Republicans Are Worried That Treasonous Tom Cotton’s Iran Letter Is Backfiring


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Republicans are starting to realize that trying to sabotage the President Of The United States might not have been such a good idea. Republicans are openly worrying that Sen. Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran may end up backfiring by uniting Democrats around their president.

Politico reported:

Not every Senate Republican signed on to Sen. Tom Cotton’s extraordinary letter to Iran’s leaders, and several of those who didn’t are fuming about the freshman senator’s Monday-morning foray into nuclear diplomacy.


With Republicans needing significant Democratic support to achieve their goal of derailing the talks — or at least altering the emerging deal — some senators said Cotton’s effort could backfire by injecting excessive partisanship into the debate over how best to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.

What Sen. Cotton, and the Republicans who signed his letter really want is war with Iran. During his interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Cotton said, “I think we need to have a credible threat of military force on the table.” Republicans don’t want any agreement that could be viewed as a victory for diplomacy. Republican foreign policy is still straight out of the George W. Bush playbook of shoot first and figure the rest of it out later.


It is common sense that an attempt to sabotage the president would do the exact opposite of what the Republicans intended. Democrats are now free to make sure that Republicans don’t have the ability to override any presidential veto of bills related to a potential agreement with Iran.

Cotton’s letter has made Republican priorities clear. They hate this president more than they love their country.

Instead of killing a deal with Iran on their nuclear program, Sen. Cotton’s letter may have guaranteed that Democrats will support it.

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  1. “Instead of killing a deal with Iran, Sen Cotton’s letter may have guaranteed Democrats will support it”

    Good-if you get the 2 fake Dems Manchin and Heidkampt and the 2 faced McCaskill to support it, you know you have gone too far
    all 47 of them are so smart (only in their little minds) until they’re stupid. Instead of hurting PO they don’t realize they’re strengthening his position.

    Bunch of treasonous weasels (apologies to weasels)

  2. Everybody should check out the twitter hashtags


  3. The only way republicans can save themselve over this act of treason is to throw the 47 GOP senators under the bus by expelling them from the Senate.

  4. After hearing of this outrageous letter from the Senators I looked up the exact wording of the Logan Act, it is as follows:

    [A]ny unauthorized United States citizen to carry on any verbal or written correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government with an intent to influence its measures or conduct in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States.

    You don’t have to be a Harvard lawyer to see that those 47 signers are guilty of violation of the Logan Act, a felony under Federal law. They are (1) citizens corresponding with (2)a foreign government, (3) with an intent to influence any dispute in relations(4)…with the United States.

    I wish that President Obama put and end to Republican obstruction and have criminal charges filed against the lot of them. I know it would take a courageous act on the part of the President but this is the perfect opportunity to take our Country back from these traitorous bastards in the Senate.

  5. Why are the American people allowing these 47 Senators even one more second in United States office?They should be recalled and have new elections on each of their seats. To write a letter to another country to warn them that dealing with the executive office of the US is not in their best interests, is complete and utter treason. What the heck were they thinking? they have demonstrated they are INCAPABLE for their seats. Dangerous too.

    I’ve never been so angry politically in my life. This one really takes the cake. I now fear it IS possible for them to go even lower. This is dangerous nonsense and only appeals to those who desire sedition and anarchy.

  6. Now we have to call all Democratic Senators to reject the Kirk/Menendez bill any attempt by Corker to craft a veto proof bill that would hamper the President because if they succeed the only choice is war. Don’t say we didn’t warn you

  7. They’ll try to throw Senator Cotton under the bus, but with 46 other signatures on the letter, that will be difficult. They didn’t learn from Mr. Boehner’s foray into felony foreign affairs. They had to do it themselves. What a bunch of Unamerican a**holes.

  8. Of course it is backfiring. Everything this ignorant party has done since they took the majority has backfired. Because everything they do is aimed at President Obama and their sick racist desire to destroy him.

    The only things they have accomplished is to expose their hate and total incompetence. And now they do it on an international level! What fools they are.

