A Song Of Hate On An SAE Party Bus

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I’m ashamed of America. Not because I hate America, but because I love America. By now you’ve probably seen the YouTube video by some members of the Unversity of Oklahoma chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon singing hateful, racist lyrics on a party bus that would embarrass the KKK. The song was sung to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands” You can get the background and more of the story from Justin Baragona’s Monday account.

There was a nine-second offending passage: “There will never be a n****r SAE; There will never be a n****r SAE! You can hang them from a tree, but they’ll never sign with me.” Appropriately, the tune is a nursery school song.

The University’s President, David Boren, a former governor and U.S. Senator, claimed to have trouble sleeping over the incident. Doubtful! Boren, a flighty DINO former governor and U.S. Senator, is a homophobic, pro right-to-work pol owned by big oil. I couldn’t give a damn less over what he has to say, other than he should lead the way to permanent expulsion to all those involved and then see if one of those temp agencies can lure him away from the Sooner campus.

The parent Sigma Alpha Epsilon wasted no time in getting the OU chapter off their roles. I don’t blame SAE for the behaviors of their red state chapter. Sigma Alpha Epsilon has about 240 or so active chapters that include a presence at such distinguished institutions as Harvard, The University of Chicago, Northwestern, Stanford, Ohio State and countless other high-profile schools. In my state, The University of South Carolina is a member, as well as Wofford College, locally.

Clemson is also on the SAE roster, while at the same time paying academic homage to perhaps the greatest hypocritical racist of all time, Strom Thurmond. Strom hated blacks, but unhesitatingly knocked up a 16-year-old African-American girl. Clemson calls their Thurmond ‘waste of space’, the “Strom Thurmond Institute of Government and Public Affairs.” It would have a lot more credibility if named the “Strom Institute of how to hate black people and still impregnate one of their daughters.”

The question is, what to do with the ‘mini-Thurmonds. Boot ’em out of school. Do you really want somebody that thinks hanging people is a carefree pastime to be sung (most likely drunkenly) casually on a charter bus? I’d go a step further. I’d arrest the lot of these racists’ songbirds and charge them with terrorist threats. Here’s part of the general legal definition from USLegal.com.

Legally, ETHNIC INTIMIDATION is a terroristic threat!

This racist societal boil is in great danger of bursting and when it does, the rage over repeated white repression could take the Caucasian population to a very unpleasant place.

The state of Oklahoma has offered continuous guidance for their ignorant SAE’s. The legislature passed a voter ID bill, aimed at the black population, back in 2009. MSNBC traced Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin’s record. She’s a radical right-wing discredit to the office who refuses to activate anything related to Obama. A state-based marketplace exchange and expansion of Medicaid in health care (affecting 150,000 constituents). She also slashed education funding and blocked local minimum wage increases according to the cable broadcast outlet. While serving in the U.S. House, she was chosen legislator of the year by her dear friends at the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ‘Nuf said!

Dozens of red state governors do the same thing as fatuous Fallin. Blacks are jailed in enormously unequal numbers, victims of a sudden rash of questionable police shootings, sent up the river longer than whites, convicted of crimes whites aren’t even charged with for the same offense. Black job seekers have a hellacious time finding work if there’s even one white applicant. Even when hired, a black worker can expect to be paid less for the same work, just like most women.

How long before the black explosion? Now, right-wing parents are turning out racist clones of themselves. Yeah, about half of 18-20 year olds are 100 times dumber and more unaware than they’ll be ten years hence, but for the present, they’re bringing their parents discriminatory genes with them to schools, the workplace and any other venues where Republicans gather.

And this bunch of goobers are just a tiny fraction of young rednecks who sing the same songs, make the same racist jokes and consider themselves superior to African-Americans because the Republican Party keeps setting the standards of opinion these kids see in the overwhelmingly conservative media. I’m going to continue to treat everybody as equally as I can, irrespective of race, creed or color. I don’t know what to tell Republicans. They’ve cast their lot with the haters and now their legacy to their children will be the same narrow-minded, despicable mind-sets.

They’re only in power because of manipulation of the election process. They keep losing the popular vote count to Democrats, but manage to win by redistricting mischief.

The trait I hold most dear is respect. I respect most Democrats and the Democratic Party, especially the progressive wing. The Republican Party frightens me. It’s a party of uncaring and selfish people. That’s not trollng that’s truth-telling. A third of their members have no feelings for anyone possessed of even the slightest differences; two-thirds won’t renounce the hate and puppetry that permeates the party. It seems almost every day brings a new offensive action from one of their number. It’s a party that doesn’t deserve leadership and I know political discussions can get hyperbolic, but this isn’t about party. I don’t consider the GOP to be a legitimate party. I consider it an entity that is unrelentingly destroying and minimizing this country and its people.

The SAE is just the latest tedious “shocking” behavior regurgitating from a group of people not worth even a second of your day.

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  1. When even the 83-year-old house mother is on tape saying “n-word, n-word, n-word,” and cackling about it, shut it down. That their football team lost a four star recruit over it, even better.

  2. Rough guess- damned few if any, black folks will be wanting to associate with SAE, now.

    Such a prediction will come true- but only because SAE has been sullied with such lowlifes.

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