Republican Presidential Hopefuls Scramble To Support Seditious Iran Letter


On March 10, 2015, several prominent GOP presidential hopefuls rushed to support the ill-considered Republican Senate letter, addressed to Iran’s leaders. The letter which sparked public outcry, and caused the hashtag #47Traitors to trend on Twitter, may be backfiring on the Senators who signed it. But that didn’t stop Republican presidential contenders from chiming in to say that they also favored undermining the President’s multilateral negotiations with the Iranian government. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindahl, Texas Governor Rick Perry, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum, all voiced their support for the letter on Tuesday.

Bobby Jindahl said in a statement:

Every single person thinking about running for president, on both sides, should sign on to this letter to make clear to Iran that they are negotiating with a lame duck president. Make no mistake—any Iran deal that President Obama makes is not binding on a future president.

Rick Santorum voiced his support, stating:

Senator Cotton is correct, the United States Senate plays an important role in moments like this and President Obama cannot usurp their authority… I am grateful that the U.S. Senate is exercising their constitutional prerogative to stop this reckless diplomacy by the Obama-Kerry-Clinton foreign policy team.

Apparently somebody also forgot to remind Mr. Santorum that Hillary Clinton is no longer heading the State Department.

Texas Governor Rick Perry tweeted:

I would be proud and honored to sign the letter @SenTomCotton has put forward on Iran.

Later on Tuesday, the two Republican front-runners, Scott Walker and Jeb Bush, got in on the act.  Walker said in a statement:

Republicans need to ensure that any deal President Obama reaches with Iran receives congressional review. Unless the White House is prepared to submit the Iran deal it negotiates for congressional approval, the next president should not be bound by it. I will continue to express that concern publicly to the President and directly to the American people.

Jeb Bush defended the letter, stating:

The Senators are reacting to reports of a bad deal that will likely enable Iran to become a nuclear state over time. They would not have been put in this position had the Administration consulted regularly with them rather than ignoring their input.

Three GOP Presidential hopefuls who are in the U.S. Senate –Rand Paul (KY), Marco Rubio (FL), and Ted Cruz (TX) signed the actual letter. No prominent Republican candidate has issued a statement calling out the Republican Senators for their efforts to derail a diplomatic agreement.

By contrast, presumed Democratic Presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton had harsh words for the seditious Senators. Clinton stated:

A recent letter from Republican senators was out of step with the best traditions of American leadership, and one has to ask, what was the purpose of this letter?There appear to be two logical answers. Either these senators were trying to be helpful to the Iranians or harmful to commander-in-chief in middle of high-stakes international diplomacy. Either answer does discredit to the letter’s signatories.

Clinton sounded the right tone. Sadly, not a single Republican running for president, could bring himself to buck the Tea Party orthodoxy, of always dutifully lining up against the President. There are no moderate, thoughtful, Republican candidates for president who are willing to put country before party.

Instead, like a chorus of parrots, each Republican hopeful squawks the party line, because opposing Obama is the only platform the GOP has to run on. Each Republican candidate knows that the one who squawks the loudest, will have the edge in the Tea Party dominated GOP caucuses and primaries. The only problem for voters is that with every candidate squawking at the same time, all they hear is the constant echo of anti-Obama noise.

37 Replies to “Republican Presidential Hopefuls Scramble To Support Seditious Iran Letter”

  1. It will be interesting during the debates when they are asked the question if they were President and the Senate did the same thing, what would they do? Hum . . .

  2. I could care less who the rethug nominee for president is, but if any of these guys who signed or agree with this rag get near the Whitehouse, our country is toast. What a bunch of idiots.

  3. Seeing that everyone that’s anyone wanting to be President jump on this bandwagon, I get the feeling that for them, it’s about their Bros before any Foes.

    It’s a crying shame they see the President as a Foe.

  4. The only “reports of a bad deal” Jeb is referring to comes from Netanyahu. Going down the Romney Road seems like a bad idea… but good! Everybody jump aboard the nutjob primary bus… of course, once aboard, no etch-a-sketch will let you off.