  9. Excellent fact-filled letter. I intended to research the Logan Act; you saved me the trouble.

  10. Yah, not one of you in GOP Congress came forward to stop the same idiot — Tom Cotton — from committing treason with 46 of his GOP cronies, some of whom are supposed GOP leaders. So you WILL be throwing him under the bus, but the intelligent voter knows that ALL OF YOU are responsible for this breach of USA security. Logan’s Act is still law. This was an irresponsible and immature move. You need to receive consequences.

  11. Christ on a cross! If course it’s backfiring, what did they expect. Is there not anybody with brains in the GOP? Where is the leadership? Why in God’s name do these Neanderthals who are freshman? Cotton isn’t qualified to wipe my behind, let one express sound judgment. Hello, He was just elected, be knows nothing!
    And McConnell should have known better, as long as he has been in D.C.! First Cruz and shutdowns,now this! SMH, and rolling my eyes!

  12. Key words are; “unauthorized United States citizen” unfortunately, the Senate I suspect is an authorized body.

  13. All 47 of these asshole need some colonblow because everyone last one of them are full of gop/tp sh*t, and by the way the actual tea party was not against this country asshats. You 47 people should be brought up on charges of either violating the Logan Act or Treason.

  14. Mike D, they “think” that they have this latitude; however, the Constitution is clear on the extent of their power with regard to foreign policy: it is to advise and consent.

    I, for one, wish that each of the 47 could have their hides nailed to a tree and charged with every crime imaginable.

  15. In the world of global national politics…

    America had been recently reported as being in the 45th global position in the way it treats its OWN US citizens democratically IN THE DEVELOPING GLOBAL NATIONS!?!


    Republican(s) DO NOT LOVE AMERICA!!!
    They are siding with the hardliners of the global terrorists as reflected by attempting sabotage or let fail diplomacy for peace. Our national electorate has to stand up to them and let them be accountable for treason under Logan Act!!!

  16. Several of the signers are also Presidential candidates. I think they have just proven themselves unfit for the position.

  17. Maybe they are authorized, maybe not. Could their role in the Senate provide them with the right to involve themselves in negotiating with foreign nations? Maybe.

    It could also be a matter of the legislative branch interfering with the executive branch in the execution of its duties, which would not be permissible.

  18. Does any one have a list of the Senators who signed the letter; the most treasonous act in the history of congress.

  19. Mike, I’m reading that as “any US citizen without authority (to …)”. In this case, we have multiple countries (5+1) involved in delicate international negotiations that are already well under way. International law says the 47 fools do NOT have the authority to intervene or interfere in a way that might undermine the intent of relations/negotiations with a foreign country.
    It’s a later paragraph of the Logan Act that specifies this, I believe.
    To be ‘authorized’, you have to be either the President of a country (the only office with automatic rights) or his/her delegate specifically appointed for that purpose. Clearly the senators are way out of order.

    Sad that the only person so far that has attempted to explain this (extremely clearly) to the letter authors is the Iranian Foreign Minister. Sad also that Cotton has met with defense contractors today – which more than hints at the “intent to undermine”.

  20. The issue is not partisanship. The issue is the vile and disgraceful violation of Constitutional and statutory restrictions on anyone interfering with US foreign policy. They smugly call this letter the ‘advice and consent’ they are to provide, but they have failed, time and again to talk with this president, and they have usurped his sole authority to be the voice for the nation in foreign negotiations.

    This isn’t a ‘deal’. This is a critical international agreement to which Iran is moving to end efforts to secure nuclear arms. They have agreed to inspections from the IAEA – Israel has NOT – which held us in very good stead for decades. To risk that all falling apart into open conflict is to telegraph what they REALLY want: another war. National security is NOT the issue. War and its profits ARE.

    I don’t know how charges can be brought without pushing this nation into civil war, but I hope some method can be found. They are despicable and broke the law.

