Morning Joe Says Black Rappers Are To Blame For White SAE Frat Boys’ Racist Chants


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During a panel discussion on Morning Joe Wednesday morning, co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, along with guest panelist Bill Kristol, came to the defense of the white University of Oklahoma fraternity members who were caught on video singing a racist song. In the minds of all three of them, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat brothers who sang “there will never be a n*gger SAE” were influenced by profane lyrics in rap music. Specifically, they Mika placed blame on Waka Flocka Flame, a hip-hop artist who had performed for the frat in the past and pulled out of a future performance after video of the chant was made public Sunday.

After presenting a news report about the racism flap, the hosts brought on Urban League president Marc Morial to discuss the incident and what needs to happen moving forward. After a bit of a discussion, Brzezinski brought up Waka Flocka Flame and some of the lyrics from his song. She then asserted that he and the rest of hip=hop were really to blame for a bunch of young, white, privileged men chanting a song about not allowing a black member in their frat and preferring they hang from a tree.

“If you look at every single song, I guess you call these, that he’s written, it’s a bunch of garbage. It’s full of n-words, it’s full of f-words. It’s wrong. And he shouldn’t be disgusted with them, he should be disgusted with himself.”

From watching the segment, it seemed that Mika nearly passed out from the vapors after reading a sample of a black rapper’s lyrics. She was not alone in demonizing hip-hop culture and laying the blame squarely on its shoulders for the SAE controversy.  Both Kristol and Scarborough, two rich, middle-aged white guys, jumped headlong in the “blame blacks for whites being racist” pool. Kristol pointed out that “popular culture is a cesspool” and nobody should be surprised “when a bunch of drunk 19-year-olds repeat what they’ve been hearing.”


Meanwhile, Scarborough used that as a jumping point to insist that white kids aren’t learning racism from their parents, friends or neighborhoods, but instead it is being instilled in them by black rap music.

“The kids that are buying hip-hop or gangster rap, it’s a white audience, and they hear this over and over again. So do they hear this at home? Well, chances are good, no, they heard a lot of this from guys like this who are now acting shocked.”

Just to hammer home their point a little more, Mika ended the segment by smugly stating that she wishes Waka Flocka Flame wouldn’t be so self-righteous when criticizing the OU students, implying that he is as much to blame due to his music’s content. By the end of the discussion, you would have thought it was the SAE frat bros who are the real victims in all of this.

Below is video of the segment, courtesy of MSNBC:



Obviously, context is lost on Mika, Joe and Kristol in regards to this incident and why it has absolutely NOTHING to do with hip-hop culture. In the infamous video, we saw young, white males proudly chanting a song where they declared “there will never be a n*gger SAE” and “you can hang ’em from a tree, but they’ll never sign with me,” all to the tune of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. It had nothing to do with rap or blacks being able to say the n-word with impunity. They weren’t repeating what they heard from a black rapper. Trying to conflate the two is a huge leap and logic and nothing more than shameless victim-blaming.

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  1. While it’s true that hip-hop does have some very salty language involved, I very highly doubt that anything that reminds people of lynching is in a hip-hop song.

    To me, all Joe and his butt buddies are doing is what humans have done throughout history: When something bad happens or if something that is outside of your so-called ‘norm’ happens, you find a scapegoat to take the blame.

    You have a bunch of white kids singing about lynching black people? Just blame hip-hop. You have kids shoot up a school? Just blame video games. To me, it is absolutely disgusting that anyone, let alone a worthless low life like Joe here, blame music or video games or whatever for anything that is bad.

    Is this day and age, isn’t it time to start taking responsibility for our actions?

  2. I think it’s time for old Joe to go back to bed and stay there. He’s become another Bill O and that’s just what we DON’T need.