  5. Wow. These republicans are so despicable it is beyond the pale. I’m disgusted with these idiots. They never fail to show that it is all about “doing anything and everything to block President Obama.” Pathetic and actually very sad.

  6. My Representative, John Moolenar (a bought and paid for Koch head who used state money to pay his ALEC dues while in our legislature, and who has now replaced Dave Camp as the mid-Michigander in Congress, parroted the old “Mr. Netanyahu made a great point: no deal is better than a bad deal.” I emailed him and asked what the alternative is? Does no deal mean war? And if so, we want a war tax to pay for it NOW, instead of like Bush, off the books and not the next President, and we want the draft back, so deaths are not just poor black kids. Chew on that, GOP, while you contemplate being thrown out of your jobs.

  7. ai yai yai Lucy… doesn’t a basic comprehension of the Constitution that all these dumbasses profess to hold dear disqualify them from anything… including local dog catcher…

    I want to see these idiots frog jumped in handcuffs with overcoats over their heads to the nearest Court and charged with sedition or at least illiteracy…

    maybe ‘W’ could read My Little Goat to them…

  8. So let me get this right.. Some freshman Republican Senator with 7 weeks under his belt, takes the charge on the Senate and get’s all but 7 of his ideological GOTea ‘Rant-Wing’ brothers to sign a document, that they then take upon themselves to send to Iranian Leaders – Which warns them it is in their Nation of Iran’s best interest, to not trust any discussions they make with the Executive Branch of the United States..

    And this Freshman actually got all but 7 of his party.. 47 UNITED STATE SENATORS to go along with such an act of both back alley cowardice, and something akin to treason and fostering sedition.

    And the American people are supposed to be ok with that?

    This American isn’t.. Ok with that.. Not at all.. I am politically angry as I have ever been in my decades of participation and paying attention.. Wow, I feel like 47 Senators just sold us all out . The World news coverage of this is heartbreaking “America No Good at it’s Word – US Senate Declares’.. Wow…..

  9. The question isnt how but when will the repigs start their civil war against this country sponsored by the 1%,seems what is going on right know is the beginning of their end game, just get ready for it because they’ve been working behind the scene on this for years, they hate everyone that isnt in the 1% and don’t kiss their ass. The POTUS cannot let them get away with this government coup d’etat

  10. I suggest within the next 48 hours The media will no longer consider this news worthy. That’s how long it took to forget about President Netanyahu shameful act to our POTUS.

  11. My how far Jindal has fallen, from Rhodes scholar to either brain damaged or just willing to say and do anything for money. Pretending to be a Christian while always being so un-Christ like. Whatever happened to blessed are the peacekeepers and so much more that they ignore.

  12. “Every single person thinking about running for president, on both sides, should sign on to this letter…”

    Oh yes, please do.

  13. Can you imagine what the other countries involved in these negotiations must think of us? It wasn’t just GWB who made the country look bumbling half-wits. It’s the entire republican party. First the Bibi fiasco, from the house, and now the senate jumps on the crazy bus led by the idiot from Arkansas. You have to wonder if we were truley in a crisis, if they could get their shit together.

  14. just when you thought the fascists couldn’t get more criminal, they find a way. get ready for the koch run machine to really get freaky soon.


  15. Mike D – They’ve already forgotten about it. In fact the main stream media has given it very little coverage – corporate owned RW. Hillary’s emails have gotten more coverage. At least #47Traitors is still trending on Twitter.

  16. “Who’s the more foolish, the fool, or the fool who follows him?”

    That criminal guest list” of 47 and growing? There’s always room for more….your name again?

    “people before politics….because politics remains only a game.”