  21. This was a treasonous act, no matter how you want to read the Constitution. Article III, Section 3, plainly states that treason is helping another country in war against the US, or to aid and comfort the enemy. I really wonder what these people were thinking. McConnell – I live in Texas, and I really do not like John Cornyn, whose face is always showing up right behind McConnell’s.

  22. Sounds like the Republican plan for dealing with Iran is similar to what James West did in Wild Wild West: Shoot, shoot, shoot some more and then ask questions when they’re all dead.

    I don’t understand the thinking here. We just got done with two terribly planned wars that cost our country billions of dollars and thousands of lives. I don’t want another war.. We can’t afford another war that’s just produced to feed the monster that is the military complex.

  23. The following Senators DID NOT SIGN the letter to Iran leaders:

    Lamar Alexander,TN; Susan Collins,ME; Bob Corker, TN; Dan Coats, IN; Jeff Flake, AZ; Lisa Murkowski, AK; Rob Portman, OH.

    Get a list of all Senators from their Website and those not listed above are the culprits.

    Good Luck!


  25. “…injecting excessive partisanship into…” Say whut? Whichever idiot said that is an unintentional comedian. Oh, and did I mention…idiot?

  26. The GOP/TP are now claiming that PBO “made” them do it.

    Nope. In the beginning, the suckers were grinning from every orifice about the letter they wrote, but since the major push back they’re receiving, they’re looking for a way out of a mess they created, so they’re reaching back and getting their convenient scapegoat—the president.

    I don’t think they had any idea that some republicans wouldn’t approve of their letter, but then, they weren’t thinking of sane republicans. They were thinking of the far right members of their party who show up and vote in every election. Whether they will admit it or not, they disrespected the mainstream republicans in their party with this little stunt.

    They created this mess, so now they have to deal with it. PBO didn’t write, sign, or send the letter. As for them claiming that he “shut” them out, it was the right thing to do. They’ve made it 100% clear that they do not want to work with him on any issue.

    Crybabies and whiner…

  27. Methinks “Speaks with forked tongues” is too kind.

    Methinks “Speaks with the IQ of a cotton pickin’ mind” may be better.

    (You knew someone had to use that last name at some point/in a less than flattering way…)

  28. Hahahahaa! The only treason is your president as he shreds the constitution. The rest is called Free Speech.

  29. OK dumbass I bite when has the President shredded the Constitution being the pasty face coward that you are I know you wont answer that’s why your dumbass should be wiped from the earth

  30. Whilst they are members of congress, they are not acting on behalf of the congress, nor acting within its’ Constitutional boundaries as regards to their legal empowerments; therefore, they can only be classed as acting as individuals. This would make them liable under the Logan Act as they have stepped outside the authority bestowed upon them by their roles. Whether they will wear the consequences of this is another matter…

  31. Gwen,

    Every Republican Senator and President Obama knows that any case brought against these treasonous Koch sniffers would eventually wind up in the Supreme Court. Any idea which way the judicial wind blows with this bunch?

    For this reason they act with impunity. The DOJ won’t prosecute a corrupt police force. Do you think they’d have the balls to tackle Congress?

    These guys need massive doses of Preparation H to clear their brains.

  32. I believe when I first read about the Logan Act which they clearly violated, it said that either Congress itself or the Department of Justice were the ones that would have to bring charges…I can’t see Congress doing it since you are talking about 47 members… I would think that when Congress was made one of the ones that could bring charges the thought that that large number of people would ever be involved… To me it could easily be done by Eric Cantor since he is on his way out soon anyways…It would be a nice way for him to enjoy his exit…

