her husband? After all he is also a famous person and they might need a favor from him instead. Plus they need to remember that also happen to have the same server her husband used and he once was president. They just want to read all her private,personal and mail.

  17. Ithink the republicans reach a low point when they demand to see what is on her server when they were so comfortable in not seeing where Romney kept his bank account or tax returns. At least she turn her record over for them to see more than JB and remember Romney didn’t do that when he left being governor. Republicans have short memories when it come to the dirty deeds they have done and still doing. They might not realize the more they tried to push people against her the more people will want her if she decides to run. They will not turn herfrom running but encourage her to run even more. The republicans keep making stupid mistakes and they are destroying their own party and we are on our way of seeing the republicanparty became the 2nd party in history to become no more and they will have no one to blame but themselves. They won’t be able to blame the president or the democrats, but they can blame the teaparty who is part of them.

  18. Hey dude. What is with that fu^^ed up head on Gowdy Doody? Does he cut his hair with a flobee? Anyway, he said “look at that iconic pic of Hillary Clinton using the blackberry, we haven’ gotten one single e-mail from that day” Doesn’t that show you she will fry his stupid ass? You being a Rapeuglican can surely understand that a blackberry can be used for many things other than sending e-mails. Perhaps checking the weather, as she was flying, or, simply checking her planner, as some of us do, maybe like McCain and playing online poker while in the Senate. You know, you guys get dumber by the day, but as long as your base eats it up, AMIRITE?

  19. You fail to see the problem here. If a Republican had a private server, you would be screaming that they “deleted” all the classified emails she had sent.

    Having a private email is bad. But having a private server is a huge security issue. She has the power to delete anything without review. Republican or Democrat, I don’t care. Show me a Republican with a private server and I’ll condemn them too. Saying you only deleted “yoga” emails isn’t enough. They need professionals to exam and retrieve any emails possible, as soon as possible. When we’re talking a security flaw as big as this, who cares if someone reads your yoga emails?

  20. Isn’t it just a bit curious that;

    1. She had the private server set up at her house under someone else’s name just as she became Secretary.
    2. She claims she did not want to carry two devices, but you can access multiple email addresses from one device.
    3. On Feb 24th she claimed to actually carying multiple devices in a speech/Q&A in California, including an Iphone and a Blackberry.
    4. She and her staff were the sole deciders as to what emails were released, two years after she left office.
    5. While she may or may not have broken any laws she was directly disregarding policy.
    6. She claims to have destroyed the “private” emails. Who destroys private emails.
    7. She will not allow anyone access to the server through which all of these emails were routed.

    I find it terribly hard to believe anything she says. When you roll in the questions of the Family Foundation, I think she is fatally flawed, as a person and candidate, but you can still fool some of the people al…

  21. Question for you Clinton haters. Wouldn’t their be copies on the recipients servers that would doom her to hell and give you baggers orgasms?

  22. Ah, what difference does it make. You have a failing infrastructure, seditious senators and this is what you baggers care about? No wonder you have earned the title of stupid Americans

  23. This is a non-issue just like the rest of them. Republicans grasping at straws. They have nothing. Mostly a bunch of inbred rednecks pissed off that we have a black President. You assholes that support them make me sick.

  24. Dj,
    It largely goes to credibility, not that I think most politicians have any credibility, but I find it hard to believe anyone would believe her story. Not that she has ever stretched the truth before. Politics aside do you really want someone as blatantly dishonest as this to be president

  25. The fact that she used her personal email do to the people’s business when she had another option shows very poor judgement and more of the Clinton arrogant attitude that the country belongs to them and them alone to do with as they wish.

  26. Do I want any war mongering blood gurgling kochsucking sociopath known as republicans as President? Hell to the f@cking NO

  27. One thing I notice “djchefron” is that you cannot seem to make a statement without flaming insults and name calling…is your vocabulary that challenged? Evidently you and many many of your friends find it impossible to do otherwise. Why is the “Party of Tolerance”, the so-called “Party of the People” so damn intolerant? Those of you who constantly use childish name calling and swear words simply sound so juvenile, that I can rarely discern your point let alone respect it. It’s regretful that so very many of you cannot seem to have an intelligent conversation with the unnecessary & derogatory adjectives. If you were able to do so, you might actually be able to make a clear point on occasion.

  28. You’re right I am intolerant of stupid ass baggers who are destroying my country over pettiness. But if I offended you, guess what? I can give a rats ass

  29. So emails are more important than foreign leaders, dummycrats whoring for AIPAC and the blood gurgling sociopaths AKA the republican party trying to start a war? I rest my case on the idiocy of you people

  30. If even one Democratic Senator had written such a letter and signed their name to it during a Republican Presidency- the Right Wing would be calling for that person’s head on a platter…

    And justifiably so.

    Why the Double Standard?

  31. I find it incredible that the US government would allow anyone to use their own server to do government business! Forget the crazy politicians, this is insane. Not even a state government would allow employees to use government computers for personal use or for personal emails. Is there no common sense left in this country? I’m surprised we still have a country.