  3. I suppose when these same vicious young men rape a co-ed, it will be because of black rappers and the woman asking for it? Of course. And if she becomes pregnant, they will be all for the rapist having a say in what happens to the fertilized egg, as well as access to a child with no responsibility. Because being white, male, and rich comes with privileges, and no penalties.
    Oh, and Mika, you are rapidly becoming irrelevant to any woman in this nation, not that you care.
    And Mr. Kristol, the genius behind the thrusting of Sarah Palin onto the national scene, is about as credible as a conch shell. Of course these young men heard racist stuff from home. No one goes to college believing that all people have value, and suddenly turns into a crazed racist after some beers. In fact, people who value other people won’t set foot into the Greek system. Period.

  4. White frat boys are responsible for for white frat boys. Wacka Flocka Flame wasn’t their nanny. It’s time for these guy’s to take responsibility for themselves. Joe Scarborough and Bill Crystal are f-ing idiots!

  5. Living in Norman and having seen what has gone down up close and personal including the latest video of the SAE House Mom chanting the “N” word to a song has stopped the fundraising for her in its tracks. Two leaders of the chant that talks about lynching plus the “N” word is not in reaction to rap music — it is part of an SAE tradition and have been expelled.

    Guess Joe is too stupid to understand that racist fraternity was started at the University of Alabama and their headquarters is receiving reports about racist activities of that fraternity in other places. President Powers of University of Texas announced last night he is investigating complaints about SAE racism there.

    MSNBC needs to fire Scarborough. Before that I suggest the lowlife interview President David Boren, University of Oklahoma, and hear first hand there is no place for racism and bigots at the University of Oklahoma or in the Country.

  6. Ur so right Luv but lets not leave Mika Brzezinski out she was just if not more nasty then Joke and Kristol just saying!!!

  7. There’s nothing like white people talking to other white people about what awful white racist frat boys said about lynching and people of color.
    Because, yeah, that makes sense. NO!

  8. I don’t know but faux news is nothing but a racist no real news run by a whole bunch of idiots. this is one of the reasons racism has gotten out of control because ever since Obama became the first “black” president – the hatred has come out through journalists, politicians and republicans – how sad.

  9. There is something terribly wrong with our national discourse when Morning Joe is given three hours M-F to rant his opinion about anything.

  10. What a lot of these people seems to forget this word and others would never have came about if the slavemaster had never invented it in the first places. Remember blacks didn’t speak english when they came here and guess who were calling blacks those names? You guess it. The white slave over and over and whipped the slaves to make them called the slave those names. When blacks tried to called blacks by their white given name they were beaten so what do you expected. Now that they are free they use the word not in negative way the majority time, just like other race use a race word for their race and don’t want anyone else to use it own them either. Yes what those kids did was wrong and they more than likely learned it from home, first, second, from their club and they will get jobs in society and carry on with their hatred pretending they care when they don’t. They don’t realize they are dealing with a different generation than their parents,grandparents, and greatgrandpare…

  11. Don’t ever watch the GOP “Morning Sickness Joe The Jerk Show”!!! You will become very, very, “SICK”. In my opinion.

  12. Morning Joke is now going strongly into Fox News land in the racist ignorance category. I could just squint my eyes and I swear I was watching Megyn Kelly and Steve Doorcy!

  13. Who in their right mind’ is still turning their television to “Morning Yuk?”. Oh and by the way for all of you who wish that Mika would just speak up and tell Joe off, Don’t hold your breath. She’s in love, Joe made her a star. In Spite of her eye-rolling and heavy sighing, they speak with one voice. It’s all an act. I wonder if she had something to do with his recent second divorce? Liberals and Progressives need to realize MSNBC is not our friend.

  14. Marie, while I agree with most of what you’ve said, I don’t think other minorities use racial slurs against their own people in the same way. I’m first generation Italian American.We just didn’t do that, there would have been a whole lot of hurtin going on if my mother ever heard us call anyone a WOP. I guess what I mean is, it’s just different if you aren’t of that race. If you never say it, then it doesn’t just slip out.