  33. Tom Cotton

    David Perdue
Joni Ernst

    James Inhofe
John Cornyn

    Mitch McConnell

    Marco Rubio

    Roger Wicker

    John Hoeven

    Richard Shelby

    Thom Tillis

    Richard Burr

    Steve Daines

    Jeff Sessions
John Boozman

    Cory Gardner

    Shelley Moore Capito

    Ron Johnson

    Mark Kirk

    James Lankford

    Chuck Grassley

    Roy Blunt

    John Thune

    Mike Enzi

    Pat Toomey

    Bill Cassidy

    John Barrasso

    Ted Cruz

    Jim Risch

    Mike Crapo

    Deb Fischer

    Ben Sasse

    Orrin Hatch

    Dean Heller
Pat Roberts

    John McCain

    Rand Paul

    Rob Portman

    Lindsey Graham

    Mike Rounds

  34. They are 47 individuals who have no authority given to them by the whole Congress to do what they have done, interfere in the negotiations that the President is Constitutionally authorized to conduct. The author of the letter has specifically and publicly stated that he wrote the letter with the intent to “Sabotage” the negotiations, and that he would continue to pursue that effort. Congress’ sole duty in these matters is to review and approve or disapprove of the results of those negotiations once they are concluded.
    The Logan Act says: “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures o…

  35. Firstly, Nick, if President Obama had violated the Constitution at any stage, don’t you think he would have been impeached by now? The Republicans have cried for his impeachment since before he was even sworn in (google it), even though impeachment for crimes committed in ofice could not have taken place since he wasn’t IN office (he was guilty of being black though, which evidently is enough grounds for a pre-emptive impeachment). He is a constitutional lawyer by trade, so he knows his Constitution better than 90% of the population; so it would be nice if anyone could point out how and when he has violated this document, either by spirit or letter of the law…

    As for freedom of speech, to say this treasonous and frankly childish sabotage of Presidential authority is Freedom of Speech is like saying that gunning down children in a school massacre is just an active expression of the right to bear arms and shouldn’t be prosecuted. They broke the law; they did not exercise Free…

  36. If we the people ,do not make an example of these traitors, they will feel emboldened to cary on when this blows over. Damn a revolution lets make an example out of someone and these 47 would be a BIG example for out elected officials as a wake up call. (this is our country Americans ,,our Country)

  37. They are 47 individuals who have no authority given to them by Congress to interfere in negotiations that the President is Constitutionally authorized to conduct. Cotton has publicly stated that he wrote the letter with the intent to “Sabotage” the negotiations, and that he would continue that effort. Congress’ sole duty in these matters is to review and approve or disapprove the results of those negotiations once they are concluded.

  38. The Logan Act: “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

  39. Mike,
    The 47 traitors made their mistake by assuming that they have a right to step into these negotiations due to Article II Section II Clause II of the Constitution. Also known as the Advice and Consent Clause. Whereby the President must seek approval by the Senate to create a treaty. However what is being worked out by Iran and the 5+1 is not a treaty. It is an international agreement of Nations. It is governed over by International Law; not by Constitutional Law. Therefore they are in no way acting with the authority of the United States; and are thereby in direct violation of the Logan Act.

  40. It is worse than that. Article II Section II Clause II of the Constitution or better known as the Advice and Consent Clause is only in regard to the President’s power to inter into treaties. Which is to say he is only obligated to seek the advice or consent of the Senate when entering into a treaty with another nation. What is being negotiated by Iran and the 5+1 is not a treaty, but an international agreement; of which is not overseen by Constitutional Law, but International Law. The 47 traitorous morons don’t even understand their own Constitution, which they are trying to educate Iran about. (pours salt on their wounds) Which the Iranian Foreign Minister so politely pointed out to them.

  41. More than a dick with ears–another gay man (well known in his home town where I’m from) who married conveniently right before the election. Also a warmonger who despite his education doesn’t grasp the constitution. He’ll come out against LGT rights soon–just wait.