  32. DJ,
    One of the questions that should be asked was did she mix the Family Foundation business with the SoS business. It appears that the foundation had pretty lax rules Laid out by the Obama administration on where it received donations from and even the partial ban on foreign donations appears to have not been enforced stringently. Since leaving her post the foundation has received a flood of donations, many of them women oppressing ME countries. Any impropriety could easily be cleared up by releasing all of her emails. If she has nothing to hide then she has nothing to fear, but I fear that hard drive will be about as easy to find as Jimmy Hoffa’s body.

  33. Hey she brought it up. Me, I can give a rats ass over emails when we are facing more pressing questions

  34. Is there not anyone with any logic here? Neither side seems to get it. And the US of A government cannot possibly live long while such ignorance abounds.

  35. Dragonfly,
    That’s just how DJ rolls. It’s part of the charm around here. I do find it quite humorous that anyone with a differing opinion is immediately labeled a “tea bagger” when it may often not be the case, but I wouldn’t let it bother you. If you have faith in what you are then what others call you matters not.

  36. I guess that why your panties in a bunch than what you republicans are doing to sabotage the Iranian nuclear talks. We must have our priorities in order

  37. DJ,
    My only shower buddy is my wife, but thank you for the compliment. I would question how the state department could release emails that they have never received since Hillary has already screened what she released to them from a server that only she controls and has denied access to anyone else. Again. if she has nothing to hide why would she go to this length to set up what appears to be a fairly elaborate system to circumvent a safer government server, and why would she lie about not carrying more than one device when a month earlier, on tape she stated quite clearly that she had both a Blackberry and an IPhone, as well as an IPad. If you cannot trust her on this how can you trust her not to get us into a war. Trust war is the last thing I want, I have a 21 year old son and a 19 year old daughter.

  38. Sorry, I meant this for here:

    My only shower buddy is my wife, but thank you for the compliment. I would question how the state department could release emails that they have never received since Hillary has already screened what she released to them from a server that only she controls and has denied access to anyone else. Again. if she has nothing to hide why would she go to this length to set up what appears to be a fairly elaborate system to circumvent a safer government server, and why would she lie about not carrying more than one device when a month earlier, on tape she stated quite clearly that she had both a Blackberry and an IPhone, as well as an IPad. If you cannot trust her on this how can you trust her not to get us into a war. Trust war is the last thing I want, I have a 21 year old son and a 19 year old daughter.

  39. Why, pray tell, are you accusing me of being an ignorant republican? Is it because you stuck your diaper on your head and don’t know who did it?

  40. Would it be better if I call them a homeschooled idiot? Oh wait I have done that. Damn I need a new catch phrase for the stupid that I see

  41. Actually I don’t give a fuk. Its only you idiots are trying to make something out of nothing. The reporter even said it is about Benghazi. So keep jacking off on this non story. Now if you want to discuss more important issues be my guest

  42. Emails? You are getting a hard on over emails? Exactly what do you think is in there? She called up the terrorist to kill all Americans? Or she personally ordered the Boston bombers? Look the committee has had these emails since last year and knowing the idiots that you are they are trying to make this a story. I thought you were smarter than this

  43. Actually I know several home schooled people, Each and everyone of them were not only extremely bright and inquisitive, but almost all had gone on to college and gotten STEM degrees. Unfortunately they were not public school indoctrinated as the progressive, liberal democrats prefer them. Democrats do not need to have people thinking for themselves and taking self responsibility they just need them to tow the party line.

  44. Oh so a story about emails is the story but giving our foreign policy to another government and republican senators who don’t know the Constitution or international law and trying to push us into a war we cannot afford and will lose is not the story?
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  45. It may be more important but from where I stand it looks like both sides fight so much of the time that THEY can’t figure out what’s more important. Fighting is all that they do, that’s all that you do. That’s the REAL story and there’s no solution to it. Our country is going down the tubes due to pure ignorance.

  46. There isn’t much difference, because we are at war with ourselves. George Washington warned against political parties and how they can divide us. We couldn’t be more divided and I think the parties want it that way as a way to stay in charge. There’s always a drama going on between the two and I fear that more than a war.

  47. But you are focusing on emails but not once have commented on the march to war. But I get it. It wont be you fighting it and when taxes has to be raise to pay for it you will be writing letters to the editor saying we don’t need no stinken taxes

  48. Actually she did not request that all emails be made public, she requested the email that she released to the state dept be made public, and she/we whoever that is decided what to give to the state dept

  49. I don’t care about the emails and I don’t want a war. I don’t think there will be a war due to the letter. The Republicans would be more likely to want to go to war over ISIS than Iran, from what I’ve heard from them. I don’t think they really want a war either. They couldn’t do it effectively now even if they did. I won’t be writing any letters. I am fed up.

  50. From the Farewell Address of George Washington ~

    The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries which result gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of public liberty.

    The End of Liberty

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