  15. Mika is pathetic. For a woman who professes to be a “Strong Woman”, she is anything but. She is too way too old for that simpering act she tries to sell every morning.

    Joe is a classless misogynistic southern boy who has probably known little ditties like this his entire life.

    And Bill Kristol is probably one of the dumbest asses on tv.

  16. who would of ever thought, electing our first black President, would return racism back to the mindset of the 60’s!

  17. wowzers!

    I never knew that Black Rappers were so powerful and influential upon okie white children.

    And such other ‘special’ children.

  18. This shows exactly why Morning Joe will never be the host of Meet the Press (should it survive. He is a not ready for prime time player. Mika? She regularly has the vapors over God knows what. And MSNBC wonders why fewer liberals are watching their network?

  19. So, blacks can use derogatory remarks against whites in their songs, Oprah can say that all white old people should be dead—and blame that on past history.Nope, they arent racist. But when whites do it, they are racist? I’m sorry, but blacks and whites– they are all a bit racist in past thinking. this is the U.S.A. and freedom. Be glad that we are still able to have opinions, discussion, rantings or what ever. If you dont like an opinion, song or whatever move along or just don’t read. Who cares about this guy and his opinion… its what you think.

  20. I thought of the tv commercial when I saw this. The one in the peanut butter factory where everything is screwed up and the manager asked whose fault it was and they all pointed at a goat, then the goat started screaming at the top of his lungs. Reminds me so much of Fox News and Morning Joe pundits.

  21. Morning Joke does NOT, I repeat NOT take responsibility for anything. Even a dead intern in his office. Has the statute of limitations run out on that?

  22. Maybe killer Joe is auditioning for Billo’s job on Faux? Billo is really showing his age, he has a face for radio.

  23. I despise the misogyny in a lot of rap songs, a misogyny which mirrors that in the larger society. However, that has absolutely nothing to do with these privileged spoiled brats who undoubtedly grew up in homes where anti-black racism was taught. They alone are responsible for their words and actions, Morning Joke notwithstanding. I would be willing to bet that his presence is one of the reasons viewership of MSNBC has declined.

  24. Joe is pushing the next narrative over this incident. Soon every republican will be using the blame rap artist excuse.

  25. Essentially what Joe and Mika are saying is that these frat boys only learned to hate black Americans when rap music began. Probably had nothing to do with their upbringing huh…I’m certain they were raised in good Christian homes…right Joe? Good parental training, taught them responsibility for their actions, taught them respect for other people regardless of race, color or creed…right Joe. When will these people ever take responsibility for their own shortcomings and misdeeds? Never…

  26. I’m black, and using the word n!99er and other racial slurs were banned in my parents’ home, and when I was rearing my daughter, the same rule was in place in our home, so these tools’ attempt to blame the SAE students use of the word on rap lyrics doesn’t stand the smell test. They have no idea that they’re doing an injustice to these kids by not insisting they accept responsibility for using the term. They also have no idea that they’re insulting the Americans who don’t approve of the kids’ behavior. Furthermore, they have no idea that they’re not working to abolish racism but to excuse and legitimize it.

    Shame on them.

  27. Morning Jerk can spread his bull****
    all he wants but those of us who are
    adults know the truth. By the way, how
    are we ever going to win the war for
    women’s equality with clods like Mika
    screwing everything up? Somehow, blonde
    jokes aren’t so funny any more.

  28. This is a generational issue. The young Black and white kids call each other nigga freely. The white kids don’t see anything wrong with it because blacks call themselves nigga. The old-school black people, those around in the 1960s, 70s, think it’s an insult, racist.
    So in about 10 – 20 years, everybody of every race of the younger generation will call each other nigga and not think about it.

    I was walking down a street one day and this youngish white girl was calling her black boyfriend (?) a “nigga.” I was insulted and embarassed for the boy, but he didn’t seem to mind it.
    Go figure.