  42. Key word AUTHORISED & the ONLY one that could with this letter they sent was the President of these United States and he DID NOT authorize any of them to write,sign,send or negociate in any way shape or form so yes EVERY SINGLE signer of this letter is guilty of the logan act & Treason

  43. We should extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to the conservative Republicans. This is an early Christmas gift to the President; both domestically and internationally. If ever there were a catalyst for our allies and others to stick it to American hardliners, this letter ignited it. The President will secure a nuclear proliferation agreement with Iran despite Republican attempts at interference—-perhaps specifically because of such interference. The Iranian foreign minister handed Republicans their asses in his response. Iran will work that much harder to achieve an agreement just to shove it in the face of both American hardliners and those in Israel. Iran will help reach a deal—-any deal it can sell to the Ayatollahs—and later hold America’s feet to the fire in the post-Obama era. If we back out on our word, Iran will publicly accuse us of being “liars,” and enablers of the State of Israel. This “open letter” from the Republicans will be used as proof of America’s subservien…

  44. Make that TRILLIONS (i.e., THOUSANDS of BILLIONS) of dollars!! All that to destroy other nations. Imagine what that same amount of money could have done to MAKE OUR COUNTRY BETTER! Totally widened safety nets for seniors, the sick, the poor and the homeless; modernized infrastructure; massively improved educational system; a cleaner environment; energy independence through renewable energy sources ; and oh, so much more!

  45. Mike, let’s assume you’re not just trolling but simply uninformed. They are not “authorized” to try to get away with whatever they please like tantrum throwing children, jack ass Open Carry thugs, or vigilante “Oath Keepers” who construe an oath to protect American citizens into a license to point their guns at them. No. It’s not a blank check. The President tells State Department to set up talks and we present a united front. Make sense? Congress, State, and the Pres huddle. The President of the United States is the quarterback. They are the rest of the team. Simple enough?

  46. The Senate may be, but this was not done by the Senate body. It was done by 47 individuals who happen to be Republican Senators. This was not a Senate sanctioned letter.

  47. Dustin, Republicans don’t care about spending trillions on wars. Deficits don’t matter at that time. It’s only when spending money on infrastructure and the welfare of the people that we can’t afford it.

  48. Mike:

    You need to read the Constitution. You can order a copy from the Government Printing office for about a dollar or so.

    Neither the Senate nor the House are authorized to negotiate with foreign governments. Article II, Section 2, paragraph 2:”He(the President) shall have power, by and with the advice and
    consent if the Senate, to make treaties…”. Clearly, the President or his representative negotiates,and signs, following which the Senate either approves or disapproves.

    What is your basis for assuming that the President is not keeping the leaders of the Senate informed of the progress of the negotiations?

  49. Dustin, Republicans don’t care about throwing trillions of tax dollars away on unnecessary wars. Deficits don’t matter then. It’s only when we want to spend money on infrastructure and the public welfare that we can’t afford it.

  50. When Senator Dan Coats of IN refused to sign the letter who has probably forgotten more about foreign affairs then Cotton and the other 46 would know, should have been a signal to the 46 to not sign but they signed and now they live with their signatures as they will go down in history as the first party to have 47 Senators violate the Logan Act and be called traitors on the front of the New York Daily News and in editorials in newspapers across the Country.

    His first time in the Senate was when the Senate had OU President David Boren, former Senator Sam Nunn, and others who believed in working across the aisle. Today’s 47 Traitors need to be charged with violation of the Logan Act so this never happens again.

    This sure puts an end to who loves America because it is not the 47 and anyone who supports that letter to undermine not only the President but the United States who are working against the US. The President is clearly the one who loves America – GOP – Live with it!

  51. Though I agree theirs was a traitorous act, they may not be in violation of the Logan act because they are indeed “authorized” by the US government because they are part of the US government. The law is more a protection against private citizens from meddling in foreign policy

  52. I posted this in another thread but it needs repeating
    The more I think about nothing has to presented to the Senate for them to advise and consent

    This agreement would fall under the NPT Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT)

    The NPT is a landmark international treaty whose objective is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and to further the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament and general and complete disarmament. The Treaty represents the only binding commitment in a multilateral treaty to the goal of disarmament by the nuclear-weapon States. Opened for signature in 1968, the Treaty entered into force in 1970. On 11 May 1995, the Treaty was extended indefinitely. A total of 190 parties have joined the Treaty, including the five nuclear-weapon States. More countries have ratified the NPT than any other arms limitation and disarmament agreement, a testament to the Treaty’s significance.