  17. “Senator Cotton is correct, the United States Senate plays an important role in moments like this and President Obama cannot usurp their authority”

    There is one thing wrong with that statement. The United States Senate had nothing to do with that letter. Just because the author and 46 others happened to be Senators, does not mean the US Senate sanctioned it. There was no bill brought before the Senate proposing this letter be sent. It was not brought before the Senate at all. This was 47 individuals who happen to be Republican Senators, who conspired against the government of The United States to undermine negotiations with a foreign government. A clear violation of The Logan Act at the least. If the Republican contenders want to support seditionists, they clearly are unqualified to be President.

  18. GWC, they’ve already begun their civil war on this country — cutting funding for public schools, infrastructure, benefits for the poor and needy, gutting the ACA, right-to-work, etc. They’re starting at the state level, gerrymandering voting districts, dragging us into perpetual civil war, eviscerating the civil rights of the people guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights, jailing whistleblowers, catering to Wall Street. It is all around us — and the fact none of the perpetrators, starting with Bush-Cheney et al have been charged and prosecuted shows where the Republicans (and the Democrats) priorities lie.

  19. This just shows everyone of these Republicans hatred towards America and no way should any of them ever become President of the United States. Why don’t they all leave and go live in Isreal because they clearly love Isreal more than America.

  20. It would be interesting to learn how much these traitors have invested in weapons and Halliburton type companies that profit from wars? The industry donated a million $$$ to Cotton, so he is owned by them. They just do not care anymore about how they appear to the general public. What happened to McCain’s “Country First” slogan? Only if the country is WHITE and RICH? Some “hero” he is. His true colors are showing, the traitorous little fake war hero.

  21. It’s not like Joe Shmoe from Backwater, KY wrote Iran a letter. They sent the letter on their official government letterhead and used their elected positions in our government to intimidate another country and attempt to school them on how our government works. Exactly how is the world supposed to view this as anything other than “America is so f’ked up their own Senate(ors) is/are telling us they won’t honor anything their duly elected President does!”?

  22. Now Aunt Bert, you know they will either totally deny “any knowledge” of the event or blame it on some “vast left wing or liberal conspiracy” or “we were only taken out of context in our intent” or just stand back and let the Goebbels channel convince their gullible viewers that it is a “patriotic” and the Liberals just hate liberty and the freedom to kill others.

  23. I can’t wait until the debates and someone asks how they would handle the treasonous situation if it were them in the White House.

  24. It is just reassurance that none of those Republican candidates will ever come near the Oval Office. Americans don’t want war. Iran is a smart, tough country. We couldn’t even beat the North Vietnamese or the Iraqis or the Afghans. Iran would be no piece of cake. Besides, either we make a deal to control Iran’s enrichment and for inspections or Iran will soon be nuclear, thanks to Russia and China. Israel has nukes and refuses to sign the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. Iran agrees to sign.

  25. Well, Cotton had meetings with all the big boys from the MIC the day after the letter was published. That tells you something about motivation and mindset.

  26. Oh don’t get your knickers into a twist. Once the (political) wind changes, these weathervanes will point into a new direction.

    Whatever is convenient at the moment to make them look good, is their mantra.

    After all, such is what helped them get into the power they have now or had.

  27. I grew up an Army brat and one thing my father always drilled into me is that you salute the rank, even if you aren’t saluting the man (or woman); the Republicans, with all their jingoistic “we love the military” line, should perhaps take a leaf out of that book and treat the office of President with the respect it deserves, no matter who occupies the office. That is a strength the Democrats have held, even when nutjobs like the Bush Dynasty were in charge…

  28. I have never understood how serving in the military automatically makes you an “expert” on foreign policy. No one on the right gives a fig about the Constitution, other than the second amendment. These people can never be embarrassed because they have no conscience. Also, they are ALWAYS right. Remember, W claimed that had never made a mistake. Guess he forgot to mention that he also walks on water.

  29. Dustin, they remind me of the sinking of the Titanic. The potential candidates, now jumping on the ship, seem to not care the ship is going down.

  30. Well, you what they say Helen: Any good captain has to go down with the ship.

    Too bad this ship is shit and the captains here are more then willing to make sure that the women and children drown and save their own hide.

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