  29. What’s MORE wrong than that is that every person who has a cable television account pays for it. I have never once tuned in Fox News on my channel list, and I’ve been paying for it since day 1. If we stay in a hotel, I take the Fox (and Bloomberg) “News Channels” out of the channel line up in the room so that not only am I not subjected to it, any moron who rents the room after me can’t find it without a hassle, either.

  30. Are you aware of how many whites have been made millionaires due to Oprah? She NEVER said what you are attributing to her, She only became a racist to you and your ilk when she endorsed President Obama. You can N word me all day long. I know who I am and that slur hardly fits my magnificent self. You cannot talk about me hanging from a tree. You will not threaten me. You sound like the fool your mother raised. ‘Bye, boy.

  31. You are very wrong. The word nigger ( since I am discussing the word I see no problem in using the word. IAM NOT CALLING ANY ONE OR ANY GROUP OF PEOPLE BY A DEROGOTORY TERM NOR DO I INTEND AS MUCH) is of Spanish/ Portuguese base. Which is of course Latin based. The word niger(? spelling may be wrong) is latin for black. And is the basis of the word black in almost all European languages. The word does however refer to black AND Indian peoples. It was not originally a derogatory term. But it did become one unfortunately.

    Interesting fact both nagger and ginger are derivatives of the word.

    Disclaimer: again I state that my usage of the word was not meant to insult any one or any group. If any offense was taken I do apologize. My usage is in an academic manner not to belittle or insult.

  32. I agree, it’s a generational issue… I just think that people ought to be a bit more careful because the word has such venom behind it. There are other derogatory words for different races out there, but none carry the venom as the N-word does.

  33. “Oprah can say that all white old people should be dead—and blame that on past history.”

    Where in the hell did you get that one?!? I assume that you go to all sorts of right wing blogs and sites and basically get spoon fed your ‘info’ by those who hate America.

    Dude, your racism is showing. Please, go away and take that racist attitude with you. There is NO room in this nation for racism. None.

  34. Example, the Ferguson police chief was allowed to resign. The word resign. Black or in the minority, is allowed to be fired. This in and itself shows bias and I”ve witnessed this over the years. Largest immigration of people against their will in history.

  35. Go to any waiting room be it Hospital, clinic, Bank all have faux news on. Recently I was in the local bank waiting for an apt, the tv screen was a very large one you could not miss. Went to the information desk and requested they change the channel. Same in the clinic or Hosp. will not listen to that station everyone should do the same if you don’t like it.

  36. I will never watch Joe and Mika again. The only decent person appears to be Willie Geist. Blaming rap music for the SAE racist chant is stupid and convinced me that they have such affinity for these kids that they cannot see the real problem of racism. White privilege is Like the monkey that sees no evil, hears no evil, etc. you get the point. Thanks for perpetuating racism. Take them off the air ASAP!! Btw, the Jon Stewart commentary on Joe and Mika is hilarious!!!

  37. Yesterday, Don Lemon noted that there was no way that the frat boys of SAE, who were kicked out of the University of Oklahoma after a video of them singing a song about lynching went viral, became casually racist on their own. “A lot of them probably learned [that behavior] at home,” he said. And, apparently, from their frat mom, too.

    The fraternity’s 79-year-old house mother, Beauton Gilbow, told Oklahoma’s News9 that she’d never heard the song, with the lyrics “There will never be a _______ at SAE,” before the video went viral.

    “I don’t know what I’m doing. I mean, I’m in shock,” she told a reporter on the day that the fraternity was booted from their house.

    ““Did you ever get any indication there was anything like this going on?” they asked.

    “No, no, no. Never heard the song,” she said.

    And then student newspaper The Oklahoma Daily dug up a 2013 Vine featuring Gilbow, in which she repeatedly chanted the word “______”, to the tune …

  38. I’m wondering, when we are presented with racism, bigotry, and intolerance and we answer it with more intolerance what have we accomplished? I’m not condoning the behavior on the SAE bus by any means, but banning the fraternity, expelling two students (that happened to get caught) from the university, stating “we have a zero tolerance policy!” does not educate, encourage acceptance, or foster healthy relationships in any way.