    So this would fall under the UN. Now if these idiots want to tear up that treaty and leave the UN then and only then they can flap their gums

  53. Unfortunately is the right word here. These senators are a disgrace to their office and to all of us Americans. It is one thing to have an opinion but a disgusting display of hate to do the somethinglike this to Leader of the Best Country in the World. I pray people realize now what the Republican Party is all about–POWER MONEY and DISTRUCTION OF THE DEMOCRACY we have worked for so many years to make work for the good of ALL.

  54. Just think about it if we the USA spent trillions of dollars and sent good will ambassadors to help other countries we could avoid war and create good will around the world. Let’s take a look at Vietnam which has after being destroyed for being a potential communist threat has 50 years later become an economic force in Asia. So war may have an effect on a particular country but why wait 60 years for it to happen. Also, Ho Chi Minh came to the USA for aid first after defeating France.It was only after the USA declined to help that North Vietnam decided to seek Chinese help. But because we thought we owed the French a favor we declined to help him and preceded to get involved in a war against North Vietnam. Now, Vietnam is an up and coming economic rival to China. Go figure this one out hindsight is lame when millions of people have to die.

  55. The House “thinks” they have the right to negotiate these sorts of multilateral agreements (It’s NOT a treaty, by the way,) but they don’t.

  56. “[S]ome senators said Cotton’s effort could backfire by injecting excessive partisanship into the debate . . . .”

    Wait. What?

    Here, I’ll fix it for you:
    “[S]ome senators said Cotton’s effort could backfire by maintaining the status quo of the past six years in re partisanship in this country.”

  57. They are NOT authorized to interfere with ongoing negotiations with a foreign leader or country.They do have a say in the final result but this is so far off base and a clear violation.It was also a deliberate poke in the eye of the president by Tom Cotton who is a spoiled juvenile delinquent and has admitted he doesn’t give a #$%& about protocol.Another pointy hat(with a pointy head)from 1770.

  58. The gotp’s inability to look a step ahead is astonishing. Their answer to everything is an unthoughtout kneejerk reaction. These teaiodiots are incapable of forethought.

  59. TRESSON!!! Congress needs to get their head out of their ASS!! and read the Constitution, the very document that states very clearly What they have DONE. Congress makes the rules up as they go this is BS to bypass the COMMANDER AND CHEIF!!!

  60. These seditious twits just sent a message to Not only Iran, but to the entire world: “Don’t trust our Government! We are so divided we can’t be trusted to honor any deals we make!”

    And here’s just a little taste of the message the GOP just sent to Iran and the entire world. The Ayatollah Khamenei responds…

    “Of course, I’m concerned because the other side is into deception, trickery and backstabbing,” Khamenei said, according to Press TV.”

    Not only did Iran get that message…but every country in the world including our allies in the Coalition Led Nuclear Peace talks. NICE JOB GOP DIPSHITS!!! YOU JUST EMBARASSED US BEFORE THE ENTIRE WORLD!

  61. PLEASE SIGN and SHARE the Petition at to: File charges against Senator Cotton and the signers of the Letter to Iran under 18 U.S. Code § 2381 – Treason – In addition to Violating the Logan Act,18 U.S. Code § 953 Private correspondence with foreign governments; “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United STATES, levies war against them or ADHERES to their ENEMIES, giving them AID and comfort within the United States or ELSEWHERE , is guilty of treason..”

    The Iranian Assembly of Experts, the clerical equivalent of the “Senate,” and the Revolutionary Guard are the Sworn Enemies of the United States and are opposed to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. This letter ADHERES to their position and AIDS our Enemies in Iran continue to prepare for Nuclear War.

  62. The entire nation–as well as the world–now knows that there is a conspiracy of traitors operating within our government. It is also realistic to regard those who vote and support these traitors to be traitors as well.

  63. In what planet does the word “treason” mean standing up to your nation’s enemies. and in what sick twisted little mind is a weasel, the one statesman who was willing to send himself to war and fight the enemies of his country? You are a twisted mess.

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