  39. I do not like Morning Joe. There was a time I would watched Morning Joe on the east cost and the west cost , now I could care less about the show. Joe disrespectful to Mike and talks down to Mike .She just sit there and keep her mouth shut and do not defend herself. “She is being the good old girl and will not speak up and but go along to be one of the boys”
    Joe plays the fence to please the GOP even when the situations is not in their best interest. He further states that he never heard the songs of racism or similar songs that the student were singing. He must have had his head in the sand to make that statement. Lastly, he tries to control the discussion and get others to support his point of views and displays outburst when other voice their opinions.
    Cancel the MORNING JOE SHOW.

  40. I have more than a strong feeling Mika doesn’t have a clue as to why hip-hop music uses the N-word so much. It’s because the Black community wants to re-claim the word and take-away its prejudicial meanings. It is OK for Blacks to use the word, but not OK for Whites to use it. Mika should ask around. All said, she doesn’t strike me as much of a popular music fan. The closest thing to rock Mika may listen to is Rachmaninoff.

  41. Sally, I agree 100%. These new commercials concerning a program about a “powerful women” program on MSNBC featuring Mika standing like some kind of “icon” make me want to puke.

    She should just go over to FOX with Joe.

  42. The only time I ever switched over to FOX was on election night in 2012, just in time to watch Karl Rove’s spectacular meltdown when Ohio was called for President Obama.

    Having said that: I was in the otherwise empty waiting room at a car dealership 2 years ago, and FOX was playing on the single TV. Since no one else was watching, I switched over to MSNBC (which is becoming FOX-lite these days.)

    I had to take a bathroom break, and when I returned, the TV was back on FOX (the waiting room was still empty.) I switched it back to MSNBC.

    Minutes later, the owner (from whom my husband and I had purchased 16 Cadillacs over a 35-year period) came out of his office to confront me. He started ranting about “that n****r Obama” and how he was to blame for just about everything under the sun.

    Needless to say, we won’t be returning for any new cars or routine service. Racists just can’t seem to help themselves when it comes the their complete inner hatred.

  43. These are the same tactics that had the public victimizing the unarmed yound black men who were gunned downn because “they were in the wrong place” on their way to their own homes or “looked the wrong way.” It’s beginning to appear as if nothing we do is correct, and even when we are the victims- we are at fault.

  44. Its my guess you never heard the song by Future called Karate Chop that features Lil Wayne and the lyric “beat that pu$$y up like Emmitt Till”. Now I dont care who said that “lyric” but it should be offensive to everybody. Emmitt Till was the young black teen who was lynched for allegedly whistling at a white woman. This “song” is sickening on so many levels but I never heard any media hype over it, nor any marching or rioting
    against it. Lyrics like this are
    prevalent in gansta rap and even when negative raps about white people or white women are in songs noone ever says anything. ALL OF it needs to stop.

  45. Hey Joe – get educated and learn before you speak! Your words prove your ignorance and your prejudice.

  46. The rapper came under fire in February over the lyrics, “Beat that pussy up like Emmett Till,” a reference to the 14-year-old Chicago boy who was infamously tortured and lynched for allegedly whistling at a white woman while visiting Mississippi in 1955. Till’s family expressed their unhappiness, and Epic called the song’s leak an “unauthorized remix version” and removed the lyrics. Epic chief L.A. Reid also reached out to the Till family and personally apologized.

    Lil Wayne has apologized for the “inappropriate” Emmett Till lyric in his guest verse on Future’s “Karate Chop” remix. “As a father myself, I cannot imagine the pain that your family has had to endure,” Lil Wayne, wrote in an open letter to the Till family, as reported by The rapper also said he agreed with record label Epic’s decision to pull the reference from the song, and promised not to perform the lyrics